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Boris attempts to take a shortcut at making cheese. Normally cheese takes 4-16 weeks to mature, even for a semi-hard cheese like the Russian cheese, mentioned in this video. But here is another way Boris found in someone's babushka's sister's scrapbook journal cookbook from a shady Russian webforum. Attempts were made. It's something.

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  • Is the "bottle drinking before use" swig part of Russian culture? If so, then I should start to swig some gasoline for every car refuel

    Unofficially OfficialUnofficially Official24 perccel
  • I cant tell if boris scripted the part where the cottage cheese spilled

    Garpu GamingGarpu Gaming2 napja
  • 2:47 its chernobyl

    Leo4MCLeo4MC3 napja
  • *_a_*

    Useless SlavUseless Slav5 napja
  • Boris I love you but I can't understand a damn word you say

    The greatest spyThe greatest spy6 napja
  • Ay blyaaaaa.....

    Sgtryan10Sgtryan106 napja
  • Mom,can we have Gordon Ramsay? Mom: no,we already have Gordon Ramsay at home Gordon Ramsay at home:

    Mihajlo JankovMihajlo Jankov7 napja
  • Dani would be proud

  • What is the fucking purpose for speaking with that strong accent 😂😂😂😂

    Rubén A. HovhannisyanRubén A. Hovhannisyan8 napja
  • boris: *reads shit about baking soda* milk: *ight imma head out of this pot* boris: BLYA- blyatiful response

    PloaperPloaper9 napja
  • Ah Maša, the neighbourhood kurva

    iva naletilićiva naletilić10 napja
  • I think you needed to add Vinegar or Rennet to make cheese.

    chesterchester10 napja

    A ScoutlyA Scoutly10 napja
  • Wait boris isnt chess ilegel in russia

    mrpupismrpupis11 napja
  • That recipe is like dehydrated water recipe, of just add water. If you have cottage cheese, you already have cheese. If you want to make it hard cheese put it in cheese cloth, wring it out and bake it for a bit to get as much moisture as possible out.

    MrJayrock620MrJayrock62012 napja
  • 2019 OK 2020 FRICK THIS OM GON TO HEAD OUT 2021 :/ BORS: WE SLAV EAT THICK CHSEESE BRICK BLAYT MURCA :WELL WE uuuuuuuu we nvm we can't top that

    cesar riveracesar rivera13 napja
  • If it's strong like Soviet economy it must not be that strong then

    its John but you can call me snakeits John but you can call me snake14 napja
  • why is the funniest part of your videos the part where you tast test your stuff

    Patrick ChappellPatrick Chappell14 napja
  • 2:47 10 pictures taken before disaster

    Brick Buster 732Brick Buster 73214 napja
  • Vadim ыуат

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  • I'm a slave to foreign accents speaking english 😁

    Kira InanodKira Inanod15 napja
  • good day curd nerds!

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  • The Boris Top Tip could be used as a presidential campaign slogan. 😂

    Darian the ScorpionDarian the Scorpion16 napja
  • Make a Cook book with all the recipes you have used on this channel

    Tul EmmTul Emm17 napja
  • Only I heard his crack-voice at 1:21 when he said "this"

    FireHeartFireHeart18 napja
  • but no! I promise you cheese and cheese is what we make * Reactor 4 Goes Critical

    HappyLittlePacer142HappyLittlePacer14218 napja
  • 00:27 I thought it's butter

    Felix UnterbergFelix Unterberg19 napja
  • Bear cheese on potato crackers seems pretty Russian

    Matt MurphyMatt Murphy20 napja
  • 4:02 in soviet russia Milk spray you

    cheetah catcheetah cat21 napja
  • 2:20

    동탄의수호자메카트로닉엄준식동탄의수호자메카트로닉엄준식21 napja
  • Teacher: the best cursive handwriting is british Me an intellectual: Russian old woman cursive

    DJADJA22 napja

    DJADJA22 napja
  • he made this video before my birthday, so that was cool

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  • But am I the only one who could collaborate with 5 minute craft salv? Comunque adoro i tuoi video qualcuno gli dca la traduzione vada a casa sua e glielo dica 😂😂

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  • This is the first video I saw of Boris Blyat

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  • Oy Блять

    Boybie : Mixed VlogsBoybie : Mixed Vlogs24 napja
  • When I was watching this Vadim stole my TV (Its a small one)

    Vinnie alVinnie al25 napja
  • When I read the thumbnail, I read it in Boris's accent. I am originally from Hungary but... debil..., somehow the Slav is overtaking me...

    GloryGlory26 napja
  • I'm from Serbia and Russssssssssssssssssssssia brothers brate

    Kristijan Cekić. Peto-dvaKristijan Cekić. Peto-dva27 napja
  • So... You use cheese to make cheese.

    FireLizard SongFireLizard Song28 napja
  • I stumbled upon this video last month, and ever since i just want to squat everywhere while watching your videos

    BudgetBladeBudgetBlade29 napja
    • Me: *disintegrates into cheese*

      Fire Power701Fire Power70125 napja
  • @2:54 & 2:57 reminds me of when someone would throw up at school and they'd pour that white powder on it to soak it up

    Theo WelsTheo WelsHónapja
  • Gordon ramsay is amateur at this proffesional level cooking

  • Did he choose the song Milking it😂😂

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  • I love how he the background harbass is called „milking it" i It fits the video

    Proffesional ???%Proffesional ???%Hónapja
  • Its something

    Proffesional ???%Proffesional ???%Hónapja
  • Watching these videos is like watching my brain in real time if I forgot my ADHD meds

    R. S.R. S.Hónapja
  • Pizza deck or something idk I'm not russian

    Maybe a FurryMaybe a FurryHónapja
  • Checks where is the cheese... opens wrong door of fridge VADIM!!

