I stole Rocket League YouTubers' video ideas & here's how they reacted

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This video is sponsored by Super Buckyball Tournament Preseason. Check out the game here: bit.ly/SBT-Preseason
In the video, I asked @SunlessKhan and @MERTZY to record a video. Little did they know, I stole their exact video idea. Here's how they reacted.
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SunlessKhan's video: "I made it IMPOSSIBLE to score in Rocket League and bet PROS $100" huworld.info/flow/vide/saWPk66am9ewpa4
Mertzy's video: "Rocket League tournament but the first goal wins the game" huworld.info/flow/vide/tpypvqXHqrXSo64
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  • this video is sponsored by Super Buckyball Tournament Preseason. check out the game here: bit.ly/SBT-Preseason

    amustycowamustycow9 napja
    • I am rasan

      Magic LawandMagic Lawand2 napja
    • What’s clever is that they stole the game idea so they sponsor you to steal video ideas

      Alexander WisteriaAlexander Wisteria3 napja
    • ok

      Jesse SelbyJesse Selby6 napja
    • hey musty can i be in one of yours videos pls...bye

      Adri MelendezAdri Melendez7 napja
    • Hiiii musty you my fav you tuber I always have my I pad out and wait tell a vid comes out and what is your title or player name Tage

      Aaron MillerAaron Miller7 napja
  • Hes eyes are literally red

    poopdie pooppoopdie poop6 órája
  • Is Rocket League the best?

    JaydenTube 110JaydenTube 11015 órája
  • Lol you cant let Jarvis find the aim bot you used.

    Ethan WatsonEthan WatsonNapja
  • Lol murtzy just went with it sunless was really passive aggressive lol

    Not DarrensstuffNot DarrensstuffNapja
  • Musty doesn’t know ima steal this vid

  • Please go back to 20xx

  • The 2nd one swes

    Archer LangfordArcher Langford2 napja
  • Musty every 5 seconds: "Yeah, your idea is great, but this is MY video"

    Lord iKoniKLord iKoniK2 napja
  • Poor sunless musty didn't even say it was a prank

    Friend's_In _CommonFriend's_In _Common2 napja
  • Ngl I watch u and sunless, buttt.... kinda think ur better

    Alex CarderAlex Carder2 napja
  • Sunless was actually so mad

    Uzcep AkmeniUzcep Akmeni2 napja
  • Sunless was soooo salty u cd tell he was so mad saying it wasnt working when he just didnt want u to steal his idea lmao

    Tadhg McAdamTadhg McAdam2 napja
  • My takeaway from this video: Mertzy is chill Sunless is a passive aggressive piece of shit

    FaltyeFaltye2 napja
  • Plot twist: Musty actually just made this video cause he really wanted to steal there ideas

    MST-Sharpp -_-MST-Sharpp -_-2 napja
  • I love how sunless acted like this was a awesome idea and constantly referenced his Channel but you didn’t ask^-^

    Adam PetrusicAdam Petrusic3 napja
  • I truly hope you and sunless are actual friends because seeing you guys act like this is breaking my heart

    Alexander WisteriaAlexander Wisteria3 napja
  • you couldve made two separate videos tbh

    yerxqyerxq3 napja
  • 5:40😭😭😭😭😭😂😂

    RileyRiley3 napja
  • When she says yes. 3:27

    Hijiri Kure ShonHijiri Kure Shon3 napja
  • lmfaooo sunless go so mad

    llamas. hillamas. hi3 napja
  • Musty how do you run out of ideas, and then steal others

    Grounds_ UpGrounds_ Up3 napja
  • Sunless just mad that u got to 1M first but mertzy played it like a good sport lol

    Raven __Raven __4 napja
  • Mertzy: just goes with it Sunless: “Wow! I, for some reason, already have the mod installed! Such a coincidence!”

