I bought a "PS5" on Wish...

2021.febr. 6.
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Today on Wishtery Tech I buy more dumb stuff on Wish can you believe
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  • wish my mom would learn wish is a scam.

    John JenkinsJohn Jenkins4 órája
  • Literally got an ad for "hair thinning solution" on this video haha

    Ry22futbolRy22futbol5 órája
  • Misleading content. We need to repport you to youtube.

    OzzyCars06OzzyCars069 órája
  • Why wear that ugly linus shirt

    Mark GriessieMark Griessie9 órája
  • As a bald guy you are going bald

    Ryan DeSainRyan DeSain10 órája
  • The DiSpina of course you should I have that

    sana waheedsana waheed11 órája
  • Stop buying BS stuff from Wish you dingus Austin.

    Daniel JanišDaniel Janiš12 órája
  • those are some nice rocks tho

    KreamyBeefKreamyBeef15 órája
  • I got an ad for Wish while watching this video. lol

    TheMotivatorTheMotivator16 órája
  • Really need a "master" to tell you to the big blue turtle Caterpie came from a fake pack? Lmao

    L TL T18 órája
  • Look at the Playstone edition :)))

    RaptorSLegacYRaptorSLegacY19 órája
  • anyone else see the 03 lmfaO

    tyrese polkinghorne1tyrese polkinghorne123 órája
  • 21:30 where the ps5 starts. Thank me later

    Mohamed MeddahMohamed Meddah23 órája
  • He happy and the scammer happy

  • 22:24 This reminds me of that one time where someone got an aftermarket "500 GB HDD" which turned out to be a 1 GB flash drive with two nuts inside a hard drive case. BUYER BEWARE!!!

    Christopher CruzChristopher CruzNapja
  • These guys are hilarious! Love this channel 🥳

    Ian RiceIan RiceNapja
  • God you are annoying to watch. Such crap content.

  • Wait, you guys didn't have a copy of Mario Odyssey on hand? Who owns a Switch and doesn't have that game? That should be a crime.

    Painkiller MikePainkiller MikeNapja
  • The ps5 should’ve been called the PSrock

    Shabib KhanShabib KhanNapja
  • Is he just wearing ltt merch instead of making his own merch for the channel

    Mohammad Issa ALJammalMohammad Issa ALJammalNapja
  • $1100 for a Series X with "express shipping" that takes about a year :^) What, do they need to mine and refine all the materials by hand before it before shipping it off or something?

    Aroop RoelofsAroop RoelofsNapja
  • The fortunate sunday connolly preach because deal opportunely wreck excluding a optimal authorization. cloistered, possible withdrawal

    Jon BrownJon BrownNapja
  • Lol, did anyone catch that it said the phone had 10 CPU cores? 😂🤷😑

    Alexander LeeAlexander LeeNapja
  • I don't know if where your hair parts is considered balding

    Alexander LeeAlexander LeeNapja
  • I don't understand how wish is even legal. It's basically like counterfeit and scam Central, filled with misleading pictures and false advertisements.

    Alexander LeeAlexander LeeNapja
  • Once, my uncle bought a futuristic cool mask on wish. When he got the mask, it was a piece of plastic.

    Sq33pSq33p2 napja
    • A piece of s**t, by the way.

      Daniel JanišDaniel Janiš12 órája
  • I WISH I hadn't clicked on this!

    Justan Ol ' GuyJustan Ol ' Guy2 napja
  • This PS5 from Wish really "rocks"

    DarosamathDarosamath2 napja
  • Austin is keeping wish relevant.

    UcantHide4eveR's Gaming ChannelUcantHide4eveR's Gaming Channel2 napja
  • Didn't know logic was in dreamville

    SM3SM32 napja
  • 5:20 this was the gayest thing I've seen on HUworld after James Charles and Jake paul

    Toxic_ ConstituentsToxic_ Constituents2 napja
    • 7:14 oh god it keeps getting gayer

      Toxic_ ConstituentsToxic_ Constituents2 napja
  • To check if its a real android 10 go to settings and look for screen recording because android 10s have screen recording

  • Ps5 1100 - discount =1000 Plus taxes and shipping 1150

    S GonzalezS Gonzalez2 napja
  • 5:00 Pokémon evolutions but from Wish.

    Thatspooder guyThatspooder guy2 napja
  • i was lmao

    sao_demon redsao_demon red2 napja
  • i have to say the dinosaur costume part has to be the funniest

    sao_demon redsao_demon red2 napja
  • 15:25 Congratulations. We gottem

    Bradleyanimates andvlogs extra crapBradleyanimates andvlogs extra crap2 napja
  • Loooooool got a wish add saying don't be suspicious it comes in a day soon look real

    h hh h2 napja
  • that smart phone that u bought looks like my grandmas nokia

    Detective.ODetective.O2 napja

    Karl DavarKarl Davar2 napja
  • *430_cyber* on IG.. Is a life saver I just got my ps5 from him not to long so surprised how he did that

    Katharina MazepaKatharina Mazepa2 napja
  • Is it kind of ironic that half way through the dinosaur sketch I had a wish ad!!

    Jason WestJason West2 napja
  • How’s the battery life on that mini speaker?

    RealboarderRealboarder3 napja
  • Unsubcribed

    Eddie D.Eddie D.3 napja
  • Something hard, just the way I like it.. Thats what she said...

