How To Beat Every Trap In "HOSTEL"

2021.ápr. 5.
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You’ve been kidnapped by criminals, and locked in a room with a human monster who wants to hurt you in the worst ways possible. No one’s coming to your rescue, and you’ll have to outsmart everyone if you want to survive. When you’re trapped underground and being hurt , what do you do?
Thank you for watching Hostel explained and review of how to beat.
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  • Have a damn good day

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    • Why the thumbnail change?

      Michael LindMichael LindNapja
    • @Infinity Ricardo 0_0 no u

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    • you too!.

      harryofcharryofc2 napja
  • Best ending ever

    Edmund GoloyugoEdmund Goloyugo45 perccel
  • Savage

    Bigboi SammyBigboi Sammy53 perccel
  • Just do what Doomguy needs to do daily RIP AND TEAR But first we need a hair trigger no-safety-required minigu- I MEAN, Glock-17 Can't help but feel sorry about the daughter though

    Josh CarrJosh Carr56 perccel
  • He did a little trolling at the end

    Hoa Nguyen BaoHoa Nguyen Bao58 perccel
  • Broad walked him right into a trap

    sphere 528sphere 528Órája
  • I just feel so bad for that girl who gets kidnapped in the end

    ErRoR lurctsErRoR lurctsÓrája
  • 14:25 He slipped on the fingers not the gag

    ProbablyWorthProbablyWorth2 órája
  • It would have been cool if he talked about the alternate ending as well.

    Owen HansenOwen Hansen2 órája
  • I just feel bad for the little girl

    TinyTigerTamerTinyTigerTamer2 órája
  • There’s another ending where he cuts off the business mans fingers with a scalp knife.

    ricky cerdaricky cerda2 órája
  • But how are you gonna get those handcuffs off if they are behind you 9:19

    Machai BirksMachai Birks3 órája
  • This is some kind of Outlast

    DELTA25 gamingDELTA25 gaming3 órája
  • This is not the kind of Hostel I am familiar with

    Jasper LaneJasper Lane3 órája
  • forgot how old this movie is

    spoppartyspopparty3 órája
  • His revenge strikes harder than lightning

    Ding DongDing Dong3 órája
  • ok but how does one have a fourth of a sexual partner

    Double Chin DinoDouble Chin Dino3 órája
  • 1:32 thank you for that information mate, I will try to use it wisely

    VergonhaalheiaVergonhaalheia3 órája
  • Okay but Paxton is kind of a badass in this

    Devzy 793Devzy 7934 órája
  • "giving up on ur kidnapped friends might seem cold blooded, but that's because it totally is and i just really don't want to die" me in any kind of these situations im sorry but u really dont wanna be with me in one of these situations, me and mine come first unless you're a child 🤷🏻

    osamu dazaiosamu dazai4 órája
  • wait, i swear that the ending the guy is alone and doesn't have the girl and goes to the bathroom and then the protagonist kills him

    gansito realgansito real4 órája
  • *you took my friends, I took your daughter* lmao I'm crying

    robotsteve_CKrobotsteve_CK5 órája
  • Have a good damn day

    black haired guy dc2black haired guy dc25 órája
  • That's not the ending

    the reasonthe reason5 órája
    • That's what I thought, there was no daughter but a final confrontation between the good guy and bad guy in the men's toilet where the revenge takes place, unless it's different in different countries, wonder what else finishes different haha.

      Spaced ManSpaced Man5 órája
  • Good ideas but the hostel ladie has to be on the take

    Lucas ElliottLucas Elliott6 órája
  • Also Sketchy man: likes touching dead things. Sketchy man: *puts he’s hand on dudes leg.

    Mathilda AnderssonMathilda Andersson6 órája
  • Goes to a foreign country. Cinema summary: You have made a grave mistake.

    eyelessjack 32eyelessjack 326 órája
  • Man i dont know if would consider myself dead or lucky if cinema summary teams with me on the death game his mind might: Im gonna use this dumbass as a traP

    Ganda MaricorGanda Maricor6 órája
  • Am I the only one who realised that the thumbnail has been changed?

    Tom ThurstanTom Thurstan7 órája
  • When are we getting how to beat the meat

    Elija RodriguezElija Rodriguez7 órája
  • Cinema Summary: helping me survive movies I'm too scared to watch myself

    Artemis PatchesArtemis Patches7 órája
  • THanks for the advice but I would be tooo panicked to think no matter what you tell me in this video

    Wungn 29Wungn 297 órája
  • If the world actually turn like this I would want you as my friend then a stranger to be honest

    Samy SanonSamy Sanon7 órája
  • "He slashes his Achilles tendons..." SCP-106: *licks lips*

    Hadrian BurtonHadrian Burton7 órája
  • This almost fucking happened to me, holy shit!

