How to make dried bread

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How to make dried bread
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The latest Life of Boris cooking video is a tutorial on how to make dried bread.
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  • This is fucking genius

    Mr. CakeMr. Cake13 napja
  • Opa means 👴 in the Netherlands grandpa

  • My family usually eat dried bread with tea but we never make it. It was made on its own

    Mar _Mar _6 hónapja
  • This video felt so real

    Kevin O'ConnorKevin O'Connor6 hónapja
  • the bread moved... VADIM BLYAT

    DiletDilet7 hónapja
  • Can you show us how to make Medovik

    Assassin PrincessAssassin Princess9 hónapja
    • he made it

      MarikMarik7 hónapja
  • Boris show these new slavs what sukhari is.Ahh 3 korochki

    Rodrik ForresterRodrik Forrester9 hónapja
  • Meanwhile: Western bread doesn't dry after 3 weaks laying close to a heating source..... Conspiracy theory: The western spies control us with the ingredients of the bread.

    Plappernder ButtplugPlappernder Buttplug9 hónapja
  • Next time Butterbrot

    Brutus bad cutting skillsBrutus bad cutting skills9 hónapja
  • You should slice potato and put slices in slices of bread. I call it the slavwich. SLAVWICH IS BEST SANDWICH B L Y A T.

    Driftliketokyo34 FtwDriftliketokyo34 Ftw10 hónapja
  • 1:30 The bread is moving

    Random CatRandom Cat10 hónapja
  • The longest way to make сухарики

    BlocksMatters MCPEBlocksMatters MCPE10 hónapja
  • no sabia ASER pan seco

    ManiMani10 hónapja
  • 1:53 he sounded DRUNK.

    Ghost the StormcallerGhost the Stormcaller11 hónapja
  • mmm suchy chleb

  • you can put bread in toaster twice and then remove burned layer with butterknife

    Babushka TubeBabushka TubeÉvvel
  • Neden başlık türkçe ?

  • Can you put the ingredients in the discription

    User 1890774User 1890774Évvel
  • Uwielbiam gościa

  • He lost one cuz he was drunk! 🤣

    Just SomePersonJust SomePersonÉvvel
  • I approve of this video

    Guy With BreadGuy With BreadÉvvel
  • This is the most useful Boris cooking video

    Arnas ArnasArnas ArnasÉvvel
  • What if Vadim is Boris' s 2nd personality and Boris has Split Personalty Disorder

    Some HumanSome HumanÉvvel
  • 中文好评

    Claudia of CambridgeClaudia of CambridgeÉvvel
  • Anatoly dyatlov

    Jens caceres stiefelJens caceres stiefelÉvvel
  • XD

    roxy czroxy czÉvvel

    Kallie MetroKallie MetroÉvvel
  • *Mayonez ASMR*

    GoPro478/Howling DawnGoPro478/Howling DawnÉvvel
  • 1:29 paranormal slavtivity

  • Why is it in Portuguese ?

    Carlos IshiiCarlos IshiiÉvvel
  • How do you edit?

  • |© intro de boris toca |© BLYAT I AM FROM BRASIL seus cornos

    Lucas N.Lucas N.Évvel
  • Its like toast. But without the brown stuff. And better than toast

    Chaos BlitzChaos BlitzÉvvel
  • Окрошку Блять

  • The hardest recipe yet

    Mehmet ErdoğanMehmet ErdoğanÉvvel
  • I bought a packet of dried bread. Anyone want some?

    Haruo AkiyaHaruo AkiyaÉvvel
  • That’s it? That’s all I gotta do to make home-made croutons?

    biggy beansbiggy beansÉvvel
  • 0:45 illuminati confirmed

  • yes

    Mïlk ManMïlk ManÉvvel
  • Instructions unclear. Dick stuck in the fan

    Marcel AMarcel AÉvvel
  • Olum kanal verin bu kanal Türk mü değil mi

    Cahse RunCahse RunÉvvel
  • We call that bread Bulka

  • Why would I want dried bread?

    • [NATTY]Kraus the crunch is good

      Anna LinnaneAnna Linnane5 hónapja
  • ({})

  • 666,666 views Lol

  • Sto? Davai Cosin Antoli Is Back? *TIME TO CELEBRATE!!! AFTER 9999999 BOTLES OF VODKA.. OY PIZDEC CYKACWHERE AM I?!?*

    Lime CrewmateLime CrewmateÉvvel
  • You can only put in toaster

    tips and trickstips and tricksÉvvel
  • Need vegan recipe!

