Jamie Oliver ALMOST Made Ramen...

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  • Niece and nephew, check out nephew Nigel podcast clip about getting punched here ➡️ huworld.info/flow/vide/vJ5rtaDbe9jQb4Q Big thank you to nephew Ryan for helping Uncle Roger out with some research. Check out his channel Way Of Ramen: huworld.info/to/uM3xKQ_D0RIMMSUh9AYxNA Would you eat Mr Chilli Jam's ramen?

    • Sorry to hear you got hit

      Kay BeeKay BeeNapja
    • noooo

    • jamie oliver the most fake chef off our time for Christmas I made 2 filled chickens one recipe from Jamie Oliver one from Gordon Ramsey one chicken was left almost untouched xD you can figure out who won. Luckily I made enough of the delicious Ramsey chicken xD

      jos molenjos molen5 napja
    • ラメー面 じゃない

      Yumi YYumi Y6 napja
    • he is a renowned chef and i am tempted, it may look delicious but would it be worth being disowned by my ancestors?

      firm apefirm ape8 napja
  • Not only he put his leg down, he never put it back up again

    Sophia LongSophia Long16 perccel
  • I own a restaurant in Tokushima, Japan. YOU NEVER EVER boil miso paste!!!!!! It is a fermented food that dies when you boil. WTF!!!! I agree Soba is NOT ramen!

    M LM L31 perce
  • he sounds like the dude from jackie chan adventures.

    Just the Gay BitsJust the Gay Bits2 órája
  • Noooooooooooooooo wrong nodleeeeeeeee

    ΤheLastSaberΤheLastSaber4 órája
  • #savejamiealive

    vincent octvincent oct4 órája
  • Didn't think about it until the second time I watched this video, but wouldn't the miso in the broth be flavorless by the time Jamie served it, given you don't normal boil miso? I mean, it'd be wrong regardless cos he's trying to make ramen with soba noodles but still...

    Morgan GardinerMorgan Gardiner8 órája
  • #keepjamiealive

    Isnaini HidayatIsnaini Hidayat9 órája
  • next up. jamie oliver making spaghetti using macaroni

    Ben TumblingBen Tumbling11 órája
  • 嗨呀~

    Sophie MoonSophie Moon11 órája
  • Bland white pork... when white people make food. 🤣🤣

    Bryan MerrickBryan Merrick12 órája
  • Why you put your mask merch so high up 33 dollars haaiiya stopa

    Sticks and stonesSticks and stones12 órája
  • It's like Jamie Oliver forget that he making ramen and not pho.

    Hobo0NDStreetHobo0NDStreet14 órája
  • That pork belly looks underwhelming, uncooked, and unseasoned. Absolutely tragic.

    CloverClover14 órája
  • After the soba noodle part, Uncle Roger looks deeply depressed

    clueleecluelee14 órája
  • I really like uncle Roger but... Can we have a Lil less of putting down Jamie Oliver pls? I feel bad for him. I think it's too much you know...enough joking is enough no?

    Rita Maria DuarteRita Maria Duarte17 órája
  • Plot twist: jamie oliver is the one that punched uncle roger in the face

    Just XeevoJust Xeevo18 órája
  • i will say that browning the meat before the broth does add more flavor and depth to the broth

    HavoCentralHavoCentral18 órája
  • the only western version of something Japanese that is worst than this, is Dragon Ball Evolution.

    edgar mendezedgar mendez20 órája
  • Why sesame oil in the beginning.... sesame oil is very delicate and it doesn’t hold any flavor when you boil it for a couple of hours. Jamie’s got no basic knowledge of ingredients.

    cl noodscl noods20 órája
  • 1 spoon Miso to 3 litres water is just the homeopathic version.

    Akash ShettyAkash Shetty21 órája
  • I will never eat at one of Jamie Oliver’s terrible closed restaurants. He has been well and truly exposed as a fraud.

    One More CastOne More Cast21 órája
  • I want to watch auntie hesha making ramen

    Tossawat WisedsummapunTossawat Wisedsummapun21 órája
  • I am indian and I feel proud we have such smart and funny and wonderful cooks though I have personally never eaten ramen the sight is delicious but I'm quite sad and offended how Jamie messed up cuz u kinda insulted us indians when u said us to not call coconut but his agg it was as though u were encouraging it and had no problem with it

    gaming  infinitygaming infinity22 órája
  • "if you listen to your food, you know you need more friends"

    yonyboygamr1yonyboygamr122 órája
  • Make ramen from soba, Haiiiiya!

