How Rie and Alvin Make Egg Fried Rice At Home

2021.ápr. 7.
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Rie and Alvin show you how they make perfect fried rice at home.

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  • Rie ,in Bengali we call para para as jhor jhore rice ❤️

  • oi where uncle roger at

    Enderscythe iEnderscythe i3 napja
  • Idk about English but in Tagalog, I think Para-para is... buhaghag? Haha!

    Mmina MaclangMmina Maclang5 napja
  • When Rie is explaining Japanese para para ... My brain instantly translates it into Indian name for it. The description was so perfect 😂 'Podi podi' is what we call it... To describe something that is dry but not crunchy or hard, separable and yes, not too oily. That is the consistency we need for many rice dishes, including biryani

    Shravya BoggarapuShravya Boggarapu5 napja
  • Taiwanese sausage is such good drunk food

    McLOVINMcLOVIN5 napja
  • Not oily= not greasy

    Adam StricklandAdam Strickland6 napja
  • Nigel ng react soon van card beard Han

    Dwayne WilsonDwayne Wilson9 napja
  • Uncle Roger text text resctyun dijk. Soon

    Dwayne WilsonDwayne Wilson9 napja
  • Thanks for teaching me how to make, Fried rice that is not sticky. sticky meaning fried rice not mushy, clump together.

    Michelle CollinsMichelle Collins9 napja
  • 3:11 (one of) the Chinese description for optimal fried rice is 粒粒分明 "every grain separated"

    memmenermemmener9 napja
  • Para-Para is the equivalent to an oxymoronic term, basically individually mixed? I put a question mark instead of a period to emphasize that I have no clue what I am talking about, but it is my closest guess. Lemeno. Also, as a side note. If your fried rice has no Wok-Hey is it really fried rice? Can you create wok-Hey without a wok?

    Brian BrownBrian Brown9 napja
  • Alvin’s fried rice wooow I want to taste it looks delish!

    Loraine BLoraine B10 napja
  • Here before uncle roger reacts to this

    GlymmGlymm11 napja
  • Those rice amounts make me sad

    NotLanceNotLance11 napja
  • Uncle Roger needs to see this😂

    Soorya NathanSoorya Nathan11 napja
  • Omg!!!...The Parapara 🤧♥️♥️♥️

    Selvakumar selvakumarSelvakumar selvakumar11 napja
  • ‘Fluffy’ is a good word for rice or rice dishes where the grains aren’t greasy or sticky.

    David MadrugaDavid Madruga11 napja
  • Why do I feel like they made a video just so Uncle Roger can judge it 🤣

    Swathi SukumarSwathi Sukumar12 napja
  • Try to make Indonesian fried rice please

    Helmi FauziHelmi Fauzi12 napja
  • Feeling self conscious cause the way I make fried rice is crazy different than theirs............ And the end result is almost opposite but very delicious!

    SarahSarah12 napja
  • you telling me an egg was made to fry rice by these two?

    alifia !alifia !12 napja
  • 8:14 "why would you add sugar, why would you add MSG" *ITS THE LAW*

    Mixer MrtacoMixer Mrtaco12 napja
  • uncle Roger seeing Alvin with no wok: haiiya Uncle Roger after hearing the word *M S G* : FUIIYO

    Mixer MrtacoMixer Mrtaco12 napja
  • just add msg

    Mixer MrtacoMixer Mrtaco12 napja
  • Someone send this to uncle rodger

    Emanuella ParungaoEmanuella Parungao12 napja
  • @mrnigeing

    Pedro EstevesPedro Esteves13 napja
  • In Brazil the word for “para-para” would be “soltinho” hehe

    melzordTVmelzordTV13 napja
  • Onion is for poor people, why not take part time job and afford a Shallot Hiyaaa

    AzaAza14 napja
  • I came here for uncle Roger comments. You guys didn’t disappoint me.

    lillmangolillmango14 napja
  • Take out the onions it will taste 100% better

    Jerry GrealishJerry Grealish14 napja
  • The turkish word for para-para is „lapa-lapa“😂

    Rana CirciRana Circi15 napja
  • those eggs were destroyed tho 😂😂😂 10ninutes on hot pan damn ..

    Primrose TakevaPrimrose Takeva16 napja
  • So mixed frozen veg is not used? Thank you.

