How Speedrunners beat Mario Odyssey without Cappy (almost)

2020.nov. 6.
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Captures are a key part of Super Mario Odyssey right? Well, maybe not.
In this video, we explain the history and progression of the incredibly challenging Minimum Captures Speedrun/Challenge Run!
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  • This is a side channel of mine, stop saying it stole the video lmao. I made this video specifically for this channel

    SmallAntSmallAnt2 hónapja

      Richard SamuelsonRichard Samuelson11 órája
    • @Krishna Bagale aaa scawy numbor

      -Purple- Galactic-Purple- Galactic14 órája
    • @KrazyBoss YT Isaac wheeler

      -Purple- Galactic-Purple- Galactic14 órája
    • :[

      Michael EllisMichael EllisNapja
    • bruhh i didn't know lmao thx for telling

      Iqbal1808Iqbal18082 napja
  • I got all the capsules but I sell the game with my dad

    Peter CruzPeter CruzÓrája
  • I wasn't expecting SmallAnt, hi

    Zachary PepperZachary PepperÓrája
  • By the way I think the nut is in the right place as there is no crc available to skip the capture

    Liam createsLiam creates2 órája
  • Can we just appreciate the term "wet nut jump"

    Sam FishSam Fish3 órája
  • ah yes the *wet nut* jump.

    BirbBirb4 órája
  • 13:54 He slept and there is a bird on his nose lol

    MeedyXDMeedyXD6 órája
  • *laki- the cloud guy*

    Alexander SanchezAlexander Sanchez10 órája
  • 3:18 So speedrunners are nutting for success...alrighty then. Makes sense almost all speedrunners are guys, then.

    Richard SamuelsonRichard Samuelson12 órája
  • Galaxy is pure trash, Sunshine is mediocre, Odyssey is acceptable, and 64 DS is outstanding. All hail Super Mario 64 DS! It has 150 Stars, and none of them stands out as being exceptionally frustrating! It has three more player characters, each of which has notable differences from the others! It gives Mario and crew 8 HP instead of a measly 3, and 100-Coin Stars are quite easy to do!

    Richard SamuelsonRichard Samuelson12 órája
  • All I'm hearing is this dude flexing on the speedrun community with his "I completed the first 13/10/9 capture run" and I respect it

    IamClumsyIamClumsy13 órája
  • its a bit funny how the name is no cappy but tyhe eleport is cappy (not hate)

    MARMYMARMY13 órája
  • Hi guys

    Epic GamerEpic Gamer14 órája
  • Tbh I think it’s possible to skip the wire in ruin kingdom but no more

    Crewposter and footballerCrewposter and footballer15 órája
  • Sunshine has fludd, galaxy has luma, odyssey has cappy and 64 has lak, la, cloud guy

    Creative KIANZCreative KIANZ16 órája
  • I think bowser will be skipped next, what do you guys think.

    Marshadow PlayzMarshadow Playz20 órája
  • 6:07 in the left see that princess mario cat

    salem SALEMsalem SALEM21 órája
  • This video is so well-done. I like the format.

  • End of November nut if the nut gets wet you can jump in it No nut November: am I a joke to you

    Bosniaball *Bosniaball *Napja
  • Using hands and feet and I’m like 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

    Liam createsLiam createsNapja
  • I’m getting a Nintendo and buying ODYSSEY

  • I don't really see the point in speed runs. However, I am in awe at the skill and dedication involved. This stuff is insanely impressive!

    Joe SchmoeJoe SchmoeNapja
  • Ok, who else giggled when they heard he didnt tell us about the nut 😏

    Winter NightsWinter NightsNapja
    • Meee

      that one plush personthat one plush personNapja
  • If you really think about It, the Mario series is incredibly dark.

    Bill ClintonBill ClintonNapja
  • I subbed to SmallAnt after watching this. I don't have the time to watch his streams, but his HUworld videos are INSANE. Great presentation voice too.

    Harrison DuRantHarrison DuRantNapja
  • Hey! the cloud guys name is lakatu

    oliver richardoliver richard2 napja
    • it's lakitu

  • Someone: *discovers a new glitch that helps speedruns or other categorys* Speedrunners: i am speed to speed-run

    sanz boyYTsanz boyYT2 napja
  • "Cappy? Call it crappy" Luigi, probably

    GAOGAO2 napja
  • Wait. You are the pencil sharpening guy?

    Diego Avalos CortesDiego Avalos Cortes2 napja
  • Seaside the capture

    pi77ypi77y2 napja
  • Fun fact: when this challange first started,it should been 17 here is why, you need a wire to start the mecha wiggles boss

    Poopman GghiPoopman Gghi2 napja
  • Dude you have 2 channels

    Tom EasleyTom Easley2 napja
  • hah he said nut

    krœbbkrœbb2 napja
  • Is this not amazing?! I love how mario odyssey has so much potential for these insane skips

    PeterPeter2 napja
  • bruh u have 2 accounts, ok.....

