HIGHLIGHTS | Aston Villa 1-4 Liverpool

2021.jan. 8.
102 127 Megtekintés

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  • When u can score at will outside the 5yard box come talk to me!

    D ND NNapja
  • Idk if it's me but why villa goal keeper is diving after the ball passed him and scored

    Joseph CraigJoseph Craig4 napja
  • amazing sportsmanship

    chopchopsmashchopchopsmash4 napja
  • 정말 멋있는 클럽.

    AlbarouAlbarou4 napja
  • Hearts of lions Villa boys......

    Wayne JamesWayne James5 napja
  • Loser vilaa vilala

  • Great match. Please look cartoons about Premier League on HUworld channel TV oljdmpl

    TV oljdmplTV oljdmpl5 napja
  • louie barry ba.. ba.. ba ba ba he scored the goal! louie barry ba.. ba.. ba ba ba he scored the goal! (In the tune of Louie, Louie). (Will write the whole thing once I come up with the lyrics).

    TurnipsTurnips5 napja
  • when villa beat liverpool youngsters 5-0, liverpool's fan said what is so proud beating schoolboys team....

    牧島一也牧島一也5 napja
  • I’m a Liverpool fan we ain’t playing that well and tbh I’ll be surprised if this season finishes

    Bigun From WigunBigun From Wigun5 napja
  • Im one very proud villain today utv

    hg hayzehg hayze5 napja
  • Villa lose haha

    • You were basically playing their youth team, so obviously you had the upper hand lol, just like when Villa were playing the Liverpool boys just over a year ago and beat them 5-0 😉

      DezDez5 napja
  • Шакири, Тиаго старые друзья времён Баварии

    Damon SalvatoreDamon Salvatore5 napja
  • Wonder what the score would of been if it was this villa team in its prime 🤔🤔

    Ricky SamraiRicky Samrai6 napja
  • So incredibly proud of the lads. Truly, they have the hearts of lions in them.

    W J TavaryW J Tavary6 napja
  • Barry played like someone robbed his pocket money.

    Transcendence of VisionTranscendence of Vision6 napja
  • I have young star 19 years old from Kenya, he is really talented but coz of corruption cannot access the right exposer and club. What can I do

    • Thanks, I will surely do that

    • Start by uploading videos of him playing and practicing in HUworld and other platforms. If he is that talented, someone will show some interest.

      Ninja Fan 16 BtwNinja Fan 16 Btw6 napja
  • I'm a Liverpool supporter but I have to say the youngsters played a good game...villa's future looks bright💯

    Keenan CottonKeenan Cotton6 napja
  • I wish to congrats players of AVFC. Liverpool fan from Algeria

    Youba Ait HamoudaYouba Ait Hamouda6 napja
  • Never mind the score, well done lads, proud of you

    genovese michaelgenovese michael6 napja
  • Hey guys, Benfica fan from here🇵🇹, I am curious why villa had to play with the youngsters instead of the A team! Why is it?

    Diogo NascimentoDiogo Nascimento6 napja
    • Corona virus in the 1st team

      Dave WedgeDave Wedge5 napja
  • Shaqiri 2 Assist♥️

    Rrezart ZeqiriRrezart Zeqiri6 napja
  • For a moment Barry became real Flash ⚡⚡⚡

    Muhammed Niyas KMuhammed Niyas K6 napja
  • Klopp is such a thoughtful guy. He kept his team from destroying the youngsters' confidence.

    Matabali AsiaMatabali Asia6 napja
  • Good job boys

    Alex PastranaAlex Pastrana6 napja
  • Softshites you should have asked for it to be called off you would have beat them at full strength missed opportunity that

    BlueGoon 420BlueGoon 4206 napja
  • Liverpool get their revenge.

    Jack TheladdJack Theladd6 napja
    • @Commander Rex Kind of my sarcastic point. Not to mention, the Barry goal that tied them up at half time was played out from the back. The pride goes to Villa.

      Jack TheladdJack Theladd6 napja
    • Against 16 year olds mate nothing to be proud of.. Liverpool fielded almost their 1st team against an academy

      Commander RexCommander Rex6 napja
  • Why didn't Liverpool players celebrate? Love from iraq 🇮🇶

    • @Commander Rex Oh that's clear..thanks

    • Because they were playing against villa's academy why would they

      Commander RexCommander Rex6 napja
  • This isn't even the full U23 side, since the better players were training with the first team.

