Husavik - My Home Town (Official Video) | Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

2020.júl. 2.
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The official full length version of Husavik - My Home Town, the half-English half-Icelandic ballad banger as performed by Fire Saga (Rachel McAdams and Will Ferrell) in Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga.
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Husavik - My Home Town (Official Video) | Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga
Two small-town singers chase their pop star dreams at a global music competition, where high stakes, scheming rivals and onstage mishaps test their bond.

  • Who are the 1.4K people who don't like this? Are you completely bonkers?

    Penny DennisPenny Dennis8 órája
  • This song was one of the most incredible surprises I’ve experienced in any film in my life. Unbelievable composition and memorably explosive finale to a Friday night comfort film.

    Robbie EkblomRobbie Ekblom13 órája
  • This song has no business going this hard.

    Lani GooleyLani Gooley21 órája
  • 0:58 is the best part i absolutely love it

    SantacruzSantacruz22 órája
  • B**** we do be winning the Oscars

    Kristen RichardsKristen RichardsNapja
  • Deserves the attention it got

  • Love love love it - amazing song ❤️💖❤️💙💖💙

  • I don’t know why I’m here but this gives me chills.

    Kathryn McCallKathryn McCallNapja
  • Holy crap she held that note for almost 20 seconds!

    TheStar 07TheStar 07Napja

  • I could make it past the Icelandic but dang am I never gonna be able to hit that high note.

    NaminaroNaminaro2 napja
  • I laughed so hard through this movie and then cried at this song. I was manipulated from beginning to end and feel fine about it. "Where the whales can live cause there's gentle people in my home town" I'm bawlin'! THIS SONG! Hell You Betcha!

    Tara And ChrisTara And Chris2 napja
  • This song would have won the Eurovision easily. :D

    Tapani KangasTapani Kangas2 napja
  • Rachel McAdams is not signing but Ferrell is. He’s got a surprisingly good voice.

    Colin HigginbothamColin Higginbotham3 napja
  • would be nice when Molly performs the song in Rotterdam 2021!

    guido damguido dam3 napja
  • Przepiękna

    Agnieszka HaponiukAgnieszka Haponiuk3 napja
  • If Netflix had submitted JaJa Ding Dong, they'd have won the Oscar

    Matthew SawczynMatthew Sawczyn3 napja
  • Make sure to watch Fire Saga!!

    Hoplias CuruHoplias Curu3 napja
  • This song gets me each time I listen to it. Beautiful 😍

    Denis KarngongDenis Karngong4 napja
  • Me encanto esta musica oscar 2020 saludos desde 🇵🇪

    Veloz329 musicVeloz329 music4 napja
  • I love this song home town

    Sofi BellaSofi Bella4 napja
  • I love this song

    Sofi BellaSofi Bella4 napja
  • make me cry

    YOUNG 0YOUNG 04 napja
  • perdón pero una duda ¿por qué la gente no lleva banderas en el público? esto es eurovisión no los VMA

    Miguel FríasMiguel Frías5 napja
    • documentación pls

      Miguel FríasMiguel Frías5 napja

    Sabinaandco AsstSabinaandco Asst5 napja

    JCJC5 napja
  • Mi sono emozionata un film stupendo 💋❤️

    Giusy PuccioGiusy Puccio5 napja
  • Is this really her voice?

    yogi bearyogi bear5 napja
    • No it's not Rachel McAdams singing, it's rather a Swedish singer named Molly Sandén.

      João OliveiraJoão Oliveira5 napja
  • Damn you small ninjas

    fakehollywoodfakehollywood6 napja
  • This movie is special. This song is special. If you haven't already seen the movie, please avoid watching this video and go watch the movie instead. The song itself is a huge spoiler. It would be like listening to "Circle of Life" before watching The Lion King (the original). It's one of those movie songs you will remember for the rest of your life.

    Andy SimmonsAndy Simmons6 napja
  • This song makes me homesick for a country that's not my own

    Financial ShinaniganFinancial Shinanigan6 napja
  • This song bestows me a better year

    Fabi SFabi S6 napja
  • if it whould be a real eurovision song it whould have a high chance to win

    Aydan playsAydan plays7 napja
  • The guy who says "Gorgeous" is all of us right now.

    Grae HallGrae Hall7 napja
  • A lot of people don't know this, but Fire Saga is the greatest band that ever was.

    Krod KrodKrod Krod7 napja
  • I cried when Sigrit started singing in Icelandic.

