How Minecraft BREAD Was Weaponized on 2b2t

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Today on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, we uncover how bread has been turned into a weapon by a group of players, and whether the bread itself is dangerous, or if it's something else.....
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Anything can happen on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, 2b2t....including Minecraft bread being weaponized.

  • Download and play AFK Arena: Join AFK Arena's 2nd anniversary event from April 6th until May 5th and get 100 free summons and 1 special gift code! Gift code: aaz27uvgfi

    • I didnt like how you straight up lied to your community with a clickbait title

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    • I love Izold 2,I have him as a meithacul

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    • The oldest AFK game on the app store, AFK AREN-

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    • @Blue-Maned Hawk I keep getting ads from that stupid game and its annoying Why spend your money on ads to promote your game You already have 10 mil downloads

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  • 😃

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  • Here's a schematic for ya.... My bread

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  • (Bready steady go starts to blast across 2B2T)

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  • Rest in peace Henry

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  • Who thinks I bet I could weaponize food in Minecraft

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  • Things to avoid: Furnaces, Trains, Bread, Glowstone, Massive Redstone Contraptions... what next?

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  • I have done nothing but teleport bread for three days.

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  • Real life crime:drug n other stuff Minecraft crime:bread portal and friends xd

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  • I feel like anything can be weaponized on 2b2t

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  • Me: opens my curtains. Also me: steve.exe has stopped working.

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  • Bred is a lie portal reference

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  • i think its fake but i could be wrong but its on 1.12.2 but the gapple is like 1.16

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  • theres a minecart ride because its kinda like the ho lo caus t

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  • “It was light that was the true weapon banning all these players” *radiance flashbacks*

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  • Join the light side! With light we get power to ban! With power to ban we get... fun?

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    • iPad???? It’s A java server that’s a fake server

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  • Now if anything unexpected happens in 2b2t I really dont care Becuz everything is a weapon in 2b2t

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  • >Question? >What’s your question soldier >I teleported bread >You what >You told me too >How much >I have done nothing but teleport bread for 3 days >WHERE WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN SENDING IT!!!??

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  • Minecraft documentary Mienkrapf documentaria

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  • I have done nothing but weaponize bread for three days

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    Calvin SmithCalvin Smith12 napja
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  • R.I.P. HenryCarls A victim twice Press F to pay respects

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