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2019.febr. 2.
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How to hat your cat
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Life of Artyom presents: How to hat your cat. How to make small ushanka so your slav cat not get cold outside. Is made by sewing, no sewing machine required. Just basic skills.
You will need about two A4 paper sizes worth of material. I suggest using two different ones like in video, so you have good contrast.
Ushanka is a Russian hat for winter use. But can be used all year around.
Follow along with some good cold kvass on the side.
Artyom says hello.
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  • I wish i am artyom so ill have a ushanka hat

  • Poor cat looked like it wanted to be shot

  • This might be, the most unslav thing to say... Artyum, is cute kitty with unshanka. BORIS!!! WHY YOU NOT MAKE ONE FOR ME BLYAT!?

    Jayden BurdickJayden BurdickNapja
  • I am indian but how can i be an otaku slav who has american dream life, While rapping soviet anthem like jamaican and doing squatting dance and shouting commissar senpai, seige hail seige hail !!! ?? Please help me out 😅😅😅.

    nirvan abhilashnirvan abhilashNapja
  • у меня был похожий кот, Килькой звали:))

    Ксения КовальчукКсения КовальчукNapja
  • I think u can roll the cat in towel and then measure and put hat on it

  • меня одного интересует из какой страны борис?

    Максимка ツМаксимка ツ2 napja
  • I just had a brilliant idea cat ushanka hammock

    Heavy the grey wolfHeavy the grey wolf2 napja

    Undead VillainUndead Villain2 napja
  • This is like a 6 hour project.

    Andrew LissAndrew Liss2 napja
  • jaaaa finaly danish

    Karin KnudsenKarin Knudsen3 napja
  • UwU SO cutteeeeeeeeeeeee

    Mohamed _htpmMohamed _htpm3 napja
  • I think i saw Vadim last night...

  • Fun fact: He would make more money in Japan with this one than on youtube.

    。。。能踏み白。。。能踏み白4 napja
  • I love how he titles video and before even trying to put a made hat on him, he tries to measure and it fails one try, and one try is all it takes hahaha, only cat people will understand, But Artyom seems alot more cooperative than my cat.

    33mavboy33mavboy4 napja
  • I assume that hat is made of, Artyoms favourite, bear fur.

    33mavboy33mavboy4 napja
  • Instructions unclear accidentally turned my cat to a capita- BLYAT its earning money with capitalistic ways!

    Mark AlbersMark Albers4 napja
  • Your cat in ushanka is the best thing I've seen in forever

    The Reefer GladnessThe Reefer Gladness4 napja
  • Very good, man of many talents!

    Andrea Oceania RegionAndrea Oceania Region4 napja
  • I thought he making the papaha

    Аспандияр ТемирбекАспандияр Темирбек4 napja
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    SaLty wAvEzSaLty wAvEz4 napja
    • I willng pastrino

      every name i make is cringeevery name i make is cringe2 napja
  • Tris esa the first Video of Boris that I see

    Valeria MolinaValeria Molina4 napja
  • "watch it again" Me:why? My brain:just do it blyat

    Fenyr`z PolestarFenyr`z Polestar4 napja
  • Komrade Kat is looking fresh

    Joseph StalinJoseph Stalin5 napja
  • Is Russian Blue?

  • Artyom looks so cute in the ushanka

    Ninja RockstarNinja Rockstar6 napja
  • No lie my babushka had the same sowing tin .

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  • 3:40 hahahahahahahahahahahaha

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  • Artyom is most Russian koshka

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  • Mexicans are not so different we have similar sowing kits

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  • Random cat appears appears in apartment: hello guest cat Random Vadim appears in apartment: *loads SVD with blyat intent*

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  • Nice kat Boris!

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  • Atroym and boris is king. 🇷🇺🇷🇺

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  • How does boris not have girlfriend He can cook he can sew he has a nice cat

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  • i dont dress my animals up but i would make an ushanka for them

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  • Cadoodle

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  • On the next video we see the cat dancing to techno music

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  • slav cat moment

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  • suomalaiset sakset

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  • y is boris listening to italian music not russian hardbass?

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  • Dare: Buy a Siberian Husky and name him Gopnik

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  • Cat heat with ushanka : warm... 😎 Cat body with no clothes : cold...😳

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  • Is it the same process for a comrade doggo

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  • Creative dude Who chasing dreams Like his dream cake

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  • arytom looks like my old cat exept my old cat was black not grey he was called slinky

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  • Can you teach us how to make a piltoka (i think that’s how you spell it)

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  • Who who the fuck commited the crime of putting owo in the subtitles

  • The fact Boris just accepts the fact Artyom has friend over puts a smile on me

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  • dude that saturation in the intro was too high

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  • i got alot of money for christmas and i will buy giftcards and buy your merch

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  • Your are the real version of the bear from "Masha and the bear".

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  • I did that to my cat and now I lost my hands

    Force StudioForce Studio25 napja
  • Boris; So when you're making Ushanka, and I know your not Me; Damn, calling me out like that, but it's true

    BritishBubblesBritishBubbles26 napja
  • Ayrtom

    LGHV editionsLGHV editions26 napja
  • What is the name of the background music?

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  • Here we see western mole create mind control ushanka for poor Slav slave cat.

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  • 0:19 when are thunder crashes for me

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  • Artyom: hates being bothered His friend: FOR THE MOTHERLAND, УРА!!

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  • How to do komrade kat with ushanka.

  • 3:42 everybody slav until komrade kat starts walking

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  • instead of sleeping im watching some russian guy making hat for his cat, where did i go wrong?

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  • People tell me sex sells, but cats sell better

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  • Boris sews better than me (。 • ́︿ • ̀。) Regards Boris❤️❤️

  • Blonde cat! That's not russia!

  • 10 blyat points

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  • He is the internet's Ded (Grandpa.)

  • i read the title as *how to eat your cat* what's wrong with me!?

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  • Motherland is proud of you

  • that's one of the most wholesome thing i ever seen

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  • Me who lives in the equator area and doesn't even have a cat: *Interesting*

  • and god said,"This is good."

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  • How could anyone dislike this

  • Instructions unclear, accidentally reunited the Soviet Union

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  • Bori's soviet cat: exist Me:IT'S TIME TO INVADIR USA

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  • Boris, you're very skilled. Would u marry me? My cat will love yours

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  • I thought the thumbnail said Cat ushya

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  • Now i can make Ushanka for myself BLIN :)

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  • 1:03 : Comrade cat slaps himself

  • Cashanka

  • For Slav dog ?

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  • Okay, Artyom has got to be one of the most glorious cats I've ever seen.

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  • The people who dislike the video are Western spies

  • no se como llegue aqui :v PERO NO ME ARREPIENTO :V QUE GATO MÁS ADORABLE *- *

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  • Neighbours cat is the chillest slav ever

  • Boris is so powerful, be doesn't need seam allowance

  • Ushankat

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