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This is the super rare Bugatti Divo worth $8 million!! Only 40 of these cars exist in the world. I take you through all its special features. A massive thanks to the owner (who wants to remain anonymous) for letting me borrow his car! What a day! Hope you enjoy guys xo
Chiron Pur Sport Drive - huworld.info/flow/vide/zH5qqHyWf8Osl6o
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    • She has come twice

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    • Hey blondie can u gift me an india car.. Plssssssssss

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    • So amazing

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    • Buggatti new ohh wow amazing and great

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    • Cool autocar👍

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  • I am a huge fan of urs. Every time I watch ur videos. And buying Bugatti divo or chiron super sport is my dream. I love cars and everytime I talk about that only. I don't have any other topic to talk about except about car. Please reply

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  • Hello Blondie! It's my birthday last February 22. Can I have a giveaway? Blessings.

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  • I'll take two thank you

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  • Am really confused is this supercar Blondie or supercar Brownie 😂

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  • Rb30 destroys any supercar

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  • Supercars are disgusting

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  • 😍 fantasy

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  • so you bought it

    Kiyan FarookKiyan Farook18 órája
  • Why being so crazy about 8m dollars Bugatti while you actually have a richard mille watch which casts 200000 dollars? I wanna see a review about it amazing one Keep it up!

    Mahmoud RefaatMahmoud Refaat20 órája
  • I have this car in car Dealership Tycoon ROBLOX but with the same color.

    Alexwatt19 Rey de los WaltsAlexwatt19 Rey de los Walts21 órája
  • The Bugatti Devo is limited to 380 km/h the chiron has a top speed of 489 km/h

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  • Like the French flag touch on the side

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  • Watching from philippines

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  • wow bugatti cap

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  • "aku suka lah kreta ne parr"

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  • huworld.info/flow/vide/mIt5mayvh5Kel2s

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  • Nice car

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  • The real name of this car is Thrax ;)

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  • Omg... her touching everything with her fingers. I would go crazy if it was my car.

  • 12:12 long term that seat belt will start to scuff the leather seat, if you look closely at the belt it already has very fine fraying on the edges.

  • hey Blondie you do know that's not at all street legal right lol. What a beast.

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  • Very beautiful car don't know what it's cost

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  • WTF xD 9:27.

  • Great, so when I meet a person that has a Divo, maybe then I'll get a free Chiron cause the guy's not gonna use it anyways.

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  • Imagine while she is touching the lights on the back she accidentally breaks on lmao

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  • I like this Bugatti divo brand, it's a class car

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  • Very beautiful Your follower from Iraq ❤🇮🇶

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  • 11:00 how about the new tesla roadster

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  • Worth ₹57,85,95,600

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  • huworld.info/flow/vide/r5mRyZ-wp8u4l54

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  • I wonder how many scratches she left, rubbing her watch band and ring on it. Ditz.

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  • Supercar nice car very very beautiful

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  • Ну и растолстела 😁

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  • Verry beauty

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  • Hey! I am a big fan of you like really like to talk to you I really want to be come like you I hope you reply thanks so much stay safe and have a great day.

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  • F this bit

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  • Yeah just here making other people rich that don't give a f it's all cool u broke ass

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  • Blondie you are beautiful amazing

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  • How the hell do you manage to keep your nerves under control while driving an $8M Bugatti that isn't even yours? Dude, I'd shit myself.

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  • If I have money that will be my first car

  • Great👍

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  • 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

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  • huworld.info/flow/vide/0Jtw3ofGb8u4hXw

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  • that giving me chills. I want it

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  • 8million no keyless !!!!!!

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  • A Vauxhall Corsa will easy beat that 😂😂

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  • Hello @Supercar Blondie .... I am your number one fan from Kenya, Africa. I love how you make amazing descriptions of cars... Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! I will never get tired of watching your episodes. They open my mind when it comes to car specifications and selection. God bless the wonderful work you doing.

  • Konigsegg Jesko is waving bye

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    • Jesko is better in every way

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  • Is that a urus at the end? 🤔

    Shrey PatelShrey Patel3 napja
  • 3:25 This is basically an ATR

    Marcus ClarksonMarcus Clarkson3 napja
  • 8m AUD or CAD?

    trinitysmatetrinitysmate3 napja
  • The back light is very satisfying

  • There was a vios on the front of bugati divo

  • sana all

    herald abanherald aban3 napja
  • Love your accent

    Omarion FrancisOmarion Francis3 napja
  • How could i find the original music from this video?

