I Tried Japan's PIG Cafe

2021.ápr. 7.
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  • nice shirt brah

    deez balldeez ball25 perccel
  • less go

  • i dont think connor knows how to pet animals

    King QuasarKing Quasar2 órája
  • Go to the owl cafe!!

    naliarts TMnaliarts TM2 órája
  • "What do you do with the pigs when they grow too large?" "Well, there is this Schnitzel-restaurant next door"

    Thomas CohnenThomas Cohnen2 órája
  • The Kaho and Connor ship continues to sail in my head canon

    Dominic LombardiDominic Lombardi3 órája
  • Connor: Openly admits he basically hates gacha, visual novels, unengaging gameplay and dialogue-heavy games. Mobile companies: So how about we pay him to advertise our game?

    GojiGoji5 órája
  • someday will be vidio with Monkey cafe. Monkeys gona fight.

    ReinaReina7 órája
  • lets see ho many subs I get from this comment curently 58 :)

    youcantseeme1902youcantseeme19027 órája
  • Connor you should get a micro pig!! If you want to but pets are a lot of responsibility so

    Francesca FrostFrancesca Frost9 órája
  • Sorry Connor it is hard to focus on you... BECAUSE OF THE PIGS!!!! THE PIGS!!!!! (To the other degenerates... Yes Kaho is beautiful and Yes Connor is handsome... BUT THE PIGS!!!)

    MrGadzookieMrGadzookie9 órája
  • PIGGIES!!!

    Cici RosieCici Rosie10 órája
  • i want to be a pig

    HAAH ?HAAH ?12 órája
  • Sdde476 watch along text react

    Felix KjellbergFelix Kjellberg13 órája
  • I love pigs and I hope I can own one someday

    Iamaplant -Iamaplant -14 órája
  • What we have learnt today is that there is a possibility that Connor is a pig 👀

    Sakura Mochi NekoSakura Mochi Neko16 órája
  • Why do i consider this a date?

    N ViolinistN Violinist16 órája
  • This is Kaho's channel now, you cannot convince me otherwise

    Rhys BRhys B18 órája
  • I'm roalty so don't need the app

    7b 787b 7819 órája
  • So are bat cafes a bad business proposition right now?

    christiansirrahchristiansirrah19 órája
  • Is ISEKAI demon waifu good?

    Prince Joe BraganzaPrince Joe Braganza19 órája
    • pigs

      HAAH ?HAAH ?12 órája
  • litterlly one day before ramadan wtf

    Naah Dragon_ionNaah Dragon_ion20 órája
  • I want them to date so bad :(

    Gemoprincess ;oGemoprincess ;o21 órája
  • The pig that climbed into Conner's lap. The little tail was wagging. IT'S SO CUTE

    Sora ShaySora Shay21 órája
  • I forgot the fact that Connor is a professional voice actor, even though he has VA in his username, somethings wrong with me

    GuyjinGuyjin22 órája
  • Watching a pig curl up on Connor's lap has brought me much joy

    spiritspirit23 órája
  • Ok, so yeah. I totally subscribed to this channel once I discovered Connor is Welsh. Shout out to my fellow Welsh bro.

  • Hope y'all never eating any Tonkatsu anymore.

  • Connor spending alot of time with kaho... sus....

  • Does the cafe serve pork...just asking

    Eren YeagerEren YeagerNapja
  • Holy shit Connor's Welsh?

    Alfie HAlfie HNapja
  • Real smooth Conner Real smooth Conner: "This place is like a good place to have a date, you know." Also Conner: 👀

    Issa DumlaoIssa DumlaoNapja
  • Did you know....... If pigs were able to look up and were a little faster, they wouldn't hesitate to tackle you and eat you. Pigs would be apex predators if they weren't so chunky.

    CoolSkeleton 95CoolSkeleton 95Napja
  • Thank god I don’t eat bacon or pork. I don’t think I can do it after watching this video 😩😭

    jazzy jjazzy jNapja
  • Is there a way to know if CDawg's videos are child ok?

