ITZY "마.피.아. In the morning" M/V

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ITZY "마.피.아. In the morning" M/V
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  • 84M before 00:00 KST.

    Danara Ann MeanaDanara Ann Meana3 órája
  • ****0:56** *rengdengdengdengdeng**

    MinDboiMinDboi3 órája
  • Stop unlike

    Sila MeanSila Mean3 órája
  • low level song signers

    dd dddd dd3 órája
  • poor singers

    dd dddd dd3 órája
    • Thanks for 1k commmments!!!

      Cyronnn FloressCyronnn Floress3 órája
    • Thanks for ur 1k+ comments we really appreciate that effort just keep going ♥

  • Blackpink is the world girl group But mine is Twice and Itzy😘

    CL MagmaCL Magma3 órája
  • 83,340,051

    Rye JisuRye Jisu3 órája
  • 마피아 망했다고들 하는데 특색있고 춤 멋지고 음색 넘 좋고 블핑 따라한게 아니고 비슷하게 한거 잖아 모 트와이스 같은 스타일 요즘 트와이스만 하는 것도 아니잖아 글고 걸크러쉬 한거 다 블핑 표절이야? 어이실종,,,,,저번에도 말레이시아 걸그룹 논란 터진것도,,,,,

    태우 송태우 송4 órája
  • worst from them

    dd dddd dd4 órája
    • nn

      natacha Allynatacha Ally3 órája
  • great song but, I feel and maybe it's me and I'll get some hate. But they needed KDA and KARD oooh or is the word presence.

    Crystal AlamilloCrystal Alamillo4 órája

    Cleo ClarinanCleo Clarinan4 órája
  • 83,318,249

    Chaer LiaChaer Lia4 órája
  • Lets do 200k this hour

    • @ITZY MIDZY yeah I see we getting a bigger views than before

      Rye JisuRye Jisu3 órája
    • @Chaer Lia we hit 167k this hour we getting fast again fight midzy

    • 500k

      Chaer LiaChaer Lia4 órája
  • The vi3ws is going fast now

  • I love you Itzy and the mafia song is amazing by each putting in collectively their own style. It fits so well with the outfits, also fabulous choreography. Itzy #1

    17Snicker Doodlebear17Snicker Doodlebear4 órája
  • Phone battery : only 2% left Me : still wanted to watch this

    Nrsyzwanidah mslanNrsyzwanidah mslan4 órája
  • Ryujinie looks so good in the white outfit

    LisS MonNLisS MonN4 órája
  • 83,293,496

    Twice OnceTwice Once4 órája
  • 2:12 -2:26 is good too

    turkisch dizi editturkisch dizi edit4 órája

    Cleo ClarinanCleo Clarinan4 órája
  • 작사 제왚이 안하면 안되냐ㅠ

    구글자구글자4 órája
  • 0:37 -1:03 this is just what i like in this song anything Else is not my style of songs i stan jyp artist because their songs are not like SM songs SM SONGS ARE BORING BUT THIS TIME JYP WILL MAKE IT LIKE SM i relly didnt like this style this is not jyp artist this is sm song from WICH

    turkisch dizi editturkisch dizi edit4 órája
  • They provided Hindi alsooo😭😭😭❤❤❤ am proud of you Itzy

    anoj chhotarayanoj chhotaray4 órája
  • Yeji 1:31

    black pink fansblack pink fans4 órája
  • The mv is the best one ive seen

    Keshika KeshKeshika Kesh4 órája
  • Yuna 1:18

    black pink fansblack pink fans4 órája
  • 1:07

    black pink fansblack pink fans4 órája
  • So did Black Pink pass on this one, or...?

    M CM C4 órája
    • ??? What r u trying to say???

      Lol whatLol what4 órája
  • 이번에 유나 엄청 예쁘네

    Di DiDi Di4 órája

    pink flowerpink flower4 órája
  • Captions-hindi Me-already imagining when will they come to India🇮🇳 (Even though my captions are turned on in english but still it's a proud moment) 😭

    Aleena BaigAleena Baig4 órája
  • Itzy love you.