    JYC_GamingJYC_Gaming7 órája
  • thos men are prity sexy tho

    jaxton denbowjaxton denbow7 órája
  • I swear if this man was in a horror movie it would be over in 5 minutes.

    hermioneginn 5hermioneginn 57 órája
  • "Welcome to r/prorevenge, where OP's friends get tormented to death by a creepy old man, so he abducts his daughter."

  • The movie actually has a different ending. At least I watched this movie with a different ending on Netflix. There is no daughter and the main "hero" just kills the man in the train station toilet.

    artem nowakartem nowak8 órája
  • I have a super serious question! How long do these girls sit in these rooms in pairs getting dressed and undressed while they wait for one of the targets to show up?

    LucianDevineLucianDevine8 órája
  • How the hell do you have 0.3 of a sexual parter?

    Phsycic DuckPhsycic Duck8 órája
  • Lmfao love it when he grabs his fingers. Like yeah man you're gonna find a doctor in time for them to put them back on

    Tom KavanaughTom Kavanaugh8 órája
  • Say harder daddy then they will be confuse so they we try and torcer you I different way or keep doing it

    zackzack8 órája
  • The Handcuffs are different

    W BW B8 órája
  • Are there two endings for this movie? I remember the ending with Paxton killing the doctor in a bathroom.

    DeMDeM9 órája
  • Dang dude kidnapping his daughter I mean yea he tortured him but it's not his daughter's problem

    Adam is friendlyAdam is friendly9 órája
  • film from my country nice

    kazokazo9 órája
  • 0.01% of people are watching to see how to escape psychopath torture murders 99.99% of criminals are watching to know how to escape prison XD

    Adam is friendlyAdam is friendly9 órája
  • its funny that they didnt even know they werent actualy in Slovakia

    Radomír 1435Radomír 14359 órája
  • There are two endings to the movie, the original is were paxton follows and kills the old guy in the bathroom and the cut ending is where he kidnaps the child.

    triledinktriledink10 órája
  • I don't remember him kidnapping his daughter I swear he killed him in the bathroom stall

    timtim10 órája
  • Did you just strategize the act of having sex? How is that even possible? It shouldn't be.

    CelcordCelcord10 órája
  • Cinema: And they won't have to completely change their travel plans to do it Denmark: *is a full 180 in the opposite direction from Spain*

    tristan epptristan epp10 órája
  • Can someone tell me what THIS movie is called its about a killer livestreaming and killing pls answer

    ItsSamSKItsSamSK10 órája
  • I was wondering what his advice is if you wake up tied to a seems your prospects would be pretty limited.

    Richard TuggerRichard Tugger10 órája
  • I would love to see your how to beat on he' out there, because I want to see your how to beat on this movie

    martins bodemartins bode11 órája
  • So you are saying if i will be your friend and we both in this movie you will leave me to be killed😐😔 my friends say i am the best friends because i dont care anythink only for family and friends.

    alien warrioralien warrior11 órája
  • The torture porn part of Hostel is pretty corny, tbh. But if the movie was just the opening suspense stuff? Man, it'd be a KILLER film.

    PibbsPibbs11 órája
  • In summary, just don’t do stupid shit in other countries

    ProțeusProțeus11 órája
  • this is how you beat Hostel just don't leave your home say no to adventure and trips

    Meghan MoralesMeghan Morales11 órája
  • How to beat every horror movie Don’t trust anyone.

    frost Storiesfrost Stories11 órája
  • Waaaait i could have sworn he killed the business dude in the end? Am i losing it?

    ToFuTvToFuTv12 órája
  • here is another one, in the part where they forced him to speak so they know he's an American, he can fake an accent and then they'll let him go, easy as that

    Stephi 0u0Stephi 0u012 órája
  • Wait this movie Is made in Czech im Czech

    Michael BacinaMichael Bacina12 órája
  • Wait, the thumbnail changed!

