Japan vs Romania - intense battle

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Japan vs Romania. Well to be more specifically Transylvania.
In this countryball animation episode Japan is chilling with his ramen
When suddenly Romania attacks Japan. But who knew that garlic can protect you from Romania.
I based on comic I found on internet.

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    • we romanians put garlic in almost all our food

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    • Request: Poland:hey America can you help me go into space US:No u poland Poand:what about you Germany go away i told you... YOU CANNOT GO UNTO SPACE!!!! Lithuania comes Poland: hey Lithuania want to form Poland-Lithuania and teach this jerks what we are Lithuania:ok thats what you said Poland and Lithuania combines forming Poland-Lithuania Poland-Lithuania shot the rest of the baltic, austria, Hungary, czech Republic, Slovakia and the former states of yugoslavia Poland-Lithuania run out of ammo Poland-Lithuania check his pocket found a shotgun and shot the whole europe and then the earth You can do some/many adjustment but idk if its Poland-Lithuania or polish-Lithuania

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    • idea: soviet unio: don't fuck with me i have the power of comunisum and stailin *fighting with germany* *10 seconds later Soviet unio snez and fals down into parts* rusia:fu- *video ends*

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    • What song is this

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  • O you back

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  • You should have Latvia and Ireland be best friends due to potatoes.

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  • I got an idea Germany: hey Netherlands Netherlands: hey Germany Germany: I got a joke Netherlands: let me hear it Germany: what do you get when the Dutch speaks? Deutschland!

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  • Love it

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  • Pollandball Comic Idea (USA in tinder, matches with Saudi Arabia) USA: send crudes

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  • Happy birthday Romania 🎉🎉

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  • North Korea: invading South Korea South Korea: picks up phone “hey N.A.T.O. SAVE ME!!!!!”. N.A.T.O: arrives in Korea and pushes back against North Korea. North Korea: picks up phone “China, U.S.S.R, SAVE ME!!!!”.

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  • first i thought japan woud transform into some weeb sh*t than i thought japans blood is infected with anime and romania will transform into weeb romania and than THE HOLY GARLIC

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  • Austria-hungary monalhy?

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  • Poland fan

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  • -----Video İdea------ Armenia: Karabağ Just me. Azerbaijan : No, Just me. ( They are fighting ) ------------------- Turkey: Hi Everyone! I invented this. What do you think ? ( Turkish drones are coming ) Turkey: How do you think Armenia? ( Armenia goes to Russia and says, crying. ) Armenia: I want this too Russia. ( Russia looks like it's bored. )

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  • The Ottoman empire in 1400s: İM THE STRONGEST EMPİRE OF THE WORLD,NO ONE CAN DEFEAT ME,NOT EVEN RUSSİA. The ottoman empire now: Stupid earthquakes,stupid economy,stupid virus and stupid US,cant let me mine Boron.. Azerbaijan: Hey uhh we need your help..

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  • Hey, how about how to catch UK USA: How to catch UK! USA: Again place a trap and put a cup of tea, fried fish and potatoes. UK come and run into the trap and eat the food and drink in it. Then, trap closed. UK: For fuck sake...

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  • The 283 who disliked were vampires who hit japan and fell on the dislike

  • is this garlic in the japanese ramen?

  • Man can u fix ur animation to be better like make it in ur old style?

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  • Yes

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  • Kkkk :b

  • thailand in next clip please.

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  • give me heart

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  • but that's chinese accent...

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  • its no this same no idea. Old style was better.

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  • I have an idea! *UK goes to Netherlands* NT: Welcome traveler to our great and beautiful lands. UK: Oh, Than You. NT: You must be starved. UK: That's true, where I can take something? NT: I'll take you to our best restaurant in country *They Go to restaurant and a waiter appears* NT: Hello, What are you going to take, sir? UK: I'll take the specialty of the house NT: Alright! One of the specials, marching! *He gives an orange* NT: This is our special UK: But, wait, this is an orange. NT: Oh, if you prefer, you can try something for menu. *UK takes the menu* UK: Alright, I will take number 7 NT: Alright! A number seven, marching! *NT gives an Orange* UK: This is a joke? NT: No. UK: I want to talk with your boss NT: I'm my own boss. UK: Oh, then I want to talk with your leader. NT: No problem sir! Come with me! *They go to the royal palace* NT: I present to you our leader. *It appears a giant Orange with royal costume* UK: WTF *Ends* Thank You!

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  • 21K Ppl That Liek Ramen

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  • Ai ya is Chinese

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  • Hey, no idea...where can I send you my idea for animation?

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  • Are you hungry ? All u have is beans ? U want make it more tasty and good ? Make some rice ! throw beans to rice and eat it IT DELICIOUS

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  • Um, he should have bit into a slav

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  • No idea suggestion: france: hey uh Germany you just took Poland so I'm just gonna... (Germany shoots France) LATER (France raises French resistance flag) French resistance: VIVA LA FRANCE!!!

