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2019.febr. 2.
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How to hat your cat
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Life of Artyom presents: How to hat your cat. How to make small ushanka so your slav cat not get cold outside. Is made by sewing, no sewing machine required. Just basic skills.
You will need about two A4 paper sizes worth of material. I suggest using two different ones like in video, so you have good contrast.
Ushanka is a Russian hat for winter use. But can be used all year around.
Follow along with some good cold kvass on the side.
Artyom says hello.
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  • Commarde even the thunbail look like cute slav cat

    Natano RailFan 271Natano RailFan 2713 órája
  • holy shit that is a beautiful cat

  • Artyom it's corona outside

    Кирилл ГоворовКирилл ГоворовNapja
  • Wat about a mini gp5 gas mask lol

    Thomas SutcliffeThomas Sutcliffe2 napja
  • Boris your cats are hella cute.

    sean Hillebrandtsean Hillebrandt3 napja
  • Instructions unclear, penis stuck in my rabbit

    twój stary 3000twój stary 30003 napja
  • Bless the Mighty HUworld Algorithm for this wonderful piece of entertainment

    Humoncule VerotostreHumoncule Verotostre4 napja
  • I went to the link to buy a hat for Shawn but you don't have his size.

    Eric LaramieEric Laramie4 napja
  • Always the Danish butter cookies tin, we have the same in India keep all our sewing stuff in that same tin XDDD

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  • My brain: Ushankat

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  • Cute.

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  • Why did this man put OWO in the subtitles

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  • thank you so much... love this tutorial

    Atia ShafiqaAtia Shafiqa6 napja
  • This is the content HUworld was created for. XD

    Salma MesaddekSalma Mesaddek6 napja

    Kevin KroschwaldKevin Kroschwald8 napja
  • Boris: Cat you need HAT cat: what? no Boris: yes you dyyooo cat: no!!! *starts running (Boris reloads Vodka) Boris: Cat you NEED HAT!!!! cat: okay

    Kaiser NvtronKaiser Nvtron9 napja
  • Notice Indeed, Boris.

    Kitten ComixKitten Comix9 napja
    • Go ahead n sub titles...

      Jay CubertoJay Cuberto9 napja
  • Please do not the cat

    BoomerHead2207BoomerHead220710 napja
    • I will the cat

      Jay CubertoJay Cuberto9 napja
  • I just watched a guy from the other side of the world make a tiny version of a piece of headgear completely unfit for our weather for an animal I don't own. And enjoyed every second of it.

    Mick 92Mick 9210 napja
    • Ha

      Jay CubertoJay Cuberto9 napja
  • I’m Danish lol never thought i would see the Danish flag in a boris video

    Daniel Hahn ConradsenDaniel Hahn Conradsen11 napja
  • Did anybody else notice Artyom was snuggling with the "guest" cat

    FinnlandballFinnlandball12 napja
  • He walks his cat ayyeurhhdhwiidjdjrusid

    AllisonAllison14 napja
  • what about beudenovkka .maaannn???

    unique emperorunique emperor14 napja
  • 1:28 Wožyonyeh kat

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  • I've got to go find my cat and measure them up

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  • I have a black Soviet ushanka.

    firehawk 99firehawk 9914 napja
  • Boris, why not make some Cat Ushanka in WeSLAV page blyat?

    Cheeki Breeki IICheeki Breeki II15 napja
  • I might make this for my dog. She's a good girl, but her little head doesn't have a lot of fur. This will be perfect for when the blizzards inevitably hit!

    Firefly Lightning BugFirefly Lightning Bug18 napja
  • Boris is a very good cat owner! P.s I watched this vid with my cat and he aproved

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  • We need another link for pattern

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  • This guy is making young males watching sewing and cooking videos. Fucking legend.

    Julian SJulian S21 napja
  • They should make little ushankas for cats and dogs across countrys

    TTV Adept Ninja99 YT 82TTV Adept Ninja99 YT 8222 napja
  • Am I the only one that has realized boris is very handy and creative?

    Robert CrossRobert Cross23 napja
  • 1:50 IF I FITS I SITS

    Maximus NawaMaximus Nawa23 napja
  • Ah, i see that the youtube algorithm is quite interested for hatting cats.

    BoikenBoy2004BoikenBoy200424 napja
  • im danish yay i got a shoutout lol

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  • Im a danish fan

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  • Blyatfull design

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  • I mind of want to make myself a winter coat from the materials Boris showed It would be pretty thin like a jacket but probably warm as hell

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  • link dont work to pattern

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  • See if you can figure out what this is h҉e҉l҉l҉o҉ t҉h҉i҉s҉ i҉s҉ t҉h҉e҉ t҉e҉s҉t҉

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  • Fake! No red star!

    sergeysergey29 napja
  • I thought this was going to be some half assed attempt but my man really made a perfect little hat. Beautiful.

  • Can you make your own ushanka with this diy (of course with your head size

  • we all cant resists cats, must touch

  • Boris you are truly great man and have good balance of many pillar of strength. Cute Komrade Kat videos when need something cute and fun Crossout videos when you want madness and vehicular mayhem or good instructional video on how to cook many good things. Bravo and well done as always good sir!

    Knuckles McGirkKnuckles McGirkHónapja
  • love the cookie tin sewing kit- so authentic

    Tyger IrisTyger IrisHónapja
    • I believe this proves we all live in a simulation, i dont know anyone without a cookie tin sewing kit. Lol

      100GTAGUY100GTAGUY11 napja
  • Милафка

  • What is the name of the intro Song?

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  • Next how to make jacket for ur cat :))

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  • Next: Ak-47 For Cats

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  • I love this other cat. He breaks into Boris home and promptly proceeds to cuddle up in a fur hat. Thats the level of not giving a shit I strive for

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  • Ah yes, Babushka's sewing kit!

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  • Plot twist: Strange Cat is Vladim in disguise

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  • lol why am I watching this at 0835 in the morning? Oh thats right I have depression and sleep in the day. Life of Boris + kyet = medication for sadness; that and memes

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  • Сука блять!

  • Boris you have the best sewing skills Babushka is proud

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  • This hat looks like the hair of Donald Trump

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  • i have a teacher who eats slav kids like me

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  • Хватит хайпить на своих!

  • I actually did it for my cat thanks Boris!

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