    Jordan CardoneJordan Cardone4 napja
  • bro I caught you before you even started the video, try harder next time 😎

    Ismael Mendes MartinsIsmael Mendes Martins4 napja
  • yes guys. this is the pinnacle of rocketleague content in 2020 and it doesn't get better than this

    Elai DankiestElai Dankiest4 napja
  • Last time I checked, you had just under a million subs. You're growing so fast my dude

    CapsterinoCapsterino4 napja
  • Musty got that fresh cut and doesn’t know how to act😈

    Jairo GarciaJairo Garcia4 napja
  • im not lying I thought of a missbot idea before I watched mertzy video

    Mustefa ShogeMustefa Shoge4 napja
  • Try older, less popular videos if you do this again

    hihi4 napja

    SFC VortexSFC Vortex4 napja
  • So are your vids

    Yeet MeatYeet Meat4 napja
  • Super Buckyball is amazing

    Yeet MeatYeet Meat4 napja
  • -10:23

    CallMeZace TTVCallMeZace TTV4 napja
  • Never thought mertsy plays siege

    YeHboyeFlink ElijahYeHboyeFlink Elijah4 napja
  • i prefer lucio ball other than the sponsor

    Julian VillalpandoJulian Villalpando4 napja
  • Can we have a garage tour

    mary robinsonmary robinson4 napja
  • I like your cut G

  • 3:55 / 14:213:55 / 14:21

    Oueslati EyedOueslati Eyed4 napja
  • Hey Musty I just wanted to say you are the best HUworldr and I love your content can we PLZ play 2’s?

    FN-editz_HenkFN-editz_Henk4 napja
  • you gotta love sunlesskhan 😂😂

    The gaming masterThe gaming master4 napja
  • I want missbot

    CR BN FilmsCR BN Films4 napja
  • I just need a comment from Jarvis

    José Ernesto Preciado PérezJosé Ernesto Preciado Pérez4 napja
  • I didn’t want to like the video bc of how lazy the “stealing content” videos are but the editing and trolling was just way too funny.

    lildmckaylildmckay4 napja
    • Technically my boi musty came up with the idea to steal their ideas

      ShadowッShadowッ3 napja
  • Why were you so aggressive saying “ well, itsMY VIDEO SO YEA”

    EL HernandezEL Hernandez5 napja
  • I like your cut g

    Dexter 3DDexter 3D5 napja
  • Sunless trolled hard 🤣

    AintNunSpecialBout ReedAintNunSpecialBout Reed5 napja
  • A casual 5 buckets of gfuel nothing suspicious

    Slipsy 101Slipsy 1015 napja
  • Sunless was sooo salty

    AlfieZGaming *-*AlfieZGaming *-*5 napja
  • this was like the worst video you have made but good idea

    KrisKris5 napja
  • Musty no way u that close to 2 mil subs I am locking at u since u had 400k

    Fram218Fram2185 napja
  • 5:35 bruhhh

    Dublin WakuyaDublin Wakuya5 napja
  • I like how he's so calm

    DKC_shadow DKCDKC_shadow DKC5 napja
  • Hahahaha the end with SunlessKhan bleeping on your outro. Too funny. Good stuff.

    Jim WestJim West5 napja
  • Musty was talking smack too sunless

    Cesar MairenaCesar Mairena5 napja
  • 8:00 me playing on a good day with 10 ping

    Yingyang SpinnythangYingyang Spinnythang6 napja
  • musty is popping off lol

    Alec PiperAlec Piper6 napja
  • It would of been cool if you stole sunless’ video and asked mertzy to do it with you and see what his reaction was

    SpinknotSpinknot6 napja
  • No joke I played against that jarvis

    Alexander WalshAlexander Walsh6 napja
  • Sunless’s react was funny

    N&BeatsN&Beats6 napja
  • wow i was actually able to watch through the whole sponsor part of the video

    BlueItesBlueItes6 napja
  • If anyone remembers galactic football super buckyball is literally that

    Marcus IncognitoMarcus Incognito6 napja
  • Who else thought the sponsor was a bit better this time

    ツAgar YtツAgar Yt6 napja
  • Somehow this turned into a Sunless prank video

    Bret MBret M6 napja
  • Nice cut musty

    dishdish6 napja
  • Musty: you got lag 170 ping Me: I play on 250 ping daily what do you mean

    Braxton GusemanBraxton Guseman6 napja
  • Its just a prank bro

    Tomas_ AttackTomas_ Attack6 napja
  • I’m watching this in 2055 year augest day 123

    Roman DumbRoman Dumb6 napja
  • Can we just talk on how bad the sponsor game is.

