Is The McLaren vs. Ferrari Rivalry Back? | F1 Nation Podcast

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Join Tom Clarkson, Natalie Pinkham and Damon Hill as the trio discuss whether the 2021 season will see the return of the epic Ferrari vs. McLaren rivalry, with special guests including Felipe Massa's former Ferrari race engineer Rob Smedley, and Italian correspondent Davide Valsecchi.
Topics include:
0:00 - Natalie’s back with TC… and she’s got a new hobby
1:49 - One of F1’s great rivalries has reignited
7:35 - Former Ferrari engineer Rob Smedley on Ferrari v McLaren 2021
15:07 - Smedley talks Sainz, Massa and Ferrari’s ‘pressure cooker’
25:04 - Imola hype with Italy’s Davide Valsecchi
38:03 - Who do Davide, TC and Pinks back to do well in Imola?
45:40 - All change at Mercedes, sim drivers and The Hulk returns
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  • Tom, the whole world says Max Ver-stap-pen..... you are most likely the only one who is butchering the name to Nax Vershjstappen.... could you pleaaaaaaase adapt? Please? Appreciated, especially since the show is great!

    Gideon SandersGideon Sanders17 napja
  • 11:58 Natalie Pinkham *almost* guessed the podiums! Nice!!

    Toby ClementsToby Clements24 napja
  • Ferrari 🏎🇮🇹❤️

    Aiden WhelanAiden Whelan26 napja
  • Were they scrapping for P3 and P4 in their last spell as Rivals too? Such a sensationalist BS headline

    craig855scraig855s27 napja
  • ahh 1976 james hunt and lauda

    utkarsh upadhyayutkarsh upadhyay27 napja

    Fresh HunterFresh Hunter27 napja
  • Almost 3 minutes of pre-show blather? *_thin soup_* ....

    Bernard TremblayBernard Tremblay27 napja
  • Anyone know what the intro song is called?

    Theo MawandaTheo Mawanda27 napja
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    Kevin O’ LearyKevin O’ Leary28 napja
  • Ugh this wait is unbearable.

    Bryant McelroyBryant Mcelroy28 napja
  • Pointless Pinkham... No thanks.. She is talentless and taking a far far better persons job.. The drivers do not like her.. Seb can't stand her...

    Fingers TitanFingers Titan28 napja
  • 7:23 Actually, McLaren haven't won a constructor's title since 1998. LH was champion in 2008 but Ferrari were constructors' champions.

    Jaco SchutteJaco Schutte28 napja
  • Davide is the best!

    Alessio CarlevaroAlessio Carlevaro28 napja
  • Fun fact: Mclaren and Ferrari won 14 out of 28 races in Imola

  • Its quite brilliant how Mercedes manage to shuffle their management so seamlessly

    Didier PeroniDidier Peroni28 napja
  • There needs to be a McLaren V. Ferrari Documentary

    Erik GreenErik Green28 napja
  • Ferrari had to go backwards for several years now in order to get to the level of McLaren, now they can have rivalry 😂

    Googl ReviewsGoogl Reviews28 napja
  • Man I love the intro music 🎶

    tambuleetambulee28 napja
  • Never make jokes like Toto Wolf that means he is worry, these year will be wonderful sorprise in F1 a lot of people will cry

    Carl Tang 2002Carl Tang 200228 napja
    • Max and Red Bull will. Gotcha 😉

      Xolani SibekoXolani Sibeko28 napja
  • McLaren all through 🔥🔥...big shout out to Natalie for putting Lando on the podium...I wish it happens

    Daniel NyangwesoDaniel Nyangweso29 napja
  • U should have been adding "and can Williams close in next season"^^

    abcabc29 napja
  • Perez: only 0.3s behind Verstappen in Q2 on the yellow medium tyres. He knows it's important. And he knows why it's important. 👍 He will catch up to join Q3.

    Gábor MiklayGábor Miklay29 napja
    • And here comes that little advantage to Nico Hulkenberg in qualy. His qualy pace is there. Just pull it together on Sundays. These 2 guys are excellent! 👋

      Gábor MiklayGábor Miklay29 napja
  • Davide Valsecchi: nice performance with the accent. 👋 😅

    Gábor MiklayGábor Miklay29 napja
  • Golf stream and gulf stream. 🤦‍♂️

    Gábor MiklayGábor Miklay29 napja
  • great podcast. great panel.

