I Spent 50 Hours In Solitary Confinement

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i borderline went crazy about 30 hours in...
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  • 2:26

    anonymous_gaminganonymous_gaming56 perccel
  • Does jimmy have a girlfriend

    Ilsa FahadIlsa FahadÓrája

    Jumpymarmot 8963Jumpymarmot 89632 órája
  • wow 62+ subscriber im jealous

    Faiza kamila SyahiraFaiza kamila Syahira3 órája
    • Sixty two MILLION plus*

      You Take My Hand And Drag Me Headfirst FearlessYou Take My Hand And Drag Me Headfirst Fearless2 órája
    • SAME

      Alifiandra Aimpiandoot Master AMC BallAlifiandra Aimpiandoot Master AMC Ball2 órája
  • Clouds

    fallen_eggfallen_egg4 órája
  • Oh im lickin it, all right

    Santi DifuntorumSanti Difuntorum4 órája
  • wait, is this victorious? 12:44 HAHAHAAH so cool

    Vanessa -Vanessa -4 órája
  • The noiseless advice additionaly reign because surprise joly peel from a melodic burn. rhetorical, nauseating sock

    Cataleya GomezCataleya Gomez6 órája
  • 2:29 There is a MyUserNameisThis song lol

    ItzNahidItzNahid7 órája
  • I wouldn't even survive without my pc For 0.01Nanoseconds And he survives 50 Hours in Solitary confinement Salute!

    jhopeee lol.jhopeee lol.7 órája
  • 1:53 Me on a Monday morning

    PVZ JackPVZ Jack9 órája
  • Hey it's billy wurtz 0:32

    Kier Asher ViguellaKier Asher Viguella9 órája
  • i love you jimmy

    Ammini HarishAmmini Harish9 órája
  • 6:46

    krishnachaitanya ykrishnachaitanya y9 órája
  • Pls help me idk how to remove the subtitles in all the vids

    Pamela Pia ChanPamela Pia Chan10 órája
    • it is c

      DevGamingDevGaming2 órája
  • I take the speakers hahahaahhaahhahahah😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Briellmarlie YulasBriellmarlie Yulas10 órája
  • 1:28 Are you gonna finish that croissant 🥐

    R E DR E D10 órája
  • Normal youtubers - 24 hours MrBeast - 50 hours

    rarvind2rarvind210 órája
  • 10:08 oh god

    Selever_gamingSelever_gaming11 órája
  • why were you bashing the speakers with the trypod when u could just pull them down

    Minka ChronisMinka Chronis11 órája
  • whats poppin NERRRDS

    bagel bagelbagel bagel12 órája
  • Shiba Inu to the moon 🚀🚀

    Remington SheltonRemington Shelton13 órája
  • You should just throw the chair to the tv and if you do another 50 hours with a tv do this.

    CalebReacts155 RRCalebReacts155 RR14 órája
  • mr beast stay in ur toilet for 50 hr

    COVID gamingCOVID gaming14 órája
  • ________

    kaysan parentkaysan parent15 órája
  • 2:26

    pham fransispham fransis15 órája
  • Vccccccccccco

    kaysan parentkaysan parent15 órája
  • That scene of Chandler locking the door without realizing that Chris is inside was hilarious 😆

    Samiur RahmanSamiur Rahman17 órája
  • The incandescent rail latterly disapprove because chicken multivariably multiply aboard a superb caution. bizarre, tidy creator

    John BlondeJohn Blonde17 órája
  • The Lamb Keeps Screaming

    Ahmed AbdelhamidAhmed Abdelhamid18 órája
  • W\\\\\

    Tia VashishtTia Vashisht19 órája
  • The able estimate regrettably follow because mallet mathematically impress down a abortive ptarmigan. solid, peaceful ease

    kasha butterkasha butter19 órája
  • Can someone tell what that vid is called 1:52

    Tristanbul UTristanbul U19 órája
  • You are the best HUworldr in the world

    Diane AitchisonDiane Aitchison19 órája
  • LoL poor jimmy

    Dragonballgirl3000♡Dragonballgirl3000♡19 órája
  • Isn’t drake bell the guy who played drake in drake and josh?

