I Made a Chic-Fil-A Crunchwrap

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bad boys only
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  • can you please do a mukbang

    Julia MotakefJulia Motakef5 órája
  • When white people dont heat up their tortillas first

    JJ9 órája
  • cody dont you dare fry with olive oil you JERK

  • He takes the biggest bites damn

    Danny gillisDanny gillis2 napja
  • when Cody smelt that big and finished, i felt that.

    Joshua HagonJoshua Hagon2 napja
  • I like watching this channel cause it shows me what straight tik tok looks like

    AjAj2 napja
  • chik fil a though :((((

    bellebelle2 napja
  • I'm so sad that there is no Chick-fil-A in Germany here.

    Adrian SAdrian S3 napja
  • Why he eat like that tho

    San DizzleSan Dizzle3 napja
  • That’s what a good sandwich does to ya

    Nico LehockyNico Lehocky5 napja
  • Me who’s cutting weight for wrestling:😢

    SpaceHyenaDonk R6?SpaceHyenaDonk R6?5 napja
  • I'm doing this shit today

    Descartes' ApparitionDescartes' Apparition5 napja
  • Bro you can tell this man went to Duke with the way he throws food away lol

    SaintwolvinnSaintwolvinn5 napja
  • Couldn't you have just bought the nuggets?

    skitolesskitoles6 napja
  • I don’t even know what chick fil a is

    ItsMayhemItsMayhem6 napja
  • If Cody has this kind of a relationship with food he cooks imagine Gordon Ramsay

    NitaNita7 napja
  • Cody ko is the next Gordon Ramsay

    Alexander LivadiniAlexander Livadini7 napja
  • But it needed the Crunch part to be a Crunchwrap 😔 that’s just a wrap

    Isabel MateusIsabel Mateus8 napja
  • 3:22 “GLORD”

    Alison29 3Alison29 38 napja
  • It’s horrifying to watch him use a knife

    Tori EarlTori Earl9 napja
  • “this is so fucked up dude” *slurps the pickle out of the sauce container*

    KuragariKuragari10 napja
  • it sucks to watch someone else live your dream

    Ajalon GraceAjalon Grace11 napja
  • Wade

    Rohan SannidhanamRohan Sannidhanam11 napja
  • Throwing away food +plus it’s a tortilla!? So many old abuelitas are coming to haunt you this day of the dead Cody 💀

    siren electricsiren electric12 napja
  • while watching this my dad said we are getting mexican food. never been so hurt and jealous.

    Liliana LaventureLiliana Laventure12 napja
  • im eating rice

    Mariam AlsuwidiMariam Alsuwidi12 napja
  • Make more videos like this Cody

    Mason SizemoreMason Sizemore13 napja
  • The chick fill a special sause is just honey mustard and barbecue sauce

    tangenting seven230tangenting seven23013 napja
  • Whose gonna tell him he forgot the crunch

    Caroline PurdyCaroline Purdy13 napja
  • You could’ve just got the chicken filet or strips 😐

    Julian La RosaJulian La Rosa14 napja
  • this was so intimate.... but i also hated the chewing sounds you made dear god

    Kathryn ToddKathryn Todd14 napja
  • That is the most aries crunchwrap ive ever seen

    I am MicI am Mic14 napja
  • someone has youtuber recs? that arent white dudes :)

    Stardust ChildStardust Child15 napja
  • I Think Cody’s pms ing

    Tessa GalvanTessa Galvan15 napja
  • Cody flexes his $1k rug before slobbering all over his kitchen counter this beautiful October

    Alex RoggeAlex Rogge15 napja
  • this is the most american thing ever haha

    Mila MikaMila Mika17 napja
  • Lmao those little packs of Chick-fil-A sauce are so pointless to me. I get a bottle every time I go 🤣

    Payton HopePayton Hope17 napja
  • "Those cutting skills dude" *holds the knife wrong*

    AJAJ17 napja
  • It’s like the spongebob episode where he falls in love with his krabby patty

    Josh FarnellJosh Farnell17 napja
  • 6:03 dude really about to pass out from how good it is 💀 I’m trying this FOR SURE

    Briisa I.Briisa I.18 napja
  • Do a that’s cringe: Cody ko

    Nigel SzymanczykNigel Szymanczyk18 napja
  • Not CodyKo spelling Chick-fil-A wrong

    Sami SepkowskiSami Sepkowski18 napja
  • When you cut the chicken, you cut the thick parts into two big chunks and the skinny parts into 3... this goes against chicken cutting logic. Check yourself.

    Marlena BauerMarlena Bauer19 napja
  • I- you know you could have just bought the filet by itself instead of getting the whole sandwich? I work at cfa

    StarrStarr20 napja
  • Ok. Hear me out. Garbage Plate Crunchwrap.

    Kelsey DrummondKelsey Drummond20 napja
  • cody why was your voice 10 octaves deeper after you ate it

    Morgan B StudiosMorgan B Studios20 napja
  • cody's word of the day: Glutenous.

