Hot Borsch

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Where I have been for past two weeks. Sick. I have been sick. And I got bored of being sick. So this is what I did.
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  • pretty sure i just spent 10 minutes of my life watching a slav man drink a gallon of mead.

    Overcooked DonutOvercooked Donut14 napja
  • So nobody noticed the colours of the video get warmer and warmer as time goes by (because Boris feels better)? Well okay...

    Claudia FicicchiaClaudia FicicchiaHónapja
  • After 2 years i finally found the song, greenhouse encounter.

    World OrderWorld OrderHónapja
  • Need.....more....BORSCH

    Alex PintilescuAlex Pintilescu2 hónapja
  • This video probably got demonitized too

    Blyat 69Blyat 693 hónapja
  • This reminds me of a game, when you go afk and you hear an npc talking to his drink or himself

    MrIlija123456MrIlija1234563 hónapja
  • A russian man drink borche for 10:16 609k people: interesting

    A Guy Do Pen TapA Guy Do Pen Tap3 hónapja
  • at least he's drinking plenty of liquid, which is gooood when you're sick...but what is he really drinking?!ginger?honey with lemon?is it really hot borsch?

    Hiryuu SeikaHiryuu Seika3 hónapja
  • ultimate gopnik drinks magical broth to cure sickness at 5 AM and films it on camera

    Dat MemeDat Meme3 hónapja
  • Boris has pneumonia. He drank borscht while he had it. The music used in his borsch drinking video was taken from epidemicsound. Epidemicsound. Epidemic. COVID-19. It gives pneumonia. Coincidenc?

    OniOni4 hónapja
  • Boris how do you make borsch?

    ツXocticcツXocticc4 hónapja
  • 10 minutes we’ll spent

    slavinatorslavinator5 hónapja
  • It kind of sounds like slavic masturbation with a cold

    yeE ThotyeE Thot5 hónapja
  • Why is this funny?!

    David QinDavid Qin6 hónapja
  • i don think that is borch

    fizzay87fizzay876 hónapja
  • Can't believe this was my first Boris video that made me subscribe

    Major CriticalMajor Critical7 hónapja
  • 28 thousand likes and 1 thousand drunk gopniks that read Dis i like instead of dislike.

    Mates a Viktor-Rádio a TVMates a Viktor-Rádio a TV7 hónapja
  • How this man is still alive after drinking 30l of Mead is unknown to the world. Legend says he passed out right after turning off the camera.

    AlexeiAlexei7 hónapja
  • The more he drinks the more insane he gets.

    Harpyboi48Harpyboi487 hónapja
  • I love the part where he drank borsch

    Are YouAre You7 hónapja
  • Boris you're the best drinking partner. Over here in Western Spy country, I am totally drinking "chicken soup broth" to get well. Nevermind it's equivalent to a barrel of warm whiskey. It's "Hot Chicken Soup", and it does my soul good.

    ArnieMcStrangleholdArnieMcStranglehold7 hónapja
  • Remind me, what was the volume of a human stomach again?

    AutismoAutismo7 hónapja
  • 8:25 KALINKA

    BabúBabú8 hónapja
  • The more he drinks the more aggressive his cheers becomes

    XærelXærel8 hónapja
  • My life has gone so far down hill. I just watched a Slav drink 50L of borsch for 10 minutes straight.

    Asian guyAsian guy9 hónapja
  • How is nobody talking about the fact that his voice sounds a million times more Russian when he had a cold?

    Bacon StudiosBacon Studios9 hónapja
  • Blyat

    Radiation king 420Radiation king 4209 hónapja
  • Petrushka matrjoshka brashka otkrivashka all time! Trali vali koshki draly everywhere!!!

    Sir DecolourSir Decolour9 hónapja
  • What was the idea???

    Grigoris MpatsGrigoris Mpats9 hónapja
  • 4:45 gnome

    WassabiGuy3224WassabiGuy32249 hónapja
  • Show us how to make vodka!! Nectar of the Slavs!

    Michael RundeMichael Runde9 hónapja
  • Boris gets ready for his colonoscopy

    Kit TalesKit Tales10 hónapja
  • the mead made him sick the hot borscht made him feel better

    redbaronace19redbaronace1910 hónapja
  • New metro loading screen

    YOINKYOINK10 hónapja
  • This is actually one of my favourite videos of Boris. Watching him start like shit and finishing very enthusiastic (very Boris) always helps me feel better.

    José PérezJosé Pérez11 hónapja
  • hpw long to he drink it

    xxtroller26xxtroller2611 hónapja
  • The madman downs literally an entire jug of дедушка специальный борщ

    Ryan McMahonRyan McMahon11 hónapja
  • I've been looking everywhere for the song in this video, can anyone provide a link please?

    Benjamin CoakleyBenjamin Coakley11 hónapja
    • medite greenhouse encounter

      Mehdi MKMMehdi MKM5 hónapja
  • A hero's end.

    Winman ZerodeathsWinman Zerodeaths11 hónapja
  • Why no 2 hour ASMR Borsch eating? 😂😂

    s kus ku11 hónapja
  • This is quite relaxing

    u owe meu owe me11 hónapja
  • Most relaxing video on earth

  • That's a lot of mead hahaha

    Logan DunkinLogan DunkinÉvvel
  • Why trinking that amount of Bosch, uhm, sorry, not electronic tool parts, i meant, Porsch, uhm Borsch, blyat. A big sized MAN Cup (0,4l or more) of Black tea, heatend up with chili sauce (tabasco) and you'll even sweat out influenza, syphilis, malaria or cancer! You should give that babarian, uhm, bavarian method of mine a try. Stay cheeki breeki, uhm, i meant healthy.