    Miwa kulalaMiwa kulala4 órája
  • It’s giving me cruella vibes

    Alicia LespinAlicia Lespin4 órája

    mlzn //mlzn //4 órája
  • [April] Starting 12AM EST | 1PM KST 30 Day1 : 13.04M [May] *1 Day2 : 31.77M (+18.73M) *2 Day3 : 49.33M (+17.56M) *3 Day4 : 57.55M (+8.22M) *4 Day5 : 62.35M (+4.80M) *5 Day6 : 66.10M (+3.75M) *6 Day7 : 68.63M (+2.53M) *7 Day8 : 70.67M (+2.04M) *8 Day9 : 72.52M (+1.85M) *9 Day10: 74.26M (+1.74M) 10 Day11: 76.22M (+1.96M) 11 Day12: 77.87M (+1.65M) 12 Day13: 79.48M (+1.61M) 13 Day14: 81.24M (+1.76M) 14 Day15: 82.92M (+1.68M)

    zoddapplezoddapple4 órája

    maria rosales ortegamaria rosales ortega4 órája

    chandria cruzchandria cruz4 órája
  • They changed the english lyricss lmaoo

    Mehrin RahmanMehrin Rahman4 órája

    Danielle DeloriaDanielle Deloria4 órája

    Danielle DeloriaDanielle Deloria4 órája
  • Dance is op

  • 8D Audio Version - SING-OFF TIKTOK IV yok bisa yok! maria - reza trending #1

    sci .1xsci .1x4 órája
  • itzy the next queens of kpop

    Rico JericoRico Jerico4 órája
  • Hurry up baby catch me if u can😉 -ryujin

    Dayang ArissaDayang Arissa4 órája
  • Finally, a mafia song🤗🖤

    Jamito AyeshaJamito Ayesha4 órája
  • Mafia🌚❤️

    Dayang ArissaDayang Arissa4 órája
  • Yeji!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Dayang ArissaDayang Arissa4 órája
  • They changed the subs to the English ver

    I’m a MooMooMidzyMixer Blink once and foreverI’m a MooMooMidzyMixer Blink once and forever4 órája
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Dayang ArissaDayang Arissa4 órája
  • All the song of itzy is beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Dayang ArissaDayang Arissa4 órája
  • Did anyone realized that the subtitles changed?

    IlincaIlinca4 órája
  • 100M soon!!

    Himani BarmanHimani Barman4 órája
  • Mafia

    Yagami LightYagami Light4 órája
  • they changed the subtitles wtf

    Emotionally IllegalEmotionally Illegal4 órája
  • We better get 100M before 2 months

    lollol4 órája
  • The best girls!

    Miwa kulalaMiwa kulala4 órája
  • Shocked to see HINDI and BANGLA subtitles 😱 Any Indian here ?

    Disha NarjinaryDisha Narjinary4 órája

    Marc HoMarc Ho4 órája
  • Wow

    Hwang_Hwang_4 órája
  • 이게 노래냐

    김준수김준수4 órája
  • I'm a new mitzy 🤍 now I'm addicted to them 🤍💜💗

    k-pop for lifek-pop for life4 órája
    • MIDZY*

      Hwang_Hwang_4 órája
    • Welcome yay

      Hwang_Hwang_4 órája
    • hello fellow midzy!! tell me if you need something to know😉

      Honeyberry LiaHoneyberry Lia4 órája
  • Manifesting MITM triple crown🕯🪔

    Honeyberry LiaHoneyberry Lia4 órája
  • Am I the only one thinking that the Subtitles have changed a Lil bit?

    ArOnBliForOrMid Kpoper ThoArOnBliForOrMid Kpoper Tho4 órája
    • @ArOnBliForOrMid Kpoper Tho hehe yup but OT5 ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ

      Hwang_Hwang_4 órája
    • @Hwang_ oh hey Fellow Yeji Biased Midzy

      ArOnBliForOrMid Kpoper ThoArOnBliForOrMid Kpoper Tho4 órája
    • Lol same i liked the old one

      Hwang_Hwang_4 órája
    • @Gian Carlo Bo yeah that's what I thought I liked the Previous Subtitles ಥ_ಥ Now the Nekkoya part Makes me confused Cause I know a lil bit Korean

