I Survived 100 Days in HARDCORE Minecraft.. Here's What Happened

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    • LUL

      Bandit sausBandit saus15 órája
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    • @Landon th3May0 woa

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      Melody GutierrezMelody GutierrezHónapja
  • Mlg on a horse. Nothing special. Just a basic thing in Minecraft

    A ustA ust52 perccel
  • 32:18 Mario music cues* me: AYYY I BEAT BOWSER WITH THIS SONG

    Silv3r Fi5hySilv3r Fi5hy3 órája
  • did you guys see lunar?

    Blue Dragon98Blue Dragon984 órája
  • what the way point download?

    BusootyBusooty4 órája
  • The house WOW chines tempel for the KING

    Evelyn SuarezEvelyn Suarez4 órája
  • Did anyone see the temple at spawn

    Samuel EspleySamuel Espley5 órája
  • dude your building skills don't even judge because there are very good

    Frank BotiasFrank Botias9 órája
  • He’s like dream

    Karina EspinozaKarina Espinoza15 órája
  • Did he just get soul speed 3 book threw it out

    Dil LimbuDil Limbu16 órája
  • Ay did u bring the dragon head?

    icyyicyy19 órája
  • Does he not no he can’t take off the enchantments

    Z.i.c.0Z.i.c.019 órája
  • Why did he harvest not fully grown wheat?

    Andreas HundtAndreas Hundt20 órája
  • Its sometimes not a good idea to kill a irongolem.

    MetricMilesMetricMiles21 órája
  • This guy will be the reason the fraise 'TechnoBlade never dies' will be no more.XD

    Tony SchulteTony Schulte23 órája
  • Cxlvxn: I killed the ender dragon Piglins: We killed a hoglin * dances*

    Kayden ArmstrongKayden ArmstrongNapja
  • Is that mlg even possible?

    Fluffy IslandFluffy IslandNapja
  • did you get an achivment when you got a diamond?Kinda sus

  • Minecraft is my favorite game lol

    The dark KingThe dark KingNapja
  • 16:38 chill Calvin

    Isaiah AryikuIsaiah AryikuNapja
  • hey but lunar client it isn't free?!?!?!

    Stefan CaramangiuStefan CaramangiuNapja
  • nice

    Joshua Aripin SanjayaJoshua Aripin SanjayaNapja
  • Epic montage song name?

    Brianna McDanielBrianna McDanielNapja
  • Bad vid

    Riley HunterRiley HunterNapja
  • What are you doing with your life.

    Riley HunterRiley HunterNapja
  • The kindhearted regret expectably taste because bassoon dolly earn around a mere bagpipe. unruly, wide-eyed spleen

    jada detorresjada detorresNapja

    UnknownLucas YTUnknownLucas YTNapja
  • 22:07

    tiny tigeriostiny tigeriosNapja
  • 22: 07

    tiny tigeriostiny tigeriosNapja
  • can we talk about 912 FPS

  • "i needed to get wood cause i literly had nothing" **proceeds to have stone tools,iron pickaxe,55 oak planks,22 haybales,bed,16 oak logs,and 16 cooked mutton**


    The Great PlebeThe Great PlebeNapja
  • I’m making a hardcore rn actually so you gave me ideas

    - Soft -- Soft -Napja
  • 13:50

    The_ Animator Str0kes Ag2anThe_ Animator Str0kes Ag2an2 napja
  • The spotty hate chronologically agree because quince reassembly stamp abaft a blushing south korea. rural, unusual memory

    marlon detorresmarlon detorres2 napja
  • degwfv yeivywgdh gefjfeu

    Kathy DuranKathy Duran2 napja
  • 17:58 song?

    MwooMwoo2 napja
  • You are so good

    Lorenzo GarciaLorenzo Garcia2 napja
  • 6:30 where is the link?

    vincent clinevincent cline2 napja
  • Use lava to not ge bad omen

    Rafal DroniaRafal Dronia2 napja
  • 🌮🍟🍕🍫🍿🍰🍩🍪🍭🍬🧁🥞

    Tenpa ShakyaTenpa Shakya2 napja
  • 🧨

    Tenpa ShakyaTenpa Shakya2 napja
  • The adamant helen embryologically blink because crawdad fortunately deliver before a capable card. important, resonant board

    bobi chungbobi chung2 napja
  • 10:36 the matrix

    Patrick AndersenPatrick Andersen2 napja
  • He dint see the desert temple at the first place right ?

    Parsa GoodarziParsa Goodarzi2 napja
  • 1999999999 day!

    Sabuer MaihesutiSabuer Maihesuti2 napja
  • Day 95: battling with ender dragon Endermen: Look at me

    Real FabsgamesReal Fabsgames2 napja
  • whats the seed

    jaydidthatjaydidthat2 napja
  • The ahead candle biosynthetically part because bag resultantly concentrate circa a open color. crabby, yellow undershirt

    marlon detorresmarlon detorres2 napja
  • Where is it l need the hosue

    Cydney BarksdaleCydney Barksdale2 napja
  • btw wheres the link to get a cape

    Enes KrasniqiEnes Krasniqi2 napja
  • 26:41 it was like an obby

    GamePro LegendGamePro Legend2 napja
  • Ilma coppy your yt name for a game ilsym that's why...

    s ds d2 napja

    block plblock pl2 napja
  • more like 100 days in such great graphics like bruh

    DankmemesDankmemes2 napja
  • He made me feel bad when he went in the nether. This man really said pumba and than killed him right after.

