How to make Russian cheese (Русский сыр) - Cooking with Boris

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Russian cheese is the block of processed cow juice you find on store shelf in Russia. Some love it and others love it. It is the best no doubt. Here is how you make it.
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  • Ayy blyat bring the cheese Boris!! 😂 we all eat Russian cheese from childhood

    uameeuamee2 hónapja
    • Да

      Kind the hotdogKind the hotdog10 órája
    • I’ve seen you before... something about spirit, vodka, cigarettes. Hmmmmmmmmmm

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    • C o m e r a d e

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    • Happy late birthday man

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    • Mayonez

      CrayonEater69CrayonEater6922 napja
  • American cheese? Ha no blyat is rusisian knife cheese

    Muhammad HussainMuhammad Hussain5 órája
  • Witam z Warszawy kurwa mać:D

    Emil EmilEmil Emil18 órája
  • I can make jam super easy, kompot is fun, east and delicious. Now I must learn to cheese so I can be the star of family get togethers and make many money from homemade foods

    Mike BMike BNapja
  • To make russian cheese u need russian milk and u can get russian milk from the russian cow

    Izz SyamilIzz SyamilNapja
  • Ahhhh nu chiki briki iv damne!!!

    I like TrainsI like Trains3 napja
  • wow fun fact egg on bottom is good not bad

    Leonard PangLeonard Pang5 napja
  • О май гад, вот э бьютифул рашн аксент

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  • The butterbrod should be done now :D

    Jie Sheng ChuJie Sheng Chu6 napja
  • Мне кажется что Борис русский

    Брутальный даняБрутальный даня6 napja
  • Just wanted to say, thanks for using microbial rennet instead of the animal-based stuff for this cheesy breesy.

    J.R. CaldoonJ.R. Caldoon6 napja
  • what's the green stuff

    I am ArbiterI am Arbiter6 napja
  • Does anyone know the name of the music that plays in between steps?

    MrRexyChompMrRexyChomp6 napja
  • man i would like to try some of this but i dont know were to get all the stuff

    Simon 4554Simon 45547 napja
  • When you don't know what to eat brat boris has the answer blyat

    SLAVIC_owlSLAVIC_owl8 napja
  • I can say that this is the most good recpe of cheese on the inter-nyet

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  • “EUGH IT IS SWEET” same though

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  • Camera make you *agry*

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  • 0:56 What’s wrong with Wensleydale...?

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  • AHH tasty starvation from supermarket

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  • golden ramsay will be proud

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  • Aah it did crumble like western economy

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  • Autofocus dies Boris:Angry Boris noises

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  • @Life of Boris Does this work with fresh goat milk also?

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  • Hail the King of the Cheese!!

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  • Гениально! 😁

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  • 1:18 чернобыльская вода- это тархун, понимаю

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  • Life of boris My top 1 favorite cooking channel

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  • i just notice that the bayonet has some writing near the handle and it said "AK 47 CCCP"

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  • Intro always gets me

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  • If he boiled bay leaf in with he would start world war 3 over the greatest cheese

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  • pyccknn cbip

    milkmilk11 napja
  • I got a string cheese ad...

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  • Blin, I want to watch videos only on English, but that deprives me of my inner Slav. Solution: yell at Vadim, and watch Boris (and Artyom)

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  • нет блять амереканская колбаса

    TheHesdor!TheHesdor!11 napja
  • Я сейчас сыр ем)

    EmptyEmpty12 napja
  • I died at 0:56 and 1:36 lol

    AmalioAmalio12 napja
  • How did you know a body temperature of cow?

    JustinJustin12 napja
  • The reason why I hate cottage cheese is because it's texture is what I imagine sink food to taste like

    Brusied TurtleBrusied Turtle12 napja
  • Wait does he use as a knife a ballonete for an ak

  • Play call of duty modern waffle and u will meet ur brother Russian speak english

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  • Did anyone else pause the video 0.2 seconds after boris said “migs” and see the 2 fighter jets going across the screen?

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  • how does boris know the body temperature of a cow

  • Boris end of month life hack: sleep with cow in your bed for 38°c heater

    PozPoz14 napja
  • 8:37 You can use a rotten egg instead because it always floats when dropped into water, no need to use salt. ==> salt saving method

    dolce_gabana_stdolce_gabana_st14 napja
  • the song at 1:05 is called drunken clown

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  • eyy boris get a Samsun galaxy S20 phone it has better camera.