      ArOnBliForOrMid Kpoper ThoArOnBliForOrMid Kpoper Tho4 órája
    • they change it to mafia in the morning english version

      Gian Carlo BoGian Carlo Bo4 órája
  • *Mafia Twerking* Wut the why isnt it really black i- dont understan Yall how do u make ur comment really black? Lol

    Roses are RosieRoses are Rosie4 órája
  • this song has been on mind since it came out

    Reja PradhanReja Pradhan4 órája
  • Yeji's drop is iconic asf.

    netherland elznetherland elz4 órája
  • The transition thoooo-

    netherland elznetherland elz4 órája
  • we do It like a mafia ringdingdingding

    netherland elznetherland elz4 órája
  • 100m come onnnnnnnnnnn

    netherland elznetherland elz4 órája
  • Ayo semngat streaming midzy (tikel lope)

    ini bini jungkookini bini jungkook5 órája
  • Without a doubt they are super talented, this is art.

    Vanessa TorresVanessa Torres5 órája
  • ITZY最高😭🖤

    rr irr i5 órája
  • i cannot stop watching this

    ʏ υ я ᴇ ɪ ツʏ υ я ᴇ ɪ ツ5 órája
  • The english translation is their English ver.

    Yaseumin _imnidaYaseumin _imnida5 órája
  • You don't know the fact that you are already addicted to this song

    Prakash NavuduruPrakash Navuduru5 órája
  • why’d they change the subtitles on the mv? i like having an english version but it’s also nice to read the more accurate korean translation while watching the mv. like i remember yuna’s beginning second verse was “a fox that tricks the wolf” or something and now here it says “oscar worthy got you fooled” which is just the english version :(

    Daniel AhmedovDaniel Ahmedov5 órája
  • 100m? Lezgoo midzyyyy

    andreaandrea5 órája
  • why the vi3ws is so slow this is always trending on tiktok! why yt?!

    Famous TeaFamous Tea5 órája
    • Because many midzy content creator on tiktok?

      luciuslucius5 órája
  • I was surprised when he said whore that in Latin America is a bad word

    Bilma Timoteo AvilaBilma Timoteo Avila5 órája
  • 류진이 예쁘고 재능있는

    Pia AguiPia Agui5 órája
  • Did anyone noticed they changed the English translations ?

    Blowing MindsBlowing Minds5 órája
    • Yes...and I'm obsessed with both the versions 🔥

      Blowing MindsBlowing Minds5 órája
    • because they just released the english ver

      shin ryushin ryu5 órája
  • 진짜 멋있다..

    완레이리스트- Wanlaylist완레이리스트- Wanlaylist5 órája
  • Yuna

    Gillian MiracleGillian Miracle5 órája
  • Chaer

    Gillian MiracleGillian Miracle5 órája
  • Ryujin

    Gillian MiracleGillian Miracle5 órája
  • Lia

    Gillian MiracleGillian Miracle5 órája
  • Yeji

    Gillian MiracleGillian Miracle5 órája
  • Itzy

    Gillian MiracleGillian Miracle5 órája
  • Semangat streaming midzy🥰

    Fika Renika NuraniaFika Renika Nurania5 órája
    • Y

      mbuois jehmbuois jeh4 órája
    • yuk semangat yuk

      Aurellia CalistaAurellia Calista5 órája
  • Yall, they changed the english captions to the lyrics of the english version of this song.

    TF ?TF ?5 órája
  • Omg

    อรอุมา ละมุลอรอุมา ละมุล5 órája
  • They became really successful in a short time! Seriously they debuted in 2019!

    Dewa ParkhaDewa Parkha5 órája
  • تشاريون تجمن

    Bts ItzyBts Itzy5 órája
  • كوين الكيبوب

    Bts ItzyBts Itzy5 órája
  • اجمل فرقه

    Bts ItzyBts Itzy5 órája
  • احبكم اتزي

    Bts ItzyBts Itzy5 órája
  • اجمل بنات

    Bts ItzyBts Itzy5 órája
  • تجننون

    Bts ItzyBts Itzy5 órája
  • واو الاغنيه مود

    Bts ItzyBts Itzy5 órája