    Micro SoftMicro Soft29 napja
  • Fighting for 6th and 7th yeah.... 😂

    Aswads AswadAswads Aswad29 napja
  • Rivalry over third place! how the mighty have fallen!

    Frenzy BarFrenzy Bar29 napja
  • For P4🤣🤣🤣🤣

    James PumphreyJames Pumphrey29 napja
  • Davide is as excited about racing as I am that the race week is upon us. 🙈

    Shalem JacksonShalem Jackson29 napja
  • Who would've thought that 20 years later, Minardi would be performing on the same level of Ferrari and McLaren?

    Place HolderPlace Holder29 napja
    • @Jaco Schutte LOL So true. The DNA of the 6-wheeled freak lives on in the current dominant monster... of course this is the team that thought up DAS.

      Android _Android _28 napja
    • Meantime, Tyrrell has won seven championships in a row.

      Jaco SchutteJaco Schutte28 napja
    • @abc and Williams would be backmarker only 20 yrs after Ralf Schumacher won in Imola

    • Oh thats such a sick fact isn't it - and Jordan was considered to be ahead of them all 2021 hahaha!!!

      abcabc29 napja
  • Who cares about golf mate

    king dodongoking dodongo29 napja
  • How can you have Davide Valsecchi on the show after he made racist remarks about Sir Lewis Hamilton on sky sports Italy

    Tenesha AndersonTenesha Anderson29 napja
    • Just Googled him. I'd expect nothing less from an Italian failed racer. I wonder why it never blew up.

      Xolani SibekoXolani Sibeko28 napja
    • Do you have a link?

      Xolani SibekoXolani Sibeko28 napja
  • Me preciado hotwheels fan club 1968---2021

    Alfonso PreciadoAlfonso Preciado29 napja
  • Listening to Davide talk about each driver is so entertaining. Love his accent 😂

    Dylan GeorgeDylan George29 napja
  • Whatever team finishes 3rd, will get less time in the wind tunnel for next year, I think McLaren will "try" to get 3rd this year, and maybe take it easy for 4th in the championship during the last few races. Ferrari might be thinking the same thing. Who knows

    PG16PG1629 napja
  • Carlos sainz was right about being’s his first race for Ferrari, otherwise he would met the same fate as mazepin...pinned to the wall in 3 turns being

    Manu ThomasManu Thomas29 napja
    • I dont think many people have an issue with that, it was the admitting his intentions BEFORE the race... if he had left these comments just for the post race nobody would bat an eye lol

      danonthestringsdanonthestrings28 napja
  • Ahhh... Natalie Pinkham... she's my F1 crush. @NataliePinkham

    Jeff GonsoulinJeff Gonsoulin29 napja
  • Ferrari gave up last year.. They are all in on the new car in 22 ...why waste money on a 5yo bad design...

    don BLUEdon BLUE29 napja
  • If only this was a vodcast, it would've been an hour well spent! Alas! i've to find something else interesting instead..

    juggamii nagalöjuggamii nagalö29 napja
  • Ferrari in Bahrain limited speed, wait for next race

    nickname87nickname8729 napja
  • This Rivalry is the Classico

    Rizaldi Ramdlani PamungkasRizaldi Ramdlani Pamungkas29 napja
  • Most Iconic McLaren wins are based on one Ferrari driver almost burning alive and the second one by stealing Ferrari data and getting lucky with the FIA helping them out 😂

    Bouke van ZinderenBouke van Zinderen29 napja
  • It only matters as a rivalry, if they're both fighting each other for wins and championships.

    GregzVRGregzVR29 napja
    • Oh, so we shall race with 4 cars and the rest stays home

      Inot88 JInot88 J28 napja
  • Don't think it's much of a rivialry

    RedHa1oRedHa1o29 napja
  • PLEASE stop putting sound effects from races in these podcasts, it makes them unwatchable

    Jack MorganJack Morgan29 napja
    • podcasts.... unwatchable... I'll wait..

      Fingers TitanFingers Titan28 napja

    Charlie MaybeCharlie Maybe29 napja
  • ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️

    Yiannis HayabusaYiannis Hayabusa29 napja
  • Perfect Amazing Fantastic Exelent Magical The Best Ever ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Yiannis HayabusaYiannis Hayabusa29 napja
  • But not for titles 😔😔

    Abdul Juanito AdomaAbdul Juanito Adoma29 napja
  • Does that really matter for positions way off the podium when you call yourself Ferrari and McLaren?

