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2021.ápr. 4.
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I'M BACK!!!! The Early Late Night Show returns bigger and better than ever!! I'm so excited to air this second season of my talk show. It's all because of you that the Dixie D'Amelio Show evolved into this. We have some awesome episodes and amazing guests this season I cannot wait for you to see! Every Sunday at 10AM PST/1PM EST!!! Thanks for watching!
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  • i can't wait for you all to see this season!

    Dixie D'AmelioDixie D'Amelio7 napja
    • CONGRATSS QUEEN! 👑 💗💗 it’s been amazing to see u glow up in every way (style wise, personality wise, and physically) LOVE YOU !

      sofi morasofi mora5 órája
    • @•Coffee Milk• 🤮

      Amal RoyAmal Roy12 órája
    • CONGRATULATION DIXIE !!! :3 I'm always gonna be in every ur episode

      •Coffee Milk••Coffee Milk•19 órája
    • Ayy

      Aesthetic GamingAesthetic GamingNapja

      Ana UrosevaAna UrosevaNapja
  • Wait I didn't expected that ! Dixie is the guest lmao it's so cool. Was a super good idea, I'm excited for the other episodes. Btw it's my Birthday today and I'm watching this to begin my day !! I'm turning 18💕

    assya prdassya prd15 perccel
  • Hahaha are the whit dixe charlidamelio 🤣

    Kadi mohKadi moh33 perccel
  • Ok Actually lmoa😂😂😂😂

    Clover JacksonClover Jackson54 perccel
  • Omg it was charli the whole time

    Queen KitaQueen KitaÓrája
  • Y'all really nade a rich white girl even richer for being basic. Can you make one black girl in tiktok get famous for once.

    Byebye KaveKangsByebye KaveKangs2 órája

    Galactic springGalactic spring2 órája
  • Lmao Charli

    Mohamed AahilMohamed Aahil2 órája
  • Y'all this is better than Corden, Fallon and Kimmel combine🤣❤

    Santiago DuarteSantiago Duarte2 órája
  • ᶜᵃⁿ ᵃⁿʸᵒⁿᵉ ˢᵉᵉ ᵐʸ ᵗⁱⁿʸ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ?

    bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyui2 órája
  • LT🤣

    Aloha HPAloha HP3 órája
  • Im just seeing this now

    Ethel ArellanoEthel Arellano3 órája
    • dixie seems so annoyed with dixie it’s great

      bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyui2 órája
  • How is their two of them 🤨🙄

    its KkiannaOFFICIALits KkiannaOFFICIAL3 órája
  • Omg it's back 🥴

    its KkiannaOFFICIALits KkiannaOFFICIAL3 órája
  • trash content

    SharpnessSharpness4 órája
    • Worthless trash

      karun nagrajkarun nagrajÓrája
  • This should be on tv

    OrbooOrvayOrbooOrvay4 órája
  • it was hilarious how Dixie sang and then Charli came in and was like, “thanks, I know”. lol

    OrbooOrvayOrbooOrvay4 órája
  • HAHHAHHAHHAHAHAHHA the Charlie singling had me

    Megan CalvertMegan Calvert5 órája
  • tell me you're a leo without telling me you're a leo

    Sofia PenaSofia Pena5 órája
  • I aint gonna cry to long, im Back On My Drip Drip My Drip My drip Im back on This Shit Fudge That Ninja you Do Not Exist

    KL KLoxKL KLox6 órája
  • Congrats dixieee❤️🪐❤️

    Adrii SoaresAdrii Soares6 órája
  • Bilsifou for Dixie

    Sophia com a famíliaSophia com a família6 órája
  • This show is AMAZING!!!

    aesthetic lifeaesthetic life6 órája
  • 4:40 LMAOOOOO

    Bianca de Fino IriarteBianca de Fino Iriarte7 órája
  • ''Dixie: Some times i don't wanna be happy ''Dixie: That was really good ''Charli: Thx i know😹 '''Charli sings really good btw''

    Lyana MurekeLyana Mureke7 órája
  • How much money do you have from this show and do you need to apply for the place to meet you

    jane contehjane conteh7 órája
  • dixie seems so annoyed with dixie it’s great

    miamia7 órája
  • Did anyone see charli's book behind dixie!! Awwwwh I love how supportive dixie is :)

    Yossur Musbah alsharifYossur Musbah alsharif7 órája
  • I want to see Tayler

    Alyah DJEBBOURAlyah DJEBBOUR7 órája
  • Does she have a twin sister

    Leemar AljullaqLeemar Aljullaq8 órája
  • That intro was a lie

    jonielle bonnickjonielle bonnick8 órája
  • 3:56 Griffen 👁👄👁

    A_A WA_A W8 órája
  • Haters should go to hell, they can literally hate on somebody smiling.......bcz they're Hella jealous n toxic

    Tammy slaysTammy slays8 órája
  • I don’t like how they put charli’s book on the shelf that’s kinda disrespectful when this is Dixie’s show. I know they are sisters but charli doesn’t have to involve in everything Dixie does this is dixies show and only dixies show.

    Jaz CurlzJaz Curlz8 órája
  • dixie i thought you were refering or however thats spelled to someone else not urself😭 dixie this is too weird

    SweetPandaSweetPanda8 órája
  • "They made me do it Jimmy"😭😭😂😂😂😂

    homo sapienhomo sapien8 órája
  • "One directionerrrr" HAHA I LOVE THIS SHOW

    homo sapienhomo sapien9 órája
  • 4:48 that is Charli not Dixie what?

    Isabella ponceIsabella ponce9 órája
  • 4:48 Charli???

