How long can I survive in a deserted hardcore world? (Day 1-50)

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How long can I survive in a deserted hardcore world? (Day 1-50)
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  • When Duckio uploads hardcore the day automatically gets better.

    Blue_Raven_Blue_Raven_9 napja
    • @Bobby Falcon true

      Mobile obby player 123Mobile obby player 123Napja
    • No cuz hoglins

    • True

      Rameen’s gamesRameen’s games2 napja
    • Create a copy of your survivel world then go in crytav and use the /locate command

      liThe WolfYTliThe WolfYT3 napja
    • Yeasssss :D

      •RäyaishRiø Gåçhã YT••RäyaishRiø Gåçhã YT•3 napja
  • It actually looks like 2b2t lol

    nan wengnan weng6 perccel
  • I did not now

    Easton playsEaston plays21 perce
  • Good Lie

    Scorpion ArmyScorpion ArmyÓrája
  • U should make a nether base to protect u when you are mining woos

    Santiago SimoneSantiago SimoneÓrája
  • “Travelled 20 degrees north” -Duckio 2021

    Raihana JanRaihana JanÓrája
  • Nobody Duckio:HaPpY mOuSE mOvEmenTS

    Sofia BarberiSofia BarberiÓrája
  • You need a shovel to make a boat

    Sofia BarberiSofia Barberi2 órája
  • Day 46 Him: only 5 days left Math

    Reaction MemeReaction Meme2 órája
  • Do 100 Days

    Dusty CoddDusty Codd3 órája
  • Waw

    Ilan AlvaradoIlan Alvarado3 órája
  • Day tree

    Ilan AlvaradoIlan Alvarado4 órája
  • You can mine Cole with a wooden pickaxe and you could have used your gold pickaxe to mine coal stupid I'm just kidding I think you're pretty cool

    Nicholas RameyNicholas Ramey4 órája
  • U could make 100 Day in Hardcore RLCraft or some other survival modpack 😉 (btw great video)

    AkumaLeviAkumaLevi4 órája
  • Pliz link download world

    تعلم معيتعلم معي4 órája
  • I’m kinda wielded out cause my pc can barely load google docs but when it comes to minecraft I can use 3D texture packs and HD texture packs

    The idk ChannelThe idk Channel5 órája
  • Him: day tree Me: ironic....isn't it?

    SteveSteve5 órája
  • Plzzzz make ep 2

    Hader GamingHader Gaming5 órája
  • 4

    Linus KakondaLinus Kakonda5 órája
  • how do i create world like this ?

    Toni VandersiToni Vandersi6 órája
  • Remember when duck's channel wasn't just Minecraft?

    Ibrahim AaqelIbrahim Aaqel6 órája
  • me: opens a nether portal thingy chest , gets a almost died golden shovel Duckio : Haha FulL EqUiPmEnT gO bRr

    RipAzureRipAzure6 órája
  • Give me link java edition pls

    Arlene MacanipArlene Macanip7 órája
  • 13:08 Thats what she said

    IkHeetAppelflapIkHeetAppelflap7 órája
  • get some oak planks from the mineshaft to get a boat

    Jacob SummerhillJacob Summerhill7 órája
  • Just spitballing here, random idea, don't you think you could've, yknow, GONE INTO THE MINESHAFT TO GET WOOD AS IT'S MADE OF WOOD?

    EA gamerEA gamer8 órája
  • what is the name of resource pack or shaders and where I can download it?

    KristixKristix8 órája
  • You need a shovel to get a boat and wood

    Zeroclan12 TikTokZeroclan12 TikTok9 órája
  • R E A L L Y L O N G B I G T A L L O N E

    Pussymaster MpampinosPussymaster Mpampinos10 órája
  • wadzee be like...

    Hiromi San CortezHiromi San Cortez10 órája
  • 50 days again plz

    Ransie BiersoRansie Bierso11 órája
  • You can get wood from mineshaft bruh.

    ArkiczArkicz11 órája
  • Doesn't his house looks like an ENDER pearl

    Cristiano 29 JckCristiano 29 Jck11 órája
  • the gods be like when duckio did an offering: nah keep your hard earned diamonds, hear have some protection III and unbreaking III

    Piano DNA - JamesPiano DNA - James11 órája
  • But How Do You do this generation?

    GamingWithFox YTGamingWithFox YT11 órája
  • Day tree Lmao

    Wahyu Kurniady PrihandokoWahyu Kurniady Prihandoko12 órája
  • Not using the wood in mineshaft Inteligint

    Lf 11Lf 1112 órája
  • did you notice that he clicks the mouse while dropping things? what commands does he use?

    bianco raffaelebianco raffaele12 órája
  • Nice cheater

    Stan helsenStan helsen13 órája
  • U forgot u need a wooden shovel to make a boat

    mathijs van walsummathijs van walsum14 órája
  • 1.17 be like:

    BitBit14 órája
  • I love your acsent

    Mr pila E. EbaldeMr pila E. Ebalde15 órája
  • You need shovel for boat

    raju Devi Dewasiraju Devi Dewasi15 órája
  • the base lookes like an enderpearl

    Ben VIERTELBen VIERTEL15 órája
  • You love the lupus nocte music and I can’t blame you😂

    ZadicalZadical16 órája
  • You don’t need silk touch o get nether green grass

  • *really big tall one*

    tron xyle Gamingtron xyle Gaming16 órája
  • Duckio, to get grass, bonemeal normal dirt.