    Cassandra BuchananCassandra Buchanan16 napja
  • I just made this following Rie’s method. *chefs kisses*

    Ali_DottyAli_Dotty16 napja
  • I waited so long for Alvin to say "wok hei". Represent!

    ShannonShannon16 napja
  • is it me or the chefs have started to explain more consciously in fear of uncle roger 😂😂😂

    Arpita PaulArpita Paul17 napja
  • I only have one question - is it Uncle Roger approved?

    VitartialVitartial18 napja
  • Are we not gonna talk about the bandage on Rie's thumb which is the mark of a real cook?

    myultumatummyultumatum18 napja
  • where you at Uncle Roger???

    HarukaHaruka18 napja
  • fried rice is special, it varies in version, from china being a vast land with so many sub cultures utiilziing to special ingredients in each region to how it transcends internationally and food shared is so beautiful and the stories too. my family being from chaozhou, chinese teochew people, the southern min branch under the HAN ethnic, my dad always threw in what we had in the fridge whether it be preserved pickled sweet radishes, a common ingredient used in our cooking, or teochew sausage a variation to the taiwanese and cantonese sausage. remember, there is never one version

    ivyivy18 napja
  • No wok? cries in Haiyaaaaa

    Vincent GecheVincent Geche20 napja
  • Really Alvin MSG 😱😵

    Lex YoLex Yo20 napja
  • Here in Brazil we call this mexido or mexidão (it means mixed), and we make it with a lot of different ingredients!

    Luca Lima AssunçãoLuca Lima Assunção20 napja
  • Where your wok ! Haiyaaa

    Ola AmigosOla Amigos21 napja
  • I am your Chinese fan and want to invite your video to China Do you know Chinese Li Ziqi? She has a high profit on the Chinese video platform, and she also synced her own content to overseas HUworld, letting people around the world know about her Your video is so high-quality, I will assist you to have a high development in China, and will not limit your content creation If you are interested, please contact me and look forward to your reply. I will give you more information. Thank you

    Fiona FuFiona Fu21 napja
  • 'Para-Para' in Bangla is called 'Chara-Chara' ............ surprising how similar. :O

    Jubayer Rashid TalukderJubayer Rashid Talukder21 napja
  • I'm a bit surprised that a lot of my father's fried rice tricks are presented by Alvin. The only difference is the sausage, while my father loved adding shredded chicken and sweet soy sauce because duh...we're Indonesians. My father passed away 10 years ago and I miss his signature fried rice so much because of this video. My dad wasn't a very good cook, but his fried rice was super delicious!

    Tri ViaTri Via22 napja
  • Al Dente?

    Marky OchoaMarky Ochoa22 napja
  • Wok Hay and MSG...Alvin really out here claiming Ling Ling Insurance for the eventual Uncle Roger roast.

    Delroy FinesseDelroy Finesse22 napja
  • Crumbly?

    Richard RhodesRichard Rhodes22 napja
  • Alvin must be praised by our uncle roger just because of using msg 😂

    Virinin IstaVirinin Ista23 napja
  • @mrnigelng they don’t use wok haiyaa

    Zen HiroZen Hiro23 napja
  • Who is uncle roger???🤨

    nehal joshynehal joshy24 napja
  • Uncle Roger should see this

    Kusumita RaoKusumita Rao24 napja
  • Fried rice is the love of my life.

    limelime24 napja
  • Alvin you are the Cutest!!!! & Love the recipe

    Evan HungateEvan Hungate24 napja
  • Rie’s vibe went from senpai to just straight up okaasan after the baby

    MIU MusicMIU Music24 napja
  • Uncle roger.. we summon you..

    Ir ShadIr Shad25 napja
  • i still have no idea to add the rice or egg first

    ไต้ฝุ่น ทิทลีย์ไต้ฝุ่น ทิทลีย์25 napja
  • Rie's egg magnet!

    Sophie LeahySophie Leahy25 napja
  • Rie! Maybe an english way of saying 'para para' is separated or declumped?

    Hairy PotterHairy Potter25 napja
  • Does alvin live with Inga? Their kitchen looks the same

    Kirsten ArevaloKirsten Arevalo26 napja
  • Can @nigel ng can approve it? hahaha

    Carmella Victoria PiliCarmella Victoria Pili26 napja
  • Uncle Roger!, we need your opinion.