    Bobby The Tennis ProBobby The Tennis ProNapja
  • "Why do i not be popular with pigs?" I feel that

    Chhuanmawia KCChhuanmawia KCNapja
  • Baby pig: This is the tang of a beautiful woman.

  • Great, now i want a micro pig...

    Henrike WeinmannHenrike WeinmannNapja
  • Imagin they serve bacon there :0

  • Yo!!!!! Connor hit 2million!!

    Young Guy Wasting His LifeYoung Guy Wasting His LifeNapja
  • Oh? A Harem game sponsor, as if I were to download it... Narrator: This degenerate is now currently downloading a new game.

    Seth BastesSeth BastesNapja
  • poogie

  • Connor is a micro-pig confirmed?

  • i ship connor n kaho

    official entityofficial entityNapja
  • Коннор наконец то побывал в Украинском кафе

  • Kaho has become like his PR lady 😂 she noticed the popularity of his cat cafe video and brought him here. Excellent.

    Steven EvansSteven EvansNapja
  • Hey connor

    legend gamer101legend gamer101Napja
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    liona squiresliona squiresNapja
  • God Damnit! I know about Wales, amongst many white things, I know I'm part Welsh (no, you don't have to, I'm sure you won't, so this isn't, but if you were bored enough it could be a notice me Senpai moment. Even if I'm older than you!) and cats super love me, granted from the US I can't do much right now, between funds and COVID but one day if you wish I could teach you in the way of the Pussy (Cat, seriously, feline). Cats usually love me, hell they love my wife as well, not cause of the oppai, but yea our fur baby Shadow faVors her, make your own conclusions, but he ultra loves me even if she gets the lion share of the love). Anyway, thanks for your amazing content. Evanit0 is to blame for my slothful ass being here. With that said, I love ya'll for life! (Welsh folks represent!!!)

    Rennisa ReverofRennisa ReverofNapja
  • What shirt are you wearing? Also where can I get it?

    Audio Ribs!Audio Ribs!Napja
  • connor has never related so hard to anything like he relates to pigs

    Psych O'ChaosPsych O'ChaosNapja
  • *Oink*

    BlueTheFox 718BlueTheFox 718Napja
  • The pigs look like they are wearing high heels and i love it

    Petra RamosPetra RamosNapja
  • Where is the BIBLE where is the BIBLE!!!!!!!

    Sebastian MichaelisSebastian MichaelisNapja
  • comfy

    Ollie HalandOllie HalandNapja
  • 14:29

  • Those pigs were cute

    Ruby BranRuby BranNapja
  • I wonder.... are Connor and Kaho/Kao dating?

  • Holy shit like all of Connor’s jokes hit super well

    Riper_sansRiper_sans2 napja
  • wow demon Waifu i see this app way to many times now it like bagging me to play...

    Arif FINArif FIN2 napja
  • Connor " this is the type of place you'd take a date" Kaho "Oh..."

    TheEddcpTheEddcp2 napja
  • 5:69 the cuttest little laugh.

    Celeste MansillaCeleste Mansilla2 napja
  • 8:57 I’m so angry he didn’t say pig out

    BrugleyBrugley2 napja
  • I need this in my life

    Alicialight ArtAlicialight Art2 napja
  • Hello CDawg i woud like to to voice voice the 7 page MUDA

    fam andersenfam andersen2 napja
  • Finally, Connor is getting the love he deserved

    Just Some Guy with a DripJust Some Guy with a Drip2 napja
  • why you plugging that god awful game connor?

