Is Trisha Smarter Than A 5th Grader? - Frenemies #4

2020.okt. 6.
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  • Thank you Isaac Newton for creating gravity 🙏

    Miguek EchagueMiguek Echague2 perccel
  • I’m sitting here screaming the answers at both of them. 6 months later lolol

    Abbs KathrynAbbs Kathryn51 perce
  • I care about gravity 😐

    Lucia CalvilloLucia Calvillo55 perccel
  • As a new Yorker it hurt me the way they said Albany

    Sydney hedgesSydney hedgesÓrája
  • this gotta b my favorite frenemies ep LMFAO

    Heather RemoHeather RemoÓrája
  • I wanna be Trish & be in Trish 😏😏


    Emma SalzmanEmma SalzmanÓrája
  • Watching this 6months after and knowing what’s going on with James Charles now is mind blowing how well you guys predicted it lol


    Sienna AverySienna Avery4 órája
  • yo actually trisha predicted james charles' downfall lmao

    Rosalina CRosalina C4 órája
  • Wow Trisha predicting James Charles’s downfall. Iconic.

    Hayden DentHayden Dent5 órája
  • 23:50

    IslaBean ఌIslaBean ఌ6 órája
  • 7:20

    IslaBean ఌIslaBean ఌ6 órája
  • I loved this, Trishas only mad cause you called her fat with the gravity question and she's spiraling. Damn it Ethan

    Sarah HSarah H7 órája
  • It's an ellipses

    Sarah HSarah H8 órája
  • its so hard to watch this when theyre so much better friends now stop being mean to eachotherrrrr

    sophiesophie8 órája
  • who what where when why

    xxpeachy teaxxpeachy tea15 órája
  • Wow they are skinny in this

    Cassidy DianaCassidy Diana19 órája
  • I loved this entire episode. The only annoying part was Trisha asking who AB was, like girl REALLY lol

    jaydejayde21 órája
  • She is the most fascinating person

    First MateFirst Mate23 órája
  • ethan moved his eyebrows like 100000000000 times and it annoyed meeeeeeee

    Adam CamposAdam CamposNapja
  • This is so entertaining! Omg , I'm binge watching all episodes!

    Inez VermeulenInez VermeulenNapja
  • "Julius Cesar was the ruler of which empire?"...ethan "yea what is it, Honolulu?" Dead😂😂😂

    Pragya SinghPragya SinghNapja
  • The patience ethan has with Trisha is amazing lol

    Michaela NicholsonMichaela NicholsonNapja
  • Trisha is so ignorant in so many ways it makes me upset lol

    Michaela NicholsonMichaela NicholsonNapja
  • The fact Trisha didn’t know about the Holocaust is disturbing , like what school did she go to!?

    Michaela NicholsonMichaela NicholsonNapja
  • nile is the longest river in the world

    Rachele Nithsu MatheisRachele Nithsu MatheisNapja
  • Trisha is so smart wtf

  • i’m sorry but trisha is so smart like the shit she says is so perfectly timed and calculated she knows exactly what she’s doing it’s amazing she is such an interesting character

    nat uhhhleenat uhhhleeNapja
  • As a scientist, it physically pains me to listen to them talk about science 😭😭 with peace and love of course

    Courtney BellCourtney BellNapja
  • "these categories suck" 😂✋

    Troy TuccTroy TuccNapja
  • I low key lost and gain brain cells

    Juray ScottJuray ScottNapja
  • trisha: why does he hate me maybe cause he heard your singing 👁👄👁

    Maddison BlissMaddison BlissNapja
  • This video had me rolling lmao Trisha is such a random character

    Akio AslanAkio AslanNapja
  • “Where’s gravity’s award show” Trisha might be on to something🧐

    Rebecca CarstensRebecca CarstensNapja

    Akio AslanAkio AslanNapja
  • “We actually don’t need gravity” “What do you mean?” “Like what if it was never invented?” 45:21 Oh god, Trisha, honey, that’s not how it works.

