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  • Fake, I would have asked if he wanted to do double or nothing with that Tesla for a private jet!

    • Hmm

      Flaming GamingFlaming Gaming2 napja
    • Hi

      Yahir ArzetaYahir Arzeta12 napja
    • eeeee im scared

      shirazAzizi21shirazAzizi2113 napja
    • @Leif the Leaf of Life will never Leave *Bruh*

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    • I’m one of the only 500 hundred that gets to comment

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  • Wow, 11000 trees already

    FOFSpicyEyesFOFSpicyEyes21 perce
  • *Chris only dabs Only Priority.*

    IanSSJG [GD]IanSSJG [GD]23 perccel
  • The guy looks like the guy from tik tok that always says pubes

    beetle juciebeetle jucie23 perccel
  • I would rather get h-it by a car for an airplane

    Ankush /markAnkush /mark33 perccel
  • Useless fact: Chris dabbed 7 times in this video.

    Pol KellyPol Kelly54 perccel
  • What the f- did I just witness

    Adam WrightAdam Wright54 perccel
  • its like an animated version of spitting image but with things that millennials can understand instead of political jokes only old liberals will get

    frog nun gunfrog nun gun59 perccel
  • What the fuck did i just watch?

    Spacelover 900Spacelover 900Órája
    • You have just witnessed perfection.

      SimplePeoplesSimplePeoples25 perccel
  • carl is like a animal 😆

    Deonhette LizanoDeonhette LizanoÓrája
  • that kiss weirded me out

    Foxii Fox27Foxii Fox27Órája
  • thats sooo funny i could not stop laughing

  • Team trees

    Squid KidSquid Kid2 órája
  • if you pause at 2:00 at the right moment beast has luffy arms

    Nako TacoNako Taco2 órája
  • so 13000 trees huh

    bas 00zaabas 00zaa2 órája
  • Bruh

    B R U HB R U H2 órája
  • Lol

    Evelyn WijayaEvelyn Wijaya2 órája
  • 11,000 trees

    Keegan MyersKeegan Myers2 órája
  • Is this what hell is like

    -RIZZLE --RIZZLE -3 órája
  • An I love the vid

    Kain MooreKain Moore4 órája
  • By the way I no afenc but chandler has a big head in the film

    Kain MooreKain Moore4 órája
  • I wonder if the actual MrBeast voiced this or was that just good voice acting by MeatCanyon

    ClumsyYTClumsyYT5 órája
  • i died when he went out the window on the parechute 😭😭

    P ã s t e ł • G ã c h áP ã s t e ł • G ã c h á5 órája
  • 11M trees

    Catersouruss 1000Catersouruss 10005 órája
  • Never MrBeast Would Never Do That. Without Increasing the stakes until he won't do it.

    Chicken KujoChicken Kujo6 órája
  • How can he use the Tesla if he's gonna die 😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣

    scp 999scp 9997 órája
  • Chris looks creepy with that smile

    Goodman r jackGoodman r jack7 órája
  • Rip Chris and Chandler Cause of death: Jimmy

    Tesernie Grace FarralesTesernie Grace Farrales7 órája
  • Bruh

    mercora1215mercora12158 órája
  • I like the part when he yeets karl😆

    Soledad MendozaSoledad Mendoza9 órája
  • 0:45

    Omar Al maidoorOmar Al maidoor9 órája
  • 0:37 yOur boY bE dRiviNG A fOrd exLPore

    JaxinJaxin9 órája
  • We can all agree that Chris dabbing is the best part

    UltiBeatzUltiBeatz9 órája
  • 0:44

    fish manfish man9 órája
  • *good boy*

    blaedblaed10 órája
  • So is mr beast going to plant 10 thousand trees in his name

    statly eelstatly eel10 órája
  • Man this is a Dark

    Err_Unknown 404Err_Unknown 40410 órája
  • Mr beast is wrumply

    Gerardo Hermosillo (Student)Gerardo Hermosillo (Student)10 órája
  • That looks EXACTLY like carl

  • Oh my God it's mrbeast ,I've been a fan since 1 million subs.

    Full MoviesFull Movies10 órája
  • Is that mr beat

    Cookie cat Ice.Cookie cat Ice.11 órája
  • Dam Jimmy 0:24

    Myles DuncanMyles Duncan11 órája
  • One of them looks like a sloth-

    ლGetToasted _ゃピぬ ლლGetToasted _ゃピぬ ლ11 órája
  • 1:58 I’m fucking dead 🤣

    william hendersonwilliam henderson11 órája
  • At 0.25 speed, you can just see “Karl’s” expression that goes: oh no!

