How To Beat EVERY TRAP In "No Escape"

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This movie is also known as "Follow Me".
You and your friends are trapped in a prison, and forced to play the world’s most dangerous escape room. You’ll have to solve every puzzle, survive being tormented by gangsters, and risk your life to escape before the time runs out. What do you do?
Thank you for watching No Escape and Follow Me explained and review of how to beat.
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  • have a damn good day

    rockman124rockman12412 napja
    • How to beat freddy Kruger

      Trayvon KingTrayvon KingNapja
    • You too=)

      MrBaconGuyMrBaconGuy2 napja
    • You should have said have a nice day in hell

      NoLife DragoNoLife Drago2 napja
    • You too

      Eric ColemanEric Coleman3 napja
    • You damn too

      What's my name?What's my name?3 napja
  • That ending is so fucking cheap. I would've been mentally thrown off by the whole thing but I'm sure as Hell not gonna feel bad about the shit. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

    Ace CashmanAce Cashman38 perccel
  • No escape is stupid because of how they pranked him and it wasn’t real

    King SoraKing Sora52 perccel
  • You know how i sleep like a baby and never worry about getting into this situations - Everyone of them starts with " You and your friends"

    Михаил РадуловМихаил РадуловÓrája
  • I suppose introverts are safe from most horror movie situations I'm not talking about myself (looking in every direction except yours while trying to whistle and failing at it)

    Anime & GameZAnime & GameZÓrája
  • i want watch this

  • you dont beat puzzle puzzle beat YOU yes you are right

    Coin eye matrixCoin eye matrixÓrája
  • Chamber of Secrets 😂. That got me

    GrayZy PlaysGrayZy PlaysÓrája
  • Cinema Summary: **Beats NO Escape** Directors: Yeah uhm....

  • what the fucking hell

  • If the live stream is steam you'll be banned, lol It's a bad timing hahaha

    ༺I†sLouis༻༺I†sLouis༻2 órája
  • Never go to the local police station if your kidnapped in another country like that. Go to your embassy.

    Joe WilkinsonJoe Wilkinson2 órája
  • Ayo George Janko

    MinsssMinsss3 órája
  • That's a fked up prank.

    InsaneUpper JInsaneUpper J3 órája
  • Plot Twist: Him and Alexi Planned This Before The Friends Planned It Out With Alexi and Then Alexi Says GET FOOLED FOOLS!!!!

    GamingDerpGamingDerp3 órája
  • I have no clue which ending is more f**ked up, The Mist where the guy kills his friends and family but then a full on army kills every single mist monster or this one where he ends up killing a man realizing it was all fake.

    GamingDerpGamingDerp3 órája
  • Ok these Russian metal equipment is weak those shackles broke from a hit to a bed frame

    Jose ThegoatJose Thegoat3 órája
  • this movie is basically saw but in an escape room form

    soki boisoki boi4 órája
  • Bruh what the fuck

    daniel sesaydaniel sesay4 órája
  • I just love how almost the whole channel is just escape death from hell

    Shusta BoiShusta Boi5 órája
  • I agree with cinnema summary this was a fucked up prank and Alexi deserved what happened to hin

    Vince NeronaVince Nerona5 órája
  • The only good protagonist in a Horror Movie was put through Trauma for Life. Sad.

    Freshly Cooked BaconFreshly Cooked Bacon5 órája
  • Honestly I really dont care about Cole im just watching the hilarious chat of his vlog.

    Badoods TVBadoods TV5 órája
  • A person said in the chat "Fuck Russia" I am so sorry I could not help but notice.

    Badoods TVBadoods TV5 órája
  • bruh i swear how the hell did they think this was gonna go?

    Bamboozled ManBamboozled Man5 órája
  • no his friends goin to JAIL jail

    Shelby RaymondShelby Raymond6 órája
  • Why did he go back to save his friends

    Braylin SingletonBraylin Singleton6 órája
  • Also ignoring the fact he also shot a guy with a real gun... buttttt

    Leaker’s LabLeaker’s Lab7 órája
    • They had blanks. They wouldn't have put a real gun in there otherwise they would've stopped the prank the moment he started pointing the gun. That's why the dude wasn't even hurt when he shot him.

      Ace CashmanAce Cashman23 perccel
  • Nothing: Literally Nothing: Cinnema Summary: Let me put my shirt in this

    João Pedro Cantu CombaJoão Pedro Cantu Comba7 órája
  • Is that the guy from Logan pauls podcast

    Regina EscujuriRegina Escujuri7 órája
  • Gulag for u

    RandomLjubRandomLjub7 órája
  • Wasn’t expecting it to be like that... they did him wrong 😑

    Queen MontgomeryQueen Montgomery7 órája
  • Wait. Is that the guy from impulsive?

    Dylan PartridgeDylan Partridge7 órája
  • Ending is literally “Bro it’s just a prank, the cameras right there,”

    VenomBeetle RowlVenomBeetle Rowl7 órája
  • 1:13 knowing the ending of the story I wonder if this was planned or if not what actually scared the cops?