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  • idea: soviet unio: don't fuck with me i have the power of comunisum and stailin *fighting with germany* *10 seconds later Soviet unio snez and fals down into parts* rusia:fu- *video ends*

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  • For lucky was an intense battle

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  • Romania: hiding Romania again: bites japan Romania again again: dies japan: AyAAAAAA tHIs DiS nEEdS mOrE gARLiC

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  • 0:23 japan: if I stay still it can’t see me

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  • Japan 🇯🇵: gets bite and winks twice Romania 🇷🇴: sucks blood 🩸 and fuking dies

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  • Can you make countryball episode 14

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  • Treaty of Varsailles

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  • Idea Bangladesh:hey myanmar Myanmar:yes Bangladesh:can i into asean Myanmar:no Bangladesh:can i into asean Myanmar:no Bangladesh:can i into asean Myanmar:nop shut up you fuck Bangladesh: hmm what should i do Bangladesh:I hate thailand Myanmar: so you are new member of asean Myanmar:wait is that a idea

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  • Pleasə make Aze vs armenia war

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  • Make a video countryballs but in amoung us :).

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  • I have to admit I am romanian

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  • Idea: (america,poland,nazi,Soviet Russia in a house) America:I have so much money,I could swin in it! Nazi:(in a deep voice) I have so much land I could make a country out of it! Poland: and I hav- Soviet Russia:no Poland:I have a- Soviet Russia:no Poland I have a- Soviet Russia:no no no Poland:(says it fast) I HAVE A FU**ING RELATIONSHIP WITH RUSSIA! Soviet Russia: I'm Russia Poland: you're Soviet Russia Soviet Russia: What The Fu-

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  • *I N D E E D , J A P A N .*

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  • Idea *late 1800s* France: well, there goes my empire. At least I'm still alive! Germany: hello France France: you know what? I'm going to get my empire back! Say goodbye Germany! Germany, now ten times taller: *smashes France with a hammer* *Few decades later* France, covered in bruises and stitches: hey Germany sorry for when I tried to invade you earlie- Germany: *jumps on top of France, crushing them completely* *A few years later* France, covered in bandages and a cast: *eats baguette* Germany: *runs them over with tank* *A few years later* Germany: *eating pretzel* France: Hey Germany, we'll be nice to you if you promise not to invade us again. Germany: yeah... Suuure... The end

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  • Idea: USSR and the USA at a tennis court about to have a game USSR: Ok, USA pass the ball comrade. USA: Yes, ok! *picks up Germany ball* USSR: Ok , lets play comrade *USSR and the USA proceed to play tennis , using Germany as a ball whilst Italy and Japan nervously watch*

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  • Tip: 1.25 Speed

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  • Mexico sing the raining taco song plz :)

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  • my idea: Christmas time Turkey: Earthquake very tiring for me, I deteriorating economy, election time is coming, I'm very sorry political pressures offf (Turkey very tired) all countries: time to eat turkey !! (everybody is happy) Turkey: Hey, is not turkey animals (All countries Turkey: Turkey Yeah, right) All countries: hahahaha Turkic states: TIME TO ESTABLISH THE TURAN UNION (Unite) (become very big) All countries: o o okey Google translate so bad

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  • 🤮🇷🇴🤮🇷🇴🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🇷🇴🇷🇴🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🇷🇴🤮🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  • Can I make a suggestion? Texas vs California. Both used to be part of Mexico and have a rivalry over who is the better state. Eventually they both ride off into the sunset.

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  • hey you some india coutry ball anime

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    • make

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  • What song is that

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  • The Voice is So Cute Lmao

  • Las malvinas

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  • (Tropical Island) China ball building sand castle Phillipine ball arrives on boat Phillipine ball: Hey this our... China ball hands bag of money to Phillipine ball China ball: China, this China. Continues building sand castle Missile on sand castle Malaysia ball arrives on boat Malaysia ball: Hey this is our .... China ball hand bag of money China ball builds more sand castle USA Ball Sails past China ball yells: this this China USA Ball sails away Camera pans out China ball sits on a heavily fortified island realizing he has no friends

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  • brazil:hmmm a duck USA: what? brazil: you don't, i want the duck... the ducket trump

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  • Sneak attack Animal jam: *stack attack*

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  • me: some random spider: 0:17

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  • That dang Asian blood

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  • **Japan is peaceful** Camera pans around, showing an American country ball yelling at another American ball in riot gear, and showing Britain yelling at Ireland ball wearing a ski mask and holding a pistol, and of course Russia is hammering a bottle of vodka with bags under his eyes in the background American riot cop: what the fuck you want from me? American protestor: we want justice to police brutality! Britain: what the fuck you want from me? Irish IRA: we want freedom! we want freedom! The camera then pans over to Japan, standing by an empty bowl of noodles, the camera then cuts closer to his face Japan: where has this world gone wrong..?

