How to make black bread

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Boris makes a bread. Meat embedded.
some kefir for starter
1l water (40C)
up to 1.5kg rye flour
4tbsp sugar
1tbsp salt
100g bread syrup
4tbsp malt flour
1tbsp coriander
some cumin
fistful any seeds you like (pumpkin seeds or sunflower)
some smoked ham (more ham is better)
some cooking oil to lubricate the pan
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I make funny cheeki breeki slav videos of gaming and cooking.
Slav squatting with semechki in my hand.
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  • i like this channel Alot and I'm glad that i found this channel a month ago

    Danny watkinsDanny watkins21 órája
  • One easy way to make a black bread is Halfway there Don't stop now Almost there Keep the dough in the oven longer than the original time.

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  • Hi Anatoli

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  • 3:44 are you trying to break the jar boris, lol

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  • Western spy Jerry, " Yes Boris Yeesss reveal your secrets!" 3 days later, this bread smells wonderful baking!

    EMS*SurvivalEMS*Survival3 napja
  • Long Answer: This video Short Answer: Throw a normal bread into a volcano

    Darius FarrelDarius Farrel4 napja
  • easier way: take a loaf of bread and push your knees on it,until it changes to black

    zin2808 Tungzin2808 Tung5 napja
  • 1:27 is that what I keep hearing at night?

    меня зовут тимменя зовут тим6 napja
  • This recipe is so simple I dont know why you would go through all this boris just leave your white bread in the toaster in high and take it out an hr later

    Moshuh NanrenMoshuh Nanren6 napja
  • I definitely hadn't seen a bread with meat inside recipe before.

    Žydrūnas GiraŽydrūnas Gira6 napja
  • Hi Anatoli

    林 勇林 勇8 napja
  • Why not just put white bread in oven

    Mr.PresidentMr.President9 napja
  • tutorial coding please

  • Hah, watching as 1st year student in 2020. Will probably embed dirt.

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  • We did it boys, racism is no more.

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  • Tanks for teaching us this... Also hi Anotoli

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  • Hi Anatoli

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  • Celsius! Canadians are not savages, Blyat!

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  • This was basically my diet in Ukraine lol

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  • Hi Anatoli!

    EverfireEverfire17 napja
  • Making black bread is simple: Just make white bread then remove all intelligence and accountability.

    Lamune BabaLamune Baba17 napja
  • nigga bread: the revolution

    Davi BloxyCraftDavi BloxyCraft18 napja
  • Comrade Boris do you think people never eat anything?How you cannot know about this tasty fucking experience?DEBIL!

    gunvaldis vitolsgunvaldis vitols21 napja
    • 10:52

      gunvaldis vitolsgunvaldis vitols21 napja
  • Hello Anatoli!

    mend dwamend dwa25 napja
  • I showed my American Мама your video on how to make Квас (Kvass,) and she said she “don’t like the idea of having shit bread water with fermented grapes.”

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  • hi Anatoli

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  • This looks like food we used to make with limited resources in policed enviroments. Very good!!

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  • Bylat Boris,why you not put cheese on muffin?

  • how come every attempts at home made bread or pizza crust is thicker than T-54 tank armor?

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  • When the subtitles literally read “*autism*” lmfao 🤣

  • What is he drinking from that barrel. Looks like.......well never mind! Anyway, glad I have a recipe.

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  • Привет братан

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  • *Nippa Bread*

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  • Hey!I am farmer Ivan.

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  • I use imperial units.

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  • Black bread matters

  • Will Maple syrup work too?

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  • I use farenheit. I can't figure out Celsius to save my life.

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  • I think its time to rename the channel to Butter Boris. He's eating butter with bread lol.

  • the amount I would give to summon gopniks from the depths of Russia to start dancing to hardbass behind my house...

  • I completely insist to make a sandwich with egg, mayonaisse and sprats with couple slices of pickles! And rub bread with garlic!

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  • Tried to make this. Parents took one bite each and threw the entire loaf out. So clearly, I need to throw them out too.

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    • Wow that's rude. Was something wrong with it?

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    • Send them to gulag

  • can you use kvas made from black bread to ferment and rise your black bread?

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  • Im litterally eating Buter Brod while watching this

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  • Как же хорошо, что я просто могу сходить в магазин и купить себе Бородинского хлеба )))

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  • Boris was doing Sourdough before it was cool. And everyone was locked in their house without supplies, or dirt to make Black Bread like Real Slav

  • Sup, Anatoli

  • Hi Anatoli!

  • Hi anatoli ^^

    Najwa HBNajwa HBHónapja
  • my bread is so black that the cops shoot it on site

    Rebel Greninja • 69 years agoRebel Greninja • 69 years agoHónapja
  • Before I watched this, I thought black bread is just plain bread filled with chocolate. I want to make this soon!

    AMKRadio - OfficialAMKRadio - OfficialHónapja
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  • boris: it takes 3 days. me: throws bread in oven and leaves there till black.

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  • Also the bread you need to make some good kvass

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  • hello Anatoli

    CraigCraig2 hónapja
  • Thank you for your videos Boris! We have so much fun watching them, and the recipes are helpful when I cannot get ingredients that we want. I am running out of pelmeshki from shop, and will need to make my own, and your video was helpful, this one too!

    Лорел ХЛорел Х2 hónapja
  • Lazy way of making black bread: Overcooking normal bread

    The NixalessThe Nixaless2 hónapja
  • Toto je Boris, ktorý pije vodku cez masky.

    Rykoszet 527Rykoszet 5272 hónapja
  • I think the black bread syrup is molasses in the states of united america. I still cant find malt flour or powder that is that dark. Other recipes use coffee and cocoa for that ingredient, but I really want the malt flour.

    HomesteadOCHomesteadOC2 hónapja
    • Bread Syrup is Malt Syrup, do not make the mistake of using treacle/molasses.

      Agent OranJAgent OranJ3 napja
  • Black break more like chocolate bread

    Not afkarNot afkar2 hónapja
  • Hi anatoli

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  • it doesnt look like an cyka blyat accident

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  • homemade kvass made out of homemade blackbread

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  • Wow Boris this looks exactly like our "rugbrød" in Denmark :D

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  • Are you racIst

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  • Looks like cake....

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  • Расист

  • Ieeess boris Noice

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  • I like how people write english comments but actualy most are russians,

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  • Took me awhile to realize he was speaking English

    Vallejo DroningVallejo Droning2 hónapja
  • Not gonna lie, this is one of the best black breads I ever had.

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  • You mate it with black flour?

    WotS Wung?WotS Wung?2 hónapja
  • "english is hard language, every word sounds the same." *laughs in german*

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  • Black breads matter.

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