I made your dumb ideas in Minecraft...

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I decided to make your dumb ideas in Minecraft, and here's what you came up with. I am not proud of you. Video heavily inspired by Michael Reeves. You're awesome.
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So I made your dumb ideas in Minecraft... Now while this is not a fundy Difficulty, or a Minecraft, but video, I think it was still funny and enjoyable to watch. I hope you enjoyed it!
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  • my ideas dont suck..... you suck

    Carmen NewsomeCarmen Newsome42 perccel
  • Oh my god he’s like Michael reeves

    H2O_Wolf DemonH2O_Wolf Demon50 perccel
  • Micheal reeves 2.0

  • Bro this looks like u copied Michael Reeves' video. . . . b u t m a d e i t m i n e c r a f t. . . . .

    Ding MacaraigDing MacaraigÓrája
  • I Think funny might be a way good YT if he didn’t swear for family freaindly

    Axel mamilolinAxel mamilolinÓrája
  • Michael reeves of Minecraft

    SpriteSprite2 órája
  • Michael Reeves 2.0 right here.

    JoseRuben LeyvaJoseRuben Leyva2 órája
  • smug gabe predicted dream smp plot

    Kailani SongKailani Song2 órája
  • Minecraft but you can pee

    Tracey WilsonTracey Wilson3 órája
  • Ability to ride turtles(Please i luv Turtles even i habe a turtle called turtil

    Mayra JonesMayra Jones3 órája
  • I miss fundy

    Ani OscarAni Oscar3 órája
  • Minecraft that you can dab

    Jaxon WilliamsJaxon Williams4 órája
  • Are you a furry?

    Winston ChurchillWinston Churchill4 órája
  • But you can’t use any /kill

    Allen LiwoszAllen Liwosz4 órája
  • And try to kill it

    Allen LiwoszAllen Liwosz4 órája
  • And try to kill it

    Allen LiwoszAllen Liwosz4 órája
  • Make a chicken that has 1,000,000,000,000 health

    Allen LiwoszAllen Liwosz4 órája
  • Minecraft, but all friendly mobs (pig, sheep, cow etc) turn into attack helicopters when you get near

    Ethan WalkerEthan Walker4 órája
  • This reminds me of Michael Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeves

    Mineplay3Mineplay35 órája
  • 8:41 2020 in a nutshell

    Iron the DestroyerIron the Destroyer5 órája
  • i miss fundy

  • Um I think you ment you're in the title but okay.

    slow timeslow time5 órája
  • Minecraft but every mob is on fire Please Fundy

    Noa PuljizNoa Puljiz6 órája
  • You should do all of these ideas with randomized textures

    Anne RitterAnne Ritter6 órája
  • I miss funny

    Ozodjon ObidjonovOzodjon Obidjonov6 órája
  • I have to laught with the cut a Steve head

    Damian SchöneDamian Schöne6 órája

    jenessaojenessao7 órája

    jenessaojenessao7 órája
  • do a minecraft but is shite

    Lillian LeitzenLillian Leitzen7 órája
  • I like your Minecraft skin its adorable

    chris afton ytchris afton yt7 órája
  • I miss funny

    Lucas smithLucas smith7 órája
  • Well.... egg

    opheliaxoopheliaxo8 órája
  • i never laghed so hard at 6:24

    real rohamreal roham8 órája
  • Make sure to subscribe and like Fundy video

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  • Wow. This is one of the best vids ever.

    HatFace GamingHatFace Gaming8 órája
  • 9:03 when you're so alone even the creepers stay way from you.

    Skully SkullsSkully Skulls9 órája
  • who knew the word egg would destroy his computer.

    Skully SkullsSkully Skulls9 órája
  • 11:24 my friends wheeen they want 1v1 me

    SperfexSperfex9 órája
  • Make snow so if you step on it leaves footprints even animals thanks if you fo

    yanina chinicolayanina chinicola9 órája
  • Hi

    Nick LyonsNick Lyons9 órája
  • make that every time you take damage you get one red tulip

    Martins VinkalnsMartins Vinkalns9 órája
  • Please make ducks in Minecraft Fundy

    Angel DrillingAngel Drilling9 órája
  • Make ducks in Minecraft

    Angel DrillingAngel Drilling9 órája
  • Make ducks in Minecraft

    Angel DrillingAngel Drilling9 órája
  • Make ducks in Minecraft

    Angel DrillingAngel Drilling9 órája
  • 3:53 made me laugh so hard

    OffendermanOffenderman11 órája
  • minecraft but fundy gets infinte subs

    Thorben OrbieThorben Orbie11 órája
  • make minecraft but you can do magic with a stick

    Thorben OrbieThorben Orbie11 órája
  • The location is in the Netherlands are you dutch?

