I Played Minecraft's Incredible Cave 1.17 Snapshot

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I test out the new cave generation and it was AMAZING
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  • Now I’m imagining an underground Dream SMP war-

    ImpostørImpostør12 perccel
  • Should be a new enchantment for tools called like underwater digging or something, otherwise it wouldn’t be efficient to go to caves underwater since it takes much longer to dig when you are in the water

    Addicted GamerAddicted Gamer2 órája
  • the cave update will be cool but how are u gonna go cave when u dont have wather breathing and night vision its almost impossible to get water breathing and night vision whitout cheats when u just started

    Arruko_Arruko_4 órája
  • I love your vids!

    TheWeirdBurgerTheWeirdBurger5 órája
  • when he was exploring the caves and the classic minecraft soundtrack came on i legit got emotional

    MarsMars7 órája
  • the music killed me

    prod. kajroprod. kajro10 órája
  • respiration is gonna pog now

    arkan raynantaarkan raynanta11 órája
  • Those water caves look fucking deadly

    YoshiMadnessYoshiMadness13 órája
  • Why are you so excited about a update you made? LoL

    TRUE CatTRUE Cat15 órája
  • What hardcore world

    Purpple_ crayonPurpple_ crayon17 órája
  • it's so crazy for me to think about being excited about a cave update on PE back in like 2014 and now there's a real cave update

    Saiyan SpiritSaiyan Spirit18 órája
  • project bioshockkkkkk!!

    mr yeetmr yeet18 órája
  • No ore funkin mod needed!

    -内ド-内ド21 órája
  • am i the only one that thinks about chaos caverns 2.0

    Dirp1515Dirp151521 órája
  • Omg Phil's little giggles of pure joy give me life

    Nightcore _KittenNightcore _Kitten22 órája
  • This is where they make hermitcraft or the hermits even richer

    Parardhya HugoParardhya HugoNapja
  • nihachu the fish would love this lol

    Madison MeredithMadison MeredithNapja
  • I am surprised I got 20 fps on 32 chunks while playing this snapshot-- lul it kept going to like, 6 tho and looked like a slideshow--

    Gaming_ PotatoGaming_ PotatoNapja
    • haha Lol

  • your smile makes my day

    Anni EdwardsAnni EdwardsNapja
  • It's like exploring Minecraft for the first time the second time.

    Annoying DoggyAnnoying DoggyNapja
  • It's kind of emotional like how did it started and how much it has developed and it's only because you're Minecraft HUworldrs so thank you because of you I got to see all these developments and I can enjoy them thank you

    Sagar DixitSagar DixitNapja
  • Hope there's like a Giant Underground Paradise Biome, That's Like A Overworld Forest But Underground, And It's A Rare Underground Biome To Find, so it's like a sanctuary/oasis

    Luki 1331Luki 1331Napja
  • Aqua affinity + respiration 3 = op in the water mines

  • I cant believe that minecraft/block game used to only have 4 or 5 blocks and now look how much its evolved

    Pyramid ObamaPyramid ObamaNapja
  • Is this actually gonna be in the real minecraft or is this just a mod?

  • So the caves are much larger, and finding diamonds should be easier?

    Algomarble racerAlgomarble racerNapja
  • Mojang really overdid themself hahah. I thought nether updates were op enough. Now we have cave updates. Weeee.

    Lily BinghamLily BinghamNapja
  • History

  • Too bad massive caves such as these are ultra rare now.

  • Anyone else getting subnautica feelings

    Vesa VehmasVesa VehmasNapja
  • How I understand it is that they'll erase the bedrock of your old world and add new generation below that, then have the bedrock generate again after that new layer I think. Could be wrong tho.

    Ges J.Ges J.Napja
  • "They just officially said 'fuck it' " - Ph1LzA

  • if add RTX or shader or texture pack its well be fricking cool

    chill sanschill sansNapja
  • Im scared about my phone dying to lag

    Jv Lance DumaguinJv Lance DumaguinNapja
  • It's kinda weird seeing the creator of Minecraft admire his own game

    • That1RandomGuy •• That1RandomGuy •Napja
  • If you are Christian plz read this make sure you repent of your sins and a fact it is a sin to curse and curse in gods name

  • Major subnautica vibes rn. Anyone else feeling me? Elytra through caves with peace music is gonna be my favorite thing to do in this game

    bradley robinsonbradley robinsonNapja
  • after 10 year. our journey with this game has yet to be shut

    Max The UmbreonMax The UmbreonNapja
  • Niki the mermaid would be jumping in the water right now

    Valentijn Ter BrakeValentijn Ter BrakeNapja
  • At 3:28 I know I've heard that music more than 1,000 times. But watching how happy his face is made an old memory flood back to me of me buying Minecraft in 2011 on my parent's 2007 mac book. I remember listening to that music every time almost every day after school. I'm setting in my room tearing up remembering just how happy I was to make a crafting table for the first time.

    Jake HudsonJake HudsonNapja
  • Water breathing potion makers after this update Stonks

    Birk ChickenBirk Chicken2 napja
  • Can someone tell me the name of the song that starts at 3:30? it just floods back memories to me

    mrwolfie__mrwolfie__2 napja
  • Seeing it in a video from someone’s perspective makes this so much better this new update is going to be incredible

    Whitney .yayshsWhitney .yayshs2 napja
  • it's like an infinite cave..

    Zaky AZaky A2 napja
  • Im watching this and is like I’m watching p0rn. Literally, the number of base ideas and things that come to my mind are insane

    nassxz_fnnassxz_fn2 napja
  • Still cliffs to go

    Not Mack DalrunplyNot Mack Dalrunply2 napja
  • I love ur laugh xD

    U.D.U.D.2 napja
  • Nice

    sajid bashirsajid bashir2 napja
  • 1:10 why the hell did i think that was herobrine

    DarksorinDarksorin2 napja
    • ok

      waters ewaters e2 napja
  • Its starting to look like 3D terraria, imo.

