How to make black bread

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Boris makes a bread. Meat embedded.
some kefir for starter
1l water (40C)
up to 1.5kg rye flour
4tbsp sugar
1tbsp salt
100g bread syrup
4tbsp malt flour
1tbsp coriander
some cumin
fistful any seeds you like (pumpkin seeds or sunflower)
some smoked ham (more ham is better)
some cooking oil to lubricate the pan
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I make funny cheeki breeki slav videos of gaming and cooking.
Slav squatting with semechki in my hand.
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  • the easy way is if you just burn the bread XAXAXAXAXAXA

    comrade memercomrade memerNapja
  • Chernobyl Bread.

    OlGumbaltic Gum -OlGumbaltic Gum -2 napja
  • this is the 1st step of making Kvass

    G AndokG Andok3 napja
  • Unrelated question, but is it bad if the doctor said that my lungs look like that?

    nielniel3 napja
    • i think so, sorry =[

      simple sighsimple sighNapja
  • White racist people find out there is black bread: ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐

    TheMixerGameTheMixerGame4 napja
  • Kelvin. I use Kelvin.

    MiguelMiguel4 napja
  • 0:26 So,new nickname for Vadim?

    Obama PrismObama Prism4 napja
  • I thought i clicked on a HowToBasic video and was wondering when did he become slav?

    SagoliusSagolius5 napja
  • Blm bread loafs matter

    Attomic DoggoAttomic Doggo5 napja
  • Those 825 people who dislike this video... are those super racist white bread supporting Americans lol

    R0aStEd_PeaNutZ YTR0aStEd_PeaNutZ YT6 napja
  • Those are some fresh ass kicks

    DataData7 napja
  • Tendré que conseguir las harinas y el jarabe. Jajaja. Lo demás lo tengo en casa. Me encanta el pan casero, sobre todo el de las recetas tradicionales. Gracias por los subtítulos!! Saludos cordiales desde México!! P.d. encontré su canal buscando como hacer la salchicha del dr. Saludos cordiales desde México!!

    Francisco ReyesFrancisco Reyes10 napja
  • Ah yes sourdough bread my brother makes very good sourdough but he uses unbleached white flour it's still good.

    Logan MillerLogan Miller10 napja
  • When I was 15, my first job here in the UK was working at a (now defunct) supermarket call "Safeway". It was the height of the summer, and in came some German tourists. They were elderly, and their English wasn't very good (still better than my German). She asked "do you, black bread?" Black bread I thought, I've never heard of I said to her "schwarz....brot?" She then got really angry with me and said "black bread, black bread" like 5 times. I never knew if it was because she was practicing English and was angry I replied in German, or if it was because she couldn't find any black bread. But I explained that "black bread" isn't a thing here, she was still angry. Still to this day I feel a little bad about this and I'm not sure why?

    Dylan GreeneDylan Greene10 napja
    • because youre kind hearted man, no one was to blame for the misunderstanding. you both tried to convey what you wanted, but due to a small language barrier, it complicated the situation further and perhaps its because you had banana bread, but you werent aware thats what she was asking for [?]

      simple sighsimple sighNapja
  • "african-american bread"

    Doc HolidayDoc Holiday11 napja
  • How do i make White Bread now?

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  • But Boris, what is bread syrup?

    phoxxentswrathphoxxentswrath13 napja
  • hi to Anatoli

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  • I accidentally clicked on vid still wached it out of respect

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  • wait this isn't how to basic

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  • Hi Anatoli!

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  • I'm just gonna stick to San Francisco sourdough. may be western, but its still really good

    Lucas RandLucas Rand18 napja
  • hi anatoli

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  • NO!!! its called *rugbrød*

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  • Hi Anatoli :)

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  • I use Fahrenheit because I’m American & I was raised with it. I think it’s stupid personally because nobody else uses it

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  • Hi anatoli

    Darsh JainDarsh Jain23 napja
  • Good for making kvass

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  • We use Fahrenheit in America. We pretty much never use Celsius unless we're talking about 3D-printers. I THINK we might use Celsius for PC parts, but I can't remember.

