I Attempted my First Pokemon Nuzlocke

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What an adventure

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We worked hard on this video, it's the result of 3 months worth of nonstop work. So please give a big thank you to all the members on my team for helping me make this video happen. It's been a big dream of mine to do pokemon nuzlockes for youtube, and I would watch them all the time even before I had my own channel. So being able to make this video, even if it is a bit out of the ordinary for my channel, is so awesome and I'm really happy I was finally able to.

  • Zigzagoon: breathes Teriyaki: *you have chosen death*

    yuen ting leeyuen ting lee26 perccel
  • I used a game boy

    Tai RamdinTai Ramdin31 perce
  • I myself, is doing a nuzlocke on Pokémon Gold, and will be sharing my experience soon enough I guess.

    TheGalaxyBunnyTheGalaxyBunny36 perccel
  • Egg umm um Ya?

    Wolfy LWolfy L57 perccel
  • Random kid: hey are you gay? Me: no Random kid: gay means being happy Me: 5:20

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  • solgaleo is the coolest

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  • Walreign: this is my..final splash

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  • Did I stutter🤣

    Dominic VargasDominic Vargas3 órája
  • Corn: evolving. 5 min. Later, Dead

    Stina ajmiStina ajmi3 órája
  • Hi, I have a question. Would you also do a nuzlocke video about the new pokemon games or pokemon black/white, fire Red, yellow?♡

    Claudia NathairClaudia Nathair6 órája
  • She always makes her nuzlocke videos so emotional

    Dr. Tengsy ThomasDr. Tengsy Thomas7 órája
  • I love the video but i played the game i forgot to save😢😢😢

    Jay PamulaklakinJay Pamulaklakin7 órája
  • ❗️❗️❗️👐👐

    Andrew James PeraltaAndrew James Peralta7 órája
  • You guys use strategies?..... I use Rare Candies

  • Maxie didnt choose the wrong orb. Blue and red orb must only not be separated

    Shawn JaceyShawn Jacey8 órája
  • It says 4 weeks ago but it says November 10 2019

    EmeraldAnimationsEmeraldAnimations9 órája
  • U know that u can heal them right

    winter13liamwinter13liam9 órája
  • 17:19 Is that Deoxys? If yes, then what's the point of it appearing there?

    Pacific PokePacific Poke10 órája
  • Loved every part of it!

    Shivam NegiShivam Negi12 órája
  • (insert jojo anime song in every battle)

    Merita XhafajMerita Xhafaj12 órája
  • شكله مافي احد عربي صديقيني حبيتك بالرغم اني مافمهت كلمه😁

    3 sisters ثري سستر3 sisters ثري سستر13 órája
  • can anyone else hear the route music at the beginning of the video?

    NightmareNightmare13 órája
  • Si ay un español que comente este video

    SR.joaquinSR.joaquin14 órája
  • 13:44 My mom when I get grounded:

    MinecraftMinecraft14 órája
  • Jaiden just forgot to use a legendary pokemon.

    Timaj IbrahimTimaj Ibrahim15 órája
  • This video is cool Yay

    Logan CuocoLogan Cuoco15 órája
  • only teriyaki and the bird survives bc they were the first one that means they live more longer and have been trained everyday so they had a lot of LEVELS

    Imogen AnselmImogen Anselm15 órája
  • Guys. This was a year ago. Feel old yet?

    I'm CTKiswaniI'm CTKiswani15 órája
  • teriyaki is a food name in my country

    Imogen AnselmImogen Anselm16 órája
  • Zigzagoon: Exists. Teriyaki: Oh boy, here I go killing again!

    Kingboo4245Kingboo424517 órája
  • Zigzagoon: Exists. Teriyaki: And I took that personally.

    Kingboo4245Kingboo424517 órája
  • “...refused to let any more murder happen..” proceeds to murder the armaldo

    Googly BooglyGoogly Boogly17 órája
  • That is a sad ending

    Levi DelucoLevi Deluco17 órája
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  • This is Jaiden’s most popular video

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  • Imagine if the REAL world was like this

    Emma ChievEmma Chiev18 órája
  • Out of all your Pokémon videos, I think this is the Funniest! (It certainly is in my "Top Five" Favourite episodes!) The addition of Ari was particularly funny and appropriate. I hope everything is well with you during these scary and uncertain times.

    SilentSam69SilentSam6919 órája
  • Ghananen

    Ritika Aktar oisiRitika Aktar oisi20 órája
  • Teriyaki: *evolves* Jaiden: *STILL* *NOT* *ENOUGH*

    Janessa ParallagJanessa Parallag20 órája
  • Why are the neighbors name start with B

    Charles BraaschCharles Braasch21 órája
  • hush child was obliterated

    MinecraftLXMinecraftLX21 órája
  • This was really emotional seeing some of the pokemons die but it was amazing seeing u win!

    Sommer WilliamsSommer Williams21 órája
  • 1:48 ari

    Robloxian _ 638Robloxian _ 63823 órája
  • Torchick be like muda muda muda everyone else is that a jojo's reference?

    Angelina SonfulAngelina SonfulNapja
  • What happened to barf?