    张蛋疼张蛋疼22 órája
  • Mr. Chilli jam🤣🤣

    Josh VJosh V23 órája
  • Jamie Oliver's cooking is a hate crime against Asians

    Plague BabePlague Babe23 órája
  • I feel insulted when he used soba instead of ramen noodles and I’m not even Japanese

    Pov PoohPov PoohNapja
  • We all know that Mr Jamie Oliver is afraid because he know he's wrong that's why he never comment back

  • hayaa...

    Daniel LourençoDaniel LourençoNapja
  • 까는 거 개 웃기네 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • I'm just waiting for him to say "this is making miso sad"

    Logan ALogan ANapja
  • I just realized that Jamie Oliver is making tonkotsu ramen. Tutorial even wrong!

    Nguyễn NamNguyễn NamNapja
  • The marvelous rectangle shortly squeak because random inferiorly drag before a zesty bomber. medical, wandering play

    Anthony PhungAnthony PhungNapja
  • where JO at

    Yang YangYang YangNapja
  • imagine seeing a Ramen chef reacts to Jamie's ramen. it's going to be gold

  • As a Muslims,we don't even eat pork but this is just sad to watch.

    kaito tatsuyakaito tatsuyaNapja
  • #KeepJamieAliveOrDead

  • Try doing some reactions to the anime Food Wars.

    Jeff LemereJeff LemereNapja
  • Wahahaha this is so funny that im cying and laighing at the same time.

    Sweet SecretsSweet SecretsNapja
  • Chilli jam vs Peanut sauce. Which will win

    Muhammad Jihad IslamiMuhammad Jihad IslamiNapja
  • react to josh making ramen

    Bibek ShresthaBibek ShresthaNapja
  • Im not sick of the "sorry children" at all. ITS ACTUALLY MY FAV LINE! Uncle Roger need to say that more

    Ariana _ARMYAriana _ARMYNapja
    • Army💜👋

      Ankitha BinuAnkitha Binu22 órája
  • jamie oliver is to scared to say anything

  • Jamie Oliver strikes back. ahahahahahahahha

    Sam TaniSam TaniNapja
  • Bruh... uncle Roger does serve up some serious burns 🤣🤣🤣 but he speaks some serious truths 🙌

    Maegan AchoyMaegan AchoyNapja
  • I am convinced that Jamie thinks soba noodles are just cold ramen *sad sobbing

  • ... I can relate to Uncle Roger on this one - we've got one japanese restaurant that serves ramen in my country and when I ordered it, it was Udon in ramen soup ... You had one job!

    Plamena TomovaPlamena TomovaNapja
  • For a chef to just fuck up sooo much its not even like it looks nice it looks disguising like come on your a professional chef no wonder gorden always talks shit about Jamie Oliver I know its banter but theres a level of truth he's more celebraty then chef

    Adam KAdam KNapja
  • stop why jamie oliver stab the ramen

  • why hes bowl looks so shalow

  • when Jamie did good he did very good but when he put something bad its always something that is super bad

  • did he always buy place to cook then abonded it

  • the soba.. the chashu.. the kimchi(????) i am offended and i am not even japanese. where did the kimchi even come from?? is he aware kimchi is korean??? i am CONCERNED for you jamie

  • Jamie really sucks..... (palmed face)

    KY KYKY KYNapja
  • Brown on the outside, white on the inside, and yellow deep inside ;)

    Bill KongBill KongNapja
  • Star Anise is not weird for marinated eggs. Absolutely standard in Chinese eggs.

    Bill KongBill KongNapja
  • Sound like open war...💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

    lyza Susilyza SusiNapja
  • As an essex girl I love jamie oliver But i agree 100% with uncle roger. (especially with the pork that looks as white as JO's face) I like watching jamie oliver cook/interact with other chefs - don't know if I'd actually eat his food. ...But then again I'm white and british, I have ancestral history of enjoying and participating in food war crimes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    MoodycowCraftsMoodycowCrafts2 napja
  • If you listen to your food, you know, you need more friends !! God ! I never laughed so much !! :-DDD

    Cooking with YardaCooking with Yarda2 napja
  • Uncle roger is the worlds #1 asian cook

    Navyansh MishraNavyansh Mishra2 napja
  • hope you have more subscribers

    Navyansh MishraNavyansh Mishra2 napja
  • you are correct uncle roger! i agree to ya!

    Navyansh MishraNavyansh Mishra2 napja
  • If you listen to your food, you need more friends. HAHAHAHA

    Sean Russel ArdalesSean Russel Ardales2 napja
  • No one : Me: eating ramen while watching a white guy cook rAm3n

  • #keepjamiealive

    TR TanTR Tan2 napja
  • I feel like Jamie Oliver spits in the food.

