I tried making Baklava.. accidentally made THICCLAVA

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I tried making Baklava.. accidentally made THICCLAVA instead.
This is my own little tasty mistake that I made and it tastes like a stack of blins. Oy it is blyatiful!
200grams crushed pistachios
for half the dough:
400ml all-purpose flour
half glass of warm water
half teaspoon of salt
2 tablespoon vegetable oil
for syrup:
1 glass of water
120g of sugar
2 tablespoons of lemon juice
50-100grams of melted butter for spreading between layers
Hardbass track in video:
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Cheeki Breeki Hardbass Anthem

  • Well... also slavs joined war of baklava...

    Taner NuriTaner Nuri9 órája
  • Burnt down house. Started from beginning. Burnt down neighbour's house. Very good day.

    Michael SanftMichael SanftNapja
  • That intro was the best

    It’s your boy Khaled bastamiIt’s your boy Khaled bastamiNapja
  • "so I'll do it by hand like a fucking peasant" lol!!!!!

    Michael TorresMichael Torres2 napja
  • krai, gastou 200tão. ksksksksk

    Ermes HardwareErmes Hardware3 napja
  • What's the name of boris' cooking song?

    RedWyvernRising 2315RedWyvernRising 23155 napja
  • fucking love u and your channel dude. happy times from sweden

    johanqanjohanqan5 napja
  • your accent is awesome

    blamthekaboomblamthekaboom6 napja
  • Acttually we in Bosnien and Hercegovina make baklava for a holiday called Bajram

    Kerim SpahićKerim Spahić7 napja
  • Hol' up those pistachios cost you like £30? goddamn, Boris you mad man ain't nobody going to say you aren't committed.

    Ashen OneAshen One8 napja
  • I came back to this video straight after watching Binging with Babish’s video on Baklava, blin it was good

    Glen WhiteGlen White8 napja
  • Mantap blyat....😂😂😂

    Naufal RafiNaufal Rafi8 napja
  • you in easter europe? u in Obwód Kaliningradzki?

    Kro bKro b9 napja
  • RECENTLY!... Some random American: Baklava This random Slav: THICCLAVA

    Aa A.Aa A.9 napja
  • Every second while boris is making baklava more slavic... One turkish and one greek guys are dying.

    eray yılmazereray yılmazer9 napja
  • In the future, ın the comments, a greek, is saying... NOoooOOo, weEE mmMAAdDeeE tHe firST sPaCe SHiP.

    eray yılmazereray yılmazer9 napja
  • A normal guy:A good Turkish desert. Greeks:No ItS GREeKkkkk!!!

    eray yılmazereray yılmazer9 napja
  • Babish is challenging you Boris

    CrediblePython7CrediblePython710 napja
  • Came here right after a certain bald New Yorker with a glorious beard made one

    Raka RadityoRaka Radityo10 napja
  • Is Turkey a slav country??

    Stefan124Stefan12410 napja
  • Baklava exists Turks and Greeks: It's war time 😈 😡 Me, being a South Asian: I just wish I could taste some GOOD Baklava 😭😭

    Ranjan BiswasRanjan Biswas11 napja
  • His accent tho 😝

    Ima KarimahIma Karimah11 napja
  • Adam gibi adam baklava yapıyor

    Duine- uasalDuine- uasal12 napja
  • We Greeks enjoy baklava too and I think you did a great job for the first time! 😂👍

    Theodora AngelidouTheodora Angelidou13 napja
  • Baklava with chernobyl sand 10/10

    RayRay13 napja
  • Wait where is Boris from? I thought he was from St. Petersburg.

    Benjamin WeissBenjamin Weiss13 napja
  • I love baklava so much

    MO7 MASTERMO7 MASTER13 napja
  • Your kitchen has some pretty good graphics.

    James HartJames Hart14 napja
  • Well, he's not wrong. The Baklava is surely THICC 🤣🤣🤣👍

    CM - 20CM - 2014 napja
  • Gj boris make a baklava is so hard But u didnt make a baklava this is not baklava Note: I m turkish and baklava is turkish

    SuperlikbbSuperlikbb14 napja
  • ı like your videos boris frrom turkey

    Enes Malik UzunerEnes Malik Uzuner15 napja
  • Did turks or greek people invented baklava? Greek people did but turkish people does it better.

