How To Beat Final Destination 3

2021.máj. 1.
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You just survived a roller coaster accident and now Death is hunting you down. There’s no way to escape it and it won’t stop it’s rampage until it gets every single survivor. What do you do?
Thank you for watching Final Destination 3 explained and review of how to beat.
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    Cinema SummaryCinema Summary7 napja
    • Congrats on 1M subs

      SmalldvrkoneSmalldvrkone16 órája
    • they had fake eyes and they coud go blind at the tanning area they probly did not see it

      Daniel HernandezDaniel HernandezNapja
    • Dude that displate ad was sooo smooth.

      clyde who?clyde who?Napja
    • When you said deaths plan I thought of gods plan

      E gamingE gamingNapja
    • Can someone please explain this to me? In Wendy's vision, Frankie drops his camera which becomes the reason the roller coaster crashes. When Wendy wakes up from the vision, she and a few others get off the roller coaster, Frankie included. But despite of him getting off the roller coaster, the ride still crashes. How? Since he takes his camera with him when he gets off, shouldn't the ride NOT crash?

      HarryHarry2 napja
  • That's not fair at all

    isaiah Kingisaiah King10 perccel
  • That's no fair at all

    isaiah Kingisaiah King10 perccel
  • That's no fair

    isaiah Kingisaiah King10 perccel
  • you can never save a life, all you do is delay a death.

    Nizar TabbaiNizar Tabbai29 perccel
  • do the fourth one, its called "The Final Destination"

    iKonikiKonik37 perccel
  • Tip to survive: lock your self in an empty room

    Seth SethSeth Seth39 perccel
  • Congrats On 1MIL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    dexter does gamingdexter does gaming46 perccel
  • It feels like there’s no way to win even if you play it perfectly :/

    Antonio de LugoAntonio de Lugo55 perccel
  • The 2 girl in the tanning bed could have totally avoided their death if they weren't just screaming. Death really did take it easy on them.

  • I like the fact that there are so many rules and if you do certain things death will spare you continuing with the pattern and the rules of this "game", but then all of a sudden at the end death just goes "well fuck It I'm bored let's kill everybody"

    Matteo FranceschettiMatteo FranceschettiÓrája
  • Once they found out that everything cycles back to the first living person on the list, I think suicide would have been a much more viable option than anything else. It's nearly impossible to prevent, and they're just going to die anyway. Maybe I'm cynical and don't care about my life enough, but it makes sense to me.

    ruralairruralair2 órája
  • have a dam good day!

    VolzVolz3 órája
  • I need this dude as my horror movie partner cause he know what to do

    VibeN ReactsVibeN Reacts3 órája
  • End to the blood is going to there head end it's Bad end it can kill them

    Fanof LuigefanbrosytFanof Luigefanbrosyt4 órája
  • Just remember, death ALWAYS gets the last laugh.

    Mr. AxeMr. Axe4 órája
  • This man will never die

    Redempta BekahAltRedempta BekahAlt5 órája
  • 27:25 that is not a rat its a mouse

    PinkLeafPinkLeaf5 órája
  • "This is, Requiem"

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  • congrats on 1 million subs

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  • If something like this were to happen I would wanna be with him

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  • U P L O A D S O O N P L Z : )

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  • Congrats on 1mill

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  • death: who the fuck wanna kill this people?

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  • Lol

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  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😵

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  • Uhh well I've watched all of them

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  • You should do a 28 weeks later video

    Ethan QuinnEthan Quinn9 órája
  • This is so inspiring!

    Marco GosecoMarco Goseco9 órája
  • These videos are probably the dumbest videos on youtube but they remind me of films i like

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  • you would have known this because you had time to research it. if you were in this situation, you wouldn't have the time to know all these.

    negatronnegatron9 órája
  • Congrats on 1 million subs.

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  • Wow congrats on 1.01M subscribers cinema summary

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  • Did... did he just justify the murder of a teenage girl

    Upielips On YoutubeUpielips On Youtube10 órája
  • why death

    C JLSC JLS11 órája
  • Why didnt she just mention the leak?