    LuxifyyLuxifyy6 napja

    David VelaDavid Vela6 napja
  • Sunless was not having any of it

    ZellicZellic6 napja
  • POV: you saw this video in your recommended and took a quick glimpse at the thumbnail and thought it was Liam Hemsworth

    Leo SwanLeo Swan6 napja
  • Nah sunless being a prick is the funniest thing 😂😂

    Paradox_TrikZParadox_TrikZ6 napja
  • 4:04 that gfuel stack do be doo

    Denyefa BomorDenyefa Bomor6 napja
  • Mertzy was a champ and sunless was a bit of a prick

    StevoBStevoB6 napja
    • I mean musty did steal sunless video idea. So i would be mad too tbh

      The Indeed SealThe Indeed Seal5 napja
  • Who keeps wondering why he hadn’t changed his profile pic from his name to the dog like he does in discord

    F and F vlogsF and F vlogs6 napja
  • sunless is such a nice guy

    painpain6 napja
  • The missbot idea with Sunless was so awkward 😂

    Connor Esmond • 73 years agoConnor Esmond • 73 years ago6 napja
  • honestly, I feel really bad for sunless. I hope there is no tension because I love both of these HUworldrs and want them to collab again.

    CurelessCureless6 napja
  • When you try to troll sunless and he snaps back... :D

    LemonpopzLemonpopz6 napja
  • Sunless was pissed 😂😂

    I_Fresh RlI_Fresh Rl6 napja
  • Vid idea how many gc’s can a supersonic legend beat👍 love u

    Void Is CrackedVoid Is Cracked6 napja
  • Because I want to do montages and show my gameplay

    YamiLuxYamiLux6 napja
  • Plz shoutout my HUworld channel

    YamiLuxYamiLux6 napja
  • Dear musty I have scored my first musty flick and I took an hour. To do it I send it to my cousin we play rocket league every day and we both love ur content and also IM about gold 1

    Wojtek GamerWojtek Gamer6 napja
  • New idea horse against miracles but u got aim bot

    naruto boinaruto boi6 napja
  • Sunless is toxicccccc

    Fickle PickleFickle Pickle6 napja
  • yooooo guys HELP ME OUT PLEASE who remembers the phone game? musty advertised in one of his vids? its a shooter sum like destroying the enemy teams thing on their half or sum PLEASE HELP ME OUT

    SSJ GRSSJ GR6 napja
  • The whole interaction with sunless was gold

    Cosmic AngelCosmic Angel6 napja
  • Sunless is a legend

    PsnackPsnack6 napja
  • Hey musty could you try to help me get better I can't get out of gold 3 please

    Aaron lattoAaron latto6 napja
  • love how musty tried to annoy sunless, but it went the other way around instead

    Supreme BrickSupreme Brick6 napja
  • Musty 1v1 me in soccer not rocket league I'm trash but soccer please I'd I ever meet you

    Bayden DepradinesBayden Depradines6 napja
  • Sunless ain’t salty at all looooooool

    TecksTecks6 napja
  • you can tell sunless wasnt happy😂😂😂

    xNirtyxNirty6 napja
  • Hey. I just got scammed by someone I met I’m not 10 yet they scammed me for fennec man

    H ZH Z6 napja
  • Lol

    Leon van de LaarschotLeon van de Laarschot6 napja
  • Hey musty will you ever blind trade

    Oscar AllenOscar Allen6 napja
  • Moo!

    Ctrl FishyCtrl Fishy6 napja
    • Moo

      Ctrl FishyCtrl Fishy6 napja
  • Mertzy: just goes with it Sunless: “Wow! I, for some reason, already have the mod installed! Such a coincidence!”

    zadazada6 napja