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  • IDEA: Italy: mah pizza da best noboddy can beat it! UK: ya having a giggle mate? my tea is outstanding! RUSSIA: shut up my vodka can beat that all! * ireland walks in * Ireland: heheh.......potato da best...... * full on army of potato's with tanks come in *

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  • Ok?🇦🇩🇹🇩🇹🇩🇲🇩🇯🇵🎌

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  • I need more videos Bitch

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  • Youre not the only country that loves noodles and garlic🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭


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  • My idea about countryball animation ! This about Indonesia, philippines,and singapore. I hope you make this animation NO IDEA because you are the best animator to animate this. It's rare for great countryball animators to make animations about Indonesia. So please make this, you are the best. History = do you know about krakatau mountain ! In the past, Mount Krakatau had erupted and its smoke made part of the world dark Title = The Horror under the hat Character : Philippine, Indonesia (with a triangle peasant hat), Singapore (triangle character) *Indonesia just standing* *Philippine come to indonesia* Philippine : Hi Indonesia, why you just standing there. Indonesia : *Look to philipine* oh, um, hi philippine, i just want to get some fresh air. Philippine : oh, umm, indonesia why do you always wear a hat ? Indonesia : (look to philippine again and scaring philippine) you know what ! Under my hat , i hide something terrible and dangerous. Philippine : (with scare) w...w...wh...what is it. Indonesia : (take off his hat) of course its singapore. *someone pointed pliers at singapore and pinched her and pulled her up* *When Singapore was pulled upwards suddenly there was a Krakatau mountain above Indonesia's head* Indonesia : yeah that is not really singapore, that just kraka...... BOOOOMMMM (nuke explosion) That is my Idea, please make this animation, please, you are the best, and i has Subscribed you. ENJOY IT Sorry i cant open reddit because my phone is potato phone

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    • @NJI 58 oh ok good

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    • @JustZurama yeah im indonesian

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    • Great, i like ur idea Btw are you Indonesian?

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  • What is the music called?

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  • Ramen + romania = ramenia

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  • Poor Vampire.

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  • South Korea is more accurate. They LOVE garlic. (Based on what I saw on polandball subreddit)

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  • Where are you???

    Gökhan OnurGökhan Onur5 napja

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  • My Idea: Name: can Belarus go to Russia? Belarus: can i go to Russia? Russia: no Belarus: can I go to Russia? Russia: no Belarus: can I go to Russia? Russia: shut up! Just shut up! Belarus: OK I move to plan B Belarus: *drinks vodka* Belarus: Krymia Is Russia Russia: Well Now friend, you Are officialy a Russian!

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  • Post another reddit video pls

  • Idea: Turkey: Hello Greece: Helloi Turkey: WHAT THE FUCK? Greece: WHAT THE FUCKI? Turkey: ok bye Greece ok bye to you tooi Turkey: fuck off Greece: oki Turkey: *suicides*

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  • yee new. video turkey

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  • please make Germany fight usa and Saudi Arabia came in the war and make saudi Arabia in your animation videos PLZ

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  • Romania gose x_x.japan like ი〰️ი

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  • I honestly thought Japan would say, but you are already dead

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  • america: who can save you russia russia: he he winter

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  • 222 222 views

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  • can somebody explain me?

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  • I Ate Ramen Today yum yum Miso Ramen Anyone?

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  • The like is 20 thousand so can you upload more

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  • 0:28 I'm pretty sure Vampires don't project shadows nor have reflections

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  • This music is awesome no idea!!

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  • Rome is here already before the Zgareh song= 0:02

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  • Malaysia: Singapore get out Singapore: why Malaysia: security! * Singapore gets dragged away * *2020* Malaysia : CaN yOu CoME BaCk Singapore: no Malaysia: WhY? Singapore: I,m rich now you just want my money Malaysia: bye * as he cries running away *

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  • Pleas make vidio about my story USA:hey Gerrman Gerrman:what now USA USA:I want some your cars Gerrman:why USA:for car racing Gerrman:what the @#&$ USA:what 's wrong with you Gerrman:I want my cars USA: I want some some your cars Gerrman:do you not understan USA:I dont understan yah yah you are fool I declar war on you!! Gerrman: ok! *After Garmany occupied* USA:yas i win agin USA:yah cars!! *The End* and you are soooo sooooo Amizeng man 🤩🤩

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  • Subscribe to this channel if you like spicy ramen

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  • We Turks eat garlic directly

  • Japanese not say haiya, and that was a chinese dialexct, not japanese

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  • gay

    하는 사람청소하는 사람청소7 napja
  • Hi I'm frome Iraq whay you don't make for Iraq we have any think please 🙁

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  • Japan is sooo cute

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  • Idea Serbia:i need my teritorry and i need it now Montenegro:i want to join serbia and i want it now Greece:I want my territory and i need it now Ottomans:I WANT JANNISARY NOW

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  • Bulgaria:*kills romania* Romania:*Turns into vampire* Romania:*Bites Bulgaria* Bulgaria:*Turns into vampire* Bulgaria:*gets transilvania*

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  • Oh a bat hahahahahahah

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  • paniki si romania kay china at japan hahahahahaahahahahaha@war 2 japan vs romania japan eat romania eat to japan the end

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