    Conny GConny G7 napja
  • Not gonna lie, when I watched this scene I started bawling. Never did I think I’d cry at a movie that starred Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams

    Brandi Meyer-BarraganBrandi Meyer-Barragan8 napja
  • Impressive Rachel McAdams.. I really thought she was the one singing..

    xyrynx_flamexyrynx_flame8 napja
  • Should have won the Oscars

    MrTolgarionMrTolgarion8 napja
  • The best song isn’t the winning song, but the song from the heart ❤️ proud to be Icelandic and I’m English 🇮🇸 stunning song, powerful and beautiful x

    Suzanne BoydSuzanne Boyd8 napja
  • Repeat after me Butters... 'This isn't real'

    Piotr WydraPiotr Wydra8 napja
  • I was so proud that she chose vs choose the language of her choice background of dem Biology People.

    Piotr WydraPiotr Wydra8 napja
  • Who was the voice behind Rachel Mcadams acting performance does anyone know... shazam is not working on their phone.

    Piotr WydraPiotr Wydra8 napja
    • Swedish Singer Molly Sandén

      Ulf LarssonUlf Larsson8 napja
  • I love it.

    Małgorzata EjsmontMałgorzata Ejsmont8 napja
  • Can we get a version without will ferret messing it up?

    d sd s9 napja
    • There is at Mollys own channel here on HUworld. Just go to : Molly Sanden. There is also a version from her apperance at the Oscars there. 😎

      Tobias LundqvistTobias Lundqvist9 napja
  • legit chills listenting to this

    Rohan PrabhuRohan Prabhu9 napja
  • This one truly deserved the Oscar, periodt

    Fernando ArguelloFernando Arguello9 napja
  • Hey all you whatever liver A RACIST song. Would not have won if you stop throwing your racist shit at us. . So keep it moving . It's the performance in Fight for You that won her An Oscars . and. She deserved it This vullshir sing. Called Havuvic does not touch most people hearts .So give credit where it due .Everything in life isn't going to be White people's. World.

    Beseme MitchellBeseme Mitchell10 napja
    • Wth 😂 La borrachera es mala

      S RS RNapja
    • Babe what

      Left2RightAnimationsLeft2RightAnimations5 napja
    • come off the drugs and speak English

      Tanston BriantTanston Briant9 napja
  • BEST movie song track in a long long time! This song is absolutely beautiful and Molly Sanden deserves so much more!

    Cypress ECypress E10 napja
  • This is why no one watches the Oscars anymore: this song did not win.

    Karl StriepeKarl Striepe10 napja
  • Those 1400 that pushed the dislike button are Norwegians!!!!

    Stamos PapasStamos Papas10 napja
  • Who wants this song to be performed at the real eurovision?

    RedditDeluxeRedditDeluxe10 napja
  • Underrated movie

    Henrique Schunck de OliveiraHenrique Schunck de Oliveira10 napja
  • I’m late to the party and I’m kicking myself for not watching this movie before now! It’s actually so touching and has a great story and the MUSIC!!!! Gah!

    starsgirlforeverstarsgirlforever11 napja
  • Americans miming to a song in Icelandic written and sung by Swedes... It's completely absurd. But it's also absolutely beautiful and moving.

    griiseknoengriiseknoen11 napja
  • Everytime I hear this song, tears just stream down my face. Work of art

    Ida TomaškovićIda Tomašković11 napja
  • Love this movie. Especially because the finals are in scotland which means great britain finally won again 😅

    eternalwhovian360eternalwhovian36011 napja
  • Who is actually from Husavik? You guys are like unicorns, they say you exist but no one has ever seen one 😁

    SKUPASKUPA11 napja
  • The song that one was not diserved at all. This song is a billion times fuckin Better but because it's white people talking about their home town that's the reason it didn't win.

    SouleaterblazeSouleaterblaze12 napja
  • Boats and Hoes!!! :)

    klawzklawz12 napja
  • Molly sing the last part the musical tone?????

    Daria _sDaria _s12 napja
  • My jaw literally dropped at that whistle note when I first saw this scene, I was so proud and moved

    SmallSneakersSmallSneakers12 napja
  • Det är Molly Sandén som sjunger ju

    Ella Kjellman 6AElla Kjellman 6A12 napja
  • Did she really sing it?

    国家一级观影人国家一级观影人13 napja
    • It's Molly Sandén from Sweden. She sang it again at the Oscarsgala last week. Just an amazing performance, go check her up! 😊

      Tobias LundqvistTobias Lundqvist13 napja
  • Always gives me chills

    Cassie ColleyCassie Colley13 napja
  • It did as Iceland didnt won Eurovision but won hearts,❤️

  • Rachel mc Addams can lip sync so good 😊

    Olivia BainesOlivia Baines13 napja
  • Here from AIU

    Braxton's NoseBraxton's Nose13 napja
    • bleeps....