    Omema RiazOmema Riaz2 napja
  • the curtains and the table aren’t lined up😟😟

    Abbie. AhmerAbbie. Ahmer2 napja
  • We don't need gravity!

    Amarie TurnquistAmarie Turnquist2 napja
  • C O N S T A N T N I P P L E

    SDJSDJ2 napja
  • Ethan is the sweetest. I'd love a best friend like him. He's the perfect type of guy friend. And you'd get a bonus sweet friend with his wife as well. I just love these people and how they ate together. Especially Trishas growth. She's always been someone you either understand or don't. But she's just my fave. I've been around since kisses for my fishes. So a long time.

    Metanoia booksMetanoia books2 napja
  • I'm watching old episodes because I'm impatiently waiting for the next but omg. Ethan....this is a look. Epic. 🤣

    Metanoia booksMetanoia books2 napja
  • Seeing them get along here. I love the character development lmfaooooo

    Tracey BerkowitzTracey Berkowitz2 napja
  • Platonic plates ... LMAO

    Richie ReynagaRichie Reynaga2 napja
  • 58:10

    Matt V.Matt V.2 napja
  • im CACKLING over Ethan getting so butthurt in the english round

    Yvette NeillYvette Neill2 napja
  • Ga! Harper Lee was a woman and that was definitely her real name. Ok, I feel better now. Carry on dominating, Trish.

    MoMo2 napja
  • "what do you mean we don't need gravity?" "what if it was never invented?" istg sometimes listening to her costs me braincells...

    hell pithell pit2 napja
  • I think this episode IS SOOOO entertaining

    Aamar CulbrethAamar Culbreth2 napja
  • I love how the entire episode Ethan is just shitting on kids between 1st and 5th grade 😂

    Sammantha 1234Sammantha 12342 napja
  • 32:00

    Apple PieApple Pie2 napja
  • "what did hitler do that was SOO bad 🙄" "Japan was in World War II too?" "we actually don't need what if it was never invented" TRISHA PLEASE

    Yasmin BragattoYasmin Bragatto2 napja
  • dude why were ethans questions so much harder than trishas at the beginning lmaoooo

    Looks EvilLooks Evil2 napja
  • I’m literally laughing out loud bc of trish

    Paige PfeiferPaige Pfeifer2 napja

    Aamar CulbrethAamar Culbreth3 napja
  • Omg you do look good😂😂😂 the haircut makes him look so slim😍😍😂

    Destiny KeenanDestiny Keenan3 napja
  • Trisha gets so triggered by Ethans come back 😂

    Jessie j TurnerJessie j Turner3 napja
  • Can we please get some more frienemies trivia games with money on the line or the other has to donate 💯💯💯

    Jessie j TurnerJessie j Turner3 napja
  • Moses laughing his ass off at Trisha's ignorance is *very* entertaining.

    SeverinsenSeverinsen3 napja
  • the last queen on france was not marie antouinette, france had periods of the old monarchy after napoleon

    Arne KimArne Kim3 napja
  • Why was I slightly offended when they said “everyone forgets about Wales” 😅😅 that’s me you’re talking about there

    el lael la3 napja
  • Imagine if Trisha was the only evidence left of humanity

    Jaimee KellyJaimee Kelly3 napja
  • I seriously could not believe how quickly and completely Ethan devolved into a whiny, bitch-made little crybaby during the trivia. Like, did you watch this back afterwards, player? Holy fuck was that embarassing. Edit: What the fuck, lmao, how is it still getting worse? Purposefully misleading her so she gets an answer wrong to help you win? Giving yourself an unfair advantage TO WIN TRIVIA AGAINST TRISHA?! Along with every other word out of your mouth going beyond mean, now it's just cruel. Actual children have more class and tact than you're displaying here. I have not cringed this hard in a long. long time.

    The HarrowedThe Harrowed3 napja
  • Americans aren't bright...