    Crust On CrackCrust On Crack2 napja
  • This will be Soo good for niki

    grilled cheesegrilled cheese2 napja
  • imagine a conversation with ur friend: you: ayo imma go mine for diamonds wanna come to y-30? friend: it only goes down do 0 wtf r u talking abt me: not anymore

    Mandatory LeafMandatory Leaf2 napja
  • It’s so broken cuz now we can find ores SO EASILY

    Dan LintonDan Linton2 napja
  • tinteted glass is like one way glass

    Muhammad yuhibMuhammad yuhib2 napja
  • 2 things. 1. This reminds me a bit of Subnautica. 2. Imagine this with shaders.

    _Flambo_Flambo2 napja
  • It's actually easy to find diamonds now

    Meliodas 2kMeliodas 2k2 napja
  • Philza’s “Hey guys how’s it going?” And his “Ooh-kayy” just make me feel so comforted-

    sxnflower skiessxnflower skies2 napja
  • Aqua infinty+respiration=pog

    Ant.Edits_ KaasjeAnt.Edits_ Kaasje2 napja
  • The only concern I have for 1.17 is how do we not drown 😅

    Timothy GamesTimothy Games2 napja
  • They should add glow fish along with the glow squids to spawn in the caves it would be so cool :0

    OliveOlive2 napja
  • Underwater caves be like subnautica again...

    DarkFlame2353DarkFlame23532 napja
  • Too much water

    TheeShiddy GamerTheeShiddy Gamer2 napja
  • what do we do about getting diamonds on y 11 now?

    Daniel VargoDaniel Vargo2 napja
  • hi! I’m a new viewer of this channel and I’m already loving it

    LetMeLearnYou AThingOrTwoLetMeLearnYou AThingOrTwo2 napja
  • I remember playing Minecraft and there barely being any biomes. Or having to play that tutorial in the beginning and trying to get out. It’s crazy how much the game has changed and it brings me a lot of joy and seeing Phil happy makes me happy.

    Morgan RoseMorgan Rose2 napja
  • no one: phil: what if moss

    LulaSnakeLulaSnake3 napja
  • Imagine it with shaders that'd be sooo cool

    Maxime LeveilleMaxime Leveille3 napja
  • I wonder how this Uptate will affect speed run with the warden and the stronghold being depper now

    YeetYeet3 napja
  • Man, I’m so damn excited for this update. I’m on bedrock so we’ll probably get it a little late, but seeing how beautiful the whole new worlds are makes me want to cry

    Alexander BrewerAlexander Brewer3 napja
  • 6:13 Everyone liked that

    Frogget :/Frogget :/3 napja
  • This is literally the most beautiful thing I've seen all week

    SideVermin 93SideVermin 933 napja
  • It’s beautiful but it’s terrifying

    MorganMorgan3 napja
  • do a beating minecraft but you are only allowed to be in the caves

    Mikael JönssonMikael Jönsson3 napja
  • we can now make EPIC bases underground, so amazing

    CJ Artistique DorkiqueCJ Artistique Dorkique3 napja
  • I'm here to explain what happened in the video Watch it yourself and he is just happy phil the hole time

    Blue Ducky37Blue Ducky373 napja
  • They literally just added the nether generator to caves underground.

    Survivor_489Survivor_4893 napja
  • I can finally make an amazing underground base/house

    ASMR LoverASMR Lover3 napja
  • is this bedrock?

    Zeta LordZeta Lord3 napja
  • 0:42 thatswhatshesaid

    FantaFanta3 napja
  • "All the water enchantments are useless, when are you ever going to be underwater"

    Reds2724Reds27243 napja
  • Forget the overworld all my bases will be underground!

    Qspace 2Qspace 23 napja
  • Happy Philza Noises: intensifies

    AndraAndra3 napja
  • Amagine manhunt🤭

    Elfy. ChuElfy. Chu3 napja
  • When the builders take advantage of this update and start building whole underground civilisations and such. That’ll be a sight.

    SimeonSimeon3 napja
  • Now the water is lava, the lava is water. This update is not that good in my opinion

    stickzstickz3 napja
  • I will miss the old caves but hey bigger worlds

    SpideykianSpideykian3 napja
  • When tommy has 30 mill you will have 8.5m thats what people think

    RelayRelay3 napja
  • Do pp reveal

    kai the crusaderkai the crusader3 napja
  • happy phil makes good content

    basbekjenlbasbekjenl3 napja
  • This looks straight like a dream I swear these under water caves are so humongous. I think Notch is proud

    RajaRaja3 napja
  • i have a god damn phobia of deep waters i will not play the game i will have a heart attack :)

    Delayed Wolf5678Delayed Wolf56783 napja
  • There isn’t any dungeon I can see when he went into spectator mode :(

    Abraham OliveraAbraham Olivera3 napja
  • put rtx and shaders on

    TRP_GamingTRP_Gaming3 napja
  • Will the king like?

    wholesomes daughterwholesomes daughter3 napja
  • Now you REALLY can't dig strait down.... Or you'll fall down one of these caves...

    Naterino SanNaterino San3 napja
  • theres a new snapshot about the deep dark :D

    drummerboi357drummerboi3573 napja
  • Im excited the fact that caves in 1.17 are better than ravines... Ravines used to be ny favourite place to mine diamonds.

    KylerLiamKylerLiam3 napja
  • I love dad

    Tosha JTosha J3 napja
  • Underground biome just became nether on crack

    SundooSundoo3 napja
  • These caves are the type you would find in a action game like tomb raider or something

    Just an ordinary British kidJust an ordinary British kid4 napja