    Upielips On YoutubeUpielips On Youtube11 órája
  • Kevin knocks her out and she dies

    sunshine blvdsunshine blvd12 órája
  • I remember I sleep on the side of the bed cause I imagine a saw blade going through the middle

    Sun and GlorySun and Glory12 órája
  • Tbh if you were on death’s list and you would still get killed even if you stood in the middle of a beach, death is just gonna crash a plane down on you or something

    Qi Fuh YueQi Fuh Yue13 órája
  • There is a loop hole to rule of not allowed to die if they don't have their turn. You can get injured that will kill you. but will delay

    Pleb PlaysPleb Plays13 órája
  • Could we get how to survive “in the tall grass” next

    Analytics _Analytics _13 órája
  • Big brain.

    Qistina JaafarQistina Jaafar13 órája
  • Wow

    Angel MaciasAngel Macias13 órája
  • I guess death felt bad that the valley girls weren't paying attention to the guy so he teaches them some manners

    Mateo RodriguezMateo Rodriguez13 órája
  • Have a damn good day

    franlck laufranlck lau14 órája
  • smooth sponsor transition lol

    Elayna Ryczak HarrisElayna Ryczak Harris14 órája
  • Every movie when is someone gonna die its always a black person that dies

    alexander31 sickoalexander31 sicko14 órája
  • this whole thing isn't scary but when you watch the movies-

    Racheal SalazarRacheal Salazar14 órája
  • Congrats on 1 million subscribers Cinema Summary!

    The popo Is after meThe popo Is after me14 órája
  • Ik how to survive u know the roller coaster there seats whoever is in the first die and the last in roller coaster there next if they survive it will go on

    Purple BunnyPurple Bunny14 órája
  • Pls do how to survive avengers end game edit: also 19:51 you did the mystery a little bit to early

    Lewis LLewis L15 órája
  • Death be like: No need to explain to survive, I'll be back anyway

    Just Some PlebJust Some Pleb15 órája
  • When I look at these they suck at surviving 🙄

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  • My displate fell.. ):

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  • idk man i think im the first one to die

  • Final destination actors seeing cinema summary: how survive?

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  • Watching the actual horror movie: *insert Drake look away picture* Watching how to beat videos: *insert Drake looking picture*

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  • 22:24 Based

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  • I am prepared.

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  • Maybe you could do a Jurassic Park video?

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  • So they died or not?

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  • 6:24 still would be in major trouble to terroristic threat

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  • I just thought if the last person dies couldn’t it work in reverse and killing someone on or off the list if your on it doesnt work but instead skips to the next person

    BearArmyBearArmy19 órája
  • I would spend my last days being a better person cause if death is inevitable then I would want to die and go to a heaven where I would be happy and not hell

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  • Congrats on one million subs

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  • Can u do how to beat “Us” by Jordan peel

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  • He should make more parts I love this

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  • But if I let the bratty girl die, am I not also making myself a bad person by doing so? Yes, she does not have much to contribute to society and her death would not necessarily be a HORRIBLE thing, but if I make no attempt to save her, then I make myself more of a monster than she ever was, regardless of my justifications.

    S.A.M.S.A.M.20 órája
  • Well This Won't Be The Senior Year To Remember

    GreyPaprika2012GreyPaprika201220 órája
  • I will just know how survive and kill alll the survivor i need to ingore them and know all the deaths to know like wendy scream i just push her out of the way and survive

    Sean gabriel IlaoSean gabriel Ilao20 órája
  • Request: how to beat the kingdom on netflix

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  • Plz say this is fake

    Nepo _d12Nepo _d1221 órája
  • I remember that I was 7 and my grandpa showed me this movie and told me that it is not scary, just people dying, and I watched it with him, and I LAUGHED. Now I’m 11, i watched it again, and i was traumatized.

    Exotic_cupcake • 30 years agoExotic_cupcake • 30 years ago21 órája
  • When the Reaper beats you in Blackjack ,just pay him the bet for fucks sake. I’m looking at you Jerry.

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  • Imagine if a horror movie started out with the main character watching cinema summary, how to the video. That would be so cool.

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  • Stayin alive, Stayin alive

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  • It's easy to run your mouth and act like a genius when you're not in that horrible situation.

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  • I watched this 3 times now. DOnt ask why

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  • Unless you’re Chuck Norris

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  • the FD movies are paranoia at its finest.

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  • Its good to know the product you advertised won't crush me to death.

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