    LightningLightning21 órája

    modhappy ???modhappy ???22 órája
  • Down boy your thick

    Hello neighbourHello neighbour22 órája
  • 10:08 made me crack up so hard

    Seanna_StreamingSeanna_Streaming22 órája
  • Fd$

    Charlotte OteroCharlotte Otero22 órája
  • Nooo

    ItzNathzItzNathz23 órája
  • I want to enjoy listening

    Isabella DarcyIsabella Darcy23 órája
  • Gust break the tv no longer hell

    Zac HoggZac HoggNapja
  • Sa

    Geleen CatapGeleen CatapNapja
  • I know how mad you were

    Laura DorcaLaura DorcaNapja
  • Why didn’t you break The TV

    Laura DorcaLaura DorcaNapja
  • There sure are you But

    Isaac muendoIsaac muendoNapja
  • I'm early

    XJay MLXJay MLNapja
  • The greedy stamp hypothetically trace because jaguar biomechanically appear behind a panicky cone. third, automatic substance

    Cara ChiuCara ChiuNapja
  • Yirifthpi

    Aliyah LetfordAliyah LetfordNapja
  • u should have ur girlfriend in more videos who agrees 👇

    Samara manochaSamara manochaNapja
  • Rip chair 2:11 2:17 2:43 6:55 😂

  • Please Mr Beast Upload The Rap Album In Full By Chris At 7:07-7:29

    Jax2 TheMaxJax2 TheMaxNapja
  • Mr beast: Me who did it for almost a year: wer money


    pecora bianca allucinante luminosa e bisuntapecora bianca allucinante luminosa e bisuntaNapja
  • u guys must have played dhinchak poojas song he would cry to come out of that room, lmao

    Swopnil PaudelSwopnil PaudelNapja
  • I'm late

    bertsis Factaobertsis FactaoNapja
  • 12:51 You can see on his face how concerned he was


  • The lopsided thunder annually desert because mole ostensibly moan with a ugliest foxglove. likeable, imminent basketball

    nh swnh swNapja
  • He friends: your gonna get slimed (Hes talking to a mirror)

    ethantv Bengcoethantv BengcoNapja
  • The frantic kiss obviously appreciate because harp compellingly command underneath a uncovered gliding. absorbing, tremendous aunt

    Elizabeth FreemanElizabeth FreemanNapja
  • Hope you stay in the sell your the BEST!!!!

    arshdeep kohliarshdeep kohliNapja
  • .

  • IM the bald guy

  • 10:05 one in a million tries to fit in that hole hahah

    Daevien BenavidezDaevien BenavidezNapja
  • my brother for absolutely no reason at all 1:53

    Olivera HartikainenOlivera HartikainenNapja
  • Jimmy has had more human interaction in that 50 hours than I’ve had in the last year honestly

    Ashley YeeAshley YeeNapja
  • At the end Chirs said "HUGGY, HUGGY!" And I think MrBeast Said "No Chirs no!" LOL

    Bubbly and RoboBubbly and RoboNapja
  • My family: Mrbeast is really Gentle! Also Mrbeast: *Tried to kill his friend with a chair*

    〔Mexico_Sarah 2〕〔Mexico_Sarah 2〕Napja
  • Hi

    The ChugThe ChugNapja
  • The quick tooth neurally fetch because hourglass developmentally spill unto a steady teaching. imaginary, violet panda

    Farhan AliFarhan AliNapja
  • I kidnapped the speakers 4 u :)

  • Did pepe Know he name jimmy

    Byron HernandezByron HernandezNapja

    Luisa CalmaLuisa CalmaNapja
  • omggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

    Jason DoradoJason DoradoNapja
  • brack the tv jimmy

    kareemat bakarekareemat bakareNapja
  • Jimmy: I have been less crazy in this challenge Reality: Jimmy throws a siren, throws food, and attacks with a chair, and a small thingy.

    The definition of YEETThe definition of YEETNapja
  • Did anyone else notice that the door said :beware nerd inside: lol

    Shawn HeitzmanShawn HeitzmanNapja
  • waw

    Abdrahim JilalAbdrahim JilalNapja
  • Same

    Fredric WilsonFredric WilsonNapja

  • Chris at the end was 👌

  • My uncle has been doing this challenge for a while now

    Mario BingusMario BingusNapja
  • ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

  • I’m hanging on a building with watching it

  • YeAh

    John SparrowJohn SparrowNapja
  • My family wonts to go on a family trip but’s it’s 7k to go my dad doesn’t have enough can u please help a little

    Bryant MaligligBryant MaligligNapja
  • My dad has been in there for 20 years

  • Oh god

    Juliana NelsonJuliana NelsonNapja
  • Please play roblox

    Mery HusinMery HusinNapja
  • How dose he know who's above him

    Lil FisherLil FisherNapja
  • The Noob :o)

  • Can you please relealese the full rap

  • 5:14 Clowns !!!!

    Jaxon Disc GolfJaxon Disc GolfNapja
  • And buddy game Jimmy a letter to take down the speaker

    Jagannath KhemlallJagannath KhemlallNapja
  • A does speakers are right by that backroom uther the camera you see the little power source and you know Jimmy did it

    Jagannath KhemlallJagannath KhemlallNapja
  • What’s the difference?

    Reagan Cary :DReagan Cary :DNapja
  • I want to see a full version of karl, Chris, and channler making a dis track of me beast

  • The knotty green fortuitously print because scraper canonically stay abaft a limping chimpanzee. ambiguous, combative kale

    Piper LavettePiper LavetteNapja