    Adam TaylorAdam Taylor2 napja
  • if there is a baby duck cafe... you should go

    AndiemayAndiemay2 napja
  • I totally ship Connor and Kaho as a couple.

    lehvak182lehvak1822 napja
  • I'm so sorry Connor, but my brain keeps shipping you and Koho... I keep telling my brain to stop, but brain keeps winning! Help! Lol

    J-WOTJ-WOT2 napja
  • 6:30 I wish I was the pig

    EroMukul SenseiEroMukul Sensei2 napja
  • Hello helloooo cdawgva I am really glad you are doing well really enjoying your videos a lot awesome videos as always hope you have a wonderful day looking forward for new videos go cdawgva go.😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

    Anika CurryAnika Curry2 napja
  • Wales is so underatted.

    The official spinel SuThe official spinel Su2 napja
  • 🐷🐷🐷🐷

    bucks fan38bucks fan382 napja
  • "Is it cause I'm fat! Is that why im warm! I've got a lot of layers ok?" Me too

    Faith DoreyFaith Dorey2 napja
  • Connor, that lady wants to ride your baloney pony. You owe it to her to let her know your position on the issue.

    Seemore ButtsSeemore Butts2 napja
  • Yeah wales gang woo woo No idea why but I’m so happy right now

    Why am I hereWhy am I here2 napja
  • We have a potbelly pig and if you scratch behind his ear or under his belly hell get so relaxed he flops over and lays down

    Faith DoreyFaith Dorey2 napja
  • My only issue is micropigs are not a breed of pig. Theyre pigs that have been starved to stay small. Now, these pigs still look on the bigger side but they say "micropig" so I can only assume he does the same thing or whoever he gets them from does this and gives him false information. Please do not harass this man, the pigs do look happy and healthy but i just wanted to try and clear that up.

    Bigfoot Is Real And He Ate My AssBigfoot Is Real And He Ate My Ass2 napja
  • 'he's built like a brick shithouse.' well i found a new phrase for people.

    Berend MullerBerend Muller2 napja
  • Woo Wales!

    Tom JenkinsTom Jenkins2 napja
  • Very random indeed, but are you aware that there is a cult of Conner?

    Arian RolexArian Rolex2 napja
    • What?

      StereoStringStereoString2 napja
  • Kaho is on a quest to make Connor suffer with cringe and embarassment for her amusement.

    King MoonKing Moon2 napja
  • The Haram Cafe ...eww

    Dream High AnimationDream High Animation2 napja
  • We need more Lauren in future videos!

    sutarikunsutarikun2 napja
  • Now lets wait for Connor to adopt a lil pig. 👁👁

    CookiesXCreamCookiesXCream2 napja
  • Are orphans allowed?

    Solar FlareSolar Flare2 napja
  • Connor: I’ve only had these pigs for a day and a half Connor: But if anyone hurts them *i will kill everyone and then myself.*

    euniqeeuniqe2 napja
  • Aaaww they even wagging their tails like a dog

    Nixx0912Nixx09122 napja
  • Pigs are actually more intelligent than Dogs

  • ah yes, the Technoblade cafe

    No NameNo Name2 napja
  • These two are gonna get so shipped, if they aren't already..

    Insert NameInsert Name2 napja
  • It's a wonderful thing to see the Welsh love from people who aren't Welsh. I, too, get far more excited than how one probably should but HEY. It's the small things.

    JudgerEdwardJudgerEdward2 napja
  • i love how shes says conor

    Dominic GDominic G2 napja
  • Who makes these thumbnails?

    ainoaino2 napja
  • Kaho being the master of bringing the boiz to weird places

    RyanTheOfficialAdultRyanTheOfficialAdult2 napja
  • 0:25 they look like a couple

    Remix NationRemix Nation2 napja
  • I hope they'll do a bunny café too, that would be so cute 😊🐇

    Stefanie ClaessensStefanie Claessens2 napja
  • To think that there is just a bad gesture from a hog towards a hooman between a live pig and a soon to be pork

    Tanishq Patil •70 years agoTanishq Patil •70 years ago2 napja
  • Adorable

    BarbokBarbok2 napja