How Difficult are the RAREST things we see in FOOTBALL?

2020.nov. 5.
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I tried some of the rare skills & goals we see in football / soccer.
football soccer recreation challenge.
Kieran Brown.

  • 5:23 is anyone not gonna talk about how long that throw is?

    Legendary CraftLegendary CraftÓrája
  • You can control throw and pass the ball, you can play for chealsea

    ManavManav2 órája
  • Air dribble

    Ur SaltedddUr Salteddd4 órája
  • That was a foul throw tho 😂

    FAIZFAIZ4 órája
  • Make the Most Red Card Ronaldo:Meh Thats Easy

    Emperor EEmperor E5 órája
  • How did you get David Beckham to pass to you?

    mbos4115mbos41156 órája
  • Wasn't the front flip throw a foul throw tho?

    WardNWardN8 órája
  • 4:36 parece que habla en español literal, parece quedice "y se da cuenta" o derivados

    Genaro BolognaGenaro Bologna11 órája
  • so i somehow managed to do the tricks except for the front flip throw in and the air dribble thing all done by accident how lucky am i

    HansonHanson12 órája
  • Ngl I can see why not pro player n still try harding 😂😂 when I was like 12 I was better than u wtf mate 😂

    Krzysiosower!!!Krzysiosower!!!14 órája
  • 4:34 that camera angle tho :O

    WR 245GWR 245G17 órája

    Brendan StibbardBrendan Stibbard18 órája
  • Foul throw, legs are not touching the ground

    Rohit G KarthaRohit G KarthaNapja
  • I now the three number skills is vary esy

    Nazneen HossainNazneen HossainNapja
  • That's some nice grass you got in your backyard mate

    T bbT bbNapja
  • Bro the og scorpion is super easy Trust me scored it in a match

  • What about the van persie goal in fifa 2014 The flying header

    Angad PurohitAngad PurohitNapja
  • Thumbnail shows Roberto Carlos, no RC on vídeo lol

    Ricardo ViniciusRicardo ViniciusNapja
  • Impressive

    Vasantha PVasantha PNapja
  • 0:55 the background is just so chillingggg !!!!

    lil_ molnlil_ molnNapja
  • Bro you do know that the throw in was a foul cuz your legs were in the air right??

    Maanas NarutoMaanas NarutoNapja
  • Are you Swedish? Or why do you have a Swedish shirt? :)

    Christoffer WikstrandChristoffer WikstrandNapja
  • What a load of bullshit

    Alvaro MontoyaAlvaro MontoyaNapja
  • Throwing doesn't count, hey!!!

    kirill sviderskikirill sviderskiNapja
  • Är du från Sverige

    Phillekaa 2007Phillekaa 2007Napja
  • This was so interesting 😂

  • It's soccer.

  • The flip throw was incorrect, legs were in the air at the time of release! It was a sad attempt to make this video!!

    Siddhant ChhibberSiddhant ChhibberNapja
  • Are you from Sweden?

    PetraPetra2 napja
  • 00:59 love the shirt🇸🇪

    Axel EgestålAxel Egestål2 napja
  • Nice Sweden kit(i am swedish)

    Rftn FishyRftn Fishy2 napja
  • Soccer not football

    Luke MaynardLuke Maynard2 napja
  • That’s not a frontflip

    Harry BarryHarry Barry2 napja
  • Beginners:Fam that is hard you are kiddin fam

    DK_ GamingtwitchDK_ Gamingtwitch2 napja
  • Do you comming from sweden ?

    Alex AlegranAlex Alegran2 napja
  • One thing on the flip, if you let go the ball without at least one of your feet on the ground, that will not count and you will need to repeat it

    Benjamin MadrigalBenjamin Madrigal2 napja
  • I used to Scorpion kick for fun when passing to a team mate

    deanmoncasterdeanmoncaster2 napja
  • I score 500 goal but all are own goal

    Adnan NaizakAdnan Naizak2 napja
  • I dislike the video but I’ll sub to even it out👌🏾

    Cortez PeppersCortez Peppers2 napja
  • I want mmooooorrrreeee

    HarpreetHarpreet2 napja
  • But u not in a game and under intense pressure of losing. Almost any technically gifted player can do just about all of those but they don't because of the immense pressure.

    TaBong PrestigeTaBong Prestige2 napja
  • aaaaand foul throw for not having your arms start behind your head lol

    shadowcrux0shadowcrux03 napja
  • Lol I like how the front flip throw only goes about 15ft, better off just throwing it normally 😂

    Andrew ToddAndrew Todd3 napja
  • For duck sake you didn’t replicate any of these skills. If you can’t do something don’t go on HUworld

    J DJ D3 napja
  • You didn’t do the Marcelo control at all 😂😂

    J DJ D3 napja
  • 1:01 lets go sweden!!!!!

    Daniel SharafiDaniel Sharafi3 napja
  • When you planned in a game to perform the skill move but all of a sudden your teammate made a passed that wasn't you expecting.

    sahitha beevi maideensahitha beevi maideen3 napja
  • why does he have swedens football jersey on?

