I tried to beat Minecraft with CallMeCarson

2020.nov. 8.
17 308 927 Megtekintés

very equal team, no anchors here
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minecraft amirite

  • this did not age well

    Jordan The InfamousJordan The InfamousÓrája
  • Cynthia’s theme for the ender dragon... Love it ❤️

    quantic Powerquantic PowerÓrája
  • I feel so Bad for everyone that worked on the vídeo, so much work was Lost :(

    pendejosin futuroxdpendejosin futuroxd2 órája
  • Next year: I speedrun Minecraft with Dream

    HawkyHawky5 órája
  • Sadge

    QuickDrawMadnessQuickDrawMadness9 órája
  • uh oh

    Brand0fetBrand0fet12 órája
  • R.I.P

    TGJTGJ13 órája
  • Hello

    S.E.C.US.E.C.U13 órája
  • thanks that one guy who had the link to the video

    MystiikLMystiikL14 órája
  • Bro....

    clownwizardclownwizard15 órája
  • rip

    MintyFurMintyFur16 órája
  • Well darn.

    QuiiverrQuiiverr18 órája
  • damn every single one of carson's friends just basically bailed on him after he got cancel for doing something that a lot of people do, that's sad

    alan marlenalan marlen20 órája
  • When you only come to this video because you randomly remembered and well you discover things in the way to it

    Depressed HorseDepressed Horse20 órája
  • Lol I’m watching after it was deleted

    EriEri21 órája
  • The unlisted land

    Ruby Loves catsRuby Loves cats21 órája
  • Q

    Ahmed ElsayedAhmed Elsayed22 órája
  • This is awkward

    funny memesfunny memesNapja
  • Why was this unlisted? ;-;

    Sabrina FoxoSabrina FoxoNapja
    • Carson drama

      funny memesfunny memesNapja
  • F for everyone who worked on this video

    Icee Bear8008Icee Bear8008Napja
  • this video is unlisted so copy link

    Tre :DTre :DNapja
  • *Looks at scroll* That one didn’t age quite so well!

    TheIron SpiderTheIron SpiderNapja
  • um guys, is it bad to say i don't know about the 'carson drama' thing? im confused

    • ⌈ Hxney Heqrts ⌋・• ⌈ Hxney Heqrts ⌋・Napja
    • Teenage drama was blown out of proportion by adults that capitalise on ruining careers

      Victor WeiVictor Wei14 órája
    • I am also unaware

  • WOOO Im back baby

  • Honestly, I could see why she unlisted the video

    Litten !Litten !Napja
  • *Unlisted*

  • :(

    Some GuySome GuyNapja
  • Unlisted gang

    HNah ThingsHNah ThingsNapja
  • This hurts actually hurts

    Audrey ParkerAudrey ParkerNapja
  • :(

    Audrey ParkerAudrey ParkerNapja
  • :(

    Megetron GonzalezMegetron GonzalezNapja
  • Well this aged like fine milk

    Epic Guy86Epic Guy86Napja
  • Oh dear..

    DoumaDouma2 napja
  • these boundarys cannot hold me

    DuhConManDuhConMan2 napja
  • Hello unlisted friends :)

    Disco BirdDisco Bird2 napja
    • @AnimateTronix24 Yep.

    • @AnimateTronix24 Carson messaged underage girls and if you wanna know the whole story just look up Carson allegations

      Disco BirdDisco BirdNapja
    • @Tjorvasen oh okay so Carson did something wrong

    • @AnimateTronix24 Because of drama about Carson that was recently exposed

    • Why did she set it as unlisted

  • 12:16 I just realized she’s doing the penguin dance

    Lord NuttLord Nutt2 napja
  • :(

    Supreme Wolf MTSupreme Wolf MT2 napja
  • Unlisted gang 👀

    Yeetur McBeeturYeetur McBeetur2 napja
    • @AnimateTronix24 Carson. Just literally look up what Carson did lol.