    ThomasThomas12 órája
  • 5:36 undertale Oh version

    Oskarix 2012Oskarix 201212 órája
  • pls

    JarretRRJarretRR13 órája
  • chungus

    JarretRRJarretRR13 órája
  • Minecraft but you can tame the iron golem with iron ingots

    Shely GarciaShely Garcia13 órája
  • 7:22 Still no one tweeted "I miss Fundy" If i had Twitter at that time i would have tweeted that aut alteast till you died XD (Miss you fundy your a great content creator (: i can always have a smile after i watch you)

    Blues MelodyBlues Melody13 órája
  • do you use shitter

    DerpyDerpy13 órája
  • My ideas [ Negative Number Gravity ] *Whenever you try to walk, you float, and the gravity is so low that even obsidians and bedrock float* [ Uncompletable Mode ] *Every hostiles mob's damage and health are increased by 6x and they can cause blindness for **0:03** seconds, while in combat the hostile mobs get the poison III to help you kill the mob ,all mobs have op set and mob spawner is rare like ancient debris* [ Opposite Day ] *Hostiles mobs become passive ( they run away if u attack them ) and the passive mobs such as cow ,chicken ,sheep and pig are hostile ( they get the absorption effect for **0:30** seconds if you attack them )* [ Big brain animals ] *If you kill any mob in this mode, sometimes a mob has uno reverse card, they uno reverse card you and you get killed becuase they uno reverse card you ( they only reverse card just when you kill the animal so you die and the animal who reversed carded you lives, the animals are so big brain )*

    Arthur MorganArthur Morgan13 órája
  • 3:55 I have no words

    Jake LakeJake Lake14 órája
  • there is to of them the roblox one and mine craft

    Braden The ManBraden The Man14 órája
  • I Miss fundy

    Hudson ShivelyHudson Shively15 órája
  • 9:11 booty shake

    SK IS LIVE 1094SK IS LIVE 109416 órája
  • The ability to ride a ghast and shoot fire ball that will be cool

    odin 0920odin 092018 órája
  • Pigs be like: corona

    gitar tostgitar tost19 órája
  • Minecraft but creepers do not explode, my reaction: pls pls pls do not EXPLODE CREEPER *starts to explode* me again: NO NO NO NO *doesnt explode* me again: oh thank you

  • i knew its already late but what if you make ender dragon more aggresive

    Muhammad Nur Izz Bin Mohd ShahirinMuhammad Nur Izz Bin Mohd Shahirin21 órája
  • Seed 666

    Ruben PeltenburgRuben Peltenburg21 órája
  • Minecraft but but its a zombie apocalyps 🧟‍♂️🧟

    SambolbanSambolban23 órája
  • Fundy: becoming a idiot and makes bad stuff The mobs crying just to kill fundy:

    Chill VxbezChill Vxbez23 órája
  • Omg

    Doketo chanDoketo chanNapja
  • Minecraft but you can’t craft

    Ambrose PandaAmbrose PandaNapja
  • Someone been watching Michael reeves

  • Small gabe predicted the future of the dream smp

  • i miss fundy

    Vash ArcherVash ArcherNapja
  • 0:54 is funniest part, if you focus on the villager, it will look at you and walk away

  • Uhh he said the 25 is a Friday me sitting here saying no it’s Friday the 26

    CClologg 4LCClologg 4LNapja
  • I miss funny

    Bobby DowlerBobby DowlerNapja
  • I miss fundy

    Chianne SmithenChianne SmithenNapja
  • High

    Christie HalliburtonChristie HalliburtonNapja
  • Let bees wear saddles and you can ride them

    I need help :PI need help :PNapja
  • This one is actually good make an add on that adds huge huge caves

    chicken nuggets with potatoes and poop Hartfiliachicken nuggets with potatoes and poop HartfiliaNapja
  • can you code it that you can fly on an elytra ik in a mod for 1.7.10 called the wings of alfheim i need it for my modpack on 1.12.2 like sao

    Bagra BegaBagra BegaNapja
  • 6.9k dislikes

  • It's leviOsa not LEVIoSaaaaaa

    Danyal WDanyal WNapja
    • Harry potter fan right here

      Danyal WDanyal WNapja
  • Minecraft but you need to eat a healthy food

    Unknown ErrorUnknown ErrorNapja
  • 6.9K Dislikes... dont even remind me of funny number

  • Wait just noticed forever alone is useful with creepers

    Healed VesselHealed VesselNapja
  • What about feeding a fox to make to ride a chicken.

    Healed VesselHealed VesselNapja
  • 5:04 just looks like Gold Experience Requiem 😂

  • Make THE game geometry dash in Minecraft plllllsssss

    Adam lolAdam lolNapja
  • Wow

  • this was made on my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hammod habibihammod habibiNapja
  • 6:20 the young child growed and became A MASTER

    maaz farhan video gamermaaz farhan video gamerNapja
  • 3:30 I guess you could say quackity did us pretty dirty

  • I hate you

    Eero CavenEero CavenNapja
  • I miss Fundy

  • Minecraft but I can one hit everything and every mob and slice then

    Tonyo BeTonyo BeNapja
  • lol ur guys funny

    Benas PudžmysBenas PudžmysNapja
  • hey

  • I miss fundy

    shuvashree pattanaikshuvashree pattanaikNapja
  • My idea its : teleporting guns and animals every animals

    cj estoparcj estoparNapja