How to get into the World's most exclusive club (Berghain)

2020.márc. 4.
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  • For those who don’t believe we got in, go check our community post.

    The Zac and Jay ShowThe Zac and Jay Show8 hónapja
    • What is the music around 11:15? So good! Love your videos!

      Mike RemuzziMike Remuzzi2 hónapja
    • @Dattebayo 🥺 haha, i'm not even into nightclubs but thought that would have been an experience 🤭

      Andy MckayAndy Mckay3 hónapja
    • @Andy Mckay poor Andy ;D

      DattebayoDattebayo3 hónapja
    • Whats the music at 4:33?

      Nudelsuppe20Nudelsuppe203 hónapja
    • @Scott End missed out eating poop? you know about the kitkatclub right?

      Luna StarkLuna Stark4 hónapja
  • What is the track playing when you are in the taxi and then waiting to get into the club? And what is the track playing after you get in with all the cartoon type dancers?

    Fra FitzsimmonsFra Fitzsimmons6 órája
  • 9:19 the right one is called 'chimney sweeper'-style in Germany. ur welcome

    The UpgradedThe Upgraded3 napja
  • Sounds like a bunch of snobs tbh

    MonsterKatMonsterKat3 napja
  • Meanwhile there is probs about 5 people in there and it's trash because they reject everyone.

    MonsterKatMonsterKat3 napja
  • Watching this during covid hurts...the good old days of clubbing in Berlin. Soon again I hope.

    Junia JJunia J4 napja
  • Track id at around 12 minutes?

    Bastian Van MaanenBastian Van Maanen4 napja
  • I think it is very overhyped. Great great place for sure for certain people. But overhyped to me. It is a a couple of storages with dance floors, different bars with alcohol, cake and ice-cream and people being dressed up in leather. Very beautifully and decorated spaces for sure, other nightclubs could learn something for sure. Make a bar like an experience in it self. But I think it is because of the many drugs being taken in there and it being 24/7 open is what makes it great. Maybe I missed something or I'm just not the type to take drugs and dancing to techno for 10 hours and look cool and reserved because that it what most people in there do. I really take an laughable distance to people who act that way. I also automatically take an ironic distance to places saying they a exclusive. I was in there with a couple of friends, had some beers and went out again. There is nothing mysterious or out of this world going on in there as it was hyped to. Maybe if you are Patty Smyth and Robert Mapplethorpe or some other hipster punk type who have more fun talking to people how cool they are now for getting into Berghain. Berlin has so many other bars and nightclubs to see and have a great experience in. WITH ZERO LINES. I roll my eyes a bit when I hear people hype about it and make themself look cool for getting in there. it is just laughable to me. I've only come back to search for Berghain because of Sven Marquadt photos I have the same thoughts on him. 😅

    SimonSimon4 napja
  • Their eyes cry Charly in the cab. :)

    Stella & Sheba officialStella & Sheba official5 napja
  • “Welcome to the Salty Spittoon how tough are ya”

    Tyler JonesTyler Jones5 napja
  • It's really not THAT hard to get in. The door guys just want to make sure you're into the music and you're not going to cause any crap inside. Be alone, don't be drunk/high, be casual, be chill, and you're probably good to go. It REALLY doesn't matter how you're dressed!!! There was a couple with fetish outfits in front of me and then me dressed up in dark jeans, t-shirt, and Vans shoes. They didn't get in, but I did. ...and I didn't know who was spinning either.

    arne michalskiarne michalski5 napja
  • I bin there 😎 but don’t remember what I did 🎉🎉🎉

    Andrea NadiaAndrea Nadia8 napja
  • Wtf, ganz ehrlich, es gibt so viele nice Clubs in Berlin. Warum muss ich ausgerechnet dorthin gehen, wo ich angepisst werde und muss mich dafür mega zusammenreißen um überhaupt hineinzukommen 😂🤦🏾

    Pro europeanPro european12 napja
  • The gay professor snape outfit is so hilarious 😂😂😂

    TheDevastor1201TheDevastor120116 napja
  • They let in the people who are on drugs or look like they might have them, not the ones who are gonna be asking for them, like me probably.

    Justin AkersJustin Akers17 napja
  • 11:00 they rollin 😂😂😂

    Justin AkersJustin Akers17 napja
  • @3:12 xherdan shaqiri?

    Vedant SinghVedant Singh17 napja
  • I miss the clubing 😭😭😭

    Sana AliSana Ali20 napja
  • Wow so we See nothing lol

  • Berghain "a safe place, a different world that people can be whoever they choose to be" and also there's a "piss chamber". Yeah, seems about right.

    SwearSwear21 napja
  • 2:33 Tom Holland sneakin

    Sourabh UnnikrishnanSourabh Unnikrishnan21 napja
  • all the respect to yall for not filming inside.

    DessieDessie24 napja
  • Song at 12:46 ?