    Adweya DalviAdweya Dalvi6 napja
  • You fought to the fullest lads, well done and hope that your 1st team players will be back fit and strong. ~LFC fan

    Vivy ChauhanVivy Chauhan6 napja
  • This awesome gave me chills. Well done kids.

  • That goalie looks like my golie in fifa.

    Edward SilvaEdward Silva6 napja
  • So proud of you lads!

    Jamie HarrisJamie Harris6 napja
  • Where is 69 tackle on Henderson

    FaZe UnknownFaZe Unknown6 napja
  • Well played Villa’s!!! in 10 years you’ll reverse the result! Keep the record.. 8.1.2031 same players same field ✌🏻👊🏻

    Fabio CanalFabio Canal6 napja
  • Congrats from a Benfica supporter, the youngsters gave their best!

    Rafael MiguelRafael Miguel6 napja
  • Liverpool played mane and salah😂

    • @Matabali Asia Liverpool couldn't care less about Villa, and Btw Villa last year played first team against Liverpool U19 in FA Cup so stfu

      Harry MannyHarry Manny6 napja
    • Because those players could control themselves from destroying youngsters' confidence.

      Matabali AsiaMatabali Asia6 napja
    • @Harry Manny against an academy. They deserved ACLs

      Commander RexCommander Rex6 napja
    • So

      Harry MannyHarry Manny6 napja
  • Much respect to Liverpool they didn't celebrated any goals as they were playing against youth players ❤️❤️

    MITTZZ 2002MITTZZ 20026 napja
  • proud of you guys, well played but liverpool is a very strong team...

    Ruben UrsinoRuben Ursino6 napja
  • Respect to aston villa for still uploading this You the real champs

    KhalKhal6 napja
  • Salute for Villa youngster

    adeprimadeprim6 napja
  • Good daamn that pass from shaqirii😍😍

    Podujeva 01Podujeva 016 napja
  • Mane should be a CF

    One piece AnimeOne piece Anime6 napja
  • So so proud of the kids, You were brilliant and congrats to all, liverpool had no choice to put more experience players on, Respect to each and everyone that played, showed courage and togetherness like a family UTV

    Bashir HussainBashir Hussain6 napja
  • That performance from a youngster is something to be incredibly proud of. There was a high number of Liverpool first team Starters and bench players. From the like of Mane, Salah, Firmino. To the like of Oxlade and Shaqiri. We knew that this game was a win for liverpool no matter what but the boys played their hearts out. It definitely isn’t easy to be 18 and under and then go out and play a 90 min professional match against currently 1 of the worlds top clubs. Forget the result, they played superb. Aston Villa, MY CLUB

    AkzAkz6 napja
  • This is why football is loved by billions. What a lovely story. I hope we keep hold of these youngsters for the future of our club. Looks rosy at the mo. Great culture developing at Villa Park. But I have to say all credit to Liverpool. They were respectful in victory and made some lovely gestures. Total respect for players no where near they levels but yet who played out of their skins and held them for an hour. Well done to everyone concerned with that match.

    Kieran HarrimanKieran Harriman6 napja
  • Proud of you are boys,i believe in you,gold future 🍻

    pelipe coutinhopelipe coutinho6 napja
  • Imagine celebrating playing against a bunch of high schoolers lmao

    Jules 777Jules 7776 napja
    • Well, they respectfully didn't.

      Adweya DalviAdweya Dalvi6 napja
  • we lost, but the lads done us proud, worked hard, to go into the break 1-1 was amazing, ran out of legs in second half, every villa fan will be proud of you!!!

    David JonesDavid Jones6 napja
  • Congrats for Aston Villa's goalkeeper for his FA Cup recordbreaking performance!

    Krisi EckertKrisi Eckert6 napja
    • He is Ónodi Ákos our boy💪🇭🇺

      Áron Katona-GyőrÁron Katona-Győr5 napja
  • If dean Smith was hero he should face Liverpool again buy he was scared !