    Gary MikeGary Mike26 napja
  • Everyone who likes this video, should really watch Jamie Oliver make fried rice. A true wealth of knowledge from Jamie.

    J LJ L26 napja
  • 5:04 FUYOIIIII

    Pumpkin Eater69Pumpkin Eater6927 napja
  • is it just me or I prefer my Rice Warm (room temperature)? 🤔

    iwantcashpleaseiwantcashplease27 napja
  • Waiting for Uncle Roger’s review.

    Cara MonicaCara Monica27 napja
  • I was scared when rie was bouncing the rice that they are going to fell

    Rayyan AsifRayyan Asif27 napja
  • they are goin to summon uncle Rodger

    ve5vvve5vv27 napja
  • Sugar, Salt and MSG? How to make a nice dish unhealthy 🤦🏼‍♂️

    M CM C27 napja
  • Tried Rie's method of adding beaten to the rice and it's safe to say that I will never go back to my old ways of making fried rice. It's soooo good. Fun fact, In Indonesian language, we have this word called "pera" which I think is similar to what Rie means by "para-para" - a non mushy & nice dry rice texture in fried rice.

    Deby YuzaDeby Yuza27 napja
  • Correc Correc Correc

    HnoogieHnoogie27 napja
  • I trust Alvin with my whole life.

    piiink932piiink93227 napja
  • Fluffy I think is the word Rie is looking for.

    Joshua VJoshua V28 napja
  • Alvin the real snacc tho

    Janai DariusJanai Darius28 napja
  • Uncle Roger wants to know Alvin's location

    Sreyasha SenguptaSreyasha Sengupta28 napja
  • So is Rias sushi rice given the sushi vinegar treatment? Or is it naked so to speak?

    theoriginaltruththeoriginaltruth28 napja
  • alvin: uses msg for fried rice uncle roger: APPROVED

    youichizseieiyouichizseiei28 napja
  • Where is uncle roger??!!

    Sarina SohaSarina Soha28 napja
  • Uncle Rodger Approves this. (MSG for Life)

    Tomoghno SenTomoghno Sen28 napja
  • There's a similar saying in Hindi - 'phar phara', with 'ph' sounding as 'f'

    Sapna NaikSapna Naik28 napja
  • Both versions have a much more generous rice to mix-ins ratio than I am accustomed to.

    London1869London186928 napja
  • As soon as i saw egg fried rice i was like "Uncle Roger should react to this"

    Steve AustinSteve Austin29 napja
  • Uncle Roger joins the chat!

    Callum StaplesCallum Staples29 napja
  • what is msg?

    Kai Frusso SaieghKai Frusso Saiegh29 napja
  • Uncle Roger doesnt like the lack of wok hay. But MSG is very good.

    lucus lopezlucus lopez29 napja
  • Something is apparently wrong with me because I like the little clumps when I make fried rice

    Marianne JohnsonMarianne Johnson29 napja
  • I always add fish sauce in my fried rice. Chinese sausage is a must

    long lelong le29 napja
  • *Uncle roger wants to know your location*

    EmreEmre29 napja
  • Para para means money money in turkish 😂

    Salih SanciSalih SanciHónapja
  • can you hear the boss music in the distant, its uncle roger

  • It's a video that makes me feel better.

    joo foodjoo foodHónapja
  • “I usurrarry reaaaa”

    Yolanda HernandezYolanda HernandezHónapja
  • Tip: add soy sauce directly after you add the rice and fry it for 3 minutes. The soy sauce cooks and transforms into a new delicios flavor

    Bernardoh ChongchingBernardoh ChongchingHónapja
    • I know im like soy in either? 🤷‍♀️

      lisaleatherslisaleathers19 napja
  • Rie’s rice I like. Andrew’s is what I grew up on!

  • You guys should reach out to uncle Roger and see what he thinks

    Carter SmithCarter SmithHónapja
  • We need uncle roger to react to this

    Zizi AgyeiZizi AgyeiHónapja
  • I see Alvin, I click.

  • When is uncle Roger gonna react to this?

    Alyssa MarieAlyssa MarieHónapja