    SashaSasha26 napja
  • Its kinda easy to come in this Club . Iam often there. 1. be Not Mainstream 2 . Chose Untergrund/clothes 3 Not More than 2 or 3 people in a group . 4 dont shout dtay cool in the door ☺️ Good luck Its a Underground Club !!!!

    timmezytimmezy28 napja
  • the British are too sparking for that place.

    rosa fracchiollarosa fracchiollaHónapja
  • :( I didn't know you guys were in Berlin:(((( a bit late and now its closed but hope you come to visit again soon!

  • The Outfit dint look authentisch

    Roland die Kakadu 1997Roland die Kakadu 1997Hónapja
  • Thanks for not filming inside. As you said it's a safe space, it would have been incredibly rude. Especially since us germans are not that much into being filmed without permission anyways 😅

  • Really felt like u guys didnt get in

    Mark MohraMark MohraHónapja
  • so the whole point is to get in ,and it does not matter if it is actually that good a club !

  • I rly miss my favorite Club in Düsseldorf, Rheingold it was a top notch techno club but they was way to unstrict at the door so after 1 time a famous ganster rapper was their to make party the party people scene started to change. Soon their was allot of people not dancing and not enjoying their selfs the club was loosing its appeal for me and then their was done a police razzia and they closed the club for ever. Man i miss this times going in friday night and leaving saturday evening just to get to the next party : D

  • This is so fake you guys didn’t even get in

  • Okay Tweet Tweets

    The Travelin' BuskerThe Travelin' BuskerHónapja
  • I liked because of the magical pigeon 😂😂

    clay relyeaclay relyeaHónapja
  • My granpa watched this and now he is shaking in the ground! What do i do!!!!!

  • You weren't in lol

  • I always thought the best club in Berlin is Tresor. Maybe because of the great music they play in.

    Da N. RogerDa N. RogerHónapja
  • overrated

    Delta WDelta WHónapja
  • Do you have the yt links of these videos playing at the start of the video

  • Clickbait

    Freestyle BustinFreestyle BustinHónapja
  • berlin at all changes everyones life

    L PL PHónapja
  • Fake

  • When I think exclusivity, I think of invite only, if you have to ask you can't afford, etc. Not a giant obvious building that everyone knows about with a line out front lmao. It sounds like luck is a big factor to getting in, which would make it nothing more than a real life RNG social experiment haha.

  • what's the name of the song in the end?

    Madalena AnjosMadalena AnjosHónapja
  • Omg I got in last year on my 2nd attempt! Like at 4am on a Sunday morning

    Ben SassyBen SassyHónapja
  • Berghain is maybe the most famous club but there are many others wich are as good as berghain or Even better and its much easier to get in. It is just the name berghain, overrated!

    N. HyperionN. HyperionHónapja
  • Seems like a glorified gay club to me.

    MEN KaeMEN KaeHónapja
  • i just went like myself, as a nerd. with my glasses and a flannel tucked into my khakis and a bowtie. easy

    eric hendersoneric hendersonHónapja
  • What a dumb shit lost of time this video was

    Andres AndresAndres AndresHónapja
  • harry styles would definitely get in

    Elizaveta BLAGOVAElizaveta BLAGOVAHónapja
  • Whatta joke

    Nuno DA FonsecaNuno DA FonsecaHónapja
  • If you want to see guys destroying each other's assholes, this is your place. Fecal party central.

    Mike BrookingMike BrookingHónapja
  • Covid decides now big man. 🤣🤣

    David VeldinDavid VeldinHónapja
  • Me: wait the Berghain is the most famous club? Been there couple times...

    Marieluise WeissMarieluise WeissHónapja
  • I want Maximus Bucharest of Bucharest to get in!

    Rebecca W.Rebecca W.Hónapja
  • 00:39 secund... girl is high

    Renato BenicRenato BenicHónapja
  • You both took mdma or something?

  • They got rejected.

    Fenasi KerimFenasi KerimHónapja
  • Why would anyone want to go there it looks dreadful. It's literally just a club and a scrubby looking one at that.

    Motor ReconMotor ReconHónapja
    • @Motor Recon you answer your own question

      Klaus RingerKlaus RingerHónapja
    • bisark1 yes it’s absolutely dreadful

      Motor ReconMotor ReconHónapja
    • have you ever listened to techno mate?

  • Ryan air is the worst company ever

    bruno gaabruno gaaHónapja
  • There are so many pics in berghin

  • This is embarrassing...

  • your poes bra

    wzrd 0zwzrd 0zHónapja
  • Damn I was in there a few weeks before you guys

  • tried 2 times, went inside 2 times. they see if you fit the vibe inside - which is "be who you are" and NOT everyone - i think only 10-20% are only capable of entering BERGHAIN. you must be at ease, look like you love everyone, wear black, have a beard - its easy. they didnt let in 20 people in a row before we went inside. and it is the best club in the world inside - nothing comes close. its a mindfuck

  • They didn’t even get in or else they would’ve filmed

    HusstleeDaillyyHusstleeDaillyy2 hónapja
  • Bassically you have to look gay to go in

    Alex RomaAlex Roma2 hónapja
  • had the privilege to make it into this club...I went in as a cross dressing jesus

    EJ IoaneEJ Ioane2 hónapja
  • John wicks been there

    MaarcooooMaarcoooo2 hónapja
  • Why the hell would you stand in line for anything not knowing if you get in.. ?? No selfrespect in these younger generations. If they don't hold the door open for me, be nice, and at least pretend that I'm welcome, they can go fuck themselves, you can party anywhere... what's wrong with you people???

    van Dijkvan Dijk2 hónapja
  • Well that ending sucked balls

    JonZJonZ2 hónapja
  • Makes video about getting into club, then refuses to talk at all about their experience inside said club. Now that's content!