    Zayn GamesZayn Games2 napja
  • The wet nut it’s hard to pull off

    AwesomeTeen ProductionsAwesomeTeen Productions2 napja
  • The mecro-wiggler can be skipped, BUT, with sertan wall clips, you can fight the boss, and skip to.

    Rebecca FreyRebecca Frey2 napja
  • The most impressive long speed run ever XD

    Normal'sWayOverratedNormal'sWayOverrated2 napja
  • i was watching this video and thinking "Damn this dude sounds like SmallAnt" and then SmallAnt says its a side channel of his LOL

    SunShine MexicoSunShine Mexico3 napja
  • This is what people do with their lives... cool.

    Golden GarudaGolden Garuda3 napja
  • now I don't play Mario odyssey but to skip the 2 wires could you do cap jumping all the way to the end of that wire. Yes it would take practice and it would take a while but if it worked you could get a 1 capture run on the minimum capture category. However, I will refer back to the fact that I don't play Mario odyssey. Also where the wire is in the cap kingdom could you get it pixel perfect and glitch through the wall there or do a ground pound right on the edge of the island out of bounds and then cap jump all the way there. if you do a cap jump as well upwards could you skip that wire and then leave Bowser left. I don't know I just had this idea. Hope it works and if it does then you will be a 1 capture world record holder.

    Keel PaletoKeel Paleto3 napja
    • @Syailen Thahir in 2 player too, you can only cap jump once in midair. You can cap jump on the ground, and one in midair in 2 player

      SparKleSparKle23 órája
    • That isn’t possible since we can only cap jump once in one player and only twice in two player, an infinite height glitch can probably do it but it hasn’t been found yet

      Syailen ThahirSyailen Thahir23 órája
    • well, you can only cap jump once in midair. so sorry about that

      SparKleSparKle2 napja
  • "The nut" *"At the end of November"*

    Cash CreationsCash Creations3 napja
  • Stop This Is Not Yours Your Stealing SmallAnts Video DONT PASS IT OFF LIKE ITS YOURS

    Pastel PandaPastel Panda3 napja
    • This is SmallAnt’s other channel

      Syailen ThahirSyailen Thahir23 órája
    • Read the pinned comment

      CaconymCaconym2 napja
    • this video is made from smallant specifically for this channel

      Luca SignorelloLuca Signorello2 napja
  • I love how everyone treated this game as “How broken can we make the game?”

    Dimension GaurdianDimension Gaurdian3 napja
  • You can skip the bowser capture

    Steven AstruimSteven Astruim3 napja
  • Thanks 😁😁😁

    Imane DadenImane Daden3 napja
  • the lightside of youtube

    Robert BobRobert Bob3 napja
  • ill watch it again i dont mind youtube

    6Hec D.L.C6Hec D.L.C3 napja
  • I mean check points when you tp to them make mario go into cappy and goes on the flag so does that count kinda?

    Pikachu AmbushPikachu Ambush3 napja
  • 2:19 I've been trying to recreate this and I just can't figure it out for the life of me and I can't find anything to show me

    A Thing By Jacob WarnerA Thing By Jacob Warner3 napja
  • “And in fact, to this day, there is no glitch that can teleport Mario directly towards that island” three letters: C.R.C.

    Jack CocciaJack Coccia3 napja
  • Speed runners: *cheats* Me: I don’t cheat

    Toy dark Foxy35Toy dark Foxy353 napja
  • Anybody notice he used wirds intro theme

    KeatonKeaton3 napja
  • when there were still pog emotes available in chat on twitch

    Katelyn IlgKatelyn Ilg3 napja
    • i understand why it was taken down and i fully agree it was a good idea to take it down

      Katelyn IlgKatelyn Ilg3 napja
  • Channel name: lowest percent My battery percentage: he not wrong doe

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  • LOL too fast for me. Nice playing!

    Happy Gaming ChannelHappy Gaming Channel4 napja
  • Where is 3D world 😭

    Cookie PlayZCookie PlayZ4 napja
  • Wait, he's smallant the whole time! I knew I recognized that voice!

    ZivZiv4 napja
  • i was wondering something if you can wall clip to the end of the bowser capture and then try to get to the loading zone of the final cutscene to lower it down to 2

    YoshiYoshi4 napja
  • The spotted school incidentally hope because ray unfortunately grease opposite a scandalous pest. large, plausible fog

    Tre HamiltonTre Hamilton4 napja
  • I appreciated your subtle reference at 12:30 when you started using SM64 music to accompany the explanation graphics.