    GaniscolGaniscol29 napja

    João FonsecaJoão Fonseca29 napja
  • F1

    Piotr KobielusPiotr Kobielus29 napja
  • Yes, Fight for 5th place not championships not podiums but 5th place

    ErilloErillo29 napja
  • Yes, but in the battle for 3rd.

    Clif NgClif Ng29 napja
  • Scrap Natalie and put Sam Collins instead. Such and annoying presenter. We need someone with technical knowledge.

    raketata4raketata429 napja
  • Well you have the 2nd or 3rd best driver in Ricciardo at McLaren so...He's already shown his worth and hustled that shitbox Renault to a few podiums and 5th in the drivers Standings...Him and Lando will Suprise this year.

    Josh GeeJosh Gee29 napja
    • @Josh Gee no chance.

      Micro SoftMicro Soft28 napja
    • @Micro Soft Your mum,sister and aunty.

      Josh GeeJosh Gee28 napja
    • @Mohit Anand how do you figure leclerc is on riccardos level?

      Micro SoftMicro Soft29 napja
    • @Josh Gee ok, who is in the top 3?

      Micro SoftMicro Soft29 napja
    • Leclerc is definitely on ricciardo’s level and sainz is also a very capable driver it will come down to the drivers if the machinery is equal which I assume could happen

      Mohit AnandMohit Anand29 napja
  • I read it as Lando vs Carlos hahaha

    PipitteuPipitteu29 napja
  • Mclaren last won the constructors in 1998

    Abhinav KakkarAbhinav Kakkar29 napja
    • Indeed.

      Jaco SchutteJaco Schutte28 napja
    • came here to say this

      Nicky PhillipsonNicky Phillipson29 napja
  • No

    Michael H.Michael H.29 napja
  • Becausa lasta yeara wasa 😆😆😆 gotta love italians speaking english

    kodrich1204kodrich120429 napja
    • we puta some spicey meata balla in the exhuasta she is fasta now

      Ryan InglisRyan Inglis27 napja
  • If & when McLaren match their quali trim with their race trim, they realistically should be the clear P3 with Ferrari vs. Alpha Tauri being the fight of the midfield.

    RobboRobbo29 napja
  • Eh...Ferrari won the constructors in 2008. McLaren haven't won it since 99 I think?

    Danny BDanny B29 napja
    • 98. Fun fact : Norris wasn't even born.

      Thomas SThomas S29 napja
  • Ferrari ❤️❤️❤️

    Litle pro GgLitle pro Gg29 napja
  • I really wish we get a season-long fight between McLaren and Ferrari for third place atleast. Although it's not for the title, atleast we'll get to see them battling in the midfield

    Vyas PonnuriVyas Ponnuri29 napja
  • 12:00 "what breed is she"? Rob- 'i dont know its a dog' BRILLIANT 😅🤣

    RottieShep CALIBRERottieShep CALIBRE29 napja
    • LOL! 👍👍👍

      Gábor MiklayGábor Miklay29 napja
  • McLaren has the better drivers (even if only just) and the better management (by a lot). So with financial resources coming closer together I really can't see this as much of a rivalry going forward. McLaren will outpace Ferrari easily.

    SufferingAddictSufferingAddict29 napja
    • @Aiden Whelan leclerc has not had a worse car than Daniel for the last 3 years mate. And if you actually watched Daniel in his early years, you’d have seen he is a bit of a specialist at single Lap qualifying i.e. his toro Rosso days.

      AdrianYoungs81AdrianYoungs8125 napja
    • @AdrianYoungs81 nahhhhhh how ? Leclerc beats Daniel in qualifying like week in week out even in the worse car

      Aiden WhelanAiden Whelan26 napja
    • @Terminator_GV07 bit of an exaggeration...I would say Leclerc more times than not has a little more single lap pace, but Norris is on average better overall in race pace and not making big mistakes. Ricciardo is also on their level pace-wise but with better racecraft than both through experience. Carlos is also faster than many realize; I think he was playing it safe being the first race in Ferrari. It’s gonna be really close!

      johndough247johndough24728 napja
    • @Delirious User lol leclerc is 50 times better ...........................