    SαɾιɳαSαɾιɳα9 órája
  • Queen

    kyriakikyriaki10 órája
  • 4:42 OMG I LOVE THIS!!!😭🤣

    Rosel AliRosel Ali10 órája
  • Did any body realize that there’s a seat for a dog

    iPad GirliPad Girl11 órája
  • she is literally interviewing herself

    hassan amirhassan amir11 órája
  • Who else remembers when it was just a little show in their living room... and now it’s literally like Ellen.

    GlamGlam11 órája
  • How could she have doubled, I'm not checking that🤔

    Marli FiMarli Fi11 órája
  • Who’s watched the whole video? (Be Honest 💖)

    AxillaAxilla11 órája
  • Imagine interviewing yourself 😂🤣🤣 Love that Dixie 💖💖

    AxillaAxilla11 órája
  • “it was a unicorn” 🖐🏻🙄

    Matthew LinkovMatthew Linkov11 órája
  • she doesnt deserve this

    Phoebe MenziesPhoebe Menzies12 órája
  • U can not say this is not good

    MKYMKY12 órája
  • 💗💖❤️💜

    Zylah BrownZylah Brown12 órája
  • 🤍✨✨✨

    Enrique NándezEnrique Nández12 órája
  • She is talented but this talking isn’t her thing

    PGPG12 órája
  • U rock girlll❤️

    Abby DelportAbby Delport14 órája
  • 4:48 hi char

    Niamh CosybearNiamh Cosybear14 órája
  • Charli just interviewing Dixie like nothing

    Madisyn BradyMadisyn Brady15 órája
  • Is it just me or is dixie talking about noah the cutest thing ever?😂😅

    Maya BottgerMaya Bottger15 órája
  • After Dixie said “ Charli well a brat like always “ charli point the middle finger

    Koh Jia yunKoh Jia yun16 órája
  • I thought she was gon pull out doja cat-

    Nabiha QaziNabiha Qazi16 órája
  • This is basically me at 3am pretending I'm a celebrity in an interview

    Elsa KallioElsa Kallio17 órája
  • Called fck boy

    Hunter FrischHunter Frisch17 órája
  • Who is your new song towards

    Hunter FrischHunter Frisch17 órája
  • 9:00 sounds like charli

    Aayushi DubeyAayushi Dubey19 órája
  • I love the faces “they” were making to each other

    Sahar NaumanSahar Nauman21 órája
  • This is so good

    Isabella KellyIsabella Kelly21 órája
  • 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Siphesihle GcabasheSiphesihle Gcabashe21 órája
  • You are everything to me I love you

    Siphesihle GcabasheSiphesihle Gcabashe21 órája
  • 🥳🥳🥰👌

    Siphesihle GcabasheSiphesihle Gcabashe21 órája
  • And I love you so so much

    Siphesihle GcabasheSiphesihle Gcabashe21 órája
  • Hi I love your tiktok and I like you and follow you even if I get a message from you it will mean the world to me to win or meet on the app google meet that will be the world plzzzz🥺🥺🥺🥺

    Siphesihle GcabasheSiphesihle Gcabashe21 órája
  • i want to watch the haliy bebir one lol

    Zyrie .SZyrie .S21 órája
  • You gonna say sorry to the black people? You said the n word just if case you did not know why.

    Flower -ChanFlower -Chan22 órája
  • no one : not even nikita dragun : charli : SomEtIMeS i DoNT wAAAAna be hAppEh

    April AiiApril Aii22 órája
  • When I saw this, I thought it was a joke.

    chelseaishautechelseaishaute22 órája
  • Low key she really diserves a kid choice award

    Christian PachecoChristian Pacheco22 órája
  • ur too gorgeous

    keira bkeira b22 órája
  • When is your new song coming out wasnt it supposed to be 2 days ago😫😫is it on tiktok yet?

  • Nice video keep it up make more related videos

    K JayanthK Jayanth23 órája
  • Why she interviewing herself its lonely and hard to watch.

    The real HisokaThe real Hisoka23 órája
  • hey dixie hope u reply

  • well this is relatable... I sometimes even interview myself

    Hareem AnooshHareem Anoosh23 órája
  • Charli's cameos in this are absolute gold!!

    Arman SinghArman SinghNapja
  • umm how did she interview herself????

    Itsyourgirl CherryItsyourgirl CherryNapja
  • I can't even hate cos it has 1.5mil views and in one of them

  • The one in white sound like charli is that just me

    Abbie SimmondsAbbie SimmondsNapja
  • I think the show Is going to be good

    2027 Gianna DiDomenico2027 Gianna DiDomenicoNapja
  • I’m confused how was the two of you

    2027 Gianna DiDomenico2027 Gianna DiDomenicoNapja
  • Charli: thanks I know

    Avani Fan pageAvani Fan pageNapja
  • When are you going to post a new video

    luciana perezluciana perezNapja
  • Dixie interviewing herself😭😭

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  • Don’t really care

    For RealFor RealNapja
  • Lmfao this was actually funny-

    Sara KoSara KoNapja
  • I think she is illuminati

    appreciating red velvetappreciating red velvetNapja
  • When next ep

    Jefferson ByrneJefferson ByrneNapja
  • this is so good wtf

    Mubaraka EMubaraka ENapja
  • Wait.. is she talking to Charli or herself?

    Brynn DowdenBrynn DowdenNapja
  • I’m so excited for her she’s going to go far 😁💙

  • 2:03 u what she trolling at this point there’s no way

    Mike SugarMike SugarNapja
  • trash video

    sincere griggssincere griggsNapja
  • 1:38 watch from here trust me lol

    Dayles editingDayles editingNapja