    Eric ReiterEric Reiter2 napja
  • Uncle Roger, you have the hairiest legs I have ever seen on an Asian man. That's a sign of high T. I respect that.

    Eric ReiterEric Reiter2 napja
  • 以前看傑米奧利佛都沒覺得不對,但看他做亞洲料理真的會吐血,uncle Roger的質疑完全是對的,他的做法根本莫名其妙

    陳甄甄陳甄甄2 napja
  • If he brought that shit to Japan, they would literally throw it out. I know this because while I was there this white guy brought something similar to this...yeah...bland, not accurate and weird.

    David ReyesDavid Reyes2 napja
  • Maybe Jamie Oliver dose not know now to cook an his whole career has been a lie an he is famous for being famous like most people 🤣

    thriller headthriller head2 napja
  • you are uncle roger simp HAJAJJAJAJAJJJAAAAAAA

    ten Igorten Igor2 napja
  • The only Asians that I hate being a South Asian are Chinese.

    kanishka bhandarikanishka bhandari3 napja
  • Ball of spinach - its what uncle Roger call aunty Helens tits 🤣

    DivPivDivPiv3 napja
  • Soba+ poor teaspoon of miso to boiled+whitewashed chashu+kimchi+pork cracklin+spinach balls.. Omg. This is an emergency.

  • Mrnigelng 1, Jamie Oliver 0.

    VaylaVayla3 napja
  • Why he use soba Mee?

    Hanisal HussainiHanisal Hussaini3 napja
  • That's not cooking. That we call "playing with food"... no way the outcome could be edible.

    Dalun ChenDalun Chen3 napja
  • As a Japanese citizen I am deeply disturbed lmaooo なんでそばやねんwww ラーメンだろ?チャーシューもなぁんだあれはwww これぞ白人のラーメン

    Peppabot 1000Peppabot 10003 napja
  • Well it seems Jamie Oliver is good at one thing. A good laugh lol.

    Dusk WolfDusk Wolf3 napja
  • It's more like Pho

    Jessica MaloneJessica Malone3 napja
  • British people love to boil their pork plain 🤢 including bacon and with no seasoning. ... sigh

    Jason WhiteJason White3 napja

    NalaXDNalaXD3 napja
  • #keepjamie alive

    spectralonicspectralonic4 napja
  • Jamie might be really mad right now

    Ima SimpIma Simp4 napja
  • To the person who wants to win votes to be a politician in japan just promise if you win, you will ban jamie oliver from japan and you will win

    Hideyoshi KenjiHideyoshi Kenji4 napja
  • #keepjamiealive

    Daniel MansonDaniel Manson4 napja
  • Uncle roger rocks!!!!

    YovavisionYovavision4 napja
  • He still has one chance of making green curry

    Ray TaylorRay Taylor4 napja
  • Poor Jammie.:)) the God made Jammie, why did he also make Roger?.:))

    Thiện NguyễnThiện Nguyễn4 napja
  • Jammie Oliver have a son named buddy Oliver he is a young chef

    Horace LaiHorace Lai4 napja
  • Jamie Oliver is just straight up uncultured lol, he should go to asia more and learn shit just like Gordon

    Masataka WadaMasataka Wada4 napja
  • seriously soba for ramen???😂😂😂

    B.E. S.IB.E. S.I4 napja
  • Ok I'm not Asian but if you're going to make a Japanese ramen dish, don't you think you should use all Japanese ingredients???? Some points I observed... That pork looked more like some mutated fish that came from Chernobyl after you removed the head and bones. As for the Soba noodles unless I'm imagining things didn't they look a little grey/purple or are they supposed to be that colour? Someone can enlighten me on that one. Of course if you're supposed to make a ramen dish you need ramen noodles oh veryyyyy or Haiyah as Uncle Roger says What's Jamie going to do next? Make spaghetti and meatballs with ramen noodles and fish? My ancestors died laughing and they are neither Asian or Italian.

    PamPam4 napja
  • Its ok uncle roger jamie olliver doesnt even like himself.. such a shit excuse for a chef

    Chef DizzleChef Dizzle4 napja
  • Gordon Ramsey = Haaiiiyaaaaa

    mithrandirmithrandir4 napja
  • Uncle Roger: Next he's gonna cook in prison.... Gordon Ramsay: Write that down!

    pascal30161pascal301614 napja
  • Ur accent broke at Hypacritical! I love it!!! Hahaha love I uncle roger!

    B. Freddy HughesB. Freddy Hughes4 napja
  • Jamie can't even boil an egg. Says it all.

    David NealeDavid Neale4 napja