How to make Doctor's sausage - Cooking with Boris

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Get the cutting board here:
Check uamee channel here:
3:44 start of recipe
4:10 why it is called "Doctor's sausage"
8:03 face reveal
11:24 start the boiling
12:15 tasting
ingredients and tools:
110g pork (cold)
20g beef (cold)
20g pork fat (cold)
40ml milk (cold)
some ice (cold, duh)
1/4 tsp ground black pepper
1/4 tsp ground nutmeg
1/2 tbsp salt
1 tsp sugar
1/2 egg
sausage skin or plastic wrap
some string
plastic bag (or a sausage maker machine)
a blender

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  • Amargard, I'm going out and buying Falukorv tomorrow (it's the closest thing we got in Norway to that stuff - I mean, I don't _know_ this, of course, but I have a feeling.)

    kebmankebman3 órája
  • To get a sausage like that in Norway ........ we have to call up one of our Swedish brothers and go, "Hey, you got some of that sweeeet Falukorv?" (Falukorv is a huge susage from Sweden, reminiscent of Baloney) Then it's onto making some _Korv Stroganoff!_ (Yeah, yeah, we have our own sausage tradition, of course, like no-one can compete with Norwegian gas station sausages, for instane. No really! I've literally met people who came to Norway to taste the damn gas station sausage! Wtf?!?!?)

    kebmankebman4 órája
  • comrade: i take care of man that sue you. then i eat mans doctor sausage.

    Casey WeightCasey Weight4 órája
  • So it's bologna but with less spices in it!

    NoirVeloursNoirVelours7 órája
  • Its not buter Its bylater

    Mateusz KrajewskiMateusz Krajewski10 órája
  • he s vlad he cant reveal his face

    C0leraC0lera10 órája
  • if he show his face the bad boys will take his money lol :Dd you know enything about that part of the world?

    Mantas BartninkasMantas Bartninkas11 órája
  • Listen, if a doctor says I need "doctor's sausage," I'm walking out the door.

    AlAl20 órája
  • So its just sausage made from potted meat?

    NoirEaterNoirEater22 órája
  • Would it be okay to toast bread before to help melt butter?

  • That’s bologna

    Tao RenTao RenNapja
  • Instructions were not clear ive placed the wrong meat into the wrapping plastic

    Low NutLow NutNapja
  • The most russian accent I've ever heard...

    Aizirek AsanbekovaAizirek AsanbekovaNapja
  • parizer

    Propali KuharPropali KuharNapja
  • It's called Devon in australia

  • How many Doctors i need for this Sausage? Hope they dont screaming too loud, my Neighbors are not deaf 😬

    [gelöschter Benutzer][gelöschter Benutzer]Napja
  • His laugh made my day... and the rest of my experience of 2020...

    Ya MuddaYa Mudda2 napja
  • so potato and tomato in Russian is : Potiatio and Tomiatio ok !

    Sébastien FragglSébastien Fraggl2 napja
  • Go down to bottom of disricpion Gopnik mcblyat........

    ADGADG2 napja
  • Write a cookbook finally! Blin

    Froozen ZitrooneFroozen Zitroone2 napja
  • "Minced meat can have preservative inside". Well, in Finland we have this thing called the "meat counter" in supermarkets. Where you can get fresh ground beef, pork, even sometimes horsemeat with out preservatives. It is on offer, specifically for this reason that pre-packaged stuff contains preservatives and often more fat. So, for all of you who live near the Finnish border or in Estonia and have no access to such accoutrements in your local markets, I suggest you source the meat from one of our high quality meat counters. Store in mobile cold storage, of course, for the trip home. This variety of meat on offer, also opens the door for making Doctors sausage with a mixture of meat. I thought about doing a horse-pork mix using this receipt, as it gives a nice distinct tang. And I like Russian "meetvursti" (abreviation of meat + wurst, dunno what it's called in german or russian or any other language for that matter.) because it has horsemeat in it, unlike the Finnish variety which does not.

    Meton12765Meton127652 napja
  • *"Now Butter is... Blyat"* -Boris

    Cheeki Breeki IICheeki Breeki II2 napja
  • I read that as "how to make doctors sausage - cooking with Bris.............

    speedbuggy16vspeedbuggy16v3 napja
  • Хахахах чернобыльский дождь🤣

    pinkfloydadmirerpinkfloydadmirer3 napja
  • Youve never tasted freedom you communist

    Brittany SavageBrittany Savage3 napja
  • For the westerners, this is also called balony not balogna.

    Anton SaikoAnton Saiko3 napja
  • произношение у тя уебанское до предела...

