Idiots on Cars 34

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  • VODKA effect?

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  • Muchos fantasmas en la vía.... Gente perdiendo el control y desbaratandose en vías desocupadas... 🤔🤔

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  • 0:14 Quien le diría a éste idiota que es correcto adelantar por la derecha? Además, cuando alguien frena en plena vía yendo por la izquierda.... Es por algo! !!!! Y no precisamente para encender un cigarrillo o contestar un chat.....

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  • 0:02 mucho HP!

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  • Vindt HUworld geweldig!

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  • nice channel bro respct from tunisia

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  • Great video. 💙 T.E.N.

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  • WTFFFFFFFFF Is everyone’s eyes closed? Damnnnnnnnn

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  • 0:30 i love how the windshield wipers are still on

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  • ▫️🔻◾️🔸◼️🔸◼️⬛️⬛️◾️🔳▪️🔲🔻🔲

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  • A Pet is only going where you go because they are on a Leash, If your DUMB Enough or have that " Entitled " attitude that you feel you don't have to at least check before you walk out in the road, it would be terrible if your dog was killed , but at the same time It would have been YOUR FAULT, because you Have that " ENTITLED " Attitude? I D I O T !!!!!!!!

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  • Coment 16:D

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  • dude its scary and funny but nice video

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  • Clip #1 They both are wrong. The driver should have stopped. The pedestrians should be watching traffic and stop as well . @ 1:30. That driver was not buckled up. He's lucky he's ok. But he's going to pay a price. Lots of good clips. Thank you 😊

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  • “Usual Russian Roads”...

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    • Lol ik

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  • I Like Hyundie~

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    • Also KIA= Killed in action

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  • 급 브 레 이 크가. 서 툰 가?

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  • храни нас господ пожалуйста умоляю

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  • Crazy Russia

    • Та куда ни на хер! Половина роликов не из России.

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  • I anyone hit my pet on purpose they would here the end of it

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