    Ale CohenAle Cohen3 napja
  • It's a bit like the iPhone really. What's different between this and the Chiron apart from 5mil

    Graham SGraham S3 napja
  • Man.. $8 mil would allow you to live comfortably for the rest of your life where I come from.

    Donald DuckDonald Duck3 napja
  • The new Tesla (4 door) will do 0-100 km in under 2 seconds.

    Tony KTony K4 napja
  • Did y'all see a lamborghini urus in the background it was black

    JBK gang KidsJBK gang Kids4 napja
  • Does it have a license plate?

    JBK gang KidsJBK gang Kids4 napja
  • You can not be anonymous when you own a Divo, can you?

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  • _Türklere Selam İzleme Devam 🇹🇷_

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  • I can tell you what car to buy

    ROVER 416 SiROVER 416 Si4 napja
  • Please give cameraman a training. The jiggling is almost intolerable.

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  • yes they are under 2 sec.

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  • No Screen in Bugatti interior..I'm in Love No Screen in new Audio R8 interior.. It's strange

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  • Thank you so much for the Top Fan Badge @supercarblondie. I love all ur content. Makes me inspire more to save for a family car (not a super car though! Cant afford 😅) So much love from the Philippines 🇵🇭. btw! Pink hair suits you ☺️😊

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  • The colour is pretty dope

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  • huworld.info/flow/vide/24eNsWbJmZi9ap4

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  • Can you show the first family super car?

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  • Super expensive car if the company call me to drive any of the model.Nonono i refuse u nkow why guys i dont now how to drive the 🚗 😀😀😀😀😘😘

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  • omg you make me so jealous. Love from America!

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  • Worst channel

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  • 11:12 know that's a buggatti....❤

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  • I don't know who needs to hear this, you've got to stop saving money, invest some part of it if you want to financial freedom

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  • 11:25 hahahahaha

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  • Hahahaha relax baby 😍🤩🤗very relaxing driving a Supercar Baby 🤩😍❤️💖

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  • Chiron Supercar stunning Baby ❤️💖😍🤩💓👏👏👏

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  • Beyond 300kph are you able to see the road clearly?

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  • Might be the worst car reviewer on HUworld

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  • Good day Ms. Super Car Blondie🙏🏻 I hope you could help me sponsor for my laptop. I've been trying to reach you through your Facebook page but I failed to have a positive response from you. Please I really need your help, I've been through a lot of giveaways and raffles, but no luck.

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  • *_💞💞a💞💞_*

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  • Forget about the car I will take your outfit Damn superb..ltr 😜

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  • Turbo huworld.info/flow/vide/uoWivYm1rKObgW8

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  • huworld.info/flow/vide/uoWivYm1rKObgW8

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  • I’d rather get a phantom, a cullinan, a rezvani tank, Lamb. Urus and Aventador, get my wife a flying spur and/or a wraith/Ghost. Reinvest the remaining 6 mil in business.

    Mohammed Kudus AwalMohammed Kudus Awal5 napja
  • huworld.info/flow/vide/z4SJnqWuqNqXmWs

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  • I got 8 mil burning a hole in my pocket and I have to buy a 3 mil car first? Bite me. I will buy a jet.

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  • Hi how r u i m u r big fans i m looking on Facebook u r car u so beautiful i want help from

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  • Never ever review a car for its performance. You are not qualified to do this kind of reviews and we all know it for a fact. And oh boy you went straight to the Bugati Chiron! Lol. Do the reviews we are used to see you.

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  • Technology Bugatti..di desain for Flood-affected country.. So what..?

    weni aisyiyahweni aisyiyah6 napja
  • I am ,Muhammad Hadi,,from Indonesian.. I like Bugatti ..Next inspiration for floor.. What's..?

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  • Who me about masirety

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  • Hi Alex/Supercar blondie Or whoever reading this on her behalf. I have an idea for you. To be able to increase your videos anx ultimately the followers,etc When you have a car and finish the review; do another video going through all the buttons, gadgets and toys. Compartments, every little parts. These are the cars most of your followers can only dream of having them. Let them and me for that fact, believe were there and know the car. Spend another 20 min on the same car and you have another wonderful Recording. Thank me later on. I will send my bank account number to you when your followers shoot up ;-) Hahaha All the best mate and keep the good work. X

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