I made a full netherite beacon in ULTRA Hardcore with bundles... (S3E8)

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I made a full netherite beacon in ULTRA Hardcore with bundles... (S3E8)
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  • Hey guys! This video turned out different than I had in mind, but I had a lot of fun :D Now thanks to CORE for sponsoring this video & thanks to you guys for making this all possible! If you are interested, you can check it out using the following link → bit.ly/Core-Duckio

    • 111th reply lmao

      RpG_ClanRpG_Clan2 napja
    • Duplicate the skulls lol

      Alpha ManAlpha Man6 napja
    • J

      dimitrios dasopitasdimitrios dasopitasHónapja
    • Dukio find a enchanted apple and duplicate it.

      Patrick LapidoPatrick LapidoHónapja
    • Dukio find a lot of pyramids to get an enchanted apple and duplicate it

      Patrick LapidoPatrick LapidoHónapja
  • hey btw he has lan open and that is how you get cheats in hardcore so just sayuiing

    paul's Minecraft stuffpaul's Minecraft stuff13 órája
  • Het duckio the farm spawns a goor amount of MOB’s wegen u AFK they only come down when u are at the bottom

    Ilian GysenIlian Gysen22 órája
  • He is the first to make a netherite beacon in ultra hardcord by bundles

    Shrey BhandariShrey BhandariNapja
  • This is how i want my youtube videos to be edited but i cant relly time laps my time laps softwhere sucks

  • “ is it just me or did they change the texture for the sugarcane??” me: *there is FOUR sugarcane stacked there*

  • fake it took wadzee like 6 months how in eight days

    Sultoni BoypochoevSultoni Boypochoev2 napja
  • Y did u stop?

    Sawyer HarrisSawyer Harris2 napja
  • u can duplecate a bundle

  • how does the glitch work?

    Alex DaviesAlex Davies2 napja
  • you could have held a dandelion and the rabbits would have ran towards you...............................................

    Alex DaviesAlex Davies2 napja
  • Lol wish WadZee used this glitch too he spent a lot of time for noting

    Eren AksoyEren Aksoy2 napja
  • Use string to do wool

    Claudio FelicianoClaudio Feliciano2 napja
  • He didnt even fight wither legitelly

    YesYes2 napja

    clevie artsclevie arts2 napja
  • M A K E S H E E P F A R M

    To8iáš Kr1žanskýTo8iáš Kr1žanský2 napja
  • 𝐖𝐚𝐝𝐙𝐞𝐞 𝐡𝐚𝐬 𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐭.

    Ryan The ViViRyan The ViVi3 napja
  • how are you on 1.17?

    WizzleWizzle3 napja
  • They are so cute baby villager

    Samrat RoySamrat Roy3 napja
  • I remember when you where at 1k you’ve grown so much good job keep posting I love you man

    wtrmln kidwtrmln kid4 napja
  • We have to make Wadzee watch this

    ThatWeirdGuyThatWeirdGuy4 napja
  • dupe enchanted golden apples

    Matthew MillerMatthew Miller4 napja
  • hey u were too high just be 25 blocks above the top of the farm

    Ashmit DProAshmit DPro4 napja
  • wadzee made netherite beacon in hardcore without cheating and it took him 6 months to do that ,and you cheated noob

    DarknightDarknight5 napja
  • yaayayaayayyaay duckio!!! the best hardcore series ever!!!!

    zhouzy112zhouzy1125 napja
  • I hope you feel good about yourself Duckio. That baby duck watching the sponsor. Was enough to make me not skip it.

    Aden MisslerAden Missler5 napja
  • Duckio, i think you should a horror minecraft map

    Elliot YOElliot YO5 napja
  • 13:4o terrifying :0

    VoidLordKing - MinecraftVoidLordKing - Minecraft5 napja

    Osaimah Al-TailjiOsaimah Al-Tailji5 napja
  • Bro how wadzee took like 11 months but you on the other hand....

    3QULN0X3QULN0X5 napja
  • The texture of sugarcane is different in deserts, and have an even different ugly Colour in swamps

    Shayaan TahirShayaan Tahir6 napja
  • The time lapse music is very good, ik it is from grian s time lapse music very good!

    Shayaan TahirShayaan Tahir6 napja
  • what gives people feelings of power Money Status being so rich in minecraft that burning all ur diamonds that u mined because they are useeless compared to netherite

    alexxalexx6 napja
  • duck made me watch the sponser

    Fireant the SilkWingFireant the SilkWing6 napja
  • 4:49 what brain cells

    BNG_appleBNG_apple6 napja
  • 14:56 that never happened

  • Just use a grindstone to grind the enchantment away

    Silver nullSilver null6 napja
  • Wad zee never seen such bull shit before

    Pop ElitePop Elite6 napja
  • Duckio is the only person to make ads interesting

    ZtelxZtelx7 napja
  • How you can heve 1.17?🤣🤣🤣🤔

    dogeris gejmrůvdogeris gejmrův7 napja
  • Wadzee: finally a worthy appoint

    Zombs National ChampionshipsZombs National Championships7 napja
  • Im only watching the game thing cuz of the duck

    WolfyBanG eWolfyBanG e7 napja
  • Why is nobody talking about the duck

    KenzhiroKenzhiro7 napja
  • Duckio sugar cane is a different shade from f green in some Holmes in the desert it is bright and in swamps it is dark

    Voids _Voids _8 napja
  • Wait how does the bundle duplicate glitch work?

