If Your Eye was a Camera What Would the Specs be?

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Niko and Peter are ready to reveal the ultimate camera - with specifications that EXCEED the human eye! .. the only problem is that they don't know what those specifications are.
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  • Great work! I love this stuff!

    David McCoulDavid McCoul10 órája
  • The frame rate test is misleading. Typically you can see big differences up to 360 frames with most people when testing reaction times and accuracy.

    EnlightenedSavageEnlightenedSavage21 órája
  • I would like the colour blue

    Davian WilliamsDavian Williams21 órája
  • gime hazel

    Rick 160605Rick 160605Napja
  • Can I have blue please thank you.

  • melodysheep, HUworld channel you'll be amaze, please check it out

    Goldi LocksGoldi LocksNapja
  • hazel

    Max RoboticsMax RoboticsNapja
  • I can only see 30 FPS and only in infrared, do you think I should replace my eyes?

  • Green colour

    mallu talkiesmallu talkies2 napja
  • In want cyan

    RedlollypopRedlollypop2 napja
  • ... The whole framerate conversation really irked me because frames per second and refresh rate are two different things. Noticing the difference between 60fps and 120fps is not the same as noticing the difference between 60Hz and 120Hz. The units of measurement and what's being measured are different. So that whole part of the discussion was very confusing.

    Dr0neshufflerDr0neshuffler2 napja
  • Bruh it's shutter speed, aperture, and ILLUMINATION. Not ISO. ISO is artificial gain.

    PeterPeter2 napja
  • When your eyesight is so bad 10 year old phone camera is better.

    Lanttiks kysmeLanttiks kysme2 napja
  • blue

    Jordan MetschJordan Metsch2 napja
  • Can you do it in pink with different specs.

    Mark GrantMark Grant2 napja
  • One thing you’re forgetting is that the eye comes with a super computer called the visual cortex that processes the information from the eye.

    Saim ShaikhSaim Shaikh2 napja
  • Should have been called the "iEye"

    mozl83mozl832 napja
    • That is if only half of the eye is sold for $7374747 and the other half costing $83838483883 And that is excluding the camera

      Sack DemonSack Demon20 órája
  • From my experience physical fitness plays a part in how fast your human frame rate is. If you are a runner, or tennis player, probably also ping pong you should have a much faster frame rate, which would make sense that fighter pilots could see higher frame rates.

    d flowersd flowers2 napja
  • there's a discord notification at 3:59 and it took me a hot minute to realize it was in the video

    LiteUnderLiteUnder2 napja
  • If we made a robot that acts as a human, we need these Eye Camera : CHECK Hearing Device (Maybe Raycon Tech) : Check? More difficult things Brain Capture Card/Storage (Memory) A body Automated Voice (with feeling) Average human knowledge (AI) Emotions Nerves Other -------------------------------- Also I have a few questions on the Eyecam. We know the specs, but will we still get a teardown? What is it compatible with? What is the battery life?

    FIREKiD 2008FIREKiD 20082 napja
  • how is it that you look for Frames Per Second, and not choose a FPS game🤔

    Carr7Carr72 napja
  • I’d like blue

    Archie PlaysArchie Plays2 napja
  • This is bs. Our retina is curved, that's why we have an ultrawide but doesn't have the perspective distortion of my 17mm on my 5D. Then, we can "see" until thousands of mm of focal lenght despite we have a "prime", because the brain can selectively ignore the rest. Try to "ignore" the rest thru a 17mm picture of a landscape, it's just going to be disheartening, that's why I think it's more realistic shooting with a 40/50mm and framing what the "mind is seeing/fascinated by" in the moment of the snap. We can't simulate human eye for several reasons, the most important one, is our brain and how it is deviced to match our eyes.

    cose cadute per terracose cadute per terra2 napja
  • potato color

    mr2meows gobuydoometernalandtitanfall2mr2meows gobuydoometernalandtitanfall22 napja
  • Hazel please

    MajdMajd2 napja
  • If they would build a camera with my eye specs, it would be a chinese knockoff of a cloned product

    InnerEagleInnerEagle2 napja
  • How did nobody notice they said "available only after 9 months after the CONCEPTION of your PURCHASE" 14:34 ... That's... disturbing...

    Arthur DobromirArthur Dobromir2 napja
  • Niko cut your hair short you will look like STEVE JOBS bro!

    Kenny Chan KYKenny Chan KY2 napja

    Keegan CookKeegan Cook2 napja
  • 0:06 and mai tera baap 🤣

    Pratyus AjitPratyus Ajit3 napja
  • also in low light we dont see in color we see in black and white

    PonletsPonlets3 napja
  • the human eye doesnt see in discrete frames the theoretical limit for throughput to the eye is about 700fps but its not a discrete number and the more frames per second the more solid something is

    PonletsPonlets3 napja
  • Imagine Someone Uses an EMP While Your wearing that 😬

    VoidVoid3 napja
  • Hazel

    GucciKraftGucciKraft3 napja
  • But we all know our eyes can't see more than 2 GB RAM.