    Radhey ShyamRadhey ShyamHónapja
  • The stove said 'DA'

    fulcrum 29fulcrum 29Hónapja
  • Comrade

  • "What does A stand for?" A is highest slav level of cooking

  • Я думал это тарталетка на превью

    Aaron CliffsAaron CliffsHónapja
  • can you tell anything in russian sry dont type english your frendly brother from balkan

    vito brackovito brackoHónapja
  • Russian cheese block looks a little like butter. Dense and thick.

    Blue ShellBlue ShellHónapja
  • Swiss cheese doesn’t have hole

  • 5:45 PFFT HAHAHAHAHA!! Oh my god that got me HARD!!!

  • Why do you sell Persian carpets on your merch?

    Tiana NuTiana NuHónapja
  • this is when i realised that boris has became about 10% rusty with making some great food for the mother land. oooooonly a tiny bit, he makes a come back later on which is nice. stay cheeki breeki

    Aistis GudaitisAistis GudaitisHónapja
  • 6:20 where is the mayonnaise

    Classic JokerClassic JokerHónapja
  • *Stronk like Soviet Economy* Me: *Cold War flashbacks*

    [BREAK] awesome and cool name[BREAK] awesome and cool nameHónapja
  • I like "blyat" hahaha

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  • Wait.... there’s cottage cheese in a cheese recipe?? HE USED THE CHEESE TO MAKE THE CHEESE

  • I' m french and i can say that this is one of the holy cheeses

    clau la chticlau la chtiHónapja
  • *Gasps* Vadim... oh wait

    Timothy KonewkaTimothy KonewkaHónapja
  • using his fabulous russian intellect, he quickly creates some cheese by boiling some milk and cheese together!

  • I think we all learned a valuable lesson....... Brois has a watch telling him when when its time to make cheese ALSO HAVE NEW SUBSCRIBER

    Mikayla BlankenshipMikayla BlankenshipHónapja
  • Сделай настоящий русский сыр из русского козьего молока

    Classfiel -_-Classfiel -_-Hónapja
  • I see that thumbnail "it's something" and I hear it like the intro "Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis something"!

    Maxwell RhodesMaxwell RhodesHónapja
  • So... HUworld recomend me this.... And I kinda love it?

  • Old Russian women's cursive is impeccable, actually. Back in those days schools still focused on this skill.

    Anna KirshenbaumAnna KirshenbaumHónapja
  • Whenever mama and papa arent home i always attemp whatever shit boris does in his kitchen, usually to great failure

  • To make cheese you need cheese, NICE

    R.I.P Windows XPR.I.P Windows XPHónapja
  • Putin is superior to god

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  • 00:30 thicc like Masha😂

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  • Amp- c u r d s

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  • What I have learned: *russians love* _c o c_

    -D̴̹̈ỏ̷͖n̷̳̕u̸̱͘t̶̜͆ ̵̹̃H̸̠͘o̷͉͆ḷ̶̈e̴̡͛ ̶̳͠D̸͉͌i̷̲͝ỏ̵̰v̷̟̽a̸͍͘n̵̨͋n̶̻̚a̶͙̕--D̴̹̈ỏ̷͖n̷̳̕u̸̱͘t̶̜͆ ̵̹̃H̸̠͘o̷͉͆ḷ̶̈e̴̡͛ ̶̳͠D̸͉͌i̷̲͝ỏ̵̰v̷̟̽a̸͍͘n̵̨͋n̶̻̚a̶͙̕-Hónapja
  • That "ay blyaa--" is the most adorable thing i hear this week🤣

    omnomnom Huangomnomnom HuangHónapja
  • How much money does boris spend on vodka per month

  • 642 dislikes from Vadims

    Артём БаталовАртём БаталовHónapja
  • In bulgaria we call it kashkaval кашкавал

    dimi emodimi emoHónapja
  • That's your Russian Cheese? Pfft Romanian cheese is white like an angel and either soft and sweet like our nature OR HARD AND SALTY LIKE OUR SOULS (And traffic) *Insert Romanian anthem intensifies*

    Lucas ConstantinLucas ConstantinHónapja
  • This has absolute crack head energy

    Mittens The catMittens The catHónapja
  • Asian people can squad more lower than europan and russian this is information my slav friend BORIS

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  • boris flower in the thumbnail

  • Céus, onde eu vim parar??

  • Didn't know the title said how to NOT make cheese.

    Poop PoopPoop PoopHónapja
  • boris brings joy to my life

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  • He sounds like a russian dude trying to speak english in a french accent

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  • Aye Blyat (hits forehead above stove)

  • Снжф тэнфе

    INK! SansINK! SansHónapja
    • ​@INK! Sans "Снжф тэнфе" in Russian means "I congratulate Comrade Stalin on the launch of Sputnik into orbit, blyat"

      Valentin IvanovValentin Ivanov23 napja
    • I don't actually speak Russian I just used a Russian keyboard

      INK! SansINK! SansHónapja
  • You're using cheese to make cheese

    Wild WolfWild WolfHónapja
  • *b l y a t*

    unicorn lyla the dogs dog agression dogunicorn lyla the dogs dog agression dogHónapja
  • When you realize that you're named vadim boris: vadim blyat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • No one: Boris: swears at Swiss cheese

    shimada3 1010shimada3 1010Hónapja
  • Babuska would be proud of your cooking skill

    Lucas WeigeltLucas WeigeltHónapja
  • If only I was born in russia, I would probably help boris fight Vadim, in exchange a free cheesecake

    Y33TED __FROG0Y33TED __FROG0Hónapja
  • I've just found this channel and I'm happy.

  • Do a babushka basement reveal


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