현아 (HyunA) - 'GOOD GIRL' MV

2021.febr. 3.
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현아 (HyunA) - 'GOOD GIRL' MV

MV Executive Producer: P NATION
MV Director: Director paranoid paradigm @ VM Project Architecture
Lyrics by: 현아
Composed by: Caesar & Loui Maya Keuc
Arranged by: Caesar & Loui
Mixed by 구종필 (assist. 강선영) @ KLANG STUDIO
Mastered by Joe LaPorta @ STERLING SOUND
Choreography: Kiel Tutin
Performance director: 전효정
Stylist: 엄아름 박희민 김도희 @ 스타일맨션
Hair, Make-up: 효정 박민아 @ 위드
* 'GOOD GIRL' is now available on all streaming platforms including Apple Music & Spotify.
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  • One of the best comeback in 2021 so far

    Gabija GabGabija Gab28 perccel
  • I love her dancing

    Karou HoganKarou HoganÓrája
  • This song is LITTTT 🔥 🔥

    SskeiSskei4 órája
  • And I am here swooning over the backup dancers...

    LeishaLeisha4 órája
  • Queria ter a força que o cabelo dessa mulher tem PQ OLHA

    i mi m5 órája
  • Anyone else note the hot backup dancers??

    jointhezenjointhezen5 órája
  • 2 of the backup male dancers were dancers of Hwasa in Maria aaaaggghhhhh

    Paul Joner LemquePaul Joner Lemque5 órája
  • I love you 💖 😍

    Zinab AbaddaZinab Abadda5 órája
  • Hyunaaaaaas voiceeee omggg QUEEN HYUNA💫

    kpop akvariumkpop akvarium6 órája
  • 현아는 이런 귀염섹시컨셉이 잘어울림!!!!

    mini Kmini K6 órája
  • 세삼 ‘현아 보컬이 이정도였어???’ 느껴지네요ㅎㅎ 앞으로도 이렇게 활동 해주세요ㅠㅠ 진짜 너무너무 좋아요♥♥♥

    정혜주정혜주8 órája
  • なんか好き

    ひかるるるるひかるるるる8 órája
  • She's like a whole girl group all by herself. Like she's so talented and the looks and voice change as they change the scenes is so amazing. She's really own awesome Queen!

    민민민민8 órája
  • And just 5k to 600k likes

    Valeria LealValeria Leal10 órája
  • So close to 7m :D

    Valeria LealValeria Leal10 órája
  • 💖중독성 쩔어요 언니!😆🤩💖

    아이돌지망생아이돌지망생10 órája
  • She's so beautiful and sing so beautifuly

    Atena rosAtena ros11 órája
  • Even Hyuna has 2 million subscribers Enes Batur Ohooo 😂😂😂

    Nisanur KarakaşNisanur Karakaş12 órája
  • so cute

    WHITEWHITE12 órája
  • She is not cool, She is a good girl= She is a PERFECT

    Itzia Diocelyn Fuentes MartínezItzia Diocelyn Fuentes Martínez14 órája
  • She's getting better and better. I love how PNation's not styling her to wear super sexy outfits like what Cube did with minor Hyuna.

    Amira LeeAmira Lee14 órája

    minitreasureminitreasure19 órája
  • My kpop TK is mariofmtk

    MarioMario20 órája
  • hyuna perfet

    monique fontesmonique fontes22 órája
  • This song is all over the place, and the different sounding parts are not connected at all. It sounds like they just bought random samples that were cool separately, and then put them together and now you have a stew with marshmallow and sprinkled with cucumber. Sounds tasty? That's this song.

    Hayley SaharaHayley Sahara22 órája
  • Toda tu música es arte✨

    suni agrestesuni agreste22 órája
  • que agonia os mouses se movendo no sofá aaaaaaa kkkk

    ᴀɴᴊɪɴʜa ꦼyour joyᴀɴᴊɪɴʜa ꦼyour joy23 órája
  • And 600k likes !