    The RoonThe Roon3 napja
  • *hackallproblems* on Ig is simply the best they made it easy to get my ps5 console ... big thank you to those who recommended them...on IG hackallproblems 🙏✅( No symbol included in the username )

    Tara RobertTara Robert3 napja
  • 8:37 I just love how he is wearing LTT merch lmao

    Blu FlameBlu Flame3 napja
    • He wore it the whole video (except during before the things came)

      GunPlamoGunPlamo2 napja
  • Watching an ad about wish waiting to watch a video on how shitty wish is

    Blu FlameBlu Flame3 napja
  • Dbag

    Jackk ReacherrJackk Reacherr3 napja
  • Honestly only reason i use wish for bongs

    YogiYogi3 napja
  • i want to buy the sony rocks

    X3 EDITORX3 EDITOR3 napja
  • cool

    Nathan SandyNathan Sandy3 napja
  • i bought something on wish, waited 2 years and never got it.

    CyphxzdCyphxzd3 napja
  • tbh, I almost want those knockoff Pokemon cards for their arts.

    Eli BEli B3 napja
  • I've made love in an iq... My in-laws then bought it off me when I was divorced with their daughter... Bahahahaha!

    Kitty KatKitty Kat3 napja
  • Dinosaur part was really very funny 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    Royal GamerRGSRoyal GamerRGS3 napja
  • 7:38 that item i seen review in Rerez about fake switch

    Tegar N.FTegar N.F3 napja
  • I love that Austin makes fun of wish

  • You've come a long way since the fire man

    Jay MarxJay Marx3 napja
  • The dino section is the best section😅😂🤣🤣🤣

    MattN456MattN4563 napja
  • Where was the Mainboard?

    MrHelplessMrHelpless3 napja
  • Has anyone ever told you that you look like Ed Helms from Hangover.

    MultiMatrix555MultiMatrix5554 napja
  • 5:07 when Austin loses weight and has lose skin

    RobloxMasterRobloxMaster4 napja
  • 2:28 when you take Austin of his life support 😂

    RobloxMasterRobloxMaster4 napja
  • How to find the stockx?

    Willzed 76Willzed 764 napja
  • Austin that’s a little sus 7:14

    GlitchhyGlitchhy4 napja
  • The hoc file cranially object because need naturally alert in a teeny pakistan. historical, stupendous bolt

    Christian GallagherChristian Gallagher4 napja
  • Seeing Austin happy always makes me happy anyone else?

    lil ZIAXORlil ZIAXOR4 napja
  • The blastoise is real art just not evaluations

    ChillandCheckeredChillandCheckered4 napja
  • Austin and his channel is so scripted and fake now i can't even enjoy it or watch their videos. Also these videos are so stupid, like what the hell you expect from wish

    weirdocoreweirdocore4 napja
  • So wish also sell guns in their store Hmm fbi is now knocking the door

    Dora dora TvDora dora Tv4 napja
  • wow really ???smh

    King1 JulianKing1 Julian4 napja
  • Holy ads

    shikomura_biggestshikomura_biggest4 napja
  • What's ironic is a wish ad popped up 14:45 secs in lol

    SubsonicdemonSubsonicdemon4 napja
  • That phone is based of the Samsung galaxy s9

    Storm GamingStorm Gaming4 napja
  • Austin: i got scamed by wish Wish be like: Buy our scamy stuff

    mr. crepermr. creper4 napja
  • 6:44 behind the scenes from GodzillavsKong

    Luqz ManiaLuqz Mania4 napja
  • 10:22 a store in my town has speaker just like that and it has tws speaker setup. Small but only $2

    Sreelal KSreelal K4 napja
  • dud what do you expect from wish just call all your videos the complaining factory cause boy you whine alot

    Chuck HernandezChuck Hernandez4 napja
  • The phone review was hilarious

    EdekitEdekit5 napja
  • Still waiting for my F35 to come in the mail.

    Osiris RexOsiris Rex5 napja
  • I watched that entire dumbass video and you didnt even get the ps5 dude.... cmon

    Taylor FosterTaylor Foster5 napja
  • Hm, Inseem to really enjoy these vids 😂

    User495739207420User4957392074205 napja
  • LTT

    Richard DuRichard Du6 napja
  • Why tf is he wearing a mask, indoors?

    Matthew ZablockiMatthew Zablocki6 napja
  • Hey hey. If it weren't for StockX, i wldnt have my ps5. Lol

    Matthew ZablockiMatthew Zablocki6 napja
  • My favorite part is the wish ad. You guys are awesome!!!

    Carlos SalasCarlos Salas6 napja
  • The fake freak-outs over spending money you clearly make back instantly is kinda narcissistic

    4488 infinity4488 infinity6 napja
  • Wish makes so much money off of bullshit

    Marquis MarquezMarquis Marquez6 napja
  • F to the man in the review who also got scammed with rocks

    NoggieNoggie6 napja
  • wish =...i wish this shit was real

    PoopDatGame OUT!PoopDatGame OUT!6 napja
  • that hachaama wallpaper i see you are man of culture

    nexus 16nexus 166 napja
  • Austins entire mood changed after the balding comment

    McDonald's CheeseburgerMcDonald's Cheeseburger6 napja

  • i get it why its called wish you wish it was real

    NogardtistNogardtist6 napja
  • Throws a PS5 at his face and disappointment 😂

    William ConnerWilliam Conner6 napja
  • Anyone know the song at 7:16?

    Josh WJosh W6 napja
  • Ha I got a wish ad on the start of this vid lol

    C0W K1NGC0W K1NG7 napja
  • i saw ur phone case...ur a weeb like me

    LunaticLeaderLunaticLeader7 napja
  • Ps switch

    Leticia QuinonesLeticia Quinones7 napja