How Did This Even Work?! 🤷‍♂️🤯

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  • what kind of bottle caps is that

    locum_paklocum_pak9 perccel
  • Thats smart but messed up😂😂😂

    Osiel OrtegaOsiel Ortega45 perccel
  • no ones talking about how they ruined the poor man's food

  • I gotta do that nice trick lmao

    damin jacksondamin jackson2 órája
  • Vaccum charm

    Adi HidayatullohAdi Hidayatulloh2 órája
  • Fun fact its like a pipe so when u open the bottle it sprays out like a pipe

    Sydney GeorgeSydney George2 órája
  • ZARAH😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

    Vivian BonillaVivian Bonilla2 órája
  • 😲😲😲

    Sarah JacksonSarah Jackson2 órája
  • Amerikanische PrankBros

    RobinRobin3 órája
  • Ok so this how it works.... when the bottle is closed the water doesn't leak because of uniform pressure in the bottle whereas when the bottle is opened the the pressure in the bottle becomes non uniform because of presence of atmospheric pressure above the bottle(opened)

    Tejas SharmaTejas Sharma3 órája
  • it’s like a syringe

    Heathrow AviatorHeathrow Aviator4 órája
  • Açık Hava Basıncı Bunu bu sene fende gördük

    nergiz tatnergiz tat4 órája
  • What a waste of water 🙄

    R SR S4 órája
  • - "What are you doing" - "shhh" - "oke"

    Mmartinz fraxxMmartinz fraxx4 órája
  • More dumb fake shit. Surprised pikachu

    Steven PSteven P4 órája
  • Due to air pressure on outside water cant go out by its own pressure but when the bottle is opened water pressure + air pressure becomes stronger than regular air pressure so it makes water come out

    Resmiye gümüşResmiye gümüş5 órája
  • That’s so threes company

    Keri MonacoKeri Monaco5 órája
  • I'm sure his boyfriend hated that.

    Michael ShishidoMichael Shishido5 órája
  • 와 이게 시간차 공격이구나 한번해봐야지

    포스트잇포스트잇6 órája
  • 哈哈

    膜手001膜手0017 órája
  • This is sooooooo funny I love stages tik tok garbage! I was laughing my ass off like this 😐

    Jah YeetJah Yeet7 órája
  • Humans hate water....until they wanna get wet :)))

    Munzerin FairujMunzerin Fairuj8 órája
  • Wow 1.6 m likes...

    Elvisfan96 PresleyElvisfan96 Presley8 órája

    Persian MusicPersian Music8 órája
  • It's my second British video in a row, the previous was annoying girlfriend. Only me?

    MrNobodyMrNobody9 órája
  • It's just water.......

    Mark KookieMark Kookie9 órája
  • ✨ M A G I C✨

    JMC GamingJMC Gaming9 órája
  • it worked bc it was capped and there was no where the water could go and place air at the same time. If the holes were smaller u will understand. It works only if u don't apply pressure to this bottle

    Farabi Islam RishadFarabi Islam Rishad10 órája
  • Мда очень смешно.......

    HopperHopper10 órája
  • Wow that was a knee slapper right there.

    Dylan MehalcikDylan Mehalcik10 órája
  • It's very rare nowadays to see a real prank (or atleast a real-looking one) well done 👍

    D DumaD Duma10 órája
  • These are so fake

    Morris ManMorris Man10 órája
  • Yeeeaaaaaahhh more fake videos on HUworld 🥳🤡

    Ti moTi mo12 órája
  • When Science comes in handy

    Eric Campos SanchezEric Campos Sanchez13 órája
  • because the air cant enter inside the bottle so if u open the bottle air come's and air punnished the water to outside from the hole

  • Dumb

    Brit SehnsuchtBrit Sehnsucht13 órája
  • It's called a vacuum seal no air can get in so nothing can escape

    Jake CornickJake Cornick14 órája
  • These guys are too fake. FairPlay though, they’ve made there money. There Blocked on my Facebook

    Baghdad Field maestroBaghdad Field maestro14 órája
  • Air displaces water

    KarlKarl14 órája
  • To know how this works, one needs to go to school...

    Monali ChauhanMonali Chauhan15 órája
  • There is no God except Allah, prophet Muhammad is the messenger of Allah❤✨

    نورنور16 órája
  • Atmospheric pressure

    JK NimmakuriJK Nimmakuri19 órája
  • A guy who passed 5th even knows how this works

    Shubh SoniShubh Soni19 órája
  • Trffff

    HAIFA’S WorldHAIFA’S World19 órája
  • That's a grav/waterfall bong.

    phatpac5phatpac520 órája
  • Wdym how did it work. How did what work him poking holes in a bottle?😂

    Jordan MullinsJordan Mullins21 órája
  • 😂 at this point, when anyone has a phone/camera out, how are they not suspecting some shit to go down?!

    Cracker JackCracker Jack23 órája
  • It's called vacume

    redlineredline23 órája
  • Ever heard of the word physics ?

  • Camera guy: what are you do- Him: shhh

    Douglas HullDouglas HullNapja
  • with the cap close water can get out if oxygen doesnt get in 🙄 im 11 and i know this probably why I should just drop out of skl and become a mad scientist the British laugh had me tho 😆 😂

    Jolie WallaceJolie WallaceNapja
  • The title should’ve actually been “how to be an a-hole.”