      Terminator_GV07Terminator_GV0729 napja
    • @Delirious User I do think Norris > Leclerc. Norris is just as quick but crashes a lot less.

      SufferingAddictSufferingAddict29 napja
  • After last year I sure wasn't expecting Ferrari to be on the level of McLaren. So the fact we're even having this discussion is pretty amazing. They really improved a lot.

    CatbirdCatbird29 napja
    • Me neither. Pretty impressive.

      abcabc29 napja
  • Anything less than victory is a disappointment for both 🤦

    • Sure but Ferrari won the last race in 2019 and the last constructors in 2008. Mclaren won the last race in 2012 and the last constructor in 1998

      Giuseppe MaggiòGiuseppe Maggiò29 napja
  • I hope so, now Williams has to get back to her old strength.

    DarkSoulOfCinder89DarkSoulOfCinder8929 napja
  • Trash

    Nic WaltersNic Walters29 napja
  • Yeah they are

    Hisham HilalHisham Hilal29 napja
  • I really agree with David for 38:06. After Bahrain I really expect Max to win this race. Still has the potential to be very close but defo hoping Max can pull this one.

    lee ferlee fer29 napja
  • Quick answer : Yesn't

    SubkashSubkash29 napja
  • sadly for ferrari, yes :D

    UraStrUraStr29 napja
  • Comment number 26

    NigelNigel29 napja
  • the guy with the grey hair kinda looks like Grosjean🤣🤣🤣

    Jason HillJason Hill29 napja
    • How

      Delirious UserDelirious User29 napja
    • "That guy" is a world champion. Grosjean would be lucky to lace his shoes.

      Kobert RubicaKobert Rubica29 napja
    • That's a F1 World champion, 96

      Soham MhatreSoham Mhatre29 napja
  • Hopefully adding Williams next season. Thinking about Williams, Ferrari and McLaren battling each other 😊 causes strong tingling in my brain and stomach

    Utopian FuturesUtopian Futures29 napja
    • Scoring points I think is a more reasonable goal.

      hangm4nhangm4n28 napja
    • old big 3 battling each others once again, that's gonna be sickk

      Okky KusumaOkky Kusuma28 napja
    • So for all how never understood the definition of romance

      abcabc29 napja
    • @DarkSoulOfCinder89 imagine if Williams do another 2014 regulation change and become th e second best team in 2022

      Cesar De peñaCesar De peña29 napja
    • I miss those times.

      DarkSoulOfCinder89DarkSoulOfCinder8929 napja
  • Woo

    The Drifting YogurtThe Drifting Yogurt29 napja
  • ...For the rest of the last! :D

    Cid MataCid Mata29 napja
  • Simple answer: Yesain't

    Soham BelgeSoham Belge29 napja
  • Im pretty sure Ferrari will be far behind mclaren and alpha tauri. And i also think alpha tauri will Beat mclaren

    Niko MoinNiko Moin29 napja
  • Ferrari and Mclaren fighting for the midfield while in the past they were fighting for top honours. How two powerhouses have fallen over. Seriously if only Enzo and Bruce were alive to see this disgrace.

    The BossThe Boss29 napja
    • @Danny B I started watching F1 in the early 90's, just as McLaren hit their post-Senna slump. 1994-1996 was quite poor for them, and their title renaissance with Hakkinen turned out to be short lived. So truth be told, even though they've won lots of races over the last 20 years, they haven't been consistent title challengers for a while now.

      Jaco SchutteJaco Schutte28 napja
    • @The Boss Bruh lol. It's really either 0 or 100 with you, isn't it? Get all your motorsport knowledge from Talladega Nights? You know there's such a thing as "this is lower than we'd like to be right now but we're working our hardest to get back to the top?" There's nothing DISGRACEFUL about being slightly behind someone who's just doing it better at the moment. That's racing. You act like "If you ain't first, you're last" is actually how it is. Even in the movie he said that's a ridiculous thing to think lol. You think all the other teams out there are just a disgrace to the sport because they're not racking up those precious stats? Grow up dude.

      Box Car RacerBox Car Racer29 napja
    • @Box Car Racer it is disgraceful when you are not racking up wins, podiums even championships. But are content on staying in 4th to 10th. So you prefer being mediocre?