    Wall .eWall .e8 napja
  • I died in my hardcor world today 😕😕😕

    SupermotoslideSupermotoslide8 napja
  • He burning diamonds I can't even get diamonds

    33.Royden Rodrigues33.Royden Rodrigues8 napja
  • Gathering all items in minecraft. Could you do it?

    Ravi FopseRavi Fopse8 napja
  • Alternative title: HUworldr commits mass rabbit genocide to make something that looks pretty

    Philip NellerPhilip Neller9 napja
  • Duplicate your elytra, maybe enchantment books, anything

    Just BecauseJust Because10 napja
  • It's impossible it took 6 months to wadzee

    Stefan PanceaStefan Pancea10 napja
  • EYY you got the scar building music!

    A Random PersonA Random Person10 napja
  • you used slabs mobs dont spwan on slabs

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  • We want moree of s3

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  • u should make a sixtouple netherite beacon

    Mefail AmetiMefail Ameti13 napja
  • People who saw wadzee do it legit

    James McNamaraJames McNamara14 napja
  • Says time lapse is not on snap shot then make a time lapse in the nether

    James McNamaraJames McNamara14 napja
  • i love he dident dupe the skuls at the start lol

    OscarekkilerOscarekkiler17 napja
  • Wadzee is a legend Duckio....

    loren_marie1loren_marie118 napja
  • why is a wither the perfect way to strip mine?

    janskajanska19 napja
  • is this even real

    #Itz Sarah#Itz Sarah19 napja
  • couldn't you have used the bundles to get more wither skulls?

    dragon citydragon city20 napja
  • Tatti

    rao abdul quddoosrao abdul quddoos21 napja
  • Ejem no le robarás el puesto a farfadox

    _Soy Lyady __Soy Lyady _23 napja
  • Episode 9

    Claudia MoyaClaudia Moya25 napja
  • Tip: If u keep hitting wither skeleton's head there is a high chance to drop a head

    Sankaranarayanan KrishnaswamySankaranarayanan Krishnaswamy25 napja
    • Ohhh u duplicated the skulls I commented in mid of da video

      Sankaranarayanan KrishnaswamySankaranarayanan Krishnaswamy25 napja
    • Wait can't u duplicate skulls

      Sankaranarayanan KrishnaswamySankaranarayanan Krishnaswamy25 napja
  • FYI: apparently snow can be quite useful against blazes. You can extract with a shovel from snowy blocks :)

    NaphNaph28 napja
  • Can someone actually tell me how to get netherite like that from the beacons

    Josiah JUVINALLJosiah JUVINALL28 napja
  • i was about to skip the ad , but seeing that cute duck made me change my mind lmao

    Ayoub La MrabetAyoub La Mrabet29 napja
    • i skipped it anyway

      NaxanNaxan4 napja
  • Pls make ur server cracked please

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  • Funny guy

    gem XDgem XDHónapja
  • LoL wadzee spend 6 months to make netherite beacon in survival

  • The duck during the sponsorship worked:)

    Ansh TekwaniAnsh TekwaniHónapja
  • How about to make a city and a big church

    Fantom Frealy GamingFantom Frealy GamingHónapja
  • You should have duplicated gunpowder!

    Nicky PlaysNicky PlaysHónapja
  • 03:43 duck cute😀😀😀😀

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  • I love how people appreciating WadZee's efforts as a joke😂

  • Wadzee

    Zach BrownleeZach BrownleeHónapja
  • It you internet a Flint and steel

    Bitta SarkarBitta SarkarHónapja
  • You enchant a Flint and steel

    Bitta SarkarBitta SarkarHónapja
  • wait why is there a season 4 if you didn’t die

    SmashBros PlushSmashBros PlushHónapja
    • No idea🤨

      Rajinder TyagiRajinder Tyagi25 napja
  • 3:28 duckio hand reveal

    Son& mumSon& mumHónapja
  • -_- duping is for cheaters i loved this whole series until this episode im going to go watch philza

  • Make a bee farm

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  • U hax

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  • Me:*read video name* Me:OMG NO WAY is he actually gonna do that *enter video* Me:Ohhhh that not cool

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  • use the bundle to get infante enchanted golden apples

    Student-BSK Abdurahman Omar 4AStudent-BSK Abdurahman Omar 4AHónapja
  • me: bruh im gonna skip his sponsorship duckio: have a ducc me: fine im gonna see it

    Dery_Gamer YTDery_Gamer YTHónapja
    • same here

  • U can dupe the wither skeleton BRUH

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  • You can read bunnies using dandelions

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  • Somebody should sned this to wadzee he ll freak out😂😂

  • i feel bad for wadzee

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  • Wouldn’t it be a good strat to use the wither to find Netherite

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  • plz contiu this series

  • Me sees sponsors add:😒 Me sees Ducky: 😊 Ducky disappears: 😒 Sees Ducky again:😊

    Hakono Poutapu-MatengaHakono Poutapu-MatengaHónapja
  • He actually made it the most powerful beacon in the game

  • Sad can't play in1.17,minecraft might fix that bug,sAad

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    • 1 17 isnt even out thats a snapshot

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  • First time not skipping promotion

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  • can we just appear how much effort this guy puts in his videos 😀

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  • The funniest moment on video IS The Baby duck

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