    Mustafa AminMustafa Amin6 napja
    • You have no clue about football you r clueless

      Joshveer DaleJoshveer Dale5 napja
    • Judging by your previous comments you have no clue about football

      AJellySnake RebelAJellySnake Rebel6 napja
  • Revenge for the 7-2. Guess that was a fluke

    Lam JianhuaLam Jianhua6 napja
    • @Borsa Szabo you obviously do or you wouldn't of commented

      Blobnose10Blobnose106 napja
    • @Blobnose10 no one cares 🤡

      Borsa SzaboBorsa Szabo6 napja
    • How can beating a team of 18 year old players be "revenge" for getting smashed 7-2, I'm embarrassed for you

      Blobnose10Blobnose106 napja
  • I’m so proud of the kids they played well remember we beat their kids with our reserve team last season 5-0. It happens. Now I hope our lads get fit and healthy and back to normal ways in the prem. Europe here we come! UTV

    66 Smedrock66 Smedrock6 napja
  • The revenge is so sweet

    Oskita 08Oskita 086 napja
    • Dont cry

      Oskita 08Oskita 086 napja
    • Revenge 😂😂😂😂they played against an academy

      Commander RexCommander Rex6 napja
  • Respect.

    Sten RichterSten Richter6 napja
  • Aston villa loserrrr hahahahha

    • Shut up mate Liverpool fielded their best players and villa had an academy

      Commander RexCommander Rex6 napja
  • Vay be 👙

    Yunus ÇiçekYunus Çiçek6 napja
  • 61 number BARRY from Trabzon ?

    Turgut AlemdağTurgut Alemdağ6 napja
  • Champion Liverpool 2021

    Beko & NazeyBeko & Nazey6 napja
    • You've commented here twice... and this is a cup game.... not a league game... soooooo

      AJellySnake RebelAJellySnake Rebel6 napja
  • Jurgen Klopp( manager handshake): PAPER beats rock 😂😂

    Ghiyaath ThysGhiyaath Thys6 napja
    • 😂😂

      Harry MannyHarry Manny6 napja
  • Good job VILLA Boy

    Papat SeingsuttivongPapat Seingsuttivong6 napja
  • Well played aston villa, liverpool fan.

    feitan0xfeitan0x6 napja
  • big respect to aston villa for keep playing even with their youngster team instead of postponing the match

    20-SatyavanKay20-SatyavanKay6 napja
    • That wasn't villa's decision it was the shitty Fa's decision mate.

      Commander RexCommander Rex6 napja
    • We couldn't postpone it, there isn't enough time in the FA Cup scheduled for a replay, if we didn't field a team we would of had to forfeit the game

      Blobnose10Blobnose106 napja
  • TBH liverpool respect these youngers and played at their level and make them playing like seniors. GOOD FIGHT. Respect

    Deepheats GAmerDeepheats GAmer6 napja
    • @Mwingirwa Boniface Obviously, Liverpool is just a small team who has just beaten the likes of Barcelona, Bayern, PSG, Ajax in the last 2 years, nothing much just a bunch of nobodys.

      Harry MannyHarry Manny6 napja
    • You're lying.

      Mwingirwa BonifaceMwingirwa Boniface6 napja
  • Ha Aston villa is shit

    The Beat Up FamilyThe Beat Up Family6 napja
  • Poor Aston Villa

    Master MMaster M6 napja
  • what are those dives ?? 😭😭

    Jonathan RJonathan R6 napja
    • He's 19 mate shut up he made 8 saves

      Commander RexCommander Rex6 napja
  • really proud of this team tonight , a great future a head for villa with these kids

    The One & OnlyThe One & Only6 napja
  • Szép volt Ónodi 🇭🇺🇭🇺💪💪

    Bandy PákozdiBandy Pákozdi6 napja
  • Proud of the lads

    Footievids23Footievids236 napja
  • Villa played well and especially in the first half, this comes from a LFC fan

    Imad MosharrafImad Mosharraf6 napja
  • Vila👏👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏⚽👍👍👍

    Novi MaseNovi Mase6 napja
  • What happens with Heaton, Steer, Guilbert, Engels, Taylor, Nakamba, Hourihane, Elmohamady, Lansbury, Davis... If they can't play this kind of games...