    Vital LiyVital Liy3 napja
  • Took me a year to get that sausage shrinking joke ._.

    Touta MatsudaTouta Matsuda3 napja
  • Don't throw bread/butter - it's not good. Не надо хлеб/масло кидать - это нехорошо.

    Константин ПанфиловКонстантин Панфилов4 napja
  • My sausage shrinks in cold water too

    Jacob IshiiJacob Ishii4 napja
  • That doctor sausage looks good.......that's what the nurse said

    Jacob IshiiJacob Ishii4 napja
  • Chernobyl rainwater looks like absinthe but either way I want some.....where do I find outside chernobyl? Something about that shade of green makes me want to try

    Jacob IshiiJacob Ishii4 napja
    • Not a joke.....what's the drink?I want find at local russian market,we have several by my house.

      Jacob IshiiJacob IshiiNapja
  • This is the wastefull cooking tutorial I have ever seen. I Fucking Love It

    John OrinaJohn Orina4 napja
  • I like how he is hiding his face, but you can find his location by all the products he is using and several other things.

    B IB I5 napja
  • I really thought he was speaking russian the whole time.

    Foodies For SinglesFoodies For Singles5 napja
  • Don't worry Boris, my sausage also always smells like dogfood. It's why I'm not allowed to walk the dog anymore.

    Rusian BotskiRusian Botski5 napja
  • Somebody tried to sue him in 2016? What kind of a low-life blyat pizdek sues him over a recipe what a dumbfuck.

    JZJZ6 napja
  • Its a shame buying this at the store is cheaper

    Stalkin UStalkin U6 napja
  • 8:14 KONO DIO DA!!

    Neelabhro GhoshNeelabhro Ghosh6 napja
  • Mexico 🇲🇽

    Helly KushHelly Kush6 napja
  • I love the tiny grater

    Jordan BeagleJordan Beagle7 napja
  • Dr sausage ❤️

    CarolCarol7 napja
  • Boris my papa makes around 45 kilos of polish Sausage every year.

    Polishman244 PolandPolishman244 Poland7 napja
  • We have this in Sweden an people including me eat it just as it is

    Onion BoyOnion Boy7 napja
  • If you Aussie Gopniks want Dr Sausage Go to woolies or Coles and by chicken n ham know or 1kg devon

    Spicy LongBlackCoffeeSpicy LongBlackCoffee7 napja
  • Chernobyl rainwater 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    FALL1N1FALL1N18 napja
  • So doctors make their own sausage?

    EmessEmess8 napja
  • ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Non,Player, AdeptusNon,Player, Adeptus8 napja
  • All the promised videos didn't come *Sad noises*

  • I want to try that sausage so fucking bad

    Nick MooreNick Moore8 napja
  • You didnt make your own Mortadella from scratch? Your a Lazy cook

    Grady HarperGrady Harper9 napja
  • My parents anniversary is 18/11. Now I know why.

    Nikola TovarNikola Tovar9 napja
  • so many lenny faces. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    zenomorph gaming YTzenomorph gaming YT9 napja
  • I attempted to make doctors sausage but ended up with hotdog shaped hamburger instead. Well you can't have success without failure. 🤣👍 I'll keep doing my best next time. 🌭👍😄

    CM - 20CM - 209 napja
  • Does Boris live in Germany? I'm just getting a feeling he does

    chingchong childchingchong child9 napja
  • BBC or big black cyka

    Gitanas NausėdaGitanas Nausėda9 napja
  • Черноголовка тархун мой любимый 😍

    Тристан ГилхамТристан Гилхам9 napja
  • Doctor’s pp

    Fighter 2012Fighter 20129 napja
  • Doctors have big dk

    OLiVÉR Ender DragonOLiVÉR Ender Dragon9 napja
  • Idk if Doctor's Sausage is also called Doctorskaia but I'm not complaining.

    WymWym9 napja
  • 0/10, didn’t add 2 shots of Vodka

    Phrog KingPhrog King10 napja
  • I actually love Doctor's Sausage, Croatians eat it a lot. Btw hi from Croatia

    Clickerty GamingClickerty Gaming10 napja
  • Thank goodness there is a Russian store in my state or else my parents would have moved back to Russia

    Eve S.Eve S.10 napja
  • I'm Serbian (some words in common with Russian) and I lost it when you said "You are just debil"

    ESFAndy011ESFAndy01111 napja
  • That tiny grater tho 😂

    MorganlefayMorganlefay11 napja
  • Not to play with babas sausage press.