    PaddPPatPaddPPat12 órája
    • Yh

      ClipzUtdClipzUtd11 órája
  • The pod man Is Czech 10:37

    Michael BacinaMichael Bacina12 órája
  • Why are you in a recording studio and not in an FBI detective agency office? Seriously though you have a great tactical/strategic mind **applaud**

    salla Xsalla X12 órája
  • Ask to HRC and HUMA

    vkdkj nsivkdkj nsi12 órája
  • That last moment was some serious irony

    Booper DooperBooper Dooper12 órája
  • Prague i live So Close to Prague Only like 25 km

    Michael BacinaMichael Bacina12 órája
  • Thanks guy i guess Im never going to travel thru europe again

    Marco RuzakMarco Ruzak12 órája
  • Yo wtf he kidnapped the kid at the end

    Qbking 3Qbking 312 órája
  • It’s not cold, I tell my friends every time we go for vacation that stay in groups of two, and one must be less drunk, also that if we get separated to meet at a stop if not cops are called sorry I’m not in movie meaning that I’m no Jason borne sorry my dude your on your own. Same we me obviously, thats why I’m super paranoid and would go straight for a kill(self defense) if you give me bad vibes

    Michael StoylesMichael Stoyles13 órája
  • I literally just watched this movie like 2 days ago lol

    IDK BBXIDK BBX13 órája
  • I wouldn't go as far to say "taking drugs with strangers in a foreign land never ends well"

  • wtf, dude kidnapped his daughter? What is the plan there? You're going to kill an innocent child because her farther is a monster? What a weird ass ending. Lol

    King SquirrelKing Squirrel13 órája
  • Damn i taught it had a different ending

    Jose stoneJose stone13 órája
  • “Please tell me you didn’t kill him?!” “No! God no! What am I some kinda fuckin animal?” “Oh thank god.” “But I did kidnap his daughter!”

    LookHoney AnAbominationLookHoney AnAbomination13 órája
  • Suomi finland perkele

    sorosasorosa13 órája
  • I must have had the unrated cut or something cause the version I watched, Paxton killed the guy in the bathroom and there was no daughter *edited* My bad he was actually using the directors cut lol, I saw the theatrical

    Echo2076Echo207613 órája
  • Simple Don't be a fool.

    Anomaly69Anomaly6913 órája
  • I know that this was really happening or happening still in this day I’ve been Czech and Slovakia and I heard lots of story’s about human traffickers but in real life story they are selling victims organs.

    Fant0m TVFant0m TV13 órája
  • Most of these makes total sense if you're not freaking out in a situation like that. Which fucking regular person is gonna be patient to do the chain technique while panicking??

    Mateus NogueiraMateus Nogueira13 órája
  • I saw this movie at release date and there were several things different. Most notably the ending. He doesn’t kidnap that guy’s daughter. Instead he slits the guy’s throat and proceeds to drown him in a toilet.

    Redguy WinsRedguy Wins14 órája
  • As a Finnish person I find the 1:31 fact kind of hard to believe

    LartsiYTLartsiYT14 órája
  • Bro, we do NOT think you're all rich because barely anyone is, we do however know you can't hold your money

    Aksana diaAksana dia14 órája
  • How to beat ready or not the movie 🎥

    Blove2009Blove200914 órája
  • The repulsive buffet ethically present because tuba perioperatively print apropos a snobbish citizenship. faded, adamant pelican

    Julie JulieJulie Julie15 órája
  • omg pls make a vid on sinister 1-2 i beg you

    Erys -Erys -15 órája
  • “Its because they think we’re all rich” No its because they think we’re all stupid and the easiest people in the world to scam and this is true

    dcoog anmldcoog anml15 órája
  • How is nobody talking about he called Amsterdam a country

    Tovarisch GopnikTovarisch Gopnik15 órája
  • Suggestion: How To Beat "Slenderman"

    DeShawn DavisDeShawn Davis15 órája
    • So the way to beat hostel is enlisting an army of children? Also, guys Slovakia doesn't really look like this, jeez.

      dcoog anmldcoog anml15 órája
  • When the thunmail changed I thought it was a repost

    NoobmuikmeneerNoobmuikmeneer16 órája
  • How I would beat hostel someone sketchy says I can get laid. I don’t go with him that’s how I would beat hostel

    Freeski802_YTFreeski802_YT16 órája
  • Clubs are bullshit

    Fatih CevikFatih Cevik16 órája
  • i watched it on Netflix so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it, but the ending I saw is the businessman has no daughter when he gets off the train, and Paxton follows him into the men's room, switches the sign to say "closed" and then ambushes and drowns the businessman in his toilet cubicle before getting on a train and leaving.. I've never seen the ending shown here before so that's interesting to me!

    Martha WMartha W17 órája
  • The ending belike: Achievement Unlocked: Right back at ya buckaroo

    Derikku DesuDerikku Desu17 órája
  • Please do a how to beat on the movie shook!!

    LazybinaberryLazybinaberry17 órája
  • When i watched this movie, he killed the man at the end,not kidnapped his daughter

    Popescu LucaPopescu Luca17 órája
  • "How to survive?" How about, how to avoid it in the first place? Start by being the best version of yourself. Not chase women... Just a thought.

    Edward FredericksEdward Fredericks18 órája