    Shivam ShriraoShivam Shrirao3 napja
  • Blue plz

    Andrew MAndrew M3 napja
  • I would like green and can I know the price???

    Steven LamosSteven Lamos3 napja
  • That American Psycho reference at 8:17 though. Nice.

    pingouinindifferentpingouinindifferent3 napja
  • Hazel

    Roel Van der VekenRoel Van der Veken3 napja
  • I want this to be real, but also to take place of human eyes, we kind of a blind eye transplant

    ResetReset3 napja
  • Blue

    yeat iyeat i3 napja
  • Something is heavily satire here but I can’t tell what yet

    ABMABM3 napja
  • I think once you order it you get f###ed by the website and 9 months later you give birth to a baby with an EyeCam

    ABMABM3 napja
  • Good luck integrating all those features in a 22 mm sphere

    Aditya ThakkarAditya Thakkar3 napja
  • i skipped to the end lol

    nixnix3 napja
  • Our eyes are insane

    Jonas AkersveenJonas Akersveen3 napja
  • The frames per second question is a complex one. The problem with your test comes from two things. First, the footage you were showing was not natively generated at 120fps. Fake frames won't work as well as real frames. The other problem is the footage doesn't have full shutter motion blur, like our eyes would have if they had a frame rate. Another problem is, eyes don't see in bursts like frames. They see in a constant stream. While you're correct about the latency, that's not frame rate. The constant stream sounds like infinite frame rate right? Sort of, but not really, because if you paused and looked at any particular instant, what you're going to see is a blend of visual information from the last several ms. For most people, this is going to be somewhere around 20ms. This is why it can become difficult to distinguish frame rates above 60, because even at 60fps, there's never any moment where you're seeing only a single frame. Multiple frames are being blended together at any given moment due to the "burn in" of the retina. Also, for your quick flash test, there have actually been tests that showed people being able to recognize flashes at even 1/1000th of a second. That means of there's no motion blur, there's a possibility you would be able to detect individual frames even up to 1000fps, if you're good enough. However, once you factor in motion blur (particularly one that uses the full 360 degree shutter), it's going to be next to impossible to recognize the difference between 60fps and anything higher. The one area where you would be able to tell is when your eyes happen to perfectly track a fast moving object, because then the motion blur on the moving object will be noticeably less on the higher frame rate video. However, both will look equally smooth in terms of how fluid it looks, due to the above reasons I explained. The notion blur will allow the constant streaming of your eye's visual data to receive images that also look like a constant stream of visual data, so motion looks more natural. Although I would agree that without motion blur, above 500 fps your eyes are going to be mixing close to 10 full frames together at any given time, and in the vast majority of cases, blending 10 frames is enough to simulate motion blur realistically.

    Andy GilleandAndy Gilleand3 napja
    • XD

      Kristián MaasKristián Maas22 órája
    • Aww u ruined the Jurassic world fealings

      Kristián MaasKristián Maas22 órája
    • @Kristián Maas Nature finds a way that works and stops there. If you actually look at how nature works you'll see that most of the time it is not optimized. It just works.

      Bálint KeszthelyiBálint KeszthelyiNapja
    • Well i would say nonsence The nature Is perfect And it can't be copyed or messured :)

      Kristián MaasKristián MaasNapja
    • Oh my god, you are over qualified for the HUworld comment section. Thank you anyways.

      Saim ShaikhSaim Shaikh2 napja
  • This is the secret to real life Destiny helmets. You know those ones you see and you're like "how the hell do they see out of that?!". Well these cameras combined with like one of those vr goggles that your phone attaches to, all built into a sleek helmet and boom you're a warlock.

    ShutUpLooieShutUpLooie3 napja
  • I want a blue one Pls give me an early delivery as mine are really unable to tell the difference between 20 and 40 fps!!

    Darsh GuptaDarsh Gupta3 napja
  • Theoretically, if we had a war between robots and humans, human bodies would be more advanced.

    Moiz RafayMoiz Rafay3 napja
  • Nature is amazing

    Moiz RafayMoiz Rafay3 napja
  • If I was to custom-made my eye, I would like night vision and zoom.

    ReiRei4 napja
  • I would like a red one please

    Netherstar BuildsNetherstar Builds4 napja
  • Once you use 144 there is no way you can go back to 60

    Hailong sanzHailong sanz4 napja
  • Hate to be that bloke, what's the song at 8:10?

    Joseph McWilliamsJoseph McWilliams4 napja
  • all right I'm 3 minutes in and we're rapidly losing the joke here

    curtyct {ctcurtyct {ct4 napja
  • It's supposed to be a joke.... But their are actual companies that will eventually develop, market, and sell technology that literally can't be used to its fullest potential because it surpasses the ability of a normal human eye. Imagine a day when you need an eye transplant for your new tv...