    Travis PriceTravis Price2 hónapja
  • If "being afraid" is part of going to a club, then it's definitly wrong. This is not how club culture should be :)

    Christian HabermannChristian Habermann2 hónapja
  • Ihr seht beide maximal schwul aus

  • Srew u guys, the club is for perverts and druppies, i wanna see the shit thats going on in there

    Gilgamesch Gottvater der GottväterGilgamesch Gottvater der Gottväter2 hónapja
  • I wonder if drugs are aloud in that club

    S DS D2 hónapja
  • Place in side is a complete shit hole do not let anyone fool you into this place is kool. I made it into Berghain in 2009. It was much tougher then. Im Canadian and had friends from Amsterdam tell me it was a great club. We travelled from Purmerend to Berlin to go clubbing. My Dutch friends we quite eccentric. We rolled into Berlin booked a hotel dosed some E then headed to Berghain at about 2 AM Saturday night. After a wait that seemed like for ever the four us finally finally made it to the front door. The bouncer asked some questions in German my Dutch friends answered. Have zero clue what was exchanged but im pretty sure the doormen heard their Dutch accent and let us in. Inside was dark loud and lets just say GAY. I saw some weird stuff like a guy giving another guy head on his knees in a corner. There was a few women in there but they were scarce to say the least. Mostly what appeared to be lots of men making out dancing together. Im not gay could care if you are gay so it was like. WOW I just drove 8 hours to watch gay men interreact. Was nearly impossible to find any pills to eat, but we did finally find an English bloke who said his GF stuffed these pills in her VAG to get them in. After the pills kicked in music was loud and MEH german techno, VVVVTTT< VVVTTT< VVVTTTTT< VVVVVTTTT. I like breaks so this Hard core house was just to repetitive. Would I go again probably yes but we stayed for about a week and found some way better under ground clubs threw out the city. Berlin then had a crazy underground scene and still does. You will never hear about these venues, my Dutch friends were big time X dealers from Netherlands and some serious Berliners on their cell phones. We went to clubs that you could not even tell there was a club there. We literally would be let into what looked like a vacant building with no line up outside.

    The DudeThe Dude2 hónapja
  • there was guy in there asking for someone to shit in his face my mate had curry so he did great night see you soon

    TelTel2 hónapja
  • Probably the least douchy vid about it, they actually highlight what should preserved about it. respek

    Pask00lPask00l2 hónapja
  • I am very sus of this being fake

    Ghengis KhanGhengis Khan2 hónapja
  • You gotta have the spark in your eyes not huge pupils arriving. And try pretending to be german ^^

    LilliLilli2 hónapja
  • I like that coat you're wearing with pattern. Who makes it?

    Lee YiLee Yi2 hónapja
  • Disappointed I wasted my time

    Juvena VeraJuvena Vera2 hónapja
  • rumour has it

    Zed's DeadZed's Dead2 hónapja
  • What a waste of time this video was.

    Soaring EagleSoaring Eagle2 hónapja
  • Anyone have stories about being in there? im curious now.

    Toon SheToon She2 hónapja
  • It's a myth made for marketing. I lived two blocks away. I know.

    GemcitykidGemcitykid2 hónapja
  • U never got in wankers

    SisselmofytSisselmofyt2 hónapja
  • They definitely didn’t get in. FAKE NEWS!!!!!!!!

    JA VisionJA Vision2 hónapja
  • Well that was a load of shite

    Tall LollyTall Lolly2 hónapja
  • You think Berghain is exclusive? Not even close.

    Ben HallBen Hall2 hónapja
  • Berlín es RACISTA.

    Alfonso AguadoAlfonso Aguado2 hónapja
  • My mom got in first time. Doesn’t speak a word of German. And got in first time. No one I know could get in. And she did first try.

    T17189155T171891552 hónapja
  • Definitely didn’t get in tho

    lewis whitworthlewis whitworth2 hónapja
  • I didn't think I was gonna watch 10 seconds of this but then I watch and watched some more until it was over.

    AYE GANGAYE GANG2 hónapja
  • Y’all are wrong. The world’s most elite and expensive club is Illuminati, elite families. This is circus lol

    Brandeeno28Brandeeno282 hónapja
  • Everyone gives different advice on how to get in, it's just cringe and annoying

    Prawn kingPrawn king2 hónapja
    • @Oreki Reported for bullying

      Prawn kingPrawn kingHónapja
  • They tried too hard to dress up and get in

    Prawn kingPrawn king2 hónapja
  • Everything is fun and games until a guy in a white coat starts hitting people

    Sarajuli jimenezSarajuli jimenez2 hónapja
  • They never got in.

    fergal farrellyfergal farrelly2 hónapja