How to Unlock Neymar Jr Skin in Fortnite - Complete Quests from Soccer Characters - Neymar Jr Quests

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Complete quests from Soccer Characters - How to Unlock Neymar Jr Skin in Fortnite - Neymar Jr Quest Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6. Season 6 Neymar Jr Challenge in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6. Neymar Jr Quest Challenge in Fortnite. Do leave a comment if you have any doubts in this video. I will try to answer it asap. Check videos in the channel if you want guide for complete more Chapter 2 Season 6 Weekly and other Challenges.
Complete Quests from Soccer Characters locations in Fortnite
Neymar Jr Quest Fortnite
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  • How do soccer players fit in a unstable post apocalyptic world?? Fortnite has fallen to a new low

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    • The quests tell you what to do why are these youtubers making vids on it

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    • The quests tell you what to do why are these youtubers making vids on it

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  • I’m stuck on 4/5 quest and when ever a I talk to an Island Soccer player to accept a quest, there are no quest available. It just says “continue”....any ideas on how to complete this?

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    • You need to complete quest from all 3 football players

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  • You just buy a battle pass

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  • I feel like if I played with the Neymar Skin I would do great because I would give all the other players in the game a red card because they are bad amd they shot me and guns are bad and neymar is good he is the best soccer player out there without him i would not know how to cry like a 2 year old everytime i fell down

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  • The quests tell you what to do why are these youtubers making vids on it

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  • How do you have that red semi circle on your character when shots are being fired??

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    • You have to put “ visualize sound effects “ on in settings under audio

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  • You can aim you crosshair to the targets to make it easier

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