    Wesley JungWesley Jung21 napja
  • Not joking if you have diabetes and eat this you would literally die in five seconds. The amount of carbs in that is ASTRONOMICAL

    John the mealJohn the meal21 napja
  • 6:07 he looks like he's in heaven xD must try now!! I hope I can experience a love like that xD 7:24

    Denielle BonaparteDenielle Bonaparte21 napja
  • roses are red violets are blue he's a bad boy are u too?

    shamvi vshamvi v21 napja
  • he protecc he attacc but most importantly he make crunchwrap.

    shamvi vshamvi v21 napja
  • he protecc he attacc but most importantly he piss on ragg

    shamvi vshamvi v21 napja
  • I love that the last like 4 mins was just him eating

    dudaduda22 napja
  • Make Rob Pattison's Piccolini Cuscino next

    Maddie SchuetteMaddie Schuette22 napja
  • Why didn’t you just get nuggets dumbass?

    Jacqueline SalaJacqueline Sala22 napja
  • Who’s gonna tell him they have nuggets

    Marysa KrohMarysa Kroh24 napja
  • he could've just ordered the filet by itself but for the bun throwing effect i'm all in

    Rodk VicRodk Vic24 napja
  • New merch needs to be "Stop Playing With Me"!

    Shealby HurlbertShealby Hurlbert25 napja
  • BAD BOYS TReAt made me laugh too fuckin hard idk

    Maria PerezMaria Perez25 napja
  • Why didn’t he use nuggets instead of throwing away buns and cutting the chicken

    ElenaAEvideosElenaAEvideos26 napja
  • “Definitely worth the year it took off my life” HAHAHAHAHA😂😂😂😭😭

    Charity BuckinghamCharity Buckingham27 napja
  • I felt dirty watching you eat that

    Jack MooreJack Moore27 napja
  • i work at cfa , ill be ur supplier cody of everything u want 😈

    grey brunellgrey brunell27 napja
  • Okay but I need a restock of it all like now..

    Trenity BishopTrenity Bishop27 napja
  • Any other former Taco Bell’s employees like “oh no baby” the whole time?

    David BaranowskiDavid Baranowski27 napja
  • This is the first time I'm getting mad at you. U made my heart aches. Uv wasted lots of bread while u now there are starving humans and animals all around the world. Think about ur choices again Cody

    Ali JoonAli Joon27 napja
  • I love you cody

    Derek NylundDerek Nylund27 napja
  • you forgot the fucking sauce

    Christian MaitreChristian Maitre28 napja
  • cody's new life motto: unleash your inner psycho

    Ash SawyerAsh Sawyer28 napja
  • You know you can just get filets without the buns and pickles

    Thomas BraunThomas Braun28 napja

    ToastyToasty28 napja
  • so much anxiety watching cody cook

    Jack YEahJack YEah29 napja
  • cody why didn’t you just buy nuggets man

    macie martinmacie martin29 napja
  • The way he ate that made my stomach hurt

    Haley RennekerHaley Renneker29 napja
  • Cody man, that romantic sequence got me fucking deep, god damn. Kelsey, you better watch out

    gonzo1the1firstgonzo1the1first29 napja
  • Why tf did I have to watch this video at 2 am with no food close to me

    Noah KuesterNoah Kuester29 napja
  • How did you manage to get a fat forehead thiccc boi?

    clur ERclur ER29 napja
  • i'm weirdly happy for him because he seems to really like his crunchwrap good job cody, you earned it

  • Hint: you fold it and while holding the fold place it onto the pan to cook and when you take it off the fold has been cooked firm

    k ck cHónapja
  • Don’t care

  • He looks like B tech mark Wahlberg

    chronos _chronos _Hónapja
  • "You should cook from home instead of eating fast food"

    Same Day DeliverySame Day DeliveryHónapja

    Vivian SondriniVivian SondriniHónapja
  • Cody has inspired me to cook myself a bad boy meal tonight. I want a love story like this.

    Makeup For GlassesMakeup For GlassesHónapja
  • lucky man lcuky it looks so juicy

    Gaurav MehtaGaurav MehtaHónapja
  • "I'm feeling like a bad boy today"

    Douglas BellDouglas BellHónapja
  • Please get a worse microphone

    Shane LaskeroShane LaskeroHónapja
  • I’m hungry

    Any NameAny NameHónapja
  • Hey chode I love u but I couldn’t finish this video with those eating sounds, see ya in the next one✌🏻😳✌🏻

  • Watched this while hungry af.. Might have to do this with BK food

    Granville PullenGranville PullenHónapja
  • looking like Peter Pettigrew at 0:55 my dude

  • Just say you're homophobic and move on oof

    Sara Ellen ThomasSara Ellen ThomasHónapja
  • Man this video gives off big "Mr. Struggle Vibes", Yikes.

  • him smacking while he was eating made me want to scream

    riah nicholeriah nicholeHónapja
  • No bev?

    Adrian OchoaAdrian OchoaHónapja
  • Miss me with those pickles homeboy. But the end product does look scrum-diddly-umptious. I love you.

  • U gotta chill with the smacking tho💀 nasty af

    Dylan CrewellDylan CrewellHónapja
  • My high ass finna burn the kitchen down tryna do this shit

    Naomi MossNaomi MossHónapja
  • I cant stand the chewing noises😭😭

  • not me watching this in class fuckkk im so hungry