    Luigi95Luigi956 napja
    • @Harry Cunningham Thanks! I didn't know.

      Luigi95Luigi956 napja
    • The entire first team are isolating due to a coronavirus outbreak. Anyone who has been training with the first team couldn't play... Including a few of the u23 squad, that's why it was such a young team on the pitch.

      Harry CunninghamHarry Cunningham6 napja
  • perfect respond by Liverpool after losing 7-2

    jfrnrl lojfrnrl lo6 napja
    • Aimt got a clue these people from.3rd world countries counting without reading.. I swear

      AJellySnake RebelAJellySnake Rebel6 napja
    • 😂😂😂 seriously

      L.R Hmar SiamaL.R Hmar Siama6 napja
    • ?

      Footievids23Footievids236 napja

    Rahmaan AliRahmaan Ali6 napja
    • @Commander Rex an academy team that hadn't trained since before Christmas. They had two days training in the week lol Liverpool getting chuffed because they beat a load boys that got dropped off by there parents 😂

      Bar1Bar15 napja
    • @Borsa Szabo thank you for recognizing are brilliance lol

      Bar1Bar15 napja
    • @Borsa Szabo that was our under 19 what do u expect obviously u r going to win

      Joshveer DaleJoshveer Dale5 napja
    • @Borsa Szabo u make no sense so u can shut up

      Joshveer DaleJoshveer Dale5 napja
    • @Bar1 wow! You beated liverpool! Wow well done now you will win the premier league! Congratulations

      Borsa SzaboBorsa Szabo6 napja
  • Not happy that klopp plays most of the main team

    Xx_KFWH_xXXx_KFWH_xX6 napja
    • Liverpool don't have a game until the 17th might as well play the first team

      Harry MannyHarry Manny6 napja
  • Lfc lost 7-2 with strong team but Won 4-1 strong and Youth Ollll

    BenarbiaplayzBenarbiaplayz6 napja
    • What are you on about

      Commander RexCommander Rex6 napja
  • King mosalah 👑❤️

    Beko & NazeyBeko & Nazey6 napja
    • @Harry Williams and ?

      Borsa SzaboBorsa Szabo6 napja
    • Champion Liverpool

      Beko & NazeyBeko & Nazey6 napja
    • @Beko & Nazey it’s a shame you couldn’t beat us in the league though

      Liam SouthallLiam Southall6 napja
    • Salah is younger than them

      Beko & NazeyBeko & Nazey6 napja
    • Your playing against youngsters lads

      Harry WilliamsHarry Williams6 napja
  • Proud of the lads

    Ciarli Del BuonoCiarli Del Buono6 napja
  • Young players giving such a tough fight to last year's PL winners. Way to go ❤️

    Soham ChoudhurySoham Choudhury6 napja

    vtecroadhog2vtecroadhog26 napja
  • Well done boys UP THE VILLA!!🟣🔵

    Hi HelloHi Hello6 napja
    • Show his talent on HUworld, Instagram...create a following...he'll get noticed

      Cass CCass C6 napja
  • After all that crying about Match scheduling, fighting with broadcasters about timing of the match, 5 subs, grass length, pitch conditions, etc etc, You're gonna Flopp fielded almost the first team against Villa kids, ..................

    Mahesh DravidMahesh Dravid6 napja
  • Let's gooo Liverpool! Well done Aston Villa. Defended well.

    Kobus GeyserKobus Geyser6 napja
  • Astonvilla 1 goal is win for them

    Favor - TubewellFavor - Tubewell6 napja
  • Practice for Liverpool

    Favor - TubewellFavor - Tubewell6 napja
  • The keeper reaction Is bad

    Desy 27Desy 276 napja
    • Hes made the most saves from a prem goalkeeper since March 2018 in the FA cup. He's 19. Shut up

      Commander RexCommander Rex6 napja
    • Yes. But he made 8 saves, some of which were outstanding, which is the top equal number of saves by a goalkeeper this season.