      Yeetur McBeeturYeetur McBeeturNapja
    • Why did she make it unlisted

  • Jaiden doing the club penguin dance was the thing I didn't know I needed

    Human DogHuman Dog2 napja
  • man

    matchamatcha2 napja
    • man

    • man

      NickNick2 napja
    • @Stephanie you ruined it

      PawkhaPawkha2 napja
    • Woman

      StephanieStephanie2 napja
    • man

      PawkhaPawkha2 napja
  • Damn...

    Premium GarbagePremium Garbage2 napja
    • Beaver Damn...

      Big PigBig Pig2 napja
    • damn...

      PawkhaPawkha2 napja
    • Damn..

      Joni HuarcayaJoni Huarcaya2 napja
    • damn...

      Raffi 8-7Raffi 8-72 napja
    • Damn...

      Superpug RBLXSuperpug RBLX2 napja
  • Hey

    The Great PapyrusThe Great Papyrus2 napja
  • a

    o u t r u n d o u b t r u n -LemonadeArts-o u t r u n d o u b t r u n -LemonadeArts-2 napja
    • a

    • *A*

      Megetron GonzalezMegetron GonzalezNapja
    • a

      Joni HuarcayaJoni Huarcaya2 napja
    • a

      Human DogHuman Dog2 napja
    • a

      Raffi 8-7Raffi 8-72 napja
  • can we get an F

    AvasionAvasion2 napja
  • wait why is this unlisted now? did something happen?

    GummyGhostyGummyGhosty2 napja
    • @GummyGhosty it isn't awful that female dog agreed to it and even said that she didn't regret it and I heard from yters that the incident was years before 2021 and that she only cancelled him once his friends found out and said it publicly

      Confused mistaConfused mista8 órája
    • @jacob is123 actually, age of consent in his state is 16. the illegal bit is that he groomed her

    • @Pawkha ??

      Khail_JW- GamingKhail_JW- Gaming2 napja
    • what rock do you live under?

      PawkhaPawkha2 napja
    • @Khail_JW- Gaming yup

      jacob is123jacob is1232 napja
  • Sad

    AmezzzAmezzz2 napja
  • Me watching this when it came out: oh wow thats really funny! Me watching this now: UHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    Sprky !Sprky !2 napja
    • I don't see it any different

      Gol.d ToriGol.d Tori2 napja
  • welcome to unlisted land folks!

    amyaamya2 napja
    • hello!!!!

      Alexander DatocAlexander Datoc2 napja
  • O O F

    0verseer Family0verseer Family2 napja
  • Hello, welcome to the forbidden realm of unlisted videos. this, the comment section, is the heart of the village. take a break, have a snack, and enjoy your stay.

    KitKit3 napja
    • Thanks stranger.

      Maximiliano RamirezMaximiliano Ramirez2 napja
  • Dang

    Stef MotionStef Motion3 napja
  • 😆😆😆😆😆😆👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💕💕💕💕

    Marli OliveiraMarli Oliveira3 napja
  • the video has gotten five million more views WHILE UNLISTED lmao

    mac_IImac_II3 napja
  • 17:28 Yeah, about that...

    g gg g3 napja
    • @Confused mista yeah it was people are acting like he has been doing that his whole life I am pretty sure he was around her age when it happened

      Gol.d ToriGol.d Tori4 órája
    • That was years ago I'm pretty sure

      Confused mistaConfused mista8 órája
    • @Dally Skye well didn't he do those stuff years ago

      Gol.d ToriGol.d Tori2 napja
    • Yeah, I guess she wasn't so genuine of believing that after all. :/

      Dally SkyeDally Skye3 napja
  • Yeaaah that...

    Sevastian GomezSevastian Gomez3 napja
  • Why this unlisted gain?

    ItsaBeemVItsaBeemV3 napja
    • The Carson Drama

      Maximiliano RamirezMaximiliano Ramirez2 napja

    kayru wijayakayru wijaya3 napja
  • Can someone explain why this is unlisted?