    KzS_ Guenther_LuetjensKzS_ Guenther_LuetjensÉvvel
  • Sounds like me right now. Although mine has more to do with allergies.

  • Legend says that he is still drinking

    Aleksander DrogowskiAleksander DrogowskiÉvvel
  • Ok блять, I have the theory that товарищ борис here has an infinite capacity in his stomach

    Товарищ Гопник 1Товарищ Гопник 1Évvel
  • Russian breakfast!

  • Recipe? Or is this one of babushkas secrets? 😬

    Marcus BurketMarcus BurketÉvvel
  • If Russian letter н means n, then it says "not borsch". It's quarter to one & I am sick too, don't mind me

    Fox or smthngFox or smthngÉvvel
    • Nor even a drop od borsch

      Kubek 34Kubek 347 hónapja
  • Что за пиздец?

    • Он пьет медовуха

      AlexeiAlexei7 hónapja
  • Is this NPC on guard duty?

    Bobosoft ReviewBobosoft ReviewÉvvel
  • Borsch ASMR

    Squad 666 Yuri -Squad 666 Yuri -Évvel
  • with the music loops it really looks like one of those dvd menu screens

  • Skazhi mne, Boris! Is this real BORSCH or a kisyel'?

    Road BoyeeRoad BoyeeÉvvel
  • Borisch

  • *Slav noises* made me spit my morning kvass onto my keyboard. Thank you for making the morning worthwhile!

    Andrew KeithAndrew KeithÉvvel
  • You know you've reached Slav lifestyle when the sound of Hot Borsch lulls you to sleep

  • I legit watched the whole 10min video without skipping

    Toxic CancerToxic CancerÉvvel
  • *Drink Borsch*

  • damn son

    Larry SwansonLarry SwansonÉvvel
  • fish

    A weird PotatoA weird PotatoÉvvel
  • *Q U A L I T Y C O N T E N T*

    Michael ZMichael ZÉvvel
  • Being sick in a nutshell

  • I just right now watched a slav man drink what? 50 liters of -mead- hot borsch? I seriously need to do something with my life

  • I totally need that borsch

  • Song??

  • 4:44 GNOMED

  • I haven’t laughed like this for quite awhile omg

    Alexander SilverAlexander SilverÉvvel
  • I... I wasn't sure what I was expecting.. But this... This was uhhhh.. Edicational...?

    Crow DeadRoseCrow DeadRoseÉvvel
  • In Soviet Russia you don't get sickness, sickness get you

    Arron SelvonArron SelvonÉvvel
  • 4:44 you've been gnomed

  • Loading screen for life of Boris game update

    John GancarcikJohn GancarcikÉvvel
  • Did you follow the steps of curing your cold, tovarishch Boris?

    Lorenz CanedoLorenz CanedoÉvvel
  • Boris then took a 20 minute long piss

    Jonlooka OlbirtooyJonlooka OlbirtooyÉvvel
  • that suuuuree is some diluted "borscht" there...

    Ultimate BALLUltimate BALLÉvvel
  • iiiiiiiiis Borsch...

    Botond SiposBotond SiposÉvvel
  • I just searched for “life of boris hot” (in that mood) and this was the first that came up 👌🏽

    • Did not dissapoint i suppose

      Isak LarssonIsak Larsson11 hónapja
  • So, the next time I have a cold/flu/pneumonia/etc., I now know to just drink 5gal of "not mead but good hot borsch"....

    CK's channel.CK's channel.Évvel
  • Shashlik king asmr Truly very comforting

    The M!XThe M!XÉvvel
  • how have you been sick for two whole weeks? whenever i get sick (which is barely once per 3 years) it lasts 2 days for me at most. are you sure you are in good health. even if this video was uploaded a while ago it still worries me

  • Blyat!

  • What is this song playing?

    Ali Can TuncerAli Can TuncerÉvvel
  • Boris, the bane of taverns!

  • Kool

    oscar Gonzalezoscar GonzalezÉvvel
  • Did I seriously just watch a full 10 minute video of Boris drinking Borsch

  • Boris, Boris, and Boris))

    Магистр jopaМагистр jopaÉvvel
  • Song name?

    Kremlin MuzikKremlin MuzikÉvvel
  • Currently sick, I pass time drinking my own "hot borsch" while watching this video over, and over! Cheers comrade! Thanks for sharing these video we will all, at some part of of our lives, be able to relate to!

    Lupus67 RemusLupus67 RemusÉvvel
  • Even the mouth is too much reveal for me haha

    Rob KRob KÉvvel
  • Ah hot borsch with hot boris yes yes

  • Imagine those 50 liters of Borsch was actually vodka

    Lil MemeLil MemeÉvvel

    Jew TuberJew TuberÉvvel
  • I watched it! At double speed .. and enjoyed. BTW, you need more beets in that borsch! Very thin color ..

  • Please do 10 hours version

    Derzkiy ChechenecDerzkiy ChechenecÉvvel
  • I’m crying!! Бля как перестать смеяться с этого

    Павел БраилкоПавел БраилкоÉvvel
  • That is very liquidy borsch

    Duke SkibbingtonDuke SkibbingtonÉvvel
  • why did i just watch 10 minutes of boris drinking like 30 liters of borsch

    karl-mattias karukarl-mattias karuÉvvel
  • 4:45 gnome

    Ej MojicaEj MojicaÉvvel
  • вкусно наверно

    Sad BoySad BoyÉvvel