      The BossThe Boss29 napja
    • @The Boss It matters because you called it "disgraceful." It's not disgraceful. It's racing. I think people like Bruce and Enzo were smart enough to know that.

      Box Car RacerBox Car Racer29 napja
    • @Box Car Racer why does it matter??? Enzo and Bruce mclaren had the mentality of winners even if they did not win for a long time they wont be satisfied with it. Thats the difference. Either try to be a winner or stay a loser.

      The BossThe Boss29 napja
  • Ferrari won the constructors championship in 2008

    andrew burrowsandrew burrows29 napja
    • Yeah I am impressed TC got something like that wrong. 7:25 for anyone wondering.

      NS PNS P29 napja
    • @andrew burrows oh sorry i missed "constructors" i was thinking of driver championships

      Gagan YadavGagan Yadav29 napja
    • @Gagan Yadav they won both 2007 and 2008

      andrew burrowsandrew burrows29 napja
    • *2007

      Gagan YadavGagan Yadav29 napja
  • Yes but in the upper midfield.

    TheCoringtonTheCorington29 napja
    • lol

      MitsuFQ400MitsuFQ40028 napja
    • Lolll

      Manu ThomasManu Thomas29 napja
    • @Hugo Harington hmm yes let’s ban those two ❤️

      Delirious UserDelirious User29 napja
    • @Hugo Harington it could be😍

      Alebo gamerAlebo gamer29 napja
    • If redbull or merecedes didn’t join then this would be the battle for the championship

      Hugo HaringtonHugo Harington29 napja
  • Maybe back in the midfield but definitely not at the top

    MukundMukund29 napja
  • Why people discussing so early like shut up no way you have seen the whole vid in 50 seconds

    Abs JordanzAbs Jordanz29 napja
    • People just read the headlines these days and act like they know the content back to font

      mugsymugsy29 napja
  • Yeah, let them fight over the bread crumbs I leave behind.

    Toto WolffToto Wolff29 napja
    • @Thatcher Adam Yea, I have been watching on Flixzone for since november myself :D

      Khalil KamdynKhalil Kamdyn12 napja
    • A tip: watch series on Flixzone. I've been using it for watching loads of movies these days.

      Thatcher AdamThatcher Adam12 napja
    • RBR fans getting salty at fake Toto account 🤣

      Christian PadillaChristian Padilla27 napja
    • UwU toto-chan go ez on them plz

      David GarciaDavid Garcia28 napja
    • @Robin, like it was in Bahrain? Righhhhht 😒

      Xolani SibekoXolani Sibeko28 napja
  • No views, 18 likes, 7 comments?! What is happening lol??

    Venkatesan VaradharajanVenkatesan Varadharajan29 napja
  • Mclaren still quite a bit ahead in my opinion.

    Jarno OpmeerJarno Opmeer29 napja
    • McLaren are comfortably ahead at the moment. Leclerc has really outpreformed that Ferrari and seriously boosted their point count last season and will continue to do so this season. In reality McLaren have a better car.

      Kobert RubicaKobert Rubica29 napja
    • hello jarno

      RobnRobn29 napja
  • Yes but not where we want it to be. It should be at the front of the grid

    Soham MhatreSoham Mhatre29 napja
  • I never liked podcast but this one changed my opinion on them

    Mohamed RiyazMohamed Riyaz29 napja
    • @Joe Felony so true

    • It’s really nice to listen to podcasts when going to sleep. Works perfectly for me

      Joe FelonyJoe Felony29 napja
  • Nice

    James SandersJames Sanders29 napja
  • Helloa

    Smurf101Smurf10129 napja
  • Niceeeeeeeeee Ferrari is back

    Virtual Safety CarVirtual Safety Car29 napja
    • 2 teams are back. McLaren is faster than Ferrari, yeah, but Italians are next to other time.

      Virtual Safety CarVirtual Safety Car29 napja
    • McLaren* is back

      Biagio D. B.Biagio D. B.29 napja
    • not completely

      MatteoMcMatteoMc29 napja
  • Uh yeah but for 3rd place so not great yet 😂😂

    NavNav29 napja
  • First vue

    Mao BerthoudMao Berthoud29 napja
  • First

    Casper HemmingsenCasper Hemmingsen29 napja
  • Oooooo f1 video epic

    fenderjbassfenderjbass29 napja