    The pro patato HelooThe pro patato Heloo15 napja
  • In soviet russia you don't take picture of food for instagram, food take picture of you for the goverment

    VikingWarrior HUVikingWarrior HU16 napja
  • Davai boris u are always welcome in Bulgaria.(didnt know u visit Bulgaria)

    Veselin TodorovVeselin Todorov17 napja
  • No bring whole cake BLYAT :)

    Danijel PrljicDanijel Prljic17 napja
  • Your cats are really cute

    Lusor_Flexy 1337Lusor_Flexy 133717 napja
  • Baklava is turkish delight and tulumba lokum vb and cacık its not greek food its from turkey its doesnt cacık-i its only cacık from turkey thanks for reading

    Gökhan YılmazGökhan Yılmaz19 napja
  • Background song?

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  • Turkish foood!!!! (IM turkish

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  • 400 gr baklava 82763512678 kg sugar

    RoblettinRoblettin22 napja
  • your dough is too fucking thick man. it should be 3 or 4 time thinner

    Recep XRecep X22 napja
  • Baklava orign or Bulgaria and Greece

    Eren GülerEren Güler23 napja
  • Greece has been under Turkish occupation for over 400 years over the years Greece has adopted many Turkish recipes as well as the culture itself, so the Turkish recipe more

    David MajdakDavid Majdak24 napja
  • Don't worry its much as expensive in Turkey as well.

    RobbedACopRobbedACop24 napja

      RobbedACopRobbedACop24 napja
  • Boris make banica

    CoryWasHereCoryWasHere24 napja
  • this dish is arab

    TreefingersTreefingers24 napja
  • "and here i show you me tapping the glass so i look like i know what i'm talking about." mood

    Random Internet DudeRandom Internet Dude25 napja
  • Boris you gotta check first comment replies

    A Random Guy In The InternetA Random Guy In The Internet26 napja
  • Like a peasant? That sounds dangerously Bourgeoisie.

    Jared BowmanJared Bowman26 napja
  • Did he just forget to cook the baklava dough?

    koray Yildizkoray Yildiz28 napja

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  • Mine didn't turn out like yours either but it was good !!! i needed to make the layers thinner

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  • "Chernobyl on the NVO channel"

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  • Boris baklava is turkish dısh Man

    ilkerbey _001ilkerbey _00128 napja
  • You know it good recipe when. Dough falls over spilled vodka* "not intentional but happy little accident" Bob Ross reference

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  • 3000 ruble is like 40 dollars in american money

    John McginnisJohn Mcginnis29 napja
  • BORIS made it BETTER than original 😋

    Tara TysktyskTara TysktyskHónapja
  • baklava is turkic man nor slvaic shame on you 😂

    carton PSIKONUTcarton PSIKONUTHónapja
  • we Love and making Baklava in Turkey too EDIT: i think you should use more sugar water

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  • You forgot the wallnuts

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  • POV: Spoon

    The Federation of Pralland PBUThe Federation of Pralland PBUHónapja
  • im more entertained by how every word I know is changed into something completely different more so than the cooking

  • why i watch this: to get entertained to see if I can understand a russian

  • What's the music that plays throughout the video? The one with the accordion backing.

  • baklava is precious. thicclava is VERY precious.

  • yes tried make this but i turned it into Vadimlava

    I love camels lolI love camels lolHónapja
  • How can the Turks eat this?

    I love camels lolI love camels lolHónapja
  • Who else is just jamming out to the background music?

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  • HAHAHA I have never heard of measurements And will never use them

    Coconut StudioCoconut StudioHónapja
  • Ur so awesome dude (≧▽≦)

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  • Is it just me or is that Baklava lookin kinda THICC?

  • Turkey might like this.

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  • Boris when he goes to Vadim's apartment : "whats that questionable white liquid in the sink?"

  • Fahrenheit

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  • I had a version of this when I was a child

  • Ah yes my favorite youtuber kitchen of boris

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  • 2:00 anyone have song name?

  • **T H I C C**

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  • Baklava is blyat, *_Boris, 2019_*

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  • You're really lucky that you're not making Iceberg, it's 3 days of pain.

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  • Niye yorumlarda hiç Türk yok lan TR TR TR

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  • и снова хардасс

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  • Boris: Welcome to life of chicken Me : Hold up, wait a minit ! I was warching Life of Boris not Life of Chicken right?

  • 3000 rubles = 40usd for a bunch of nuts? What the blin

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  • Blyat, Vadim took all the sugar

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  • Boris:*checks Butter* Butter:*is not there* Boris:"vadim blyat."

  • Every Russian knows we don’t use tap water, мы используем воду с маленького кранчика с фильтром!

  • the way his russian accent and also him saying 'what the blyat' hit me hard xd

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