    MasonMason7 órája
  • The warm rose interestingly sound because single comprehensively practise to a purple sled. high-pitched, spurious cracker

    mario yumario yu8 órája
  • I 100% agree with your synopsis at the end. What a terrible prank, how inhuman do you have to be to not only put someone through all of that, but then act as though they are a monster for being fully immersed in your lie? This is a garbage movie.

    Cooler.Cooler.8 órája
  • That was such of bad prank

    Issac StalaIssac Stala8 órája
  • His friends literally put him through hell and then gaslights him when he thinks it’s real. They were never his friends

    Tim BerlandTim Berland8 órája
  • That’s so messed up

    ArikikazukitojiArikikazukitoji8 órája
  • After reading Alex Rider, I’m not trusting ANY Russians. I mean, who would after the Skeleton Key dude?

    Hpsuperfantimesten wessaHpsuperfantimesten wessa8 órája
  • Bro wtf 😐

    Nah_ Dan6Nah_ Dan69 órája
  • seeing a real man dead really made my day, lol

    Gaming PenguinGaming Penguin9 órája
  • Knowing my friends, I already won No Escape because they wouldn't go this far as to prank me.

    Kordell CunninghamKordell Cunningham9 órája
  • the fact that the guy was getting beat to death and everyone was just like "you down to tell him after he commits murder"

    Big EdBig Ed9 órája
  • The ending explains why this movie has such a low rating. It was fairly good for a movie and I was waiting for them to fuck up because movie has low rating. Then they proceed to give so fucking brain dead, unlogical ending. Every single person in that room somehow didn't realize he was full force punching, bashing head of Alexei,blood flying around. Cmon lazy ass writing...

    IntensityIntensity10 órája
  • He could of just said its a prank instead if waiting

    JJ BallerJJ Baller10 órája
  • there is only one word to describe this man and it is SMART if its any other word it is wrong

    soul GDsoul GD10 órája
  • “In Soviet Russia, you don’t beat puzzle. Puzzle beat you.” -Cinema Summary Best quote of April 2021

    Gamingwolf ZJGamingwolf ZJ10 órája
  • It seems like the common rules to survive horror movies are: -don't trust anyone -dont have a social life -be a manipulative bastard

    Gabriel .StrangeGabriel .Strange10 órája
  • Pretty funny ending. "It's only fair to kill everyone left."

    Cameron WileyCameron Wiley10 órája
  • Those are some fucked yo friends

    Asteropicol AAsteropicol A11 órája

    bruhbruh11 órája
  • is it just me or does cole kinda look like logan paul

    THE GUYTHE GUY11 órája
  • Can someone tell me what THIS movie is called its about a killer livestreaming and killing pls answer

    ItsSamSKItsSamSK11 órája
  • 7:21 tota LOL

    Callum BoyCallum Boy12 órája
  • Alexi reminds me of mw2 no Russian

    Soviet_cheems69Soviet_cheems6912 órája

    Chief ToadChief Toad12 órája
  • The "friends" were surprised he killed alexi after all that?????

    Senna PSenna P12 órája
  • Holy shit this was the biggest plot twist ever

    Irving t-rexIrving t-rex12 órája
  • I've seen this movie plot twist it was a genuine escape room and the deaths were acting and he killed the game master and got sent to prison for murder

    Andrew *not* GarfieldAndrew *not* Garfield12 órája
  • Yeah, you can make a double trigger lock on that water one. Make it so the weight of 4 liters goes down enough to unlock but too much weight will trigger a separate lock that closes it permanently or have it close a circuit that electrifies the water. Not hard since it seems all it is doing is moving something down, make it a metal something and the circuit on the bottom section.

    CazRaXCazRaX13 órája
  • Yeah there would’ve been a lot of bodies in my wake in this joke or not oh well I’m an expert in firearms too so I’d catch on if the guns were fake

    Scott Castle's ChannelScott Castle's Channel13 órája
  • the dumbest plot twist ive ever seen

    wouldwillwouldwill13 órája
  • so many glaring plot holes in the movie aswell as the cliche “it was a big prank” ending. How could the people involved in the prank just assume cole would save his gf at the last second from a water tank? or the iron laden? and then how did his friend who fell 100 + feet in the elevator shaft survive? it also relies heavily on cole’s intuition like going into the vent as well as him not driving off when he had the chance. Bad movie overall but good narration and vid.

    Connor FoleyConnor Foley13 órája
  • Did the girl drown? Looks scary

    reubenli1234reubenli123413 órája
  • God that ending is just as bad as The Mist. If they just waited a couple seconds, nobody would've died. Also fuck those "friends" that's a twisted and fucked up prank

    PsychodelicPandaPsychodelicPanda14 órája
  • Ngl, I'm not gonna blame that guy... he was in a death or life situation and honestly, when I will see the guy who tortured me and my friends for the past few hours... yea, i will fuck him up too.

    bondvarbondvar14 órája
  • Imma be honest if i knew this was prank at the end......they are dead to me the just made me kill someone for their honor and survival.