    • Ok, thanks

      AJ FILMSAJ FILMS3 napja
    • He was exposed for messaging his underage fans and being very sus, a lot of people made videos about it, just look up "carson allegations"

      Afrö PuffAfrö Puff3 napja
    • What happened?

      AJ FILMSAJ FILMS3 napja
    • Because of the drama with carson

      Afrö PuffAfrö Puff3 napja
  • yo this video got unlisted

    Hab NHab N3 napja
  • Everyone knows why you’re here now. *I see you* 👁👁

    # Shelby ## Shelby #3 napja
    • Well I came back because I enjoy the video (I know about the drama)

      Gol.d ToriGol.d Tori2 napja
    • yes everyone is here after the controversy, who isnt?

      PawkhaPawkha3 napja
  • Uh oh... stinkyyy!

    TheShisnoTheShisno3 napja
  • 😔

    SteamlazerSteamlazer3 napja
    • pain

      PawkhaPawkha3 napja
    • Spain without the S

      Sevastian GomezSevastian Gomez3 napja
    • Pain

      Nick JohnNick John3 napja
  • i said they rollin they ridin they vibin to the song them boys start actin up hit the donkey kong

    Denis The DudeDenis The Dude3 napja
  • This is akward

    A Fax MachineA Fax Machine3 napja
  • Hol up, you watch Jobby??? Damb.....noice. Also, speedrunning Minecraft seems like a fun idea..........Imma do it!!!

    CatAlphaCatAlpha3 napja
  • Aww, she unlisted the vid.

    TestaTesta3 napja
    • @iam a gnome and you been gnomed have you heard what's going on with carson?

      Joe InglesJoe Ingles3 napja
    • @iam a gnome and you been gnomed they say it's becuz of the carson controversies.

      TestaTesta3 napja
    • Ikr but why?

      iam a gnome and you been gnomediam a gnome and you been gnomed3 napja

    • You need to get the link to see it

      Gol.d ToriGol.d Tori2 napja
  • This is awkward.. i feel bad for all the work that was put to make this video

    NayaPatricioNayaPatricio3 napja
  • I will always love this video

    Catarina MatiasCatarina Matias3 napja
  • unlisted gang

    IabgunnerIabgunner3 napja
  • Callmegroomer

    jacob is123jacob is1233 napja
    • Callmecancelled

      Enter KeyEnter Key23 órája
    • Callmeincarcerated

      IabgunnerIabgunner3 napja
  • :(

    Z e r o t w oZ e r o t w o3 napja
  • I've gotta be honest. This whole controversy seems super overblown.

    Ethan KrugjohnEthan Krugjohn3 napja
    • @Disco Bird did you read my message?

    • @MilosMittens there was only like 1 other girl

      Disco BirdDisco Bird2 napja
    • @Ethan Krugjohn jschlatt talked about the carson situation in his other channel where he talked bout serious stuff, I don't remember the name, but the video title was just carson. You should go watch it, it's a good vid.

      T0RI 17T0RI 172 napja
    • @Ethan Krugjohn all his friends who came out about it said that when carson told them he said "he had been sexting underage girls for nudes" and schlatt mentioned that he never stopped messaging them

      MilosMittensMilosMittens2 napja
    • @MilosMittens There were others? Where did you find that out?

      Ethan KrugjohnEthan Krugjohn2 napja
  • oof

    OpalotixOpalotix3 napja
  • I feel bad for Jaiden

    Maria AlonsoMaria Alonso3 napja
  • If this comment reaches 200 likes of Jaiden asks me to, I will remove this video from my liked videos. I will reply if any of that happens.

    Owen WheelerOwen Wheeler3 napja
  • I dont understand why people jump the gun with calling carson things like a p*do. The girl who even accused him retracted her statement on the carson situation.

    CrunchyTaco42CrunchyTaco423 napja
    • Wait she retracted the statement? That’s weird

      Tyler SibleyTyler Sibley3 napja
    • yeah its not pedo. but still different stuff.