    ReltoRelto17 órája
  • Does anyone know a seed like this for bedrock edition cuz I wanna try this but I’m not on java

    CwackedCwacked17 órája
  • Nice original video! I also really like the shaders you have cause they are pretty subtle but great

    GolferGuyGolferGuy17 órája
  • I was Lucky I got So many diamonds I was having fortune 2 But....I was having 1stack Diamonds!

    Kraken ZKraken Z18 órája
  • Nice video

    Remafe SubillagaRemafe Subillaga18 órája
  • fortune 3 unbreaking 3 and efficiency 4 i think???!!!!!!

    Evan LukEvan Luk18 órája
  • How do you make this world?????

    Cade ZomBz08Cade ZomBz0819 órája
  • Duckio: lights a nether portal, the portal: still has crying obsidian

    Alex SuwanAlex Suwan19 órája
  • Satifing voice makes me addicted to chaannel

    Bryce's Cartoons XBryce's Cartoons X20 órája
  • u should join dream smp pog?

    vRi0qvRi0q20 órája
  • U need a shuvel

    Gabe & Zeke LejeuneGabe & Zeke Lejeune21 órája
  • Seed?

    Evan HauzieEvan Hauzie21 órája
  • Seed?

    DropaPixelDropaPixel21 órája
  • Well here before 100k

    RafaelG123RafaelG12322 órája
  • That nether portal is extremely op

    Steve HansenSteve Hansen23 órája
  • Why hasn’t he uploaded an episode of season four? Did something happen?

    Doggo the DOGEDoggo the DOGE23 órája
  • Ummm u need a wooden shovel for a boat lol

    Kash AylorKash AylorNapja
  • If you want villagers, get zombie villagers and heal them

    Shayaan TahirShayaan TahirNapja
  • Was I the only one that realized he made a boat without a shovel

    Jaeden n09Jaeden n09Napja
    • I guess you're on bedrock In java You Dont need shovel to create a boat

      AclypseAclypse23 perccel
  • Imagine how much more ores he would get if he mined left end right every 3 blocks but great vid enjojed it so much

    Vanja LukicVanja LukicNapja
  • What is this seed

  • This video is very impressive. I subscribed. Nice content dude.

  • iRon

  • Minecraft 1.17 Caves be like:

  • 13:08 THATS SUS...

    Jokerkid 745Jokerkid 745Napja
  • aguero reference yooooooo


    Eden BrownEden BrownNapja
  • u can bonemeal the blue mushrum and u wil get a tree

    david ytdavid ytNapja
  • if a zombie grabs a item it wont despawn or you can give it a block and a helmet just a tip for next time :) edit: ancient debreas spawn from a minamum of a block away from each other to 2 blocks, always mine around the ancient debrees another tip again :D

    Brenda GrajalesBrenda GrajalesNapja
  • U do realise you need a wood shovel to make a boat

    Milo GoverMilo GoverNapja
  • you can make a boat you need a stick in the middle

    Dead SkullDead SkullNapja
  • He had a nether right pickaxaxe in the photo of that

    Katie JuhasKatie JuhasNapja
  • Day tree🤣

    Avery FindleyAvery FindleyNapja
  • you are the best do 200 days in ultra minecraft

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  • 3:00 not day three but day TREE

    xman2l kxman2l kNapja
  • Sometimes i vibe watching ur vids cause they good tbh.

    xxX_Ribren_Xxx RequenaxxX_Ribren_Xxx RequenaNapja
  • Duckio u known the word iron the letter R is silent so u don't pronounce the r

  • 23:56 The top left chests..... Me: *Confusion Rising Rapidly*

    Prateek RajPrateek RajNapja
  • anyone know the seed?

    itsDemonDiaz - GamingitsDemonDiaz - GamingNapja
  • Hardcore in rlcraft

  • 3:29 "2nd seed" Me lookin at his hotbar: *Visual Confusion*

    Prateek RajPrateek RajNapja
  • Me: searching for fortres for to much time Duckio: there is nether fortres

    Juozas AukstikalnisJuozas AukstikalnisNapja
  • What's the seed? I also wanna try it

    Gunnin SikkaGunnin SikkaNapja
  • 2B2T training

    Doom Vickstar999Doom Vickstar999Napja
  • I want to download this map. How to gate this?

    Pinish GamingPinish GamingNapja
  • Wait how get get take aim check these time: 14:52and 15:13

  • To make a boat you need a shovel you had it right you just need a shovel in the little space in the middle

    Jaxon KarlJaxon KarlNapja
  • Your videos are best

  • I like a duckio

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  • Name of music plz🙏

    NaruZaki - ناروزاكيNaruZaki - ناروزاكيNapja
  • House which duckio made is from zaypixel

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  • 17:31 There was lapiz on top

    G69 ReXG69 ReXNapja
  • WHAT the fox say!

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