Honest iPhone 12 Commercial

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if the iphone 12 commercial was honest
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iphone 12
first look

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    • Nice

      DankGaming 998DankGaming 99817 órája
    • u r a cool dude

      Keith BreaultKeith BreaultNapja
    • Can I buy airpods get that

      Olivia Olmo VicarioOlivia Olmo VicarioNapja
    • These videos are so funny lol

      Carrot CarCarrot Car2 napja
    • Hahaha

      Carrot CarCarrot Car2 napja
  • Ashish Chanchalani ki copyyy!!!

    Taanishk PawarTaanishk Pawar3 órája
  • Everytime Apple comes out with a new version somebody makes this same video. 🙄

    TavarahissiTavarahissi4 órája
  • Just convert the price to IDR

    Kozukata MikuKozukata Miku4 órája
  • I love you soooooo much

    bianca Fodalebianca Fodale4 órája
  • You are copying ashish chanchlani vines

  • Best introducing of rob jobs CEO of robbing your jobs😄😄😄😄

    143Astra_Gaming143Astra_Gaming5 órája
  • It looks like the iPhone 5 and iPhone 11 had a child....

    Kelly ChenKelly Chen5 órája
  • Planning to leave India😊

    Edwin KalathilEdwin Kalathil5 órája
  • Is it ok if I upgraded from a 5s to a 12 mini? Or that is still bad according to the apple haters that change phone every 2-3 years? 😘

    Ricardo Gonzalez CanceloRicardo Gonzalez Cancelo5 órája
  • "for the rich people iphone 12 pro and iphone 12 pro max* *coughs cutely *

    LuckyPlaysRoblox __LuckyPlaysRoblox __6 órája
  • I still haven’t switched from my iPhone 8 Plus.🥰

    Eli AriEli Ari6 órája
  • I got a Apple ad 🤣🤣

    Aarush DiwakarAarush Diwakar6 órája
  • me watching this on my new iphone 12 that i only bought because of the pretty blue colour: 👁👄👁

    Natalie JohnstonNatalie Johnston6 órája
  • Ahhh apple services sucks in India I have been trying for a month now but the phone is still out of stock Apple...u really need to concentrate on india

    jiya Badhwarjiya Badhwar6 órája
  • At first I actually thought this was and ad

    KqmodoKqmodo6 órája
  • They literally copied and pasted the iPhone 11, then made it look better/worse, and then slapped a price tag on it.

    No oneNo one7 órája
  • great video

    Bob KennedyBob Kennedy7 órája
  • 2:16 I work at apple and I can vouch that we do this

    Cardiyay HuntCardiyay Hunt7 órája
  • I just love your thumbnails❤️🔥

    Sushil SinghSushil Singh7 órája
  • I feel like this is just same as Ashish chanchalani's iPhone video 😂😂😂😂

    Dev OPDev OP7 órája
  • Kidz Bob boy

    Anthony FieldsAnthony Fields7 órája
  • I jumped ship to samsung :)

    Brandon RodriguezBrandon Rodriguez8 órája
  • Like if Fletcher Reede was the CEO of apple

    Oswald FarkletonOswald Farkleton8 órája
  • 3 years ago I got the iphone 7s plus I felt updated for a couples of months and then a new got release 😢 still have the 7s plus lol

    Jesus MercedJesus Merced8 órája
  • What I like it?

    Adrian VenerioAdrian Venerio9 órája
  • I got a iPhone 12

    aggro Sadiqaggro Sadiq9 órája
  • The ceramic shield protects the iPhone, but what protects the ceramic shield?" That's deep.

    54k_ricekrispies54k_ricekrispies9 órája
  • “We made it mandatory to have our spy software, so if you’re one of those luck folks hooked on fear and not afraid to be controlled by your government or neighbors, have we got a product for you!” (Switches to old phone) “Hello? Hellooooooo?”