    Tyler MounceTyler Mounce24 napja
    • :Oo thats very much interesting!! never heard celcius being used to describe pc parts and so on

      simple sighsimple sighNapja
  • hi anitoli

    aiden camachoaiden camacho24 napja
  • When quarantine ends, make a country review of Albania

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  • i use fahrenheit lmao

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  • That’s look it up on google Fahrenheit!

    Demetri Johnson’s siren videos!Demetri Johnson’s siren videos!28 napja
  • this bread can be used for Kvass making?

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  • English is hard language? Thank goodness for captions!

    Terry ByrdTerry Byrd29 napja
  • Yak-38 or harrier

    1 in a phillion E.P.1 in a phillion E.P.Hónapja
  • Kommarade Boris your demonetization joke made me burst like Chernobyl reactor in spring of 1986, keep the humor on the platform for true slav kind, may the mayonnaise be with you and Artyom.

    Arrogant AmbassadorArrogant AmbassadorHónapja
  • Do u need to do all that spinny shit too for it to turn out right?

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  • These " cake tins" are actually failed kalashnikov attempts

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  • we need a how to make kefir video Urod

  • Every time I think there's no way it will come out edible but he eats it

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  • Ha Ha your videos are great. I still use F. Thanks for the laughs Bread looks delicious. cпасибо

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  • hi

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  • The bread with meat in.. At first I was like "What the actual f*ck?!".. But then thinking of the flavours side of pork would add to it and the fact that like 9.9/10 times I love the food culture, and the culture in general.. In/from Slavic Countries.. I make so much food at home with recipes from or inspired by the Balkans.. The hardships alot of these countries has gone through has made ingenious foods.. And its made effing awesome people! Grew up real close with People from The Balkans, Russia, Chechnya and so on.. Observing their values and family dynamics changed me ALOT.. To the point where I am ashamed of the general values of my own country..

  • Hi anatoli

    Incorrect Zero-Data #RickGo1kIncorrect Zero-Data #RickGo1kHónapja
  • Black bread + Riga Gold sprats =

    J.R. CaldoonJ.R. CaldoonHónapja
  • Me: Salt Boris: Sea extract

  • I: i am russian HUworld: i’m understand Subtitles: *Japanese*

    RU EngineeringRU EngineeringHónapja
  • 7:08 say hi to Anatoli hi Anatoli

    Clive BlasClive BlasHónapja
  • Редкая шляпа

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  • Hi Anatoli

    the rising phantomthe rising phantomHónapja
  • Btw you are really good cook if this was 1st “wild yeast” bread you have ever tried. It took me like 10-15 tries to do it so fluffy and nice. Bread is hard to make good one.

  • Kumin = kmin ;) not greek one. Just kmin ;)

  • This is just cringe to watch.

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    • Huh

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  • this introduction was amazing

  • i just over coocked mine so yeah easy

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  • Génial. Merci boris

  • If you smell burning start all over again

  • The AK 47 Of Russian food!

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  • Black bread is tier 0 of slavic tech tree

  • Vladivostok is the only place I've visited in Russia... Vodka, Absenth, and cobblestone streets lead to a sprained ankle that I didn't feel until 3 days later.

    Learning to be meLearning to be meHónapja
    • You need to take revenge on those streets!

      Snork GP-5Snork GP-5Hónapja
  • Boris, I think I found your bread syrup. Please help with malt flour...what brand?

    Rebecca LaWareRebecca LaWareHónapja
  • Hi Anatoli

    Xander StimsonXander StimsonHónapja
  • I made black bread with my Lincoln, now its a Lada.

    Xander StimsonXander StimsonHónapja
  • I like your hilarious videos Boris! haha I tried the Kvass recipe tonight. Nothing to do since we're all locked down. Thanks for the recipe.

    C WaaC WaaHónapja
  • deg C gang!

