If someone was literally always there for you.

2021.márc. 3.
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Imagine a world where people were literally always there to help you.
I hope this video can inspire us all to sharpen our awareness of ways we can help others, especially when they have nothing to offer us in return.
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  • That would be great

    saima humayunsaima humayun17 órája
  • Ur sibling when mom enters ur room :

    vkook ate jimin jamsvkook ate jimin jams21 órája
  • Yo that's kinda creepy

    Raid AmeirRaid AmeirNapja
  • 0:47 OH NO.... 😳 HE IS EVERYWHERE

    Tomas BellottiTomas BellottiNapja
  • There are people like that they're called Butlers. Hire one.

    Average ViewerAverage ViewerNapja
  • Better title :- Types of people who don't want a thanks after helping.

    Hema VarmaHema Varma2 napja
  • That was a quick photo 😳😂

    Callista Setiawan 1302037Callista Setiawan 13020372 napja
  • I like how they put a no gun sign there

    malaikulfi gamermalaikulfi gamer2 napja
  • Just Epic!!

    Robert SmithRobert Smith3 napja
  • If a lot of people love each other, the world would be a better place to live. - Tommy Wiseau

    oBLSoBLS3 napja
  • Taking photo in one shot. That is one hell of a confidence he got there.

    Random GameRandom Game3 napja
  • What City is this?

    OliOli3 napja
  • That last one lol

    bart meurerbart meurer3 napja
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  • They are doing parkour without doing it

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  • Oh thanks a free mask

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  • Without reading the title, i thought it would be some grappling video

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  • When you use gta san andreas cheat code: AKUZAMJT

    Sait PraktijkSait Praktijk4 napja
  • OH my god! I just realized that he lives in Chicago

  • My friend and I do this with each other-

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  • 0:33 me getting a panic attack after seeing my broken screen

    Ron WatsonRon Watson4 napja
  • At last someone literally hold something for 1 second.

    Yash ParasharYash Parashar5 napja
  • why i suddenly notice jimin and taehyung, they always care each other like this :")

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  • what a wholesome video.

    FAL4Dark FatherOfAllStormsFAL4Dark FatherOfAllStorms5 napja
  • His name is Jesus he's the reason we feel love, keeps us from disasters we dont even realize

    Broken GirlBroken Girl5 napja
  • Why someone randomly has his mask

    beastjr21 Fitzpatrickbeastjr21 Fitzpatrick5 napja
  • That first one 😂 why did he fall like there were no bones in his body?

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  • Plot twist: that mask was used

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  • My brother always for the TV to play football

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  • Talented duo

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  • We got lesson from his video that we should always help each other

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  • 😑😑😑

    Suchana BhandariSuchana Bhandari6 napja
  • For the whole video without reading the freaking title I thought this man was getting bullied.

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  • Mom: Why some random guy took your cycle That 0:19 guy : It's ok mom, Its my job.

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  • No one cares anyone... It's only a vdo😞😞😞😞😞😞

  • Last one was anything but help😅

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  • Name of place.....?

    Nauman khanNauman khan7 napja
  • "Shoot I forgot my mask..!"

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  • Plot:- In the last scene he was an assassin and he gave the infected mask

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  • I want this.

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  • It should be good tho

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  • Me and my brother

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  • Last one...nailed it!!! 😷😷

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  • "taking selfies for him" Me: what if he takes his selfie not the man standing

    Bhoomi BBhoomi B7 napja
  • Alternate title: Best friends in need part.2

    Anything ProductionAnything Production8 napja
  • Why does he live in a parallel universe where everything is just so fast?

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  • This man's channel alone defeats TikTok entirely

    xnicksml on Instaxnicksml on Insta8 napja
  • Smooth.

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  • This is the best video I found on my recommendation

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  • I wish everyone was like this?.

    Chloe ASMRChloe ASMR8 napja
  • Imagine doing that to random people 😂

  • One person makes a cool comment and hundreds of them keep on copying the context for likes. Why???? 🤔😏

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  • Does he live in Chicago?

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  • Wow

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  • Chicago Fam!

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  • 0:45 shit I forgot my mask 0:47 here's face mask for ya

    Selvamani MahalingamSelvamani Mahalingam9 napja
  • Imagine watching an one minute ad to watch a 52 sec long video

  • unfortunately this is not real

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  • You rock dear !!!!!

    Amit yadavAmit yadav9 napja
  • Invisible friend for adults?

    EdzhjusEdzhjus9 napja
  • 0:12 the truest "a second" i've ever seen.

    Pierce HartPierce Hart9 napja
  • you can tell this was filmed in africa

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  • A part two cause its my favorite....pweaaaase

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  • what a video!!!

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  • I'll be there for you.. when the rains starts to pour Could say we need more FRIENDS like him

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  • wow

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  • im craving nuggets

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  • I actually had the zipper situation and some girl helped me

    dragon ball is cooldragon ball is cool10 napja
  • Why aren't you wearing a mask you will get fined by the police if they say you without a mask be careful

    Sonic MadnessSonic Madness10 napja
  • If it was me, I'd be horrified the same dude keeps helping me and I wouldn't be like "THANKS, MAN" who WOULD WHEN THEY SNATCH YOUR PHONE OUT OF YOUR REACH?!

    Banu GavidyenBanu Gavidyen10 napja
  • I wish i live in a world like this.....

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  • the thing is nobody is there for me always lmao

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  • Kata Ilham kontolodon guys!!!

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  • Just a 52 sec video but while watching looks like a 5mins vid

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  • Aap Jadu kaise karte hain

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  • Don't try this in public😂😂😂😂

  • Sorry for this comment. I'm not a bad person, just a desperate breadwinner. Lost so much since 2020. 〽 Have a spare $1? Savin to get a working laptop (home job). No opportunities outside, Covid cases got worse here. 😷😷

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  • Alternate title : If Mom is everywhere wherever you go.!!

    Divyanshu RajDivyanshu Raj11 napja
  • Chicago!

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  • People take pictures of me all the time!

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  • Someone is always there to do things for me!

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  • Now this really something to make a vid bou!

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  • If it could happen🥺😇

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  • I see many comments who say how good the world would be if we would do this. But instead of if let's just start doing good things to other people. I'm gonna start from today on

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  • Aru GunaAru Guna12 napja
  • Why does it feel like he's a gta character

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  • This is a real homie. Always there for you night, day, afternoon, evening, *every* single minute you're existing there always they're watching you. That's a real pal!

    A Billion Bears and meA Billion Bears and me12 napja
  • I am really disappointed because you didn't throw the phone at its owner and you gave it by hand.

    Yalçın ÖztürkYalçın Öztürk12 napja
  • when u flapping/nutting, hes there for u....

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  • this is the world john lennon predicted

  • I imagine this what our guardian angels look like 🤣

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  • Omg he lives in Illinois where I live!

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  • This def took a lot of time to make here's a like for the effort

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  • I am the 8k comment i am proud

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  • I would have thought i was getting kidnapped if i was daniel at the end

    •CoffeeAndCookiez••CoffeeAndCookiez•12 napja
  • Dᴜᴅᴇ ᴘᴇʀғᴇᴄᴛ

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