    Albin HanssonAlbin Hansson3 napja
  • Zlatan does not chases the ball!! the ball c hases zlatan

    Shoto TodorokiShoto Todoroki3 napja
  • You could've just unfolded the mat at 1:20 for a more realistic feel

    Matthew VelezMatthew Velez3 napja
  • All indian football lovers like here. ❤

    SAYAN PAL 22SAYAN PAL 223 napja
  • sos malardo amigo

    EL PurpuraEL Purpura3 napja
  • 0:02 inter Porto Alegre❤ pato

    DanguiDangui3 napja
  • grande alexis

    isidigalfeisidigalfe3 napja
  • Zidane cruyff control: one in 20 games. Shows only one clip.

    Kevin WoodKevin Wood4 napja
  • Are u from sweden? U hage a sweden shirt on

    Leo Oldén 8:1Leo Oldén 8:14 napja
  • The fact that there isn't a gk makes me feel so bad for Kieran

    Abhirudra SahaAbhirudra Saha4 napja
  • Your trys are no near to perfect but capable of appreciation by amateur

    Pravesh TamangPravesh Tamang4 napja
  • The most diffiult among all those skill is being able to pull them off under the the immense pressure players go through.

    john piersjohn piers4 napja
  • Thanks for the effort you in the video ❤

    Suryoyoo ooSuryoyoo oo4 napja
  • I remember I was playing soccer at lunch and my friend did a bad corner and I flung my foot backwards and did a scorpion kick top bins

    LD scootzLD scootz4 napja
  • He has worn two different types of shoes

    Sumaira FaziliSumaira Fazili4 napja
    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

      Sumaira FaziliSumaira Fazili4 napja
  • Learn the FIFA Mobile Spin here

    Anything Soccer ProAnything Soccer Pro4 napja
  • Foul throw

    Lellison 99Lellison 994 napja
  • Y

    Faisal AhmedFaisal Ahmed4 napja
  • 3:42 no joke, no lie, I did something similar once, never did it again but the thing is that you feel something special and you close your eyes when these rare ones land, and it's not like you could master them, there are just special moments... (sorry if it sounded weird, english isn't my 1st language)

    Emanuel NeaguEmanuel Neagu4 napja
  • Feet are off the ground when you throw the ball mate, that means you didnt do it

    Nicholas David TurnerNicholas David Turner4 napja
  • I knew Kieran Brown from ldn movements

    William AttramWilliam Attram4 napja
  • I freaking love u dude

    William AttramWilliam Attram4 napja
  • On my first ever scorpion kick i scored it top corner in a tiny goal

    tyler btyler b5 napja
  • Cool

    Simona NectarieSimona Nectarie5 napja
  • Most thing also are so hard

    Shay HannaShay Hanna5 napja
  • 6:50 observe his shoe

    Channa BasavannaChanna Basavanna5 napja
  • imo i dont think the zola one is that hard i can hit it well 80% of the time...but it may just be me cause i always practiced it as a kid

    Mike MasoukiMike Masouki5 napja

    lordcumiringlordcumiring6 napja
  • You are swedish?

    Laudemar A.B.Laudemar A.B.6 napja
  • the throw in was wtong which you did. he used the somersaults momentum to throw the ball farther while u just threw mid air with no connection

    Asish GandrothuAsish Gandrothu6 napja
  • Ngl but I actually did the scorpion one but it was an assist :/

    Vang NamVang Nam6 napja
  • Are you from sweden

    Gösta JernGösta Jern6 napja
  • It looks during the front flip throw the ball is released after he has landed again on the feet so he has the momentum and power to throw it really far. The way you did it the throw was weak because you threw the ball before you landed and completed the flip motion. But yeah, it takes more days of training that skill than just a few hours/days. You did great though, just released the ball too early.

    Mind. Art. Creativity.Mind. Art. Creativity.6 napja
  • How did you reach the number? For eg: flip throw 1 in 1500? etc

    jayakrishnan k.sjayakrishnan k.s6 napja
  • Me who doesn't even remember the last time i played football:

    Misleading FishMisleading Fish6 napja
  • Big Video for a big man x

    SamSam6 napja
  • As my team specialist all this ain't hard for me we'll some

    K GamingK Gaming7 napja
  • A swedish sweater?

    Efraim JonssonEfraim Jonsson7 napja
  • 03:08 - that's illegal coz both leg didn't stand on the ground

  • Green ball..?

  • I admire his commitment

    Ali Abbas NaqviAli Abbas Naqvi7 napja

    FR PlasmaØPFR PlasmaØP8 napja
  • during one of my high-school games a kid from the other team did the front flip throw and it didn't go his way 😂

    Breckin FischerBreckin Fischer8 napja
  • I saw your wearing a Swedish jacket I’m Swedish

    Victor PallinVictor Pallin8 napja
  • Are You from norway cus i saw You USE a norwegian hat on the pitch🤯🤯🤯

    Norway EliteNorway Elite8 napja
  • Running like me is incredibly hard😅😆

    legend101 xoxolegend101 xoxo8 napja
  • Bro please review kipsta boots

    Vishnu V SVishnu V S8 napja
  • 1:14 I thought this was a “How to Front-Flip TUTORIAL”

    UmpalumpaUmpalumpa8 napja
  • 3:20 feet not on the ground

    Beth SaiffBeth Saiff9 napja
  • r u from sweden?

    Elev Klass 1Elev Klass 19 napja
  • I’m 10 and I did 5 Marcelo touches first try without any training in a tournament

    HighTechTurtleHighTechTurtle9 napja
  • 1:39 *Thinks about life choices*

    Gabe CorderGabe Corder9 napja
  • My friend always does the scorpion kick perfectly

    humanhuman10 napja