    V1BeV1Be14 órája
  • i dont get why the friends are shocked? if i saw my friends get tortured and killed i'd try and kill that guy too

    HH14 órája
  • But you can't beat no escape because as the title suggests there is tlno escape

  • They could have stopped him from beating the fuck out of the Alexi wtf

    Gerrit WernerGerrit Werner15 órája
  • What kind of prank is that

    Aniket D. M.Aniket D. M.15 órája
  • He needs some new friends, the ones he has are fake af

    DeShawn DavisDeShawn Davis15 órája
  • Yet another example of how having friends leads to a supervillain origin story

    R FR F16 órája
  • Everyone gangsta, till someone accidentally murders someone in the torture room

    1231 Master1231 Master17 órája
  • "Using the turns and counting the time between turns we can make a mental map of where they are taking us" In a foreign country where you dont know where you were to begin with or any locations around it? You can throw me in a van from my house and drive me around for 5 minutes and I wouldnt be able to tell you roughly where I am. How the hell you going to do it in a foreign country.

    TheGoondas87TheGoondas8719 órája
  • "Dumping 5 liters of water in will do the trick" You're assuming there isnt some fail safe that will count it as a failure if the weight goes over 4 liters. And render the trap unsolvable. Remind me to never do puzzle traps with you. Also theres no way of telling if the ridges on the bottles are the same distance apart. So again your estimations will potentially lead to an incorrect "solution" and likely kill your friend.

    TheGoondas87TheGoondas8719 órája
    • @TheGoondas87 Yeah, you should probably assume it's serious, and that you should take it serious, even if it is a game.

      Treasure MageTreasure Mage5 órája
    • @Treasure Mage If he is prioritizing time management then its a bit dumb that he also said he would stop to inspect and run tests on the Iron Maiden in order to find out if it was really lethal. His solutions are inconsistent and contradict themselves,

      TheGoondas87TheGoondas876 órája
    • That's what he's assuming, yes. It's not a perfect plan, but it is a probably good enough plan; which is what you should prioritize when you've very little time.

      Treasure MageTreasure Mage17 órája
  • "While everyone here is thinking about how wasted they should get, Im thinking about how this guy got all his money." "With this kind of power, we need to find out who this guy is before we get in over our heads." This is exactly why youd never be in these situations to begin with. Friend: "Hey guys, my millionaire friend is having a party! Come with!" You: "Yeah but can I have his references, business card, birth certificate, and work history? My mum needs to check them out before she will let me go."

    TheGoondas87TheGoondas8719 órája
  • I want a sequel to the movie

    tea's goodtea's good22 órája
  • It's just a prank bro!

    Thur AnzThur Anz22 órája
  • 20:43 Thats soo messed up... Kill the friends next.

    Ryu _Ryu _22 órája
  • This movie sound like a ripoff of the excellent Sean Penn Michael Douglas movie.

    Faraz SaeedFaraz Saeed23 órája
  • The directors watched that one episode of futurama, and made a movie of it

    Peter KimPeter KimNapja
  • But like, how did the dude watch his girlfriend die twice and not question what was going on? Also, how would killing everyone at the end teach them anything? They’d just be dead ☠️

    Gunt WastelanderGunt WastelanderNapja
  • WAAAIIITTT, what about the guy he shot?

    Jim GibsonJim GibsonNapja
  • Alexei should've said "It's a prank, dude"

    Muhammad Syauqi Muhtarul Asror AlbaweanyMuhammad Syauqi Muhtarul Asror AlbaweanyNapja
  • That was f**k up prank

    Jackie MartinezJackie MartinezNapja
  • if morgz was the director of this movie it would be titled “Savagely pranking my friend by traumitizing him and having his friends executed in front of him at 3AM!!! (NOT CLICKBAIT) 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😂😂😂😂😂😁😂😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Cinema summary: what his friends did was F%caked up Also cinema summary: might as well in brace the trauma and kill everyone else

    Just Your Average BitchJust Your Average BitchNapja
  • this man knows way to much of torture

    BRAEDEN GladdenBRAEDEN GladdenNapja
  • this movie is saw like what

    FNO_Ur momz yittiezFNO_Ur momz yittiezNapja
  • 0:36 amogus

    Official Armor PlateOfficial Armor PlateNapja
  • Please do a mad Max fury Road pls pls

    beatriz velezbeatriz velezNapja
  • This guy is not elligible for fun at all. Could you imagine going to a nightclub and then he's like, "This bouncer should NOT be looking at my ID and i should be looking for how this guy got this job"

  • where to watch this....

    Drone SpencerDrone SpencerNapja
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    Rahul SahaRahul SahaNapja
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    saad marketssaad marketsNapja
  • No one: People on the live stream: ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Guy Who Ate All The PizzaGuy Who Ate All The PizzaNapja
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    Kirill KupovKirill KupovNapja