      Stewart JonesStewart Jones13 napja
  • My home town Algeria

    Fethi BenaissaFethi Benaissa13 napja
  • It would be so awesome if this participated for Iceland 🇮🇸 😍

    Håkon WillumstadHåkon Willumstad13 napja
  • only ICELAND can bring out a better song for Eurovision. And they did, look it up :)

    Paulius CPaulius C13 napja
  • No now I'm crying thinking about whales

    Oliv UtiloOliv Utilo13 napja
  • I could watch this twenty times a day and I would still get goosebumps when the guy says: She’s singing in Icelandic! ❤️

    Martin NovotnýMartin Novotný13 napja
  • The song that comes from the heart...

    Nick RameroNick Ramero13 napja
  • Regina Jorge além de abelha rainha 🐝👑 é a Elsa da Islândia ❄️ 🎤

    AnonimoSAnonimoS13 napja
  • THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SONG I HAVE EVERY HEARD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jessica MathewJessica Mathew14 napja
  • Academy award nominated

    Emanuela9Emanuela914 napja
  • Who else is here after that snub from the Oscar?

    Jessie ZJessie Z14 napja
  • I cried when I heard this the first time. Definitely deserved oscar 👏👍🙌

    Brazus811Brazus81114 napja
  • 12 points from Macedonia 😄

    Dejan StoimenovskiDejan Stoimenovski14 napja

    Emil JohanssonEmil Johansson14 napja
  • I'm a grown-ass man and this song makes me sob like a baby. Stupid feelings..

    Niels BeierNiels Beier14 napja
  • This song would win eurovision for sure

    DumutruchoDumutrucho14 napja
  • Where the whales can live cause they’re gentle people :’)

    Fátima vFátima v14 napja
  • Honestly, amazing movie. Cheesy rom com with great music and the writing was fantastic. I expected absolutely nothing and got an amazing film experience both myself and my GF enjoyed immensely.

    BaconManBaconMan14 napja
  • This song is going to be remembered in a few years time and the winning one is already forgotten before it even won.

    Elijah Sackville-Germain-GlücksburgElijah Sackville-Germain-Glücksburg14 napja
  • This video has 10M views... More than all the people who watched the Oscar's this year

    Isabel TRIsabel TR15 napja
    • @Sara Idk the oscars channel don’t even have the full song on there, they’ve cut out the last minute for some reason

      shabahn jazashabahn jaza10 napja
    • Because we can enjoy beautiful songs in 3 minutes but Oscar’s take forever.

      Sara IdkSara Idk10 napja
    • It was also the only song out of the nominees to actually be In the film and not just the end credits and it still didn’t win

      shabahn jazashabahn jaza12 napja
  • Beautiful song 🤩

    Ced RobyCed Roby15 napja
  • This is really garbage .....seriously ....?

    kai jomar Moraviakai jomar Moravia15 napja
    • Stop talking about yourself

      Calvin HarrisCalvin Harris8 napja
  • Yeah it’s good but I’m glad “Fight for You” won

    The Red SkyThe Red Sky15 napja
  • Hermoso!!!

    IsabellaIsabella15 napja
  • Holly shit is that actually Rachel McAdams singing?

    AngelaAngela15 napja
    • Swedish star Molly Sandén.

      Henrik ModinHenrik Modin15 napja
    • No.

      Lucifer DaDobermanLucifer DaDoberman15 napja
  • This Singer is great amazing spetacular she Very well

    Rosa MassarandubaRosa Massaranduba15 napja
  • For the movie it was in this song was so disrespectful. How dare it be such a masterpiece?!

    Juan TrappJuan Trapp15 napja
  • Esta película es preciosa 😭🤔

    Medallit Livia GómezMedallit Livia Gómez15 napja
  • Such a great film.

    Johnny PoolJohnny Pool15 napja
  • This song was amazimgn

    Alohomora~MargaritaAlohomora~Margarita15 napja
  • I don't care if this was a "Never Enough" sung by Demi Lovato, THIS IS A BANGER!

    Ryan Joshua CaloRyan Joshua Calo15 napja
  • I cry every time I watch this, so powerful.

    TheUltraSoftTheUltraSoft15 napja
  • This song heal my wounds

    bryan nuñezbryan nuñez15 napja