It ends today. [Dream SMP]

2021.jan. 6.
8 054 011 Megtekintés

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1:43:59 Wolf Rescue Mission
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  • the chat should've said" Technoblate"

    Jian LauricoJian Laurico11 perccel
  • Is dream on your side ?

    Kay AngusKay Angus2 órája
  • Techno useing dogs as a weapon is the funniest shit I have ever seen

    Lyra JenkinsLyra Jenkins3 órája
  • 43:20, no no word

    Alccap WAlccap W4 órája
  • Dude this is literally the revolutionary war, An American man wants his freedom for him and his friends while a British government is destroying that freedom.

    TraeManTraeMan5 órája
  • Geneva convention? More like leave a suggestion.

    bajorbajor5 órája
  • Can we just pay respect to 'Max' the first ever named dog was killed in the onslaught

    George MiddletonGeorge Middleton5 órája
  • A whole entire country got blown up by a pig in royale clothes... History my friends!

    Combat BiscuitCombat Biscuit5 órája
  • Am I the only one that images tobbo being torn apart by dog

    Mark PatlanMark Patlan5 órája
  • After watching this 6 separate times, I have concluded that it is impossible to win an argument with cannon Techno

    bellaowlbellaowl6 órája
  • 54:00

    Waffle fizWaffle fiz7 órája
  • This is going in the animatic

    TuttleKingTuttleKing7 órája
  • 59:20 my favorite part

    Amy Villarbañ 0Amy Villarbañ 08 órája
  • 1:57:50

    Jay SteppityJay Steppity8 órája

    just peytonjust peyton9 órája
  • Hmm "HOMELESS TELETUBBY" I wonder who that is

    just peytonjust peyton9 órája
  • i feel bad for ponk

    Creep StepCreep Step10 órája
  • Alt Title: Florida man bombs town, pig man likely accomplice.

    TheGreatWaffless 99TheGreatWaffless 9911 órája
  • This is why you don't give an Anarchist access to a blood thirsty wither beast

    aimlegend 13aimlegend 1311 órája
  • "You've become the Tyrant" -Tommy Techno does not rule land Techno does not own people Techno does not have debts people have to pay Techno is not a leader Techno is one man Techno is not a Tyrant

    That One DudeThat One Dude12 órája
  • 48:57

    LOBINHA gamesLOBINHA games12 órája
  • 1:01:48 "guess who is gently gliding towards you" LMFAO

    MarijaMarija13 órája
  • 1:00:31 "so lame" TRUEEE tommy was shitting about the discs and friendship and it was so annoying omg

    MarijaMarija13 órája
  • “Personal space man, we are in a pandemic” lol

    Another Random ArtistAnother Random Artist13 órája
  • Starting the dstrjiw,

    Ben DavisBen Davis14 órája
  • if only techno said tommy it’s not about the discs it’s about sending a message

    Mr. TriangleMr. Triangle15 órája
  • Sapnap has trained everyday for this moment

    Zaran ChowdhuryZaran Chowdhury16 órája
  • 59:23 this is so funny i can't

    Anuj AggarwalAnuj Aggarwal17 órája
  • this made my laptop blow up (but inmaging all pvp god dream tecno and ranbo all in a team srry for spellings)

    Tyler HayeTyler Haye17 órája
  • So you came for this clip On the animation ( 54:00 )

    Itz notwin!Itz notwin!18 órája
  • 54:00

    Matthew GibsonMatthew Gibson18 órája
  • 5:40

    Matthew GibsonMatthew Gibson18 órája
  • Aot season 4 ending:

    The memerThe memer19 órája
  • Does anyone else hear a voice when technoblade put do not read in his E chest and is given invisible potions

    The Gaming DemonThe Gaming Demon19 órája
    • 49:01

      The Gaming DemonThe Gaming Demon19 órája
  • im getting jfk'd nooo!

    The_FallThe_Fall19 órája
  • 1:11:38 It was at that moment that Techno decided to teach Ranboo how to use his powers to their fullest

    Supah HackahSupah Hackah21 órája
  • your ay winer

  • This is how to win go to lmanberg with invisible destroy the tree the end

    Ravikumar SirigiriRavikumar SirigiriNapja
  • 48:44

    Anxiety Kills.Anxiety Kills.Napja
  • sad-est new blowing up of l'amanburg. If you do it is going to be dope and I will definitely watch it

    jerry rope locksjerry rope locksNapja
  • 54:00

    Strickland JrsStrickland JrsNapja
  • 54:00

    Yummy TeaYummy TeaNapja
  • Techno, you are the worst. You should be in prison with dream.

    The NooberThe NooberNapja
    • No

      CornCorn21 órája
  • 54:00

    Kristina ZellKristina ZellNapja
  • I am very late

    Joy JiangJoy JiangNapja
  • I was listening to this in the background while doing some sketches and I mentioned to my mom how Technoblade has a kinda relaxing voice and she said: "yeah, he's kinda like if Ben Stein and Matthew McConaughey had a baby"

  • Head people of the chat Wolf Orphan obliterater

    A PersonA PersonNapja
  • F I T M C

    Dr VenistDr VenistNapja
  • Just a two hour stream of Techno and friends grinding for nether stars

    Kadi QuigginsKadi QuigginsNapja
  • Face reveal

    Kyle KintanarKyle KintanarNapja
  • Keep up the good workbtechno

    Cohen HardyCohen HardyNapja
  • I want anime and I want it to be about dream SMP fighting It would be the greatest thing ive watched

    Ryuga TDERyuga TDENapja
  • The irony in tommy yelling at techno about betrayal is immaculate

  • No body talk bout how fast techno dogs went dead? Like: 🏃‍♀️💨💨💨💨💨💨🐕🐕 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕 to this: 🏃💨💨💨💨💨💨💨🐕🐕

    Alberto AltsAlberto AltsNapja
  • That was so much Techno !