    Valeria LealValeria Leal23 órája
  • Good girl to 7m ;)

    Valeria LealValeria Leal23 órája
  • you are se perty 😘

    hlimane asmaahlimane asmaaNapja
  • 싸이 느낌을 썪어져있는거같는?


    Fiorella RiverosFiorella RiverosNapja
  • Thanku you thanku you videos congratulations congratulations wow wow wow super wow wow wow good good good good good super super super super congratulations cute HYUNA you you you💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

    Sarolta HorváthSarolta HorváthNapja
  • I didn't know she was a good girl, but she is NOT COOL.

    Jeffrey RowleyJeffrey RowleyNapja
  • i got an ad for rings and it had a couple that recently got engaged :o is that a sign

    Nia DNia DNapja
  • Yas girl get it

    Asmr RavenAsmr RavenNapja
  • 내가 패션은 잘모느지만.. 흰매리야스수영복에 청바지라.... 나만부담시러움?... 다른 옷은 다이쁜디..

  • huworld.info/flow/vide/0qGlrIGpabnRiYg

    ArtB ShopArtB ShopNapja
  • i love her

    joji jjoji jNapja
  • 현아 봐도봐도 이뻐~~ 나 현아보다 나이많은데 현아는 진짜 멋있는 사람같앙~♡♡항상 응원해요♡♡

    Julia KimJulia KimNapja
  • 💣💣💣💣💣💣

    Nuraiym ZhaiylhanNuraiym ZhaiylhanNapja

    Dani _hedgehogCat_Dani _hedgehogCat_Napja
  • I'm Not Cool Mv Views 10m 🔒 20m 🔒 30m 🔒 40m🔒 50m🔒 60m🔒 70m🔒 80m🔒 90m🔒 100m🔒 Come on A-ing we can do this💕💕👑👑👑for Kim Hyun Ah👑👑

    liz doeraliz doeraNapja
  • Dios es demasiado perfecta is my Queen

    Ainara FernandezAinara FernandezNapja
  • hyuna pfv casa comigo

  • Lip and hip is shaking

    Army Exo-l Reveluv Once Atiny OrbitArmy Exo-l Reveluv Once Atiny OrbitNapja
  • A bop; underrated.

  • Se supone q es coreana no hay comentarios es coreano jajaja

  • I trust you sweetie

    • Yes there’s way too many fake accusations it’s ridiculous I feel like something else is going on in the background and it’s a coverup

      Army Exo-l Reveluv Once Atiny OrbitArmy Exo-l Reveluv Once Atiny OrbitNapja
  • No sé quién me gusta más, si HyunA o los bailarines.

    Valentina Diaz RuizValentina Diaz RuizNapja
  • the song (mostly chourus part) gives me red velvet vibe

    mamamiaa olalamamamiaa olala2 napja
  • 현아야 너무 멋있어 짱이야

    이ddom yang이ddom yang2 napja
  • 이거 너무 좋다........왤케 조회수 낮음? ㅠㅠ 가사도 좋고

    이ddom yang이ddom yang2 napja
  • hyuna does not age at all damn

    412HWNG412HWNG2 napja
    • Just like her songs age like fine wine

      Army Exo-l Reveluv Once Atiny OrbitArmy Exo-l Reveluv Once Atiny OrbitNapja
  • I am loving where her music is going.

    Roy de VosRoy de Vos2 napja
  • This sounds like a group of at least like 5 different women she killed this I love hyuna so much

    J dsnce_J dsnce_2 napja
  • 好运啊 本 啊择日一面 不 地理的 牙砸 臂力哟入眠。不 哟辱骂 边儿也你 别人啊客人三 是诶你日暮🙂🤗 Kimler çince yaza biliyor? Ben Azeriyimm😄

    Şəfiqə Əliyeva officialŞəfiqə Əliyeva official2 napja
  • hyuna the Queen

    love Depplove Depp2 napja
  • 비욘새 + 레드벨벳+이효리 총집합같아 컨셉

    비일비제히나나ᅳhynana비일비제히나나ᅳhynana2 napja
  • That's It Hyuna... Now wear your CROWN

    팬다레벨럽팬다레벨럽2 napja
  • Am I the only one who notice that those male dancers are also at the MARIA by Hwasa????