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  • "Collapse like western economy" Best thing I have ever heard

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  • чики брики м танке

    мирослав Улановськиймирослав Улановський15 napja
  • So, first you need a goat. 100 steps later - cheese, damn you grand capitalismo!

    The Slav ChefThe Slav Chef15 napja
  • This is like making Chinese fermented tofu

    AxceptionAxception15 napja
  • "Crumble like western economy" me: true true

    Bluish EagleBluish Eagle15 napja
  • I'm lactose intolerant but I'd never miss a Boris video

    Kayla BrownellKayla Brownell15 napja
  • This is doing to much, I will just buy cheese

    Kat PerezKat Perez15 napja
  • 10:11 “Which means it can do it’s business on the inside” That’s me when I see a Ukrainian girl

    L_backL_back15 napja
  • ..I am worried for the cheese

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  • 3:35 boris makes cocaine

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  • 1:35

    Niko BellicNiko Bellic15 napja
  • Where cheese

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  • That cheese is a year old shouldn’t it be ready by now

    Mr GoldfishMr Goldfish16 napja
  • Alternate title: Russian Man Teaches us how to make cheese,,that could be used for,building a house

    Andrei ZachAndrei Zach16 napja
  • Note:play on pc please i dont you to die

    Kevin1 PcKevin1 Pc16 napja
  • Play some russian roulette

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  • I hope we never have to fight the Russians just because we would have a chance to lose such a national treasure

    the squashedthe squashed16 napja
  • Are you hungry ? Want some cheese ? Make your own and wait 20 days to eat, you're welcome.

    azotypazotyp17 napja
  • I am western spy. I live near farm. I get real milk

    Liam HammLiam Hamm17 napja
  • 1:24 ha ha its russian "тархун" "черноголовки" im from russian i know this drink. Борис если ты читаешь я смотрю тебя из России, спасибо за удовольствие от твоих видео мне всегда было смешно)

    DedSecDedSec17 napja
  • Борис недс водка

    catcat18 napja
  • 1:38 Oh god how I L O V E these little things and russian words that I dont understand but boi are they beautiful

    Blury TermenBlury Termen18 napja
  • онгичанин

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  • Ah comrade it has been long since I last watched your videos

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  • I just realized that Panasonic did make camera lol

    Wíndows Vienna 10Wíndows Vienna 1019 napja
  • россии

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  • He is so educational,my children love his cooking shows. Truly an artist good Sir 👍 👏 🙌 🤌🏻🤜🏻🤛🏻👉🏻👈🏻🤟🏻👌🏻🤲🏻🤘🏻🤙🏻👆🏻👇🏻🖖🏻🤟🏻🤝🏻👐🏻

    Jason PotterJason Potter19 napja
  • Boris - What brand of wodka do you recommend to go with glorious homemade Soviet cheese?

    Kent ChristensenKent Christensen20 napja
    • I'd recommend Russian standard or Absolute. What is he have in hand look like the Russian standard.

      Михаил МальчиковМихаил Мальчиков18 napja
  • This actually tastes good (Recommended to put on butterbròd)

    Mike CheezMike Cheez20 napja
  • "Or you can pour the milk while you laughing" lol

    bankotsu2abankotsu2a20 napja
  • Tarxun sells in Georgia too

    nick loladzenick loladze20 napja
    • The country btw not state

      nick loladzenick loladze20 napja
  • 10:01: *Casually dips T-34*

    Mynhi HuynhMynhi Huynh20 napja
  • hmmmmmm so its named cheeki breeki cheese?

    Mihai TeodoraMihai Teodora21 napja
  • camera.exe stopped working XD

    Fabian LiboriusFabian Liborius21 napja
  • чё за хуйня...

    путин хуйлопутин хуйло21 napja
  • пальмовое масло + санкции = сыр

    sergey egorovsergey egorov22 napja
  • anyone know what the music is used at 1:04?

    The Server01The Server0122 napja
  • c o w j u i c e

  • Make a cheese weapon slav superstar

    Takura NjaguTakura Njagu22 napja
  • Wow. I DIDN'T KNOW RUSSIAN IS EATING CHEESE. I don't know nothing about Russian food. When I was young, only Chedda slice cheese imported and I cannot digest it. Chedda cheese is made in United Kingdom.

    박정옥박정옥22 napja
  • 5:54 what the fuck is wrong with Boris ?

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  • товарищ Борис мои западные друзья так завидуют этому славянскому угощению

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  • I like cheese man

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  • I ordered Russian cheese by mail, it didn't have adidas stripes on it so i returned it

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  • is cheez ready?

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  • cheese is life

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  • They sell Tarhun in US too

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