    Carson WigginsCarson Wiggins2 napja
  • Lol

    Kelly CrouthamelKelly Crouthamel2 napja
  • The Pigling dancing!,,,lol

    {itzMehMaisie}{itzMehMaisie}2 napja
  • Your saying ur not good at building I am a noob at building :(

    Anali ZarateAnali Zarate2 napja
  • 28:53 so im german hehe and the 8 is in the alphabet the h and the nazis use it as 88 = HH = heil hitler so u can actully get copiwrited when u sue it in the wrong term so pay attention

    akuto saiakuto sai3 napja
  • 26:52 a montage of looting chests and watching a brute burn in lava with epic 64 bit musik

    akuto saiakuto sai3 napja
  • IT'S impossible, I CAN JUST SCREAM: HYYYPE!

    VieryxVieryx3 napja
  • Stop losing manhunt

    Icon GonzalesIcon Gonzales3 napja
  • 37:23 Did you get the dragon head?

    Dominick MeridaDominick Merida3 napja
  • 33:50 man stop aimbotting

    PentaKill RobloxPentaKill Roblox3 napja
  • Wasn’t the 22 pearls not enough for you

    Xxzombiex 512Xxzombiex 5123 napja
  • You are lucky you saw piglins dancing Its very rare

    Yahoo 0Yahoo 03 napja
  • Zpaa2011

    Maranatha Sabaoth ministriesMaranatha Sabaoth ministries3 napja
  • wow

    Rachel LiRachel Li4 napja
    • part 2?

      Rachel LiRachel Li4 napja
    • /

      Rachel LiRachel Li4 napja
  • My man peaked 929 FPS tf

    Jonathan WJonathan W4 napja
  • I hade gold and gold armor but my game stoped 😩😭

    Je aimbot man 221Je aimbot man 2214 napja
  • I like this video

    the best youtuber channelthe best youtuber channel4 napja
  • You are a good youtubr

    the best youtuber channelthe best youtuber channel4 napja
  • So basically, he spent 2000 hours playing Minecraft, which one day on minecraft equals 20 minutes irl

    Your very own Silver Play ButtonYour very own Silver Play Button4 napja
    • Math is a little off mate

      Llama MasterLlama Master3 napja
  • You kinda sound like Ranboo

    flameyWeebflameyWeeb4 napja
  • Are you black?

    DasiaDasia4 napja
  • How do u hold up the shield on PS4

    Oli AkamOli Akam4 napja
  • Ooooooooooo

    Alex AlmenaresAlex Almenares4 napja
  • Cxlvxn:I need wood bc I literally don’t have anything Me:Sees almost a stack of wood in inventory

    Marisha RabagoMarisha Rabago4 napja
  • I like this

    Ester GonzalezEster Gonzalez4 napja
  • The mighty door methodically nest because slime relevantly pick across a painstaking litter. hungry, voiceless author

    Vivian HallVivian Hall4 napja
  • 29:50 umm I’ll pretend I never seen that

    Ninja proNinja pro4 napja
  • You act just like another youtuber I watch coryxkhenshin

    Catch phraser GamesCatch phraser Games4 napja
  • acookie god speed bridge in hardcore before plssss ping me✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌

    sean sibbliessean sibblies5 napja
  • no

    Tripp2HeavenTripp2Heaven5 napja
  • ive been playing mc for 2 years but how long does it toke for day time in mc

    borris wenslyborris wensly5 napja
  • Can somebody tell me how to install these waypoints?

    SaverrrSaverrr5 napja
  • this guy needs 1 mill subs

    Julie EdwardsJulie Edwards5 napja
  • I've played this game for 7 years and I've never seen someone heal an iron golem

    Abdelrahman EldowAbdelrahman Eldow5 napja
  • guys anyone ... do u guys know what texture pack does he use

    dashing dieseldashing diesel5 napja
    • no texture pack he uses lunar client

      DavidDavid2 napja
  • hey can u do turtorial for cape>

    Martyna MazurMartyna Mazur5 napja
  • Wtf

    Cagney HamillCagney Hamill5 napja
  • nice video

    Matthew SimmsMatthew Simms5 napja
  • 8:00

    Fur ChohanFur Chohan5 napja
  • I really like the amorr

    Sirifo SmartSirifo Smart5 napja
  • Can you please share the seed plsssss

    PinkCloudPinkCloud5 napja
  • wheres the link

    Dionysis SkandalisDionysis Skandalis5 napja
    • i dont know

      Dionysis SkandalisDionysis Skandalis5 napja
  • are you wearing the elytra in the starting ???

    Vikas ChaddaVikas Chadda5 napja

    Arzzenice Joseph ChattoArzzenice Joseph Chatto5 napja
  • good job bro

    NG CHEUK WANG 2019-5ANG CHEUK WANG 2019-5A5 napja