    Sopya TajoneraSopya Tajonera2 napja
  • Those dislikes are from these good girls/boys who cannot show themselves

    Ada SzczerbaAda Szczerba2 napja
  • "Gotta keep up. It makes me happy." It's a good reason. It's enough. 'It makes me happy' is a good enough reason to keep doing something.

    Ada SzczerbaAda Szczerba2 napja
  • I love hyuna. She feels comfortable so she goes for it. Not caring if she will get judged. I love her for that, she's my big inspiration and she stays true to herself no matter what.

    Ada SzczerbaAda Szczerba2 napja
  • Ayyy la amo

    ·Honey Sky··Honey Sky·2 napja
  • 메건트레이너 느낌나는 곡인듯 실력 프로듀싱 다 갖춰지니 완전 달라보이네

    duk6046duk60462 napja
  • 1:48

    Yaren ÖzalpYaren Özalp2 napja
  • WHAT RUBBISH!!!!👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎😳

    Bhumi BishtBhumi Bisht2 napja
  • Could you please give me information of the silver haired dancer, thank you very much 😚😚

    Bi TrầnBi Trần2 napja
  • I like your play.

    Mark ChappellMark Chappell2 napja
  • You got me. Your God's girl. We the good guys sweetness.

    Mark ChappellMark Chappell2 napja
  • 아임낫쿨보단 이게 더 현아스러움

    pico kimpico kim2 napja
  • V-Aing love HyunA ❤😊

    Nam NguyễnNam Nguyễn2 napja
  • What a lovely meaning♥️

    RinnyKXDRinnyKXD2 napja
  • She's really amazing! If I close my eyes and listen to this I think this song belongs to a group and some girls are singing in the song with different voices!!!

    mini monomini mono2 napja
  • 목소리가 참 유아틱해

    대한민국대한민국2 napja
  • 0:34 please sing often i BEG you.

    JaysTeaJaysTea2 napja
  • When hyuna got the exact same stockings that I was about to buy this week but didn't cause I didn't have money... Just noticed O-O

    Narumi NilssonNarumi Nilsson2 napja
  • gosh wtf i thought it was im not cool-

    Anna Luiza MattosAnna Luiza Mattos2 napja

    Cécile GCécile G2 napja
  • The good girl in class listening to this 🤣

    AlicornshayAlicornshay2 napja
  • Hyuna the best

    Ana Paula SánchezAna Paula Sánchez2 napja
  • Hyuna siempre una reina

  • I can´t get enough of this song! Love it!!!!!

    May IvettMay Ivett2 napja
  • I can´t get enough of this song!

    May IvettMay Ivett2 napja
  • OMG

    Luz Erika Vergara MaylleLuz Erika Vergara Maylle3 napja
  • Good Girl HyunA

    Karina My LoveKarina My Love3 napja
  • 0:18 오조오억번 보려구요....... 진짜 퀸현아......

    사랑해삼색아사랑해삼색아3 napja
  • The dancers are hot wtf

    Talitha BelvariniTalitha Belvarini3 napja
  • Okay this should be the title. I really love it

    CherieCherie3 napja

    Maria Teresa Caballero El HirchMaria Teresa Caballero El Hirch3 napja
  • Is it just me or does this song showcase more of her general abilities, especially vocals, than cube ever did???

    gyummii3gyummii33 napja
  • أحبك 🥰

    Salma AgadirSalma Agadir3 napja
  • I love her

    Vinho LeiteVinho Leite3 napja

    Sandara PilasSandara Pilas3 napja
  • i love u queen

    EE3 napja
  • She deserves more views

    DxDx3 napja
  • I like hyuna

    무지개 TV무지개 TV3 napja
  • Hyuna is so hot now

    무지개 TV무지개 TV3 napja
  • 저런 출처를 알 수 없을법한 옷들도 잘 소화해내는 미친 소화력 현아... ㄷ ㄷ

    여니여니3 napja