    Donea AndreeaDonea AndreeaNapja
  • Turns around “15 million subscribers just walked into my home” 😂😂😂😂 feelscloutman

  • Ok seriously where is this coming from 55:30

    Colton EnglebrightColton EnglebrightNapja
  • The great call of l'manburg

    engineer :lengineer :lNapja
    • I meant the fall of l'manberg

      engineer :lengineer :lNapja
  • I like how after the fighting they’re just joking around

    Elliott HirtElliott HirtNapja
  • Dream surrendered in front of everyone during the disk battle meanwhile techno faught all of them and they failed is just epic

  • evryone's tlking about the war but not talking how HE LITERALLY KILLED GENERATIONS OF CAVE SPIDERS

    Steksil ZSteksil ZNapja
  • Sheesh Tommy cussed a lot

    Angel FoxAngel FoxNapja
  • Maan im waiting for the animation :D

    Rayana Riffan H.Rayana Riffan H.Napja
  • If you watch only tommy's pov you would think everyone is wayy too mean to him but if you watch anyone elses pov you would know that he kinda deserves it lol. (ik its scripted btw)

    Madara UchihaMadara UchihaNapja
  • I dare you can't beat Dream in a 1v1 😒

    M.S. playzM.S. playzNapja
    • @M.S. playz The prizes most likely motivated them both to try their best. It wasn’t a staged event. It was a fair imo

      Ann HuynhAnn HuynhNapja
    • @ONI ;-; but this was by Mr. Beast, I wanna see a real one where there are no prizes, no nothing, just to see who is better (btw you again disturbed me while sleeping at night in India)

      M.S. playzM.S. playzNapja
    • @M.S. playz just search dream vs technoblade

    • @ONI Send me the video NØW (btw you disturbed me while I was playing games)

      M.S. playzM.S. playzNapja
    • You really don't know about the 100,000$ duel

  • Chit

    a qa q2 napja
  • 54:00

    Mx AspenMx Aspen2 napja
  • Tommy and techno screaming about betrayal was like something straight out of an anime

    iceskatingkittycats gamingiceskatingkittycats gaming2 napja
  • At first I wondered why techno kept paying mind (distracted) to people shooting him even in a canonical moment, then i remembered adhd

    GaluxistarGaluxistar2 napja
  • oh my diddly donk erds how did I watch 2 hoours of minecrafat whith ja dumbo of a pig talking unedited ithis is so boring and dumb and not kid friendly

    Brady McCoskerBrady McCosker2 napja
    • Then why did you watch 2 hours of it...


    Minecrafter102Minecrafter1022 napja
  • 1:23:22

    BB DeimosBB Deimos2 napja
  • E

    Denis ABYZSDenis ABYZS2 napja
  • Congrats

    Izak SadowskiIzak Sadowski2 napja
  • 80 mill views

    Izak SadowskiIzak Sadowski2 napja

    Winnie CorcueraWinnie Corcuera2 napja
  • For all people need... |█ㅤ54:00ㅤ█|

    яаиdомяаиdом2 napja
  • I’m sad to say that in this video the dog population dropped over 50%

    Amv MasterAmv Master2 napja

    Farhan NafeeFarhan Nafee2 napja
  • nice arson nihachu lmAo

    invisible dogeinvisible doge2 napja
  • 54:00 oh my god that's the best part of the year

    Thelma ReyesThelma Reyes2 napja
  • I don't have any .,.

    Laila AllsteadtLaila Allsteadt2 napja
  • Hey techno blade who's ur crush?

    Laila AllsteadtLaila Allsteadt2 napja
  • 1:18:50 the hero

    Not your Dragon _18Not your Dragon _182 napja
  • Pog Champ

    lol xdlol xd2 napja
  • 54:00

    BuggyBuggy2 napja
  • :)

    I dont want subsI dont want subs2 napja
  • Technoblade boss battle stages: 1)Let loose the hounds of war 2)Wither signal 3)TnT from the sky 4)Flying crossbow bombardment

    angelbabydragonangelbabydragon2 napja
  • dam, there goes l'manburg

    Landon MagneyLandon Magney2 napja
  • Æ

    DogeDoge2 napja
  • 54:00

    Aura Needs Mental HelpAura Needs Mental Help2 napja
  • лманберг gone пог

    KudersKuders2 napja
  • Get to the syndicate hbomb he would be a good choice

    Shane StrawserShane Strawser2 napja
  • Pog

    Joseph MoranJoseph Moran2 napja
  • It stays in the pit

    Menace ShadowZMenace ShadowZ2 napja
  • 29:39 2 4 6 8 who do we appreciate? NOT THE GOVERNMENT

    RayRin XDRayRin XD2 napja

    Lara HeadLara Head2 napja
  • The one time in a game where the final boss wins

    Ping WangPing Wang2 napja
  • L'manberg: hits technoblade Dogs: ATTACK!!! This is literally how plot armor works

    Ping WangPing Wang2 napja
  • "The end"

    Luka ZlatanovićLuka Zlatanović2 napja