Idiots In Cars 49

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Idiots In Cars 49
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Video Inspired by: Shimpy, The All Rounder, troliass, Meme Royale, smh
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  • If its happend in india they remember they're hole life 😅

    Prajapati VinayPrajapati VinayÓrája
  • No need for concern. American drivers are all above average. Just ask one.

    JS MarianiJS Mariani3 órája
  • 1:23 damn that guy almost killed Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion lmao

    TKTK5 órája
  • Should be called FUCKWITS BEHIND THE WHEEL.

    TastemywasteTastemywaste11 órája
  • 1:46 regular npc in GTA

    JinkesiJinkesi12 órája
  • Why do people ALWAYS point the camera down right as an accident happens?

    The Crimson ShadowThe Crimson Shadow13 órája
  • 4:23 Idiot cubed

    Murk3y DogeMurk3y Doge15 órája
  • 1:12 *gets car, *immediately crashes it flipping it on its top

    SinlessSinless16 órája
  • 2:01 Michael Bay directing a movie and a car chase comes in.

    Abigail Jane De LunaAbigail Jane De Luna17 órája
  • 1:23 when she says no one's home

    EGoodTylerEGoodTyler19 órája
  • The American traffic incidents are so mild compared to the Russian ones.

    mm carts29mm carts2919 órája
  • Hello, welcome to visit my YT channel

    Wiking Rules ShowWiking Rules ShowNapja
  • I love Russian drivers. 😆

    Fair WitnessFair WitnessNapja
  • Die gottverdammten Deutschen hatten nichts damit zu tun!

  • 2:24 dudes just chillin' in near death situation

  • that truck driver laughed his ass off the rest of the day

    rolling acres farmsteadrolling acres farmsteadNapja
  • People who try to make you hit them in the back are severely annoying imbeciles.

    The TrendThe TrendNapja
  • 2:40 chasing in a hatchback is not the brightest move. Even the students in my class at OU who chased did it in trucks.

    Happy DayHappy DayNapja
  • its good is any biker lover, go to my videos.

  • Even during COVID, people a dumb asses...

    Larry CovingtonLarry CovingtonNapja
  • 1:23 damn it's brian i´m from portugual droga é o brian

    friday salomãofriday salomãoNapja
  • The last clip it seems the car got impounded and when it broke loose, the owner took the opportunity to make a getaway!🤣

    Marie SlabbertMarie SlabbertNapja
    • Lol thanks I was curious wtf happened

      Babcia this is my AccountBabcia this is my AccountNapja
  • 7:05 Pretty sure he can sue the towing company for $$$ for assault.

    Your ViewYour ViewNapja
  • *bro, human think is out of here*

  • The person driving in 1:47 most likely has brain damage bc like.. who the hell would decide to drive off a wall???

    Kyle EndicottKyle Endicott2 napja
  • *stares at tornado* - *proceeds to drive towards it*

    ElijahElijah2 napja
  • I never use to be afraid driving when I was younger but now I fear it every day. Because every day I see idiots doing things like running red lights or going 50 over on the highway.

    RedOctober46RedOctober462 napja
  • Tormageddon

    Jon dowJon dow2 napja
  • 2:32 "I just lost control." LMAO

    Matija FrgecMatija Frgec2 napja
  • 1:24 Marty! you gotta come back with me!

    Gif PifGif Pif2 napja
  • 2:45 holy shit, they are driving towards the tornado?

    oscar salazaroscar salazar2 napja
  • they are all living in gta

    Liam Hesselberg - Elev Hasslöskolan 6HLiam Hesselberg - Elev Hasslöskolan 6H2 napja
  • The last guy with the repo truck was, I believe breaking several laws.

    JeffJeff2 napja
  • Many IDIOTS in MD and VA.

    VicksMyFriendVicksMyFriend2 napja
  • 3:20 bro just did a bumber delete and made his Lamborghini made another 200hp

    Nate LanavilleNate Lanaville2 napja
  • 1:23 That's what Peter Griffin meant when he referred to "Hurry Up Shrimp". (not responsible for undercooked shrimp).

    6977warrior16977warrior12 napja
  • Free advice: the comments on these videos are deadly.. I popped a lung from laughing so much .

    CarlitosCarlitos2 napja
  • Noooooo not the taycan

    Johnny MackerelJohnny Mackerel2 napja
  • This only needs 2 or 3 more views till 1,000,000views

    Paradise YoshiParadise Yoshi2 napja
  • the last one LOL

    Electro-Shock Blues 42Electro-Shock Blues 422 napja
  • illegal to tow a car with someone in it - dude in car should have called the cops

    Grumpy Old Farts Riding ClubGrumpy Old Farts Riding Club2 napja
  • I think it is funny how most of these are all in America.

    ketlo1234ketlo12342 napja
  • 3:09 Lamborghini power max cooling technology

    Nejc SmoleNejc Smole2 napja
  • 2:39 why where those cars driveing towards the tornado?

    EdgyGazelleEdgyGazelle2 napja
  • 3:24 Grab that s**t

    kurt jordankurt jordan2 napja
  • I like the one where the car crashed

    Utopian Turtle TopUtopian Turtle Top3 napja
  • Someone gave these people a drivers license...find them, fire them.

    peter olsenpeter olsen3 napja
  • 1:46 words don't begin to say how painful that is to watch

    Marco RagostaMarco Ragosta3 napja

    GamingWithMercyGamingWithMercy3 napja
  • like a bos- oh.. 1:23

    troll epiktroll epik3 napja
  • 2:40 Gur'HyUK! We jus goin draive ohn in dem 'nayder... HOooWEee!

    PostghostPostghost3 napja
    • Yes. I know they're probably storm chasers.

