HIGHLIGHTS | SPURS 2-0 MAN CITY | Son and Lo Celso goals beat City!

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Watch highlights from Tottenham Hotspur's 2-0 Premier League win against Manchester City.

  • what song is that that plays when Tottenham scores???

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  • Song

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  • Mourinho and his disciples working magic at tottenham

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  • Like it

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  • BTS

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  • Ndombele's superb pivot and killer pass + Kane's move to drag out City's defense + Sonny's run and finish = Domination

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  • wow manchester keeper likes to leave the goal totally open

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    • Son is my son.

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  • Sonaldo

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  • That's my Boy! Oh wait That's My "Son"

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    • Ederson goes of his line way too fast

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  • Sontenham Hotspur

  • Ooooooooh Gio Lo Celllso!

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  • Poor goalkeeping for both goals.....

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  • Ederson goes of his line way too fast

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  • Son just keeps getting better and better. He needs that ballon d’or

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  • Bye

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  • Edison is a horrible goalkeeper

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  • Are ya winning son? Son :

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  • Darude sandstorm

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  • Son

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  • Son👍

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  • 1st goal involvement of kane is ignored dragging 2 defenders was a pretty intelligent thing

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  • Tottenham Hotspur is South Korea soccer team

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  • Anjeng city kalah hhhhhhhhhhhh nagis kali aku

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  • Komentar bahasa indonesia

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  • Son

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  • Stupid kepper from city

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  • The precision of Ndombele's and Kane's assists were class. Perfect angle and perfect weight

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  • BALE kesian

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  • Son heung min the next generation my idola

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    • sontol

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  • I love Tottenham than FCB, Juve, Real, and it's my fav club

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  • Mantaaaapppp '' '' i like 👍

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  • Son is the most underrated player

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  • Man city shouldn't be allowed to play its waste of time I sweer to almighty god

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  • This match not fairplay!!

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  • Hjaja

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  • City's nightmare is Spurs and Son

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  • That song XD

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  • sonnnnn

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  • sontol

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