      Rainbow SixRainbow Six6 napja
  • What would of been nice if the liverpool players lined up at the end and applauded the villa players off. Big respect from a liverpool fan

    Dave OneillDave Oneill6 napja
    • yeah they played well

      AVB 81AVB 816 napja
  • 13:43 I love that. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    Wayne CoreyWayne Corey6 napja
  • So, so proud of our youngsters. Barry is pure class. Soon to be a premier league player. Mark should be so proud of how the boys played against men.

    Michael John WicksMichael John Wicks6 napja
  • Even though we lost, we all have to agree them kids played well

    AVB 81AVB 816 napja
    • Teens/Young Adults

      NandosNandos2 napja
  • Barry is gonna be telling all his classmates at recess about that goal

    AVB 81AVB 816 napja
    • Say he doesn’t Go to school.

      Seck senegalSeck senegalNapja
    • @ZD didn’t think villa had American fans

      Harry WilliamsHarry Williams4 napja
    • @James Morgan 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Sensai ShreeSensai Shree4 napja
    • 🤣

      S DS D4 napja
    • @James Morgan must be an American commenting with 'recess'

      ZDZD5 napja
  • The keeper was class

    Jack grealish AgentJack grealish Agent6 napja
    • fact

      AVB 81AVB 816 napja
  • Liverpool were equalised by a bunch of kids who need their parents to pick em up after the game

    AVB 81AVB 816 napja
    • @Muhammad Kurniawan That bloke celebrated a deflected goal as if he scored the winning goal in a World Cup final 😂😭 They were playing against a Liverpool side with an average age of 19 and average shirt number of 67

      Harry MannyHarry Manny6 napja
    • @Muhammad Kurniawan Mane celebrated.

      Spyro TekSpyro Tek6 napja
    • At least our player dont celebrate the goal like el mohamedy does 😂. Lose is a lose mate. But villa youngsters have my repsect, they played well

      Muhammad KurniawanMuhammad Kurniawan6 napja
  • Villa played so well against a considerably decent strong Liverpool side. Respect goes out to the Liverpool social media admins congratulating the youngsters on a good fight. Respect all around

    Austin ReichAustin Reich6 napja
    • @Tom Crew not on our level

      Ian TuohyIan Tuohy6 napja
    • @Ian Tuohy Villa are far from dog shit.

      Tom CrewTom Crew6 napja
    • @Clive Mitchell, it was a freak result...it should’ve been 12.

      nodas dikaiosnodas dikaios6 napja
    • @hasaandoo Notts forest are bigger than you ffs 😂😂😂😂😂

      Ian TuohyIan Tuohy6 napja
    • Yeah if you consider Mane, Sarah and Miller strong 💪 lol aside you wouldn't

      PoeticmicPoeticmic6 napja
  • congrats from a Roma fan, this youngsters should be proud of themselves

    Darth EmolgaDarth Emolga6 napja
    • @Louis Irvine idk lol

      Darth EmolgaDarth Emolga6 napja
    • @Darth Emolga why does it matter who you support?

      Louis IrvineLouis Irvine6 napja
    • @Darth Emolga sorry I read it wrong....I thought u congratulated Roma

      Maahir TekchandaneyMaahir Tekchandaney6 napja
    • @Maahir Tekchandaney no i'm a big Roma fan

      Darth EmolgaDarth Emolga6 napja
    • Aston Villa not Roma.....I don't know if this is a joke?

      Maahir TekchandaneyMaahir Tekchandaney6 napja
  • Hopefully Barry can get a Prem debut this season. Our keeper diving after the ball is well past looks like FIFA 2005.

    The WandererThe Wanderer6 napja
    • @Hunor Besze jaja, védjük meg 😂

      Martin PletikosicMartin Pletikosic6 napja
    • 😁😁😁😁

      vikingss vikivikingss viki6 napja
    • Yeah as it’s a nine man bench and Wesley is still out Barry is more clinical then Davis that should go out on loan

      Jack grealish AgentJack grealish Agent6 napja
    • That goalie made excellent saves after all

      Hunor BeszeHunor Besze6 napja
  • All young stars good played

    TshewangLa P RodriguezTshewangLa P Rodriguez6 napja
  • Credits to Aston villa youth👍 well play🔥.

    Sinan Shanavas 4Sinan Shanavas 46 napja
  • Kills looks like he is lagging

    Mayuresh BhopiMayuresh Bhopi6 napja