I 3D Printed a 6000 pound Statue of MYSELF - Ultimate Prank!!

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Its time to 3D print a 6000lb statue of myself out of concrete, and prank my buddy Dan. Couldnt have done it without Purple! Get your own Purple mattress HERE: prpl.cc/jre2 As soon as I learned that a 3D Concrete printer was a real thing, I KNEW it was time to build something cool. Today we learn how concrete printers work, and how heavy solid 12 ft tall statues of myself can get. 3D Printing with concrete is actually really cool technology. The 3D concrete printing process is super fast compared to regular plastic 3D printing. This 3D Concrete printer is one of the largest in the world! And I think its pretty safe to say that this is probably one of the largest, if not the largest 3D Printed statue ever made.
Huge thanks to Pikus for doing the printing!
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    • at least the statue did not have to suffer some horrible death by suffocation from the pruple powder the mattresses leave ;)

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    • That nothing , Anderson Cooper has a 7000 lb Butt Plug printed

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  • Next generation we will be able to 3rd print a house

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  • at least the statue did not have to suffer some horrible death by suffocation from the pruple powder the mattresses leave ;)

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  • Ugh, WhatsInside was completely disrespectful to a Pac Man arcade machine. JerryRigEverything is basically a better WhatsInside in that you actually get valuable information from the destruction and is only done on stuff that's still being produced or in large cheap supply.

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  • What's next? "I had some loose change in the kitchen jar, so I bought a 747, disassembled it, carefully wrapped each piece in a tailor made cloth, and put them in their separate custom made Pelicases, before shipping them to my friend who lives in a different country. Because I love a good prank, and so does my friend. He had literally Dom Perignon coming out of his nose. Priceless." Rich people...

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  • It's very interesting. Eventually, I project that they will have even better printers and mortar and will be able to add a lot more detail. After all, Michael Angelo put appendages on his statues.......

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