    Toaster ManToaster Man12 órája
  • fhfhfjf

    Charles ReedCharles Reed12 órája
  • Lol so gay

    pargev opoyanpargev opoyan12 órája
  • Mr.beast is Shigaraki from My hero academia

    AliAli12 órája
  • thats stupid i don't like it 😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠

    Sultan AlfatihSultan Alfatih12 órája
  • I like how Karl is the only one who said something sane but MrBeast kills him in the sake of content, like in normal MrBeast

    Jack BJack B12 órája

    jschulzy28jschulzy2813 órája
  • How mrbeast got half of the likes on the comment then the video

    Gaming Dragon213Gaming Dragon21313 órája
  • 1:34 literally mrbeast- *talks* patent- *INHALE* *eXHALE* x4456476 me- (o゚v゚)ノ????

    Chloe BragaChloe Braga13 órája

    Preston NewberryPreston Newberry13 órája
  • Wtf!?!?!?!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Oscar OrnelasOscar Ornelas14 órája
  • In beastes words “good boy”

    Joy With JaidanJoy With Jaidan14 órája
  • well now i want to die

    נעם נעיםנעם נעים14 órája
  • So no one is going to talk about what it says on Chris's shirt

    Semper FidelisSemper Fidelis14 órája
  • Karl: idk about this he looks kinda sick Mr.beast: what you say to me you little punk

    Aamakua EpicAamakua Epic14 órája
  • It is damn disgusting and even the beast commented

    Rodrigo TVRodrigo TV15 órája
  • Because what just happened

    Tp TpTp Tp15 órája
  • What the f***

    Tp TpTp Tp15 órája
  • Dis is sooooo gross

    Sebnem DemirSebnem Demir15 órája
  • remember to like comment subscribe and rewatch

    batenkait0sbatenkait0s15 órája
  • I guess I comment

    Ali IisAli Iis15 órája
  • the part were he shriveled up karl and made a new one-

    ཀCarouseledཀ ཀ ッナンバカ十五 ニコ岩ッཀཀCarouseledཀ ཀ ッナンバカ十五 ニコ岩ッཀ15 órája
  • This is the most cursed video ive ever seen...

    Faris PriadyFaris Priady16 órája
  • Wtf why would you want to see a live action one

    Skull diggerSkull digger16 órája
  • Im dying of laughter lol. Keep up the good work

    Whatzit TooyaWhatzit Tooya16 órája
  • GOOD BOY (in Kratos voice)

    Black BimmaBlack Bimma16 órája
  • Chandler looks like Squidward

    Black BimmaBlack Bimma16 órája
  • Bro don’t do him like that sure he gives away money but he helpful

    Miguel BahenaMiguel Bahena16 órája
  • Is it just me, or does Chris look like the Joker from Batman?!

    EndemicWings77EndemicWings7716 órája
  • I’m looking for Justin Y.

    renzo marenzo ma16 órája
    • Same

  • 0:41 :|

    Stephen LaymanStephen Layman16 órája
  • 11,000 trees???

    Jonathan AcworthJonathan Acworth16 órája
  • Boi ur doodoo

    Masterp8sMasterp8s16 órája
  • Look at Chris’s sweatshirt

    Pablo Among UsPablo Among Us17 órája
  • This is my favorite animation

    el dios muy proel dios muy pro17 órája
  • The new saying for me and my friend is “Good booy”

    Noah Mcnulty_2240320Noah Mcnulty_224032017 órája
  • 😂😂😂😂

    Nelson PosadaNelson Posada19 órája
  • 11.2k trees

    IbraheemAhmedd ahmedIbraheemAhmedd ahmed19 órája
  • Why do I keep watching this?

    Brad KlocknerBrad Klockner19 órája
    • Because today i just bought this entire hospital

      Shrek • 8 years agoShrek • 8 years ago19 órája
  • Hello

    Ali’s YeetAli’s Yeet19 órája
  • This is somewhat wholsome

    Cruzmike100Cruzmike10020 órája
  • Lol imagine if they animated it into real life Haha wait NO IT WAS A JOKE

    JoseJose20 órája
  • 2:05 Chris dabed again

    ryan Khithryan Khith20 órája
  • Jesus christxD

    isakisak20 órája
  • I don’t like this video!!!!!!!!

    Steven MolloySteven Molloy20 órája
  • 0:42 did he just decinagrat Carl🤣🤣🤣

    Stan StrootStan Stroot21 órája
  • Mr.BEAST in a nutshell

    Yester BayYester Bay21 órája
  • This only made it easier for my to look at this group like the clowns they are

    Haydn AmorosiHaydn Amorosi21 órája
  • Test: *bruh*5*

    Adam ElgaliAdam Elgali21 órája

    Listen here mateListen here mate21 órája
  • Chris be dabbin doe

    M4RL0NM4RL0N21 órája
  • Bruuhh

    Tem STem S22 órája
  • That first "bruh" totally snuck in my ass and made me laugh literally to death.

    Mike MartinezMike Martinez23 órája
    • You bastard. Putting 3 of them in there.

      Mike MartinezMike Martinez23 órája
  • Is nobody gonna talk about how Karl came out of mrbeasts stomach

    Ayden CarrAyden Carr23 órája
  • 👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿⏬

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  • 0:39 did anyone else see chantler stepping on the heart?

    was epicbozilla but now dekuwas epicbozilla but now deku23 órája