Impostor gets thrown into a Lava pit and drinks a Fire Resistance Potion

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slurp slurp

  • He sokcs

    Gian BaybayanGian BaybayanÓrája
  • I wanna see if Among Us have an underwater map.

    Mohammed Areeb RizviMohammed Areeb Rizvi3 órája
  • Can you do a imposter chaches crewmates to me a imposters

    unicorn leighunicorn leigh4 órája
  • Isn't he stuck there though

    Smoody thingsSmoody things6 órája
  • Make the imposter go in creative!

  • *fire resistance potion runs out*

    RetroRetro7 órája
  • Day 24 of asking : l want a player who is an inpostor but can do task

    Rock WingRock Wing7 órája
  • Well, time to subscribe

    Chibi KittyChibi Kitty7 órája
  • Purple must have pulled those crewmates into the lava 😂😆

    SamarthSamarth8 órája
  • Theres a new “ok” from “yes”

    milah riveramilah rivera9 órája
  • day 1 asking weirdotic to make crewmate vents and gets voted off

    Carey MasonCarey Mason9 órája
  • O

    Diana AlbarracinDiana Albarracin9 órája
  • Make a imposter have a special attack

    TJ PoppTJ Popp10 órája
  • legend has it his kill cooldown went to one sec and his range was inf

    General KenobiGeneral Kenobi10 órája
  • he just pulled off what is called a dream iq play

    General KenobiGeneral Kenobi10 órája
  • It will take 25 minutes to get off the lava pit and the maximun lava resostance is 8 minutes

    Santino DomingoSantino Domingo11 órája
  • Day 27 of asking if an imposter's mini crewmate kills the mini crewmates of other players. PLZ PICK THIS

    AFS GamingAFS Gaming15 órája
  • I want to see imposter drink feather falling potion after been ejected in MiraHQ

    Yen Tran HaiYen Tran Hai20 órája
  • Day 1 of asking weirdotic: when the impostors teammate is weak and the other impostor gives him a strength potion and becomes aggressive

    PromaStEr9999PromaStEr999923 órája
  • Hey try this impostor brings elytra and firework and fly back into Mira hq

    Harvey ApostolHarvey ApostolNapja
  • Make the imposter switch to creative while he is in the move

    Daniel T. TapleyDaniel T. TapleyNapja
  • Lol, sneak that in the inventory when you play the game in Minecraft

    Daniel T. TapleyDaniel T. TapleyNapja
  • Someone dies, but a cloud brings them back

    Boogie Jamaa AJBoogie Jamaa AJNapja
  • When we getting imposter mlg water/horse/ladder/boat from mira hq

  • Do imposter go’s in a hacker machine and uses the hacks to kill the cremates

    Kristine NguyenKristine NguyenNapja
  • Dream in among us be like

  • Lava girl: I think I have found my one

    Veronica MenoraVeronica MenoraNapja
  • I want to see a crewmate swim and then drown

    B KgB KgNapja
  • Day 3 to asking a weirdotic to see impostor return to mira hq with a levitation potion

    Samuele RigaSamuele RigaNapja
  • imagine if you could actually do this in among us

    Mitchell FahrerMitchell FahrerNapja
  • Plz do the crewmate see all crewmate same color

  • Make purple kill someone in front of EVERYONE and the crewmates do nothing about it because no matter what there gonna lose

    Pink SquirrelPink SquirrelNapja
  • frist time asking: i wanna see a impostor kill crewmate cake in front all crewmates

    Ahmad gamerAhmad gamerNapja
  • I want to see an impostor use jet pack to return the ship after being ejected

    Hiyaa P.Hiyaa P.2 napja
  • impostor woted of the mira and impostor uses water(minecraft players know)

    CollSamir XelefovCollSamir Xelefov2 napja
  • Impostor eating himself?

    Deepali SrivastavaDeepali Srivastava2 napja
  • Only minecraft players knew it

    bina Kansalbina Kansal2 napja
  • I heard this in full volume with earphones.......

    Biplojit DeyBiplojit Dey2 napja
  • Day1 of telling a crew mate uses a shield to block imposters bullet

    Sachin NSachin N2 napja
  • Bruh

    Mia Rainbow even if im alone i have you guysMia Rainbow even if im alone i have you guys2 napja
  • I want to see noob kill hacker imposter

    Harjit kaurHarjit kaur2 napja
  • Idea there is a lot of trap in eletrical

    DJ PLAYZ23DJ PLAYZ232 napja
  • Day 2: imposter uses black hole to suck crewmates in

    Xbox Controller In a NutshellXbox Controller In a Nutshell2 napja
  • * throws him off the island * “drinks a potion of levitation”

    ChenterrChenterr2 napja
  • Pls make an animation of an impostor looking like a mini crewmate then thurns into a crewmate make him real buff then steps on everyone and wins

    saachii kkjosaachii kkjo2 napja
  • Day 30 of asking for you to do among us but in fall guys

    Bryce SharpBryce Sharp2 napja
  • Weirdoic can u do somone vent and imposter kills in emergency meeting.