    Potato SaladPotato Salad4 napja
  • Bronze

    Barbara ElkinsBarbara Elkins4 napja
  • I actually learned quite a lot from this video :v

    Meelek EditsMeelek Edits4 napja
  • Watching this video just reminds me how complicated our eyes are. And how much more less I believe our eyes just evolved to these incredible specs by mere chance.

    Puchi BambaPuchi Bamba4 napja
  • The human eye can only see 24 fps

    cool-haydo-48cool-haydo-484 napja
  • I've been wondering this question for so long you have no idea

    David RommeDavid Romme4 napja
  • blue please

    Oli JOli J4 napja
  • You forgot one extremely cool property of the eyes that the camera must have: auto-cleaning lenses

    Marc TaccoMarc Tacco4 napja
  • Imma pick the brown one

    HuskyHusky4 napja
  • pls keep timing the ads, always time them, it makes life so much easier.

    Dam SenDam Sen4 napja
  • I NEEED A GREEN EYE GIFVE ME$E ONE NWOWOOWOOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

    The Once-lerThe Once-ler4 napja
  • You forgot eyes have a dust guard feature, eye lashes. They also have automatic lens cleaning(blinking and tear ducts) and automatic shutter closing against direct sunlight that could burn out its sensors. But wait there's more, intelligent object tracking with automatic panning and swiveling.

    HypersonicMonkeyBrainsHypersonicMonkeyBrains4 napja
  • lol you guys completely stuffed up. a camera has a sensor and then a lense on top. a human eye is a sensor and then the lense can be a microscope or telesope

    Thomas HardingThomas Harding4 napja
  • Could I please get the green version

    JoshJosh5 napja
  • how is one not able to tell the difference between 60fps and 120fps?

    LNightLockLNightLock5 napja
  • thats a fat one line lol...

    Daniel LewandowskiDaniel Lewandowski5 napja
  • I want blue i expect it in 9 months

    NameJesterNameJester5 napja
  • Whats the point of a camera thats better than the eye? It still goes on the screen in which you look at with your eye.

    Just MeepJust Meep5 napja
  • green

    Akm 1Akm 15 napja

    EGG Gaming YTEGG Gaming YT5 napja
  • Question? Does your Eye Camera auto white balance or do I need to carry a lame 😒 grey card?

    Gearie NoXcusesGearie NoXcuses5 napja
  • blu

    Peter BallPeter Ball5 napja
  • Crapple, the most accurate thing they could find for Apple. Literally

    Gabriel DodgeGabriel Dodge5 napja
  • So wait, if there's a camera better than the human eye would it even matter since our eyes wouldn't be able to see how good it is?

    NERFTommy99NERFTommy995 napja
  • I'm sorry boys, I haven't watched the whole video yet, but the first 'two lines' experiment to test resolution, was testing the resolution of the monitor as much as the actual camera. You would need some other way to test resolution. The 'monitor' in the eye camera is the brain. I'm not clever enough to figure out what test should be used, but I know that this one is incorrect.. PS. Keep doing what you're doing, love your stuff!!

    Dark Art of LightDark Art of Light5 napja
  • Honestly, I cant even tell the difference between 30 and 60 fps without it being right next to each other

    Anthonystuff1Anthonystuff15 napja
  • If this was real it would make them billionaires

    AshedSoulAshedSoul5 napja
  • Every time Nico talks specs I swoon.

    Vincent FrisinaVincent Frisina5 napja
  • This cool lmao, i would like have a green color but idk for what I will use it

    NO NAMENO NAME5 napja
  • i can tel the difference between 175 and 240 hz easily

    XyphæXyphæ5 napja
  • You guys should re-do the iPhone vs cinema camera with the new 12 pro max if possible. That would be a good comparison

    Lucas KordonLucas Kordon5 napja
  • 576 megapixels

    BlueGBlueG5 napja
  • Raycon is bass overload

    imposter nationimposter nation5 napja
  • I'm sure if it was a lens it would have to be something in your brain to power it

    Xterm_G47Xterm_G476 napja
  • Ah... So These Were Scientist Responsible For The Tech In Black Mirror!!

    LostBoyLostBoy6 napja
  • Say, "It is He who has produced you and made for you hearing and vision and hearts; little are you grateful." Quran : Surat No 67 : سورة الملك - Ayat No 23 Subhan Allah💕💕

    ali razaali raza6 napja
  • I’ve had this question for a long time. Thanks for doing this video!

    Pablo RiveraPablo Rivera6 napja
  • 0:25 fingerprint on the eyeball 😂

    Zacke FellerZacke Feller6 napja
  • all trhese experiments have already been done by scientists lol you guys are basically guestimating

    dyf odyf o6 napja
  • Neurons fire at about 100hz*

    i oi o6 napja
  • I spy cmike!!!!

    IdkHowToPlayIdkHowToPlay6 napja
  • Ha ha ha

    Linda MulhollandLinda Mulholland6 napja
  • And here we have another bullshit clickbait video just to show of an expensive red camera

    GempjefGempjef6 napja
  • 8:17 you like Huey Lewis and the News?

    Kurisu-pyonKurisu-pyon6 napja