      IabgunnerIabgunner3 napja
  • ouch, came here when its unlisted, god such effort wasted

    Alexithymia-ChromiumAlexithymia-Chromium4 napja
    • If you don't know why this video is unlisted it's because CallMeCarson got cancelled

      EBtPGytEBtPGyt4 napja
  • well done to the people who kept this video's link

    Eshan ButtEshan Butt4 napja
    • I went to a reaction video

      Someone :DSomeone :D3 napja
  • This didn’t age well

    Charlie KnightCharlie Knight4 napja
  • Hey at least she just doesn't want to be part of the drama :/

    RWA-G705RWA-G7054 napja
    • @GecKyo it is drama if people try to cancel jaiden just for leaving the video up. Twitter is crazy and they'll cancel people for anything. By removing the video she's preventing herself from getting in drama. I do agree that the Carson thing isn't drama though

      Maria AlonsoMaria Alonso3 napja
    • its not drama its a crime

      GecKyoGecKyo4 napja
  • Didn't age well

    DeterBloxDeterBlox4 napja
  • Why is this vid down?

    Naren SureshNaren Suresh4 napja
    • @Chair okay thanks

      Naren SureshNaren Suresh3 napja
    • @Naren Suresh yeah just search callmecarson on youtube and you'll find some information

      ChairChair3 napja
    • @Amarnath Sanothra what happened tho, something with Carson?

      Naren SureshNaren Suresh3 napja
    • drama

      Amarnath SanothraAmarnath Sanothra4 napja
  • Stop talking about drama this drama, JUST *TRY* to enjoy the video normally please :(

    TaroLovesUTaroLovesU4 napja
    • @Jahn i just wish that they could watch it without *talking* about the drama in the comments y’know?

      TaroLovesUTaroLovesU3 napja
    • people literally can't, its unlisted, you have to be looking for the video to even find it, and if you find the link from some random comment it'll usually be attached to a tweet or video about the drama, so people can't just "enjoy the video normally" when it was public sure but theres a reason its unlisted.

      JahnJahn4 napja
  • 17:28 didn't age very well

    RadmanRadman4 napja
  • Why did you unlisted this

    Fort the PasserFort the Passer4 napja
    • The CallMeCarson drama

      Charlie KnightCharlie Knight4 napja
  • 3:54 me when I found 2×8 in the first minute

    Hamza KhanHamza Khan4 napja

    BaskehBaskeh4 napja
    • Carson got accused of dating a 17 year old fan while he was 19

      Charlie KnightCharlie Knight4 napja
    • Its simple allegations

      BizzaroRBLXBizzaroRBLX4 napja
  • 1:00 I recognize every HUworldr there

    A DismalA Dismal4 napja
  • The 'Do What U Want' of Jaiden's career

    The AmberUmbrellaThe AmberUmbrella4 napja
  • 1:08 i remember when i was a kid skydoesminecraft was my favorite youtuber... oh the simpler times of youtube...how you will be missed

    Isaiah BrooksIsaiah Brooks4 napja
  • Thank god I liked the video before it was unlisted

    • I have liked probably over 100k videos (all 5 accounts combined) and like 18k on this account. I ain't finding it lol

      Channon The dutchieChannon The dutchie4 napja
  • This is so sad

    Greham TheGoHomeGreham TheGoHome4 napja
  • well that sucks

    Matt_Matt_4 napja
  • When the new video

    Cay7809 - Roblox and MoreCay7809 - Roblox and More4 napja
  • Before all the drama happened, I was thinking "Haha, what if Carson got cancelled over that "Just go, like, cook somethin'." joke. Oh boy, it was so much worse.

    Chicken StripChicken Strip4 napja
  • This is still a funny video despite aging VERY poorly :P

    Y0Y0EvanY0Y0Evan4 napja
  • pain dude

    Faride Castro PereyraFaride Castro Pereyra4 napja
  • We all know why your here

    MossMoss4 napja
  • Yo is that arlo and jobby the Hong 1:01

    Plant GangPlant Gang4 napja