    Thomas DThomas D11 napja
  • IRGIRG11 napja
  • This seems to be the same thing as "Leberkäse" in Germany. The only difference seems to be, that doctors sausage is boiled and Leberkäse is baked.

    F HF H11 napja
    • Roasted**

      Oka namora Miolo.Oka namora Miolo.11 napja
  • i forgot that green drink name but its the best drink everi have drinked

    Burning WorldlockBurning Worldlock11 napja
  • i got an gordon ramsay ad before this lol

  • Why you have sausage making machine, blyat?

    The HarlequinThe Harlequin12 napja
  • i can accept that uamee is boris

    Hans OrsicHans Orsic12 napja
  • i cant believe i just watched this

    NoNBA FreakNoNBA Freak12 napja
  • I Literally Thought It Was An Ad Lol

    Falcon GamingFalcon Gaming12 napja
  • Can you make a butter tutorial? With a jackhammer?

    Erin BErin B12 napja
  • I am planing on finally making this, but I have a food allergy with pork, and will be *attempting* to substitute more beef instead of pork. How long does this keep in a refrigerator? also, you can use baking parchment paper to boil the sausage in.

    therealquadetherealquade12 napja
  • Boris just put a lenny face THREE TIMES

    AmericaAmerica13 napja
  • Remember the "Russian" guy that used too shoot a shit load of guns? Remember how when people found out he wasn't Russian they were pissed? Be careful you racist piece of shit

    My name BranMy name Bran13 napja
  • seeing this in 2020 i think in create my own susage empire

    IMyth97IMyth9714 napja
  • Imagine being such an asshole to try suing Boris.

    Remilia ScarletRemilia Scarlet14 napja
  • 3:47 Hentai tentacle

    Dark Lynx ProductionsDark Lynx Productions15 napja
  • Wtf, just realized that I wasn't subscribed!!!

    Dark Lynx ProductionsDark Lynx Productions15 napja
  • Glory to DOTCOR SOUSAGE!

    Martin BranceljMartin Brancelj15 napja
  • I miss tetragon beverages dammit

    Johnny Rico, Male EscortJohnny Rico, Male Escort16 napja
  • I love how every component is homemade.

    The Self-Worth HabitThe Self-Worth Habit16 napja
  • Doctors sausage is smoked tho

    ByTheWayDentonByTheWayDenton16 napja
  • There is no face, only the cold voice of mother russia.

    Volvo dotoVolvo doto16 napja
  • ok boss

    Taser FaceTaser Face17 napja
  • I feel extremely non patriotic and I am ok with this

    Samuel SkalaSamuel Skala17 napja
  • I drive a lada with a soviet flag in the back

    Crack a hole in the groundCrack a hole in the ground17 napja
  • Boris laughing cures all diseases, confirmed

    Gabriela A. MoscardiniGabriela A. Moscardini18 napja
  • 8:45 this looks like the pink slime that people said Mc.ronolds Nugets

    • I miss spelt soo yeah i ment to say they put it in and i don't know i dont know how to Edit

  • If pork sausage is made of pork And if beef sausage is made of beef Then what’s doctor’s sausage made of?

    Source_xSource_x18 napja
  • 12:33 boris predicted 2020...

    faqrul ridzuanfaqrul ridzuan18 napja
  • 9:47 I’m now asking why you have that

    Gamercolton 132Gamercolton 13218 napja
  • 0:01 no Hardbass?

    Bence DobosBence Dobos18 napja
  • Pro-tip for my fellow Americans: If you want to find doctor's sausage in a store here, look for it under the name "mortadella."

    drfresheydrfreshey19 napja
    • I'm not even American, I'm Chernobylian *ha!*

      Cheeki Breeki IICheeki Breeki II2 napja
    • Non monsieur, la mortadelle est une saucisse tout à fait différente (avec de la mie de pain dedans), ce qui se rapprocherait le plus de la "doctor's sausage" serait le cervelas du nord de la France. Mais je ne sais pas si on trouve du cervelas aux Etats-Unis. No sir, the mortadella is a completly different sausage (with crumb of bread in it), what would be the closest from the "doctor's sausage" would be the cervelas from north of France. But i don't know if you can find any cervelas in the United-States.

      Pierre VilleyPierre Villey8 napja
    • Thank you so much 😄👍😄👍

      CM - 20CM - 209 napja

    chopstix102chopstix10219 napja
  • I make this recipe And blin it is good

    [Derrick]八代目[Derrick]八代目19 napja
  • I have a feeling of Boris being a swedish citizen. :')

    TokilaTokila19 napja