    Rouge DrowRouge DrowÉvvel
  • Is this actually a real thing? I mean deliberately drying bread?

    Stein Gauslaa StrindhaugStein Gauslaa StrindhaugÉvvel
  • Is leaving it out the proper way of drying bread or is it also possible to toss it in the oven to dry it and then let it cool?

    Joshua MillerJoshua MillerÉvvel
  • These tutorials are so cool

    Xender Gacha!Xender Gacha!Évvel
  • Anatoli is back from army! Yay!

    Ender AvisEnder AvisÉvvel
  • boris was vadim all along

  • what type of bread

    Owen ChristensenOwen ChristensenÉvvel
  • That's not one o'clock!

    Jōtarō KujōJōtarō KujōÉvvel
  • Vadim? But how? 🤣🤣🤣

    Jannie SchlüterJannie SchlüterÉvvel
  • I accidentally made dried bread before. I still ate it though. :)

  • or easily let 3 breas at microwave for 3 min

  • Watching bread dry.

    Gigi NapolereyesGigi NapolereyesÉvvel
  • People- I'm making toast. Me, an intellectual- DRIED BREAD!

    Pony Empires UnitePony Empires UniteÉvvel
  • lmaoooooo

  • What bread he use

    The Hardbass BrothersThe Hardbass BrothersÉvvel
  • I did. the same but These Green Stufe are on it but i ate it anyway And its pretty good :D

    P4TR1CK WP4TR1CK WÉvvel
  • Adamsın boris

    Anıl polatAnıl polatÉvvel
  • Como q o Boris colocou o título em português BR C ele é russo

  • Slav bread. 🍞

  • Life of Boris крутой

  • *sounds of approaching Boris

    ꂵ ꍏ ꋪ ꌗ ᴀᴡᴀɪᴛꜱꂵ ꍏ ꋪ ꌗ ᴀᴡᴀɪᴛꜱÉvvel
  • 1:29 It moved!

    Johannes LeirgulJohannes LeirgulÉvvel
  • Is this what Ghandi's sandals were made of?

    I'm Flare.I'm Flare.Évvel
  • I buy from store

  • Wait. My name Kolya. I owe you money? BLYAT. Fucking hell, cyka

    Baked SodiumBaked SodiumÉvvel
  • Onde é que eu to??

  • I like dried bread it taste good.

    Ein PoteitEin PoteitÉvvel
  • ждать блея

    brandon Longbrandon LongÉvvel
  • Could you please make a vodka tutorial?

    Taco does stuffTaco does stuffÉvvel
  • 4 days after my birthday perfect timing

  • I must have made a mistake, I ended up with a drunk gopnik in my kitchen

  • Give back my 2 minute ago!!!!

    Kumbang GantengKumbang GantengÉvvel
  • Instructions unclear, ended up making Capitalist bread.

    Harris ChambersHarris ChambersÉvvel
  • Matryoshka to gaurd! Blin!

    Crypto ThargCrypto ThargÉvvel
  • Dlaczego nazwa jest po Polsku? Slaw power

    Jan SzymoszynJan SzymoszynÉvvel
  • Suka , is not babyshka , it's very glory motreshka

    Советский СоюзСоветский СоюзÉvvel
  • Sıcak bir yermi İZMİR gibi mi veya EGEAN gibi mi ? Ağlayın haha

    Emirhan TürkEmirhan TürkÉvvel
  • Alternative title How to make stale bread

    Olivia BlackOlivia BlackÉvvel
  • Where can i find that watch

  • Will you marry me? (no homo)

    Eric EEric EÉvvel
  • Slavic countries man, the most fun nations to live in

  • i never thought watching bread dry could be so fun

    dev Bdev BÉvvel

    WOT _WOT _Évvel
  • Most difficult recipe ever !!

    Hugo Ensaldo MartinezHugo Ensaldo MartinezÉvvel
  • I bet if Boris would make a video about watching paint dry, it will still be good.

    John MagsambolJohn MagsambolÉvvel
  • Im from Romania!

  • I used to do same thing locked up in capitalist new york prison, no mayonaz sadly, had to use butter.

  • where did u get that watch without any logo :O

  • That's so hard

    cicada 3301cicada 3301Évvel
  • Easy

    Ibrahim HusseinIbrahim HusseinÉvvel
  • Аааааааааааааа сука

  • Boris you have slav ghost in your home. The bread moved at 1:29

  • Se mamo el men de los subtitulos en español con el *mayonesa asmr* xD