      PostghostPostghost3 napja
  • That repo man one was fucking awesome the guy was in his car the entire time. Like naaaaw man I'm takin off you ain't takin my stuff.

    Brian SteeleBrian Steele3 napja
  • 6:21 “BRO THERES A TRAVIS SCOOT BURGER” Edit: “thefuckwasthat”

    Creative_cache MobileCreative_cache Mobile3 napja
  • 0:25 the san andreas radio. Nostalgia...

    alesio carciualesio carciu3 napja
  • Me: nervous coughing

    VGames 1VGames 13 napja
  • came to see idiots driving, was greeted with begging and music that lowers IQ... good golly

    jessica davisjessica davis3 napja
  • omg i can't believe :D

    GoldGirlBabeGoldGirlBabe3 napja
  • 1:56..."Oi Kev that's my car coming down naa look. Morning Mrs Patterson."

    Greg McKeeGreg McKee3 napja
  • Live chat!

    I Am YouI Am You3 napja
  • 16:10 me playing Forza horizon

    AlexifeuLPAlexifeuLP3 napja
  • 5:11 it is mating season let em do their thing😘🥰

    Richard HuffRichard Huff3 napja
  • Who the hell buys a Lamborghini to treat it like that!? Was painful to watch. On the plus side, guy behind got a free Lambo bumper! :-D

    soundseeker63soundseeker633 napja

    San FranciscoSan Francisco3 napja
  • 2:53 what's this song, i like it!

    Gimme Medicin NOWW!Gimme Medicin NOWW!3 napja
  • The fact that there’s 49 of these scares me

    Claira PClaira P3 napja
  • My question is how do you crash on a 6 lane highway????

    štěpán formánekštěpán formánek3 napja
  • 2:39 "oh oh look a tornado let's drive up to it and take pictures."

    Daniel TschidaDaniel Tschida3 napja
  • Gotta love the first South African scene

    andrew allenandrew allen3 napja
  • 1:47 Poor owner, that was a brand new $100k tycan.

    AffiliateXAffiliateX3 napja
  • no

    Gary DryGary Dry3 napja
  • Is that white Camaro at 0:50 in Memphis, TN? Looks very familiar and when paused at 1:00 the overpass sign says Jackson Avenue.

    GT For MeGT For Me3 napja
  • :45 was not in the wrong. You can enter the intersection when it is yellow.

    Spark YSpark Y3 napja
  • The lambo losing a bumper was my friend that’s how Portland weather be

    Scott JohnsonScott Johnson3 napja
  • Driving n solid ice-very dumb-you know there is no control on ice and 4wd doesnt help

    tundraloutundralou3 napja
  • The last guy who got pist and drove off lol

    Jake SmithJake Smith3 napja
  • 3:19 YOINK mine now

    NeGeeDNeGeeD3 napja
  • Are the people at 2:49 in a suicide pact or...?

    Boog BoiBoog Boi3 napja

    T posing recruitT posing recruit4 napja
  • 0:55 - That is the best Schadenfreude for a while! Especially he saw it immediately when his door got crushed and unhinged.

    ZedekZedek4 napja
    • Oh you're the guy who used to make doom mod vids

      PocketStation ManPocketStation Man2 órája
  • What car is it in 1:44?

  • 4:55 ahhh i-285 the 55 speed limit highway where everyone goes 80 mph and drives like theyre on drugs.

    DCUnderdog3000DCUnderdog30004 napja
  • 2:49 Driver: Well crap I gone goof Cop: (slowly backs up staring at with *siren go beep blip*)

    Alexander CruzAlexander Cruz4 napja
  • 1:45第3のラインそれは空中に描くラインだ! 頭文字Dの見過ぎだなこのドライバーwwww

  • Only an idiot can flip a car doing two miles an hour

    Marcus EngstromMarcus Engstrom4 napja
  • 0:26 a normal day in Los Santos 😂😂

    Mohammed AsfanMohammed Asfan4 napja
  • What tha fuck happened to my fence?!

    Philemon FannzahPhilemon Fannzah4 napja
  • Tut, tut, the police should have put their lights on before reversing in the intersection!

    Antz WilkzAntz Wilkz4 napja
  • 1:07.. Couldn't even make it out the dealer!! Smh

    956 Morales956 Morales4 napja
  • 1:24 my driving in gta when I'm bored or tired

    notaaestheticnotaaesthetic4 napja
  • Give your life to Jesus Christ and repent for your sins!! You can save your life by believing in the Lord Jesus Christ!! The Lord Jesus is coming back real soon!!

    JesusChrist IstheKingJesusChrist IstheKing4 napja
  • LOL

    Melanie SazamaMelanie Sazama4 napja

    Justin EdsallJustin Edsall4 napja
  • the tornado part: cars: OoOh I jUsT wAnNa Go DiE

    Mew and SnooMew and Snoo4 napja
  • 1:59 Women see the car being hit so hard that it's sends flyind and make a barrel roll in the air and destroy a brick wall. Reaction, boringly say : oh dear, look...... Jesus..."

    Lieven GalacticTravelerLieven GalacticTraveler4 napja
  • 3:22 “Dude I gotta get that!” He’s willing to drive a Lamborghini through that much water, I can almost bet he wipes his ass with money. That bumper was probably worth a lot of money lol he wasn’t coming back for it.

    bradly spencerbradly spencer4 napja
  • The title is accurate >:0

    Danger DobermanDanger Doberman4 napja
  • Hey that car looks like a great parking spot🤣😜

    Joseph HeffleJoseph Heffle4 napja
  • 1:24 BTTF we landed?

    kwiatostan5kwiatostan54 napja
  • I honestly feel bad for all the people who get brake checked it’s just a shitty move. At least some people have dash cams.

    Sebastian CrewSebastian Crew4 napja