    The ShmoopinatorThe ShmoopinatorNapja

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  • I have watched this video like 12 times I love this video

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  • you should do a pokemon x or y nuzlocke

    Collin DillardCollin DillardNapja
  • Man, if you read the Nuzlocke comics (the original) Glacia’s Walrein is sorta a killer huh?

    Preston M-FPreston M-FNapja
  • Is español in versión video

    Noel Antonio Orona RuizNoel Antonio Orona RuizNapja
  • You have friends? That is impressive to me!

    Matthew TaylorMatthew TaylorNapja
  • 10:07 or she misclicked

    Idiotic NimrodIdiotic NimrodNapja
  • Does she mean Chomps like the pokeballs Chomps the thing or does she mean Chomps like the name

    M BucketM BucketNapja
  • why dint you take groudon in your team

    Makenzi Rich Sañana GarciaMakenzi Rich Sañana GarciaNapja
  • he named the tengtakle sqidwurd

    jvplazsmcpe 142jvplazsmcpe 142Napja
  • jaiden in pokemon ruby flanery does not has a numel

    Mohamed AbdessalamiMohamed AbdessalamiNapja
  • These videos are such great quality but why do you keep your team to such low levels?

    Dima SDima SNapja
  • this video was funny but Ulrich the first top 4 member didnt have Crawdaunt in Ruby. Little fail :D. He has a Sharpedo in ruby.

  • Your videos help me a lot now that I am depressed. Thank you.

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  • 7:14 Damn he thick

    Cheese The GooseCheese The GooseNapja
  • ._.

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  • 0:18 is whismur all might

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  • It’s a legendary pause once she finished saying mad

    terrance blaketerrance blakeNapja
  • I know this was a long time ago but u can’t hide that Pokémon at the end

    terrance blaketerrance blakeNapja
  • I've got a challenge harder than nuzlocke! it's called scurmut here are the rules the same as nuzlocke but with a few spices you can only carry 3 pokemon you need to be the same level as them or be higher and lastly no giving pokemon items...... and yes it's a challenge and it is possible I've tried it before on platinum I just farm the rich kids

    Chicken BlockChicken BlockNapja
  • You can revive your pokemon by going to the pokemon centre and heal them

    Johnny's LandJohnny's LandNapja
    • That's not allowed in a nuzlocke

      ShellRaptorShellRaptor4 órája
  • 12:07 that hurt

  • This video is the reason i subscribed

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  • Its so cool how people can get attached to code, Humans man!

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  • *Zigzagoon:*Menacing* *Teriyaki:*SHINEI*

    Ethan HongEthan HongNapja
  • Do a blind playthrough into some classic games like undertale or something else (IF YOU ARE DOING UNDERTALE. DO PACIFICˇ OR NEUTRUEL FIRST!!! THEN GENOCIDE)

    Rustam HALPERTRustam HALPERTNapja
  • Teriyaki: I refuse to let any more murder happen! Teriyaki In A Few Seconds: *Murders Almaldo* Uh- I promise that's the last time!

    Charlotte DuellCharlotte DuellNapja
  • I love this video pretty sure it's the third time I've watched it

    gacha girl52gacha girl52Napja
  • Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke is your last video , right ?

  • Can you make a lets go one?

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  • Didn't you use Groundon and Giratina in battle .

  • the fact that i actually cried is beautiful

    Kiwi CrystalsKiwi CrystalsNapja
  • 6:58 *who's pearl is this?*

  • Almardo: Is about to defeat Jaiden Teriyaki: Im gonna do what's called a pro gamer move

  • i don't know

    sushi akarisushi akariNapja
  • Jaiden:I cannot let ari die.

    Jordan Cook random fandomsJordan Cook random fandomsNapja
  • The fact that u named your Mawlile Chomps relates to me (I named my lilipup Chomps)

    Alexya JavaroneAlexya JavaroneNapja
  • “And she wanted revenge for all of her fallen comrades.” Soviet vibes intensify

    Chase ToyamaChase ToyamaNapja
  • Why is Steven not gold

    Luke ArbuluLuke Arbulu2 napja
  • OMG this video is so SAD normal PEPOLE are like when a Pokémon dies oh no well switch this Pokémon. BUT NOPE JAIDEN just makes it so sad it just makes u want to cry to the team that died/live

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  • meta sombrio's team vs jaiden's team Is good idea right?

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  • What game is it

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  • 9.5million subs!!!!

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  • I named my swellow ari after yours

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  • Atampt pokemon x & y nuzlok

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  • Hu

    • Hu

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  • The end is sad xD

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  • Lol that teriyaki is crazy

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  • 17:18 DEOXYS

    Sam BaiSam Bai2 napja

    • Chill bro

      ShellRaptorShellRaptor4 órája
  • The harsh poet neurologically frighten because conifer notablely smell except a mushy cart. long-term, tame drive

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  • 52 million? We need to make these numbers go up

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  • 2:44 Everyone’s reaction to seeing a Mawile for the first time

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  • U forgot chomps too

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  • You need to give ari more credit for be the best pockimon

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    • Yeah

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