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  • The bread is not so dark, not black bread

    Gde RrtikcGde Rrtikc2 hónapja
  • Big mistake to watch this while I'm hungry!!

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  • Does anyone have the full video at 1:31? I've been looking at it for years now.

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  • Hi, Anatoli.

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  • Is the bread syrup maltose?

    Eitan MichaeliEitan Michaeli2 hónapja

    Vincent RayVincent Ray2 hónapja

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  • hi to anatoly in comments

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  • This is so funny

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  • 11:09 Boris... man... please be careful with your diet. You’ll have health problems a few years from now.

    foxkenjifoxkenji2 hónapja
  • 0:08 why is Boris cooking with a WWII German grenade??

    foxkenjifoxkenji2 hónapja
  • I don't like the accent so much but the videos are very nice.

    Da RealmanDa Realman2 hónapja
  • Babushka approves of the 'doctor's sausage' approach

    Brian MckaigBrian Mckaig2 hónapja
  • Hi, Anatoli.

    AMKRadio - OfficialAMKRadio - Official2 hónapja
  • sprats=sardines?

    Mason VieauMason Vieau2 hónapja
  • 6:13 looks like cookie dough and i wanna eat it

    Mason VieauMason Vieau2 hónapja
  • Man, I miss the bread of my childhood. From the old Jewish bakeries in Vineland, NJ. Am def. going to try this - more malt, also that looked like malt syrup. Find it (in the US) in a beer brewer's supply shop or website. More malt, no white sugar - I like bread that tastes like bread, and longer ferment makes it taste better. Also loved this video, thank you!

    Makabet DesignsMakabet Designs2 hónapja
  • Who else remembers when this video was called "Legendary Meat Bread?"

    Ronan KennedyRonan Kennedy2 hónapja
  • Hi Anatoli

    John PriceJohn Price2 hónapja
  • Best bread takes 3 days to make. Local bakery takes 3 days to make bread and costs as much as fake bread fluff. Oma and Opa taught me what bread is. Edit : bread has no yeast added and they make spent grain (made with beer discards, like making okara from tofu but not fermented) mmmmmmm tofu and beer! I was Japanese in past life. I make good sushi rice. Best bread is slightly sour and dark! Yum we have rye sourdough, French peasant loaf. So delicious! It's called Campangna and is wonderful, grainy and very dense. Thank God for old world Europeans making bread and sausage here

    Anni RunawayAnni Runaway2 hónapja
  • If you toast black bread will it turn white

    solidifiedmustardsolidifiedmustard2 hónapja
  • Borya zdelay Belshi!

    subbystylesubbystyle2 hónapja
  • Life hack: take the shortcut and instead burn all of your bread and put it back into the package!

    kevkev2 hónapja
  • Thanks for the sourdough starter recipe, it was by far the easiest and quickest one

    Berdan SarıgölBerdan Sarıgöl2 hónapja
  • hi anatoli and boris and sergei and vadim blyat and babushka and artyom and hi from estonia

    Rico HellRico Hell2 hónapja
  • Hey there, happy American boy here. Here we can say fuck CIA operatives, and that is fun, but I like to also eat a good Slavic meal. You're one of my favorite channels Boris! Much love from USA. I wanna cook Doctor's Sausage and share my success! Stay cheeky breeky!

    Shadow PoetShadow Poet2 hónapja
  • hello anatoli

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  • A western spy from the grimdark future of December 2020 requests the Advanced Gopnik Workout Routine. Once that global virus pandemic ends that is.

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  • Hi anatoli

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  • Cumin is pronounced "coomin" or "kyoo-min" I say the latter

    [COA] ijet7[COA] ijet73 hónapja
  • My dog loves sprats

    Dr hydrationDr hydration3 hónapja
  • Well, it is easy as blin to make it black. Just bake normal bread again.

    Pavel1562Pavel15623 hónapja
  • Czarny chleb I czarna kawa.

    filip razikfilip razik3 hónapja