    Ella's JourneyElla's Journey3 napja
  • The possible canoe neurophysiologically land because beautician whitely disarm vice a stingy paper. shiny, spotted current

    Georgianne ChimesGeorgianne Chimes3 napja
  • Trisha stop 🛑 you’re not allowed to be this hilarious 😆 💕

    MissDaisy6MissDaisy63 napja
  • Id love to see them figure out chess

    SupSup3 napja
  • Can't not comment that Marie Antoinette was not the last queen of France. But I love this podcast

    MerandalorianMerandalorian3 napja
  • I feel like I could really like this podcast but I get so annoyed with how everyone has to tip toe around everything they say bc Trisha could blow the fuck up at any minute. She can get pissed in a split second and the fun is gone. Ruins the mood

    xnes8xnes83 napja
  • Ethan was right, the Nile IS the longest river in the world... The Amazon river is the largest. Tsk tsk.

    SimbelmynëSimbelmynë3 napja
  • “Wait but can I bring up something about a Jew real quick?” 🐰 🥺

    Kayla StrattonKayla Stratton4 napja
  • Watching this now it's amazing how close they've got now, at times in this episode they seemed to hate each other 🤣🤣

    Rulingworld360Rulingworld3604 napja
  • Anyone else watching this after the James Charles Scandal? LMAO

    VanessaVanessa4 napja
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    polish andypolish andy4 napja
  • okay but can we just talk about Trisha's hair

    L i v yL i v y4 napja
  • We're just not going to talk about how trish exposed the lie detector dude?? XD

    Im 8 BitIm 8 Bit4 napja
  • I mean I’m generally smart in most subjects but as soon as you ask me how to do division or multiplication or other math bullshit that isn’t geometry I don’t fucking know anything lmao like if it’s a math test I look like a real dumbass

    Elizabeth BentleyElizabeth Bentley4 napja
  • Trisha litteraly predicted the future of james charles

    Alyssa KaiserAlyssa Kaiser4 napja
  • Did no one else notice the “Julius Caesar was the emperor of which empire?” question when the Roman Empire didn’t come into being until Augustus took power after Caesar’s death?

    Puck -Puck -4 napja
  • Trisha spitting truth on James Charles since episode 4

    Camilla NicosiaCamilla Nicosia4 napja
  • Trisha gassing him up was so cute

    Symmetra MeiSymmetra Mei4 napja
  • If Trisha doesnt get her way she gets pissed that a toddler

    Stacy SelfStacy Self4 napja
  • Their both such sore losers that it’s funny to watch lol

    Hiba KhoutiHiba Khouti4 napja
    • They’re

      Hiba KhoutiHiba Khouti4 napja
  • I love Trisha

    mya smithmya smith5 napja
  • So pretty trish and honestly ethan got me at a semi alreadyy

    Ross BrownRoss Brown5 napja
  • The most entertaining pod cast everrrrrr lololol

    ellen bayasellen bayas5 napja
  • I love these too 😆

    MissxMachineMissxMachine5 napja
  • 38:00 Careful saying "Black Hand" or the Serbians might try and cancel you.

    dwatts64dwatts645 napja
  • I thought he had a wife

    Gray 444Gray 4445 napja
    • he does

      mburstmburst4 napja
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    Chris CrapoChris Crapo5 napja
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    Chris CrapoChris Crapo5 napja
  • This podcast is of the best, such a good dynamic

    alpha cyclopsalpha cyclops5 napja

    Briell ReddBriell Redd5 napja
  • fav video

    mau silosmau silos5 napja
  • I’ve watched this episode at least 5 times now. More trivia please!!!

    Suzan SalihSuzan Salih5 napja
  • Did anyone catch Ethan said Nile river 1:03:10 and they said it was wrong. Nile I er is longer than the Amazon. He still won but the trivia nerd n me had to correct

    Corrine GCorrine G5 napja
  • "I have no interest in gravity" "I feel like you should know what gravity is Trisha" WHEEZING

    Alison IrelanAlison Irelan5 napja
  • 58:12 gotta save this

    Aniyah BradleyAniyah Bradley5 napja
  • The fertile crescent was a thing I learned as a Freshman...

    I LoveI Love5 napja
  • gravity

    Evan BelloEvan Bello5 napja