    SammytheStampedeSammytheStampede10 órája
  • I have the iPhone 11 Pro Max and I asked for the iPhone 12 pro max and my dad said what’s the difference

    Kathrine PenelopeKathrine Penelope10 órája
  • “Hi, I’m Rob Jobs, founder and CEO of robbing your job.”

    Wankel LuWankel Lu10 órája

    Clicking_Clicking_11 órája
  • My HUAWEI P20 PRO 2018 has better 4G an iPhone 12 5G Lol🤣

    ped dep slowwped dep sloww11 órája
  • I don't make the rules, I just make the money. Every CEO.

    DragonyxDragonyx12 órája
  • hi i am the queen

    rawa queenrawa queen12 órája
  • hi

    rawa queenrawa queen12 órája
  • Y’all better all know where he got this idea

    Mateo TrimblrMateo Trimblr12 órája
  • Me watching this on my iPhone 12 like🤠

    Nayari EstradaNayari Estrada12 órája
  • I love apple products and yes a lot of what apple does is stupid but I find these videos funny

    Abigail BuchananAbigail Buchanan12 órája
  • this is a better convincing ad then the able ad

    SofiaSofia13 órája
  • “An Apple a year makes your kidney disappear”

    Aditya BhardwajAditya Bhardwaj13 órája
  • I have an iPhone 6, but I wanna upgrade to iPhone 8 cuz I want more hardwarepower without selling my organs

    Paper LuigiPaper Luigi13 órája
  • “The Ceramic Shield protects the iPhone, but what protects the Ceramic Shield?” . . . . “Yeah you’ll be buying the case.” Confidence at its finest, Rob Jobs.

    Jᴜsᴛ ARᴀɴᴅᴏᴍBᴇʀᴅJᴜsᴛ ARᴀɴᴅᴏᴍBᴇʀᴅ13 órája
  • "..... Write that down."

    O GO G13 órája
  • An Appel a day keeps the money away.

    Alog AnitarusAlog Anitarus13 órája
  • All i hear is facts

    QxR ViperQxR Viper14 órája
  • Apple: Don't forget if you don't use all those newest functions that no one needs, you still can put iphone 12 pro on your necklace and showing off to people that you are a rich dumbass... I mean rich person!

    Jason TsaiJason Tsai15 órája
  • thats why im waiting for the 13

    Joel BeauchampJoel Beauchamp15 órája
  • me watching this on my iphone 12 be like....... :\

    Adilene MendozaAdilene Mendoza15 órája
  • All the dislikes are from Jobs and his minions.

    KlavanerioKlavanerio15 órája
  • Tim Cook be watching this he’s like oh I need to hire this person is a salesman

    Vannessa Bear VlogsVannessa Bear Vlogs15 órája
    • Lol

      Anna Kane-OppenhimerAnna Kane-Oppenhimer15 órája
  • I can buy a ticket to New York , a 12 hours flight , with that kind of money 💰

    아마도 생각아마도 생각15 órája
  • Which is your phone?

    Haris MkHaris Mk16 órája
  • 2:45 you just have to take a microscope and put your phone, and you can see the pixels... i mad that in high school last year

    lIlIlIlIllIlIlIlIl17 órája
  • Broke has entered the chat

    OzzyGoLiveOzzyGoLive17 órája
  • Bro. that was the funniest experience today.. thanks man.

    Patrik KostkaPatrik Kostka18 órája
  • 1:21

    Mihai HodosanMihai Hodosan18 órája
  • And the iPhone 12 can only be serviced by Apple Tech Services.

    973Romeo973Romeo18 órája
  • YOU, like the video then anyone can stand we joke ourselves

    Master HandlesMaster Handles18 órája
  • At last people understand we joke ourselves

    Master HandlesMaster Handles18 órája
  • When It's The 1st Of December And You Are Excited For Christmas!!

    joey donaldsonjoey donaldson18 órája
  • 2.04 subs, 6.6 views come on people !

    scorpze EHscorpze EH18 órája
  • New iPhone 17 , screen sold separately to save your iSight.