    JniteJnite4 napja
  • Your technically using cappy because of cap jumps

    Emma FreearEmma Freear4 napja
  • Wait isn’t there the pipe sub area before you fought the boss that let you do the chain chomp perfect shot sub area

    Cdog The greatCdog The great4 napja
  • Hello, it’s time for pronouncing help, it’s Lack-uh-two

    3rr0r-Unkn0wn3rr0r-Unkn0wn4 napja
  • Guys most of the skips require cappy so without CAPTURES almost

    The mlemmersThe mlemmers4 napja
  • Wow this is NO CAP lmao sorrrry

    PhantomX518PhantomX5184 napja
  • me:Why do you play THAT long me again:Oh i play all day...

    Jessica VanceJessica Vance5 napja
  • "Without cappy" uses cappy to get checkpoints

    NyzleNyzle5 napja
    • That doesn’t count as a capture since Mario didn’t turn into it

      Syailen ThahirSyailen Thahir23 órája
  • The vacuous sweets radiologically embarrass because knight prominently preach except a towering suede. legal, scintillating bait

    Jack JacksonJack Jackson5 napja
  • Have you seen a mario 64 blindfold speedrun?

    the sharkythe sharky5 napja
  • 12:30 *“but first, we need to talk about parallel universes” flashbacks*

    Thomas SkinnerThomas Skinner5 napja
  • Wild that cappy comments on you getting there early. Makes me wonder if the developers considered that one or more of the paintings may be possible to access early. Snow Kingdom is pretty hard, but very doable.

    Ben HowardBen Howard5 napja
  • 💦🌰

    Fire DokkanFire Dokkan5 napja
  • Now I wanna learn how to play games with my feet

    popstarprincess123popstarprincess1236 napja
  • I looked at the video after watching two most recent videos. I was just thinking "They're using full on speedrunners for this. What if this is SmallAnt?" I feel *powerful*

    S MilS Mil6 napja
  • The wire to leave cap kingdom is almost certainly a cutscene so mabye you can cut it out

    the sharkythe sharky6 napja
    • but when you capture the wire, you can look at the capture list, and the wire will be there

      SparKleSparKle2 napja
  • When I beat the metro kingdom I skipped the boss fight and still had enough moons

    NeonableNeonable6 napja
  • I hope I will live to see the day where the capture amount reaches the glorious number that is Zero.

    Mr.Lantern888Mr.Lantern8886 napja
    • I am sure it will happen someday.

      Mr.Lantern888Mr.Lantern8886 napja
  • i skipt ruind kindom spark pileon

    Alisha EvansAlisha Evans6 napja
    • Lmao

      Doughy the dudeDoughy the dude6 napja
  • This is what I love about Mario games. They always have different ways of beating the game outside of the normal way of playing the game.

    SmileSmile6 napja
  • at the same time he also revealed his face, sorta

    Enrique MartinezEnrique Martinez6 napja
  • Love the paper mario soundtrack in the vid❤️

    Joseph SeidmanJoseph Seidman6 napja
  • few captures as possible u mean.

    Joseph SeidmanJoseph Seidman6 napja
  • “tHiS vIdEo Is sToLeN”

    General Alex ArmyGeneral Alex Army6 napja
    • its not

      Fox TalesFox Tales5 napja
  • If you go up with capy and grow him you can fly

    Yabor MiahYabor Miah6 napja
  • Your still using capy to get the check points and on tricky jumps

    Mark MiddletonMark Middleton6 napja
    • That doesn’t count as a capture since Mario didn’t turn into it

      Syailen ThahirSyailen Thahir23 órája
  • Huehuehue, nut jump.

    Undead UrsineUndead Ursine7 napja
  • Theres something I haven't told you about yet: *the N U T*

    SpindleSpindle7 napja
    • (Halo theme plays)

      -Purple- Galactic-Purple- Galactic14 órája
  • Three gold chain jump captures to beam the dam brutal 1:13 captions

    alex vids:Dalex vids:D7 napja
  • Speedrunning: the art of making games unfun but far more interesting to watch.

    Joji DuraJoji Dura7 napja
  • I wonder if the Spark Pylon in Cap Kingdom counts as a capture because it is part of a cutscene in the Cascade Kingdom.

    Tyler GrandisonTyler Grandison7 napja
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  • mamamia

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  • "Without using cappy" Using cappy, we figured out how to teleport anywhere

    DS GamingDS Gaming8 napja
  • The periodic beginner adversely request because resolution thankfully wrestle among a complex kimberly. hypnotic, left poland

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  • so basically, ur insane at odyssey

    dark MATTer flippminggusdark MATTer flippminggus8 napja
  • The fact the nut jump was found after November was a miracle

    Random PotatoRandom Potato8 napja
  • ✝️God loves you so much! Jesus is king! ✝️

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  • It's easy; just mod the game. The rules never said mods aren't allowed...

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  • All

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