    Garcia JacoboGarcia Jacobo2 napja
  • So dumb I watch the skin you were dead in real life

    Eric ZupkoEric Zupko2 napja
  • The imposter should’ve been dream and the people throwing George and sapnap

    toggleruntogglerun2 napja
  • Plot twist: it was a lingering potion so he couldn’t drink it

    Massisei PKMNMassisei PKMN2 napja
  • They could of drop milk so the effect would be gone

    Gaming_and Other_stuffGaming_and Other_stuff2 napja
  • .    。    •   ゚  。   .    .      .     。   。 .   .   。      ඞ 。 .    •     •   ゚   Purple was An Impostor.  。 .   '    1 Impostor remains     。   ゚   .   . ,    .  .

    n04hn04h2 napja
  • make a video that imposter kill all crewmates in 1 kill

  • Simple, funny, and cool :v

    Fauzan 224Fauzan 2242 napja
  • Make a wierdotic video in which imposter uses a elytra when he ejected from Mira hq

  • This potion is minecraft

    Benjamin KuierBenjamin Kuier2 napja
  • Day 2 of asking: impostor have kill cooldown 45s and he acidentaly kill in front of 2 crewmates

    Matan VujovićMatan Vujović2 napja
  • this but mira hq and levitation

    ExpilliarmusExpilliarmus2 napja
  • Day 19 of asking - I want to see the imposter hack and make the three maps mix and glitch

    Vasu AnnanVasu Annan2 napja
  • 😉

    Aiden GamesAiden Games3 napja
  • Oof

    Aiden GamesAiden Games3 napja
  • Crewmate going to be killed by imposter eats golden apple

    Saimay PlayzSaimay Playz3 napja
  • Day 1 of asking: do a crewmate killing an impostor using the emergency button

    StarStar3 napja
  • imposter was thrown and falling sky and a parachute to land safely

    Sey AysonSey Ayson3 napja
  • After the match: purple is hacker, kick him *purple was banned*

    Black Hole M87Black Hole M873 napja
  • 1st time of asking : crew mate gets shot by imposter but it uses a shield to block

    Pavitra WadhwaniPavitra Wadhwani3 napja
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    kids Educational fundakids Educational funda3 napja
  • Day 8 of asking for crew mates being best friends then imposter killed one of the crew mates and the friend becomes super buff and squishes imposter

    Paul HordijenkoPaul Hordijenko3 napja
  • Crawmates are playing hidenseek a crawmate is hiding in a bed the imposter cant see the crawmate

    Eeman ShahbazEeman Shahbaz3 napja
  • Day 25: imposter gets thrown of on the spaceship but he have paras hoot

    Reign Sebastiane DuenasReign Sebastiane Duenas3 napja
  • I don’t think this guy is hacking I think he’s playing fair XD

    Essa AEssa A3 napja
  • Impostor but he is doctor strange

    Poornapradnya DevalePoornapradnya Devale3 napja
  • I want to see if the impostor Kills a crewmate then the crewmate revives

    Rhea RonanRhea Ronan3 napja
  • Suggestion old lady impostor

    Sangita KarmakarSangita Karmakar3 napja
  • Pls make crewmate turns into an enderdragon and crunch the impostor

    mikhael channel kidsmikhael channel kids3 napja
  • Hey I wanna see I minicrewmate kill a fat crewmate

    Dexie NericuaDexie Nericua3 napja
  • Please

    It’s-a me MarioIt’s-a me Mario3 napja
  • I ment falls in love with a crewmate

    It’s-a me MarioIt’s-a me Mario3 napja
  • I ment falls in live with a crew mate

    It’s-a me MarioIt’s-a me Mario3 napja
  • Make a video where the imposter in love with love with a crewmate and forgets that he is imposter

    It’s-a me MarioIt’s-a me Mario3 napja
  • plot twist: the fire resistance potion wore off before he managed to escape the fire pit

    Yu Hin TAMYu Hin TAM3 napja
  • do a impostor gets thrown in lava then he places water lol

    Ruby SibanyRuby Sibany3 napja
  • Impostor goes in creative mode

    Soviet UnionSoviet Union3 napja
  • Everyone: Oh no! Anyway. Them: *stabbed* Innersloth: *No. That's not how you play the game.*

    Jiwoo ParkJiwoo Park3 napja
  • The imposter gets ejected in Mira but drinks a potion of Slow-falling

    PSPauloPlayzPSPauloPlayz3 napja
  • I wanna see an impostor thrown into a lava pit but he eats a golden apple

    Hammad WaseemHammad Waseem3 napja
  • Me the the ghast that hits me off my I block wide brigs of netherrak

    Erik GouldErik Gould3 napja
  • He saw that one on Reddit

    Renee CasarenoRenee Casareno3 napja
  • plot twist: after he won the fire resistance potion ran out

    MorganPlayzGamesMorganPlayzGames3 napja
    • @adeoluwa akinwumi yup

      MorganPlayzGamesMorganPlayzGames2 napja
    • Then he died

      adeoluwa akinwumiadeoluwa akinwumi2 napja
  • Idea: imposter shoots everyone with a bow and arrow and wins before he suffocates in space

    RandomRandom3 napja
  • Dumb! >:(

    miki dorobekmiki dorobek3 napja
  • how he is gonna up?

    Erick CerrilloErick Cerrillo3 napja
  • he is wearing a helmet how did he drink the fire resistance potion

    azlaan imamazlaan imam3 napja
  • Day 1 of asking Weirdotic to see the crewmates kiling the imposter

    Sarita GairolaSarita Gairola3 napja
  • lol

    Tommy SilsdorfTommy Silsdorf3 napja
  • I want imposter wear Elytra while falling and come back and kill

    YamanNaeem NaeemYamanNaeem Naeem3 napja
  • Guys i think this is a dream refrence

    Heaven Ascension DIOHeaven Ascension DIO3 napja
  • Day 24 Of asking weirdotic to make an impostor getting thrown into the pit of lava and drinking a potion of fire resistance.

    Precious kleofie LauretaPrecious kleofie Laureta3 napja
  • Mmmmm wow ?

    Zhansaya SerikkyzyZhansaya Serikkyzy4 napja
  • Hi

    Sandhya KambleSandhya Kamble4 napja