    J BlackJ Black19 órája
  • r u the self of bad bunny?

    zhakerzhaker19 órája
  • i actually thought of powerbanks too. How is that? they have usb cord...

    Faith GonzalesFaith Gonzales19 órája
  • You can just TELL that this guy's trying to be like Ryan Higa.

    Daniel KimDaniel Kim20 órája
  • @chanuxbro

    Ravindu DissanayakeRavindu Dissanayake20 órája
  • Buy Nokia 3310 and never buy any other for 100 yrs

    DaringDonutDaringDonut20 órája
  • 🍎 🍊 🍌

    Elvin ChhetriElvin Chhetri20 órája
  • hi

    Dane scherDane scher20 órája
  • Apple.orange.banana

    RedsGolDRedsGolD21 órája
  • *"Honest iRob 12 Commercial."*

    BloxyLoxyBloxyLoxy21 órája
  • DUDE! AS SOON AS YOU WERE DONE MAKING THE JOKE ABOUT THE CASE AND SAID "But what's protecting the ceramic shield? Yeah, you'll be buying a case." IT FRICKIN' GAVE ME AN IPHONE CASE ADD! lmfaooo

  • lol

    Pizza LoverPizza Lover21 órája
  • I would have died if he had Samsung mobile when he was making calls 💀

    Xerta VlogsXerta Vlogs22 órája
  • Love from India ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • This has been the most honest review I’ve ever seen, apple has been so innovative that they didn’t even include the charger

    Inferno HellFlameInferno HellFlame22 órája
  • Wʜᴀᴛ ᴛʜᴇ...... ʜᴀʜᴀʜᴀ ɴɪᴄᴇ ᴏɴᴇ ʙᴜᴅᴅʏ🤣

    Marlon MontorioMarlon Montorio22 órája
  • Do the truth about the Apple pen

    Avessta AzizAvessta Aziz23 órája
  • I can honestly say that 50% of the ppl that watch your video and those comments are still going to buy this shit cause premature birth I guess.. I dont know

    Syahmi KarimSyahmi Karim23 órája
  • The girlfriend joke😂💀💀

    Cassie WorkmanCassie Workman23 órája
  • iPhone 12 teen: tiktok pre-installed Lol😂

    Thejus KrishnaThejus KrishnaNapja
  • The ceramic shield saves the iPhone but what saves the ceramic shield 😂😂

    Dev PaladuguDev PaladuguNapja
  • For once I agree iphone 12 is shit

    Ahmad AtwaAhmad AtwaNapja
  • Back and better than... never I’m dying

    Praise The turtlesPraise The turtlesNapja
  • brUh people nowadays are literally thinking that a single piece of iphone would be the greatest parameter of one's wealth

  • Apple is watching this but disinterested because theyre busy makin money 💰

    Jasveer SinghJasveer SinghNapja
  • to expensive. Not pog

    Poggers ChampPoggers ChampNapja
  • Inspired by *Ashish* *chanchalani*

    Me Nooob-opMe Nooob-opNapja
  • Imagine watching this on a iphone 12

  • The people mocking apple is the comment section will die for an iphone. (Not an iphone fan.)

    incredible nkincredible nkNapja
  • Sounds like every broke hater that gets Samsung but funny thing is you probably buy iPhone every year

  • 🍎 🍊 🍌😂😂

  • Honestly, I'm not even going to buy iPhone 12, I don't even have iPhone 11, but I'm proud to have iPhone 10 :)

  • I’m still rocking the iPhone 6, who here can beat that?!

    Raquel MarieRaquel MarieNapja
  • 2021: "the iPhone cover cover"

    Sterling StaufferSterling StaufferNapja
  • hilarious 😂😂😂

    mayank singh chaudharymayank singh chaudharyNapja
  • Android > iPhone

    Bot Bot 69Bot Bot 69Napja
  • Y’all are starting to look like apple when you make the same video every couple of months

    aspic comaaspic comaNapja
  • You can say all you want but apple is definitely better than samsung

    DiamondKing2250 VariloneDiamondKing2250 VariloneNapja