  • I'm going to try thissssss

    Chloe MillerChloe MillerNapja
  • Just wanted to say, if you guys ever get a chance, i'll really appreciate it if you check me out on twitch @mrticklybuns

  • Stupid to ask that question...

    Just Some Bigfoot With Internet AccessJust Some Bigfoot With Internet AccessNapja
  • the water leaving the bottle creates a vacuum or negative pressure. it wont leak until the top is open to equalize that pressure.

    Michael TaurusMichael TaurusNapja
  • 줫나 과학적이고 나이스하네

  • *drinking some beer won't hurt the kid* The kid :

    N0hZ AshN0hZ AshNapja
  • How that work?? Simple when the water wants to come out the air pressure outside is bigger from the one I side pushing the water out so it stays, when the led is opened. The air pressure outside came from the top and pushes the water through the holes, so the water pressure is bigger inside and water comes out

    Bilga Satria NussyBilga Satria NussyNapja
  • How 😘🎉🏀🙇🤵💏👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨👨‍👨‍👧‍👦

    Gusto GrowGusto GrowNapja
  • 😘

    Gusto GrowGusto GrowNapja
  • Fkn idiots

    Rosario MontesRosario MontesNapja
  • It works because of water pressure so even with the holes it holds the water in but when you open it the pressure looses up making water come out the holes I hope I explain this right :

    ?Lynx The Unknown??Lynx The Unknown?Napja
  • ... I want to try this.

    Serena NightingaleSerena NightingaleNapja
  • 🤯🤯🤯

    Hannah HendricksHannah HendricksNapja
  • Kkkkj

    Luph SoaresLuph SoaresNapja
  • It's all SCIENCE....

    Pradhuman YadavPradhuman YadavNapja
  • هههههههههه

    Menna AhmedMenna AhmedNapja
  • Simple when the air can’t escape or go in the air just keeps the water in place

    Terry The SharkTerry The SharkNapja
  • Got a good laugh out of that!🤪🤣🤣

    mark mccartymark mccartyNapja
  • How it work SCIENCE!!!

    Fantastic Gamer 35Fantastic Gamer 35Napja
  • See artesian well effect... bottle is hermetically sealed therefore as long as the vacuum pressure is on the top of water the liquid will hold the water in.. pretty simple actually the opening cap allows displacement due to pressurized air pushing the water " people forget we are actually swimming in oxygen nitrogen argon carbon ect... on the Planet "

    Cody WeCody WeNapja
  • “whata you doing” “sh” “ ok.”

  • Wow wow

    daletsh industrydaletsh industryNapja
  • I have seen enough movies to know that this works because of Newton’s twentieth law of Quantum Physical Chemistry

    BLAZE 7000BLAZE 7000Napja
  • Air pressure

    Jethro Bruce AndalJethro Bruce AndalNapja
  • Waht😐

    Naser HasaniNaser HasaniNapja
  • Through our channel, let's watch entertaining videos, everyone. good evening fun

    RUN run REMIXRUN run REMIXNapja
  • 👑

    راكان محمدراكان محمدNapja
  • I hate it

    Pricilla ShafferPricilla ShafferNapja
  • :)

    Miracle _SaroWiWaMiracle _SaroWiWaNapja
  • lol🤣🤣

    Miracle _SaroWiWaMiracle _SaroWiWaNapja
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Thalitha NyasengaThalitha NyasengaNapja
  • Good prank also learn some physic to know how it happens.

    Nor Elianis NorkhairaniNor Elianis NorkhairaniNapja

  • Science 🤓👌

  • it will. if you close the cap

    Savita ChaudhariSavita ChaudhariNapja
  • Very nice prank very nice🙃

    Artur KaczmarczykArtur KaczmarczykNapja
  • Haha

    It's Aida -robloxIt's Aida -robloxNapja
  • its because the air at the holes doesnt get in so it doesnt flow out like if you renove the cap it flows out because air takes the space and water flows out

    franicis yamashitafranicis yamashitaNapja
  • It simple science in it when there no air pressure it do not work and there air pressure then the water strat floating

    Disha sharmaDisha sharmaNapja
  • This is shit.

    Simon WarnerSimon WarnerNapja
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    Ashley VillonAshley VillonNapja
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    Еd NogmanЕd NogmanNapja
  • 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Why i dont fuk with people now..

    Charles RobersonCharles RobersonNapja
  • My physics teacher says that pressure is utmost at the depth and he showed a water bottle experiment to prove it. But after this video..... I'll show him this and prove him wrong😈😈

    Singsational StudiosSingsational StudiosNapja
    • @Jordan Falls In other words, the pressure on the bottom was larger and OP is wrong.

      Cameron PearceCameron Pearce2 órája
    • Because in the end the pressure was released.

      Jordan FallsJordan Falls3 órája
    • How? The water still came out in the end...

      Cameron PearceCameron Pearce12 órája
  • dan

    naura ndutttnaura ndutttNapja
  • Sweety roy . 1minggu yang lalu something